AN: First and foremost, I do not own any of these characters or the Carpathian ideas, these were borrowed from Stephenie Meyer and Christine Feehan.

This is my second story for fanfic and I hope you enjoy it as much as I am enjoying writing it.

It's amazing what you can learn by being part of the shadows of a city. I had been here only a few weeks and knew all the hot spots and all the big names.

One spot in particular drew my attention; an underground club in the seedy district.

It was deemed for *Children of the Night*. From what I had heard it was ran and frequented by vampires. Yet when I ran my scans, I read no vampires at all, only humans.

I had to check it out for myself.

I stood in line watching the humans. This breed fascinated me. The majority here were dressed all in black, eyes darkened with some sort of makeup, and faces whitened as well. It was like kids at Halloween.

I didn't have to worry about real vampires in this line. I decided to go inside to double check the owners.

As I reached the entrance window an attractive young lady told me since I had not been here before I had to pass the initiation. She stepped out of her box and asked me to wait one moment.

Hmm, okay just what do I have to do I wondered. She came back with a tray and a wine goblet that appeared to have blood in it. Then told me I had to be able to drink this blood to enter.

I assumed it was from a cow or such and as we fed on animal blood it was no problem to me.

Lifting the glass in a salute, I brought it to my lips and took a drink.


I choked and coughed; embarrassingly drawing attention to myself as I did so.

I had no choice now; I had to find out what the fuck was going on here.

I drank the glass full and handed it back with my regards to the supplier.

I entered the club to the sounds of loud music, my eyes trying to adjust to the lighting. Mostly black strobe lights pulsing along the room making the dancers look surreal.

Booths and tables along the walls, a large bar and scantily dressed women everywhere. My kind of place, except for one thing…

Where did the human blood come from and why?

I worked my way over to the bar and leaned in to ask the bartender what the house specialty was.

He laughed and pointed to a window behind the bar. There were several beautiful girls sitting there in chairs with IVs running from their arms.


These girls were voluntarily giving blood to be drunk here!

This had to be the weirdest thing I had come across in my 119 years.

I ordered a glass and walked around pretending like I was sipping on it so no one would think me different.

After observing for a bit, I concluded that the booth in the very back of the room held the owners or managers of said club.

I worked my way back there "Hello gentlemen, my name is Emmett Cullen. I wanted to come by and congratulate you on your establishment here. Truly an amazing concept. Perhaps my main office would like to consider investing in such a place."

Their eyes widened in typical money hungry fashion, and I was immediately invited to join them.

Acting as a potential investor, I milked them for answers concerning the why's and how's.

It seems that all the "volunteer donors" had to have a clean bill of health and all IVs were performed by licensed phlebotomists, always behind the glass in a lab type environment and they were limited on how often they could donate.

They also informed me that so far they had a never ending waiting list of suppliers, wanting to be able to say they had donated.

So far that part sounded on the up and up but I still hadn't found out why these people were professing themselves vampires.

I watched them drinking glass after glass of blood and laughing and carrying on as if it was the best champagne they had ever had.

A few times during our conversation, beautiful girls would come over and ask one of us to dance.

A particularly beautiful group of girls came to me and tugged on my hands begging me to join them. How could I deny them?

I picked up my goblet and drained it down my throat then followed them to the dance floor.

I wove in and out of the gorgeous bodies, rubbing and swaying along with the rhythm of the music.

My thoughts were straying as if I were in a dreamlike state. I shook my head a little to clear out the cobwebs.

As we danced, one girl handed me a tankard. I assumed since it was in a different vessel, it would be a different liquid, wrong.

Taking a sip to be cordial I handed it back to her. She tipped it up to her lips and pulled me to her for a kiss.

As I took her lips she opened her mouth to feed me the blood within. I took it willingly and found myself drinking more and more from her tankard. Each time I lowered it, she would bring it back to me smiling.

I was barely aware of where I was. I felt so strange. My mind was spinning; my body was in a state of elation.

I was dancing and laughing like I was watching myself from above. I was not thinking straight and I didn't care.

By the end of the night I had drank three or four large tankards full. I remember her taking my hand and leading me to the door.

I fell into a cab and she gave him directions. I tossed some bills from my wallet at him as we arrived and he thanked me profusely.

Her arms around my waist to stabilize me I managed to make it to her room.

I fell back on her bed and she came to me kicking her heels off as she moved.

