This is my second attempt at writing a story for NCIS, apparently I'm on a roll, because I was looking at a picture of Gibbs and Abby hugging and it looks like they're both soaked, but that could just be my imagination, so I came up with an idea about how that could've happened. (I'm on a roll because I wrote my only two NCIS stories in the same night! I amaze myself sometimes…) JK! But, enough of my babble, here's the story!!! ENJOY!!


Abby drove along the dirt road, loving the views of the lake she was getting from her car window. She sighed, loving the fact she was able to get away from the lab for a few minutes, just to go look at the lake, and stuff like that. Little did anyone at NCIS know, Abby was a nature freak. She recycled all the time, and just loved nature. She supposed she picked it up from her parents, who were nature freaks too, even though they were deaf. That didn't stop them from telling their neighbors to recycle too.

Her reverie about her parents was disturbed when her cell rang. "Hello?"

"Abby, when are you coming back?" Gibbs' voice said, and Abby said,

"Well hello to you too, Gibbs. I'm fine, how are you?"

"I've got some evidence for you, Abs, when are you coming back?" Gibbs' said, and Abby said, a pout in her voice,

"Fine, be grumpy."

"Abby…" Gibbs said warningly, and she laughed, saying,

"I'm on my way, back Gibbs. Just as soon as I, uh, shake the guy off who's following me." She said curiously, looking in her mirror and seeing the same car she saw five minutes ago.

"What? There's a car tailing you?" Gibbs said sharply, and Abby nodded, though he couldn't see her.

"Yeah, I think so. It's kinda weird." She said, and then the car sped up, going to the left of her as if to pass her. She sighed, saying, "Don't worry, Gibbs, the car just wants to pass me."

"Are you sure?"

"Positi…" Abby began to say, but then her car was jolted hard. She cried out as her head hit the steering wheel, and then looked over to see the car hitting her, and her car was edging towards the lake with every hit.

"Abby? Abs! What's going on?" Gibbs was saying in her ear, and she managed to say,

"He's running me into the lake, Gibbs! Help me!" Just as she uttered those words, the car hit her hard and her car went off the edge of the back and into the lake. She was jerked against the seat, thankful for her seatbelt as she touched her throbbing forehead gingerly. She looked around and saw that her car was sinking fast. The passenger window began to crack, and so did the windshield.

She was trapped in a sinking car, and she had to get out fast.


Meanwhile, Gibbs was shouting into the phone while demanding that McGee find out where the signal was coming from. Tony and Ziva were at lunch, so it was just him and McGee. "I'm going to the lake, McGee, keep me posted!" Gibbs said, trying to get Abby back on the phone as he rushed outside and got in his car. He drove to the lake nearby, and began driving around, looking for any signs of Abby's car. He finally spotted some bubbles and parked his car with a squeal, not hesitating as he dived into the water to save Abby.


Abby, meanwhile, searched frantically for something to get her out of the car without dying. She found a pen, and braced herself for what she was about to do. Quickly she grabbed her Bart and broke the window, letting the water flow in and shoving her into the back. She found an air pocked and breathed in quickly, taking a deep breath and then going back under, searching for a way out. She got through the window that she had broken open and tried to swim out, but found her foot caught in her seatbelt.

Frantically she tried to unhook it, but found her fingers wouldn't work. She yanked on it a few times, and then realized she had to relax, otherwise she wasn't going to get out of there. With her air supply fading fast, she reached into her car and grabbed a pocketknife she had hidden in her console and cut the seatbelt. She swam quickly to the top, breathing in gulping breaths.

Afraid that the car would come back and the guy would finish the job, she swam quickly to hide in the cattails. She huddled down low, seeing a car pull up. But then, she saw a man with silver hair get out and dive into the water. She still couldn't see who he was, so she stayed hidden. She was trembling with fear, and then the man resurfaced, shouting something.


Gibbs couldn't find Abby in the car, and found that the seatbelt had been cut. He resurfaced, shouting, "Abby! Abby, it's Gibbs, where are you? Are you okay? Abs!" There was no answer, so he dived back under again, searching through the car.

It took a couple dips to completely search the car and finally determine that Abby got out, but was lying unconscious somewhere, or she had gotten free but couldn't make it to the top and was floating around underwater, unconscious. Either way, his Abby was dead or dying.

But he refused to accept that.

He resurfaced again, and decided to try calling her again. "Abby Sciuto! If you can hear me answer now, or I won't be very happy with you! C'mon, Abs, you're scaring me now! Abby!"


Abby could hear the man's voice clearly now, and she knew it was Gibbs, her Gibbs, coming to her rescue. She swallowed a few times and prepared herself, hoping that her voice wouldn't shake as she called out,

"I'm over here, Gibbs." She cursed herself mentally, as her voice was indeed shaking. She stood up from the cattails and saw Gibbs staring at her. She wrapped her arms around Bart, hugging him tightly and saying,

"I'm scared, Gibbs." She meant to say it softly, but it came out louder than intended and Gibbs began to swim towards her. She would've tried to swim towards him, but she was shaking too much to even hope to swim.


Gibbs heard Abby's voice, though it was shaking, but he didn't care, it was still her voice. "Abs." He breathed, knowing that she couldn't hear it. He locked eyes with her, and saw that she was shaking and trembling horribly. Her arms were locked around her stuffed Bart, and he twitched a smile, shaking his head back and forth, though keeping his eyes locked on Abby's.

