Chapter 7

Jasper, Bella has a new mark on her neck that matches Ali's.

Oh crap! Looks like we need to have another talk with our dear sweet brother.

Don't know if talking is gonna be enough this time Jaz. I'm thinking we need to step it up a notch.

I'm with ya Edward. How do we get him to come to us voluntarily?

I think we need to give Rosie a visit. She seems to be his one consistent right now.

We bade the ladies good night, ducking out quickly and making a few stops before returning to Emmett's house to set things up.

Just as we were finishing up, my cell rang. I got Jasper's attention and motioned for him to be silent as I clicked it to speaker phone.


"Edward, this is Rosie. Emmett is here at my apartment. I, well I didn't know what to do."

"Rosie, are you ok? Did he hurt you?"

"No! I'm fine. It's just the way he was acting when he arrived scared me. He grabbed me like something terrible was going on and begged me not to let him fall. Then he laid down on the sofa with his arms wrapped around me and passed out. He has been here for a few hours like this and having nightmares and cold sweats. I just didn't know what to do to help him."

"Ok Rosie, I'm glad you called me, Jasper and I will be right over. If he wakes up before we get there, do NOT tell him we are coming ok?"

"Ok, thanks Edward, I just pray I'm doing the right thing."

"Trust me Rosie, we are going to help him get better. It's going to be fine."

I tried to sound reassuring, but I wasn't to convinced myself.

We arrived at the address Rosie had given us and tapped lightly on the door. Rosie barely whispered for us to come in.

Emmett was laying on the sofa with his head in her lap and his arms clenched around her like he was holding on for dear life. The drawn, pale look on his face caused us to look at each other with fear. We had never witnessed this transformation before in our kind so we weren't sure if we were even in time or not.

With a half smile to Rosie, I took the syringe out of my jacket pocket and gave him the shot. He relaxed almost immediately and we eased his arms from Rosie. It took both Jasper and me to carry him to the door. We quietly reaffirmed her that he would be fine and we would contact her in a day or two.

Once we were safely out of her sight we dissipated and reformed in Emmett's room.


The light was so bright as I began to wake. I tried to move my arm up to shield my eyes but found it held in place at my side. Confusion and panic filled my body and I began to jerk at my bonds.

Edward and Jasper both ran to my bedside and were trying to calm me. They were telling me it was for my own good and I had gone beyond normal control methods.

It didn't take me long to awaken enough to realize what all was going on. "You gave me Zim-Pro didn't you? You son's of bitches! How could you DO that to me? You had NO right! Untie me NOW!!"

Zimethion Prolestamine known to Carpathians as Zim-Pro was the only known substance in the world that could take away our "gifts". It prevented us from dissipating, dulled our hearing, deleted our strength, basically turned us into normal humans temporarily.

"Emmett, if you don't calm down, you are gonna hurt yourself."

"Don't try to talk nicely to me Edward, if you gave a damn about me you wouldn't have ever given me that."

"Dammit Emmett, do you have any idea how worried we are that we aren't even in time with this? You didn't see yourself when we picked you up off Rosie's sofa. You looked like death warmed over. Not to mention you scared the hell out of that poor girl." Edward was raking his hand through his hair as he spoke. His stance showed he was nervous and scared.

I turned my head and ignored him. I might not can get away right now, but wait till I get my strength back.

He tried to talk to me for a while longer, but I refused to acknowledge him at all. Eventually he left the room with a promise that they would be back in a bit to see if I needed anything.

I had never felt so helpless and vulnerable in my life. I had always been the strong one. Now I couldn't even lift my arms from a normal strap. I should have been able to snap that like a piece of licorice. I jerked and pulled to no avail. Finally letting my head drop back to the pillow in defeat.

I'm not sure how long I was there. I kept dozing off and on. My nightmares were getting worse. My body was being attacked. I thought I was having a reaction to the Zim-Pro. Cold sweats, hallucinations, stomach cramps that would have floored the strongest of Carpathians, why in God's name would my brother's force me to go through this? Couldn't they see my pain?

I could hear them talking but couldn't focus enough to answer them, to yell at them that the medicine was causing side effects. I felt one of them give me another shot and I screamed in my own head. NOOOOOOOOOOO Don't make me keep going through this!! Pleaseeeeeee Edward, Jasper, please listen to my mind. I'm trying to tell you how this hurts!

They couldn't hear me. It was useless. My body was twisting and jerking with muscle cramps and pain. They would wipe at my forehead with cool cloths, they tried to get me to drink from a straw, but I couldn't. I felt that I was dying a slow, brutal death and there was nothing I could do about it.


We were constantly on the phone with Carlisle who in turn kept asking the Elder Circle for information for us. We did what they said had to be done. We gave him the Zim-Pro, we strapped him to the bed, we made sure there was a thermos of animal blood handy to attempt to keep him hydrated. We took turns sitting with him so he was never alone.