I felt her remove my shoes and tug at my belt. I lifted my waist to help her slide my pants down. She unbuttoned my shirt and left it wide open.

I felt the pause of her hands and looked up to see her pull her dress over her head and let it fall, leaving only her thong.

I took a deep breath, smelling her heightened excitement. That was all I could bear. I grabbed her and pulled her to me for a deep kiss. I could taste the blood in her mouth and I groaned.

Jerking her thong off her body and pulling her down to my hard shaft. I placed her above me and slid her hips down slowly until she took me in all the way.

Her head rolled back and she cried out as I bottomed out in her. I slid my hands up to caress those perfect breasts and rolled her nipples as she whimpered and rolled her hips forward and back.

I laid there playing with her body and caressing her as she rode us both to fruition. When I heard her voice cry out my name I gripped her hips tight and shoved myself into her as deep as I could and released myself.

I could feel the tightness of her body squeezing me as it accepted my seed and milked me for more.

The surrealism of the whole thing was amazing. It was nowhere near my first sex with a human but it had to be the best to date.

We lay in bed cuddling and drifting off to sleep, I had the feeling that I knew how a human would feel coming off a high. My body was beginning to regulate again.

It was as if she knew my thoughts, she rolled onto her back and tugged my arm. "Emmet, your turn on top now." She smiled so sexily.

I grinned and moved my lips to claim hers in a tender kiss. She returned it with such energy and passion I was between her legs in an instant.

I moved my hand down, her wetness and moans confirmed she was ready for me again.

Kissing her to muffle her scream I impaled her quickly and deeply with my hardness. She arched her body to mine with such eagerness. God she felt so good wrapped around me.

We moved into a rhythm of desperate lovers. I wanted to feel her tense and explode on me. I wanted to carry her to such heights that she would pass out from the ecstasy.

I pushed in faster and faster and she met me in every single plunge, she begged for more and more and had me in such a frazzled state that suddenly she tilted her head and began moaning, "Please Emmett, bite me, drink from me. Oh God baby pleaseeeeeee!!!"

Without even a second thought as to right or wrong I jerked her hair and plunged my mouth on her neck to drink.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHH GODDDDDDDD" The second her blood began to flow into my lips her body exploded in the most intense orgasm I had ever witnessed.

My body in return began to convulse into her with wave after wave of my fluids. I felt it pulsating into her as her body accepted every single drop.

I was barely able to stop myself after just a little over a pint. I licked her neck closed quickly before I changed my mind.

I pulled out of her and kissed her lips allowing her to taste her own blood from me. She smiled weakly and drifted off to sleep.

I rested until I felt in control again. Then I eased out of her bed and dressed laying the rose from my lapel on the empty pillow before I left.

I ran home using the night air to clear my mind a bit.

I sat before my computer to do some research.

As Carpathians, we were the Guardians of humans. We specifically helped them and protected them. Our nutrition was obtained by drinking the blood of animals, making us vegetarians of the Vampire world.

We knew the ones who had strayed, they had moved into the dark of the world. They had joined other groups that preyed on humans instead of protecting them.

As I read the pages of history, it made complete sense to me now. They all stated that the blood did things to them; they compared it to a stout drug in the blood of a human. Like heroin or cocaine, it called to them and made them crave for more.

I knew exactly how they felt. Just remembering the night I was hard as a rock.

I made my way to the shower and adjusted the water. Stepping inside, feeling the water as it slid down my body. I grabbed the conditioner and filled my palm, using it as lubricant I began to slide my hand over my hardness.

My eyes were closed, my mind wandering, one hand braced on the wall of the shower to steady myself. The other hand slipping up and down my hardness. In my mind her body was slipping over me, sliding off me, drinking me in to the velvet richness of her heat.

I remembered her sweet blood tasting kisses, her long brown hair falling across my chest as she leaned forward. I tightened my grip and rubbed along my tip as I got closer and closer. I could feel my body on the edge of the precipice and I let myself think of the bite.

I bit down; the blood was so warm as it slid down my throat so different than the animal blood, this one satisfied me with the first drip, no lack of fulfillment.

The memory of her body shuddering on mine made me cum so hard I cried out above the sound of the shower. My hand on the wall steadying me was trembling. My cock was twitching with the intensity of it.

I stood there braced and catching my breath until the water was beginning to cool. I hurriedly washed, rinsed and stepped out.

The exhaustion was catching up with me and I laid down to rest. My dreams made sure I did not forget a single minute of the night.