He was just relieved she was alive, now he had to make sure she was okay. He swam towards her, glad that he was a former Marine, so he made record time. He stood up in front of her and, knowing that she was most likely in shock, held out his hand to her, hoping that she wouldn't notice the slight tremor in his hand as he recalled the horrible feeling he had felt when he had almost lost her.


Abby stared at the hand Gibbs held out to her, her bottom lip trembling. She heard him say, "I'll protect you, Abs, no one can hurt you now."

She raised her eyes to him, and threw her arms around his neck, locking them there. Bart was clenched tightly in her left hand, and her right one was holding onto Gibbs wet shirt, never intending to let him go.

She heard him whisper, "It's okay, Abs, no one will hurt you now."


It was almost killing him to see his confidant and best friend so scared and trembling. It bothered him even more that he could've prevented this from happening, by going with her, like he had been tempted to do, or telling her that she shouldn't go, or asking her to wait until later when he could've gone.

He knew it was ridiculous to think like that, but he couldn't help it. He didn't know what he would do without Abby there.

"Are you okay, Abs?" He asked quietly, and she nodded, her breath hitching as she said,

"Yeah. I'm not hurt, if that's what you're asking." He nodded, and she still clung to him, but shivered.

"You're freezing. Let me call McGee and I'll get you back to NCIS, okay?" Gibbs said, and Abby nodded, but didn't let go. Instead, Gibbs released her, but put his arm around her shoulders. She leaned her head on his shoulder just as Gibbs cell rang from the road where he had thrown it before diving into the lake. Gibbs picked it up quickly and grabbed a hold of Abby again before answering,


"Boss, are you okay? What about Abby?" McGee's voice said, and Gibbs smiled, saying,

"We're okay. We're on our way back, make sure you have heated blankets and hot chocolate for Abby, and hot coffee for me. Can you do that, McGee?"

"Of course, boss. I'll see you in a few."

"Yeah, bye." Gibbs said, and hung up. Abby said quietly,

"Thanks, Gibbs." He looked down at her, saying,

"For what?"

"For saving me." She said, looking up, He knew better than to argue, so he just kissed her forehead and helped her into his car. She clutched at Bart and when he got it, she grabbed onto his right hand in a vice grip, not letting go. He smiled as he drove back to NCIS one-handed.

He got her into the elevator, putting his arm around her shoulders, and when the got to the right level, the doors slid open and McGee jumped up, striding over.

"Where's Ziva and Tony?" Abby asked, her teeth chattering, and McGee said,

"I called them and informed them of the situation, they should be here soon." Abby nodded, but refused to let go of Gibbs. McGee handed him a warm blanket, and Gibbs draped it over Abby's shoulders, and tried to get her to let go.

"No, don't leave me." She whispered, and Gibbs nodded, sitting next to her. McGee gave him a blanket too, and a cup of coffee.

"Thanks McGee." Gibbs said, and then McGee handed Abby a cup of hot chocolate. Just then, the elevator doors slid open and Ziva and Tony came jogging out.

"Boss, Abby, you guys okay?" Tony asked, while Ziva stood next to him, awaiting the answer too.

"I'm good." Gibbs said, glancing up at the two for only a second. Abby was clutching Bart with her left arm and holding onto her hot chocolate with her right hand and was staring into her hot chocolate, obviously not hearing them.

"Abby, are you okay?" Ziva asked, sitting next to her. Abby jerked a little, looking up and saying,

"Yeah, I'm okay. Just a little shook up." Everyone's eyes expressed concern, but then Abby said threateningly, "If any of you tell Ducky about this, I will not hesitate to slip you some poison in your coffee."

McGee, Ziva and Tony smiled, thinking that the old Abby was back. Only Gibbs noticed the look that came back into Abby's eyes after she cracked the joke, but he was going to wait until later to ask her about it.

Later, after Abby and Gibbs had changed, Abby went back down to her lab, while Gibbs ordered his team home. He went down with a Caf-Pow for her, and saw her sitting in a corner, hugging a still-wet Bart. He crouched down in front of her and said quietly,

"Abby, what's bothering you?"

"Gibbs, I almost died down there, in the water. I could feel my vision going black, and I saw flashes of my mom, and my dad, and everyone here, and Kate, and, I just, the thing that bothers me is that I was ready to welcome death. I could've died, and I would've been happy about it."

Those words bothered Gibbs, and he took Abby's face in his hands, genuinely worried for her. "Abby, you didn't die. Okay?"

"I know, Gibbs, but, it just bothers me that I, I was ready for death. I'm not. I am not ready to die!" She said, the last sentence getting louder.

"I know you're not. And I'm not ready to let you die." Gibbs said, and Abby locked eyes with him.

"Good. Don't." She managed to say, and then said quietly, "I'm still scared, Gibbs." Gibbs looked her in the eyes and then stood up, offering her his hand. She took it without hesitation this time, and he helped her to her feet. He pulled her into his arms and she hugged him tightly.

"Abs." He whispered suddenly, and she looked up at him. "I'm scared too." He said, and she cocked her head, saying,

"Of what?"

"Of losing you." He said, and she put a hand to the side of his face, saying,

"You won't lose me, Gibbs. You never have, never will."

"Can I make sure of that?" He asked, and her eyes turned to confusion. He locked eyes with her, and in a split second Abby knew what he meant. She twitched a smile and he lowered his lips onto hers, their lips melting together in a soul-searing kiss that simply promised that neither of them would leave the other.


The end of another one-shot! I don't think I could write any more for this one, but I do appreciate feedback! I hope I portrayed all of them okay, I'm still new, so I'm not sure if I am or not. I absolutely adore constructive criticism! Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked it! Adios!!!