Several times in the last few days, Rosie had called or dropped by to check on him. We just told her he had a bad case of the flu and couldn't visit with her yet. How we managed to keep her from hearing his screams of pain and his cussing fits, I will never know.

I had watched my big brother in many battles over the years but nothing I had ever imagined could prepare me for the battle he was going through now. The human blood had acted worse than pure heroin on his body. He was trying to sweat it out of his system and it was fighting to hang on. The Elder Circle said it was worse than when a human goes through cold turkey withdrawals.

Every time I tried to get him to drink to keep him hydrated he would throw up. The human blood had a mind of it's own. It wanted him and it wanted him dependant on it. I would bathe his face down to cool him and try to calm him, but it didn't work. I was really beginning to worry we had waited too late and we wouldn't get him back.

I laid my face in my palms as I sat there listening to his moans of pain and prayed that I would see my true brother again.


I eased the door open and saw Jasper sitting there with his face in his hands. It was so hard to watch Emmett like this. He was our strength, our big bear of a brother that was always looking out for us and protecting us. How could we have let this go so far that it was putting his life on the line? We just never realized how bad he had gotten. We had been in denial as much as he had. Not Emmett, he'd never do anything like that.

I walked over and gently tapped Jasper on the shoulder to let him know I'd take over for a while. He stood slowly and walked out without a word.

I sat there at Emmett's bedside, letting my mind wander back to our childhood. All the times I would look up from something to see him standing there watching over me, protecting me. I remembered our training, how he would actually get himself in a pickle by trying to watch over Jasper and me. Once he saw we could take care of ourselves, he began to relax and enjoy the training himself.

He was always so proud of being a Guardian. He never took it lightly or shirked any part of his assignments. He was one of our best and we all knew it. If we needed someone to infiltrate the enemies and get information, he was always there with that goofy grin volunteering.

I shook my head trying to clear my thoughts, trying not to linger on the thought that he may never be that big fun loving brother we loved. I reached over and wiped off his forehead then leaned back for another long night.

As dawn broke, Jasper came in and motioned for me to meet him in the hallway. I pulled the door shut behind me as I went out.

"Any change this morning? It's been a week. The Elders said we should start to see some kind of sign any time now if we got to him in time." Jasper was shifting his weight back and forth on his feet as he asked anxiously.

"Nothing different yet, Jaz, But Emmett is a big guy, and we don't know for sure how much was in his system when he collapsed at Rosie's. It may take a while yet to get it all out." I tried to sound encouraging.

"Okay, why don't you go hunting and I'll take over for a watch. I've already had a good run and hunt this morning."

"Thanks Jaz. I think maybe a run in the woods will help clear my mind." I watched him head into the room as I left.


It was like I was watching things from afar. I could hear my brothers every time they talked to me or about me, but it was like I wasn't there. I couldn't concentrate on anything but the cramps and pain. I would be so hungry, then they would try to get me to drink and I would get nauseous immediately. My muscles in my body would take turns cramping up and the spasms were constant.

I don't know how long I had laid there. The nightmares were beginning to lessen. The gnawing in my stomach was still there, but I wasn't sure if it was lessening or if I had just gotten so used to it that I was accepting it. I felt the cool cloth as it washed across my head and I opened my eyes and saw Jasper standing there.

I tried to talk but couldn't get anything out. He brought the straw to my mouth and told me to try and take a small sip. I did and it cooled my throat as it slid down. I wanted more but was scared it would come straight back up again so I waited. He smiled at me and began to tell me I had been unconscious for over a week. He said they had been so worried about me. I wanted to answer him but another stomach cramp caused me to wince and catch my breath.

He kept promising me it would ease up soon. I tried to concentrate but was so weak I drifted back to sleep again.

Hey Edward.

Yeah Jaz? Is everything ok?

Well I think it's looking up. Sleeping Beauty just opened his eyes for a minute and took a few sips.

That's fantastic! I'll be right there!

No need, he drifted right back off, but I wanted to let you know.

Okay. I'll get in a quick hunt then come straight back.


It was a few more days before I could hold a cup and drink by myself. I could sit up a little in bed, but my head still wasn't very clear. Little by little my brothers would fill me in on what all had happened. It wasn't the Zim-Pro that had caused my reaction. It was the human blood. When they helped me up to the shower, I got a look at my reflection in the mirror. I never would have known it was me. I had lost weight severely. I had huge dark bags under my eyes, and my eyes were still bright blood red. They said the Elder Circle assured them that as I drank more animal blood my eyes would return to my normal color.

I felt better after a real shower, even though it drained me of all my strength. I listened to Edward and Jasper discussing how they only had a day or two before Karkoroff would be in town. I knew we had to figure out what his plan was or we would all be in trouble. I felt so bad that I had put them through all this and taken all this time out of their investigation. I had not been able to put into words yet how I appreciated them. I knew I had said some nasty stuff. But they acted the same as always as we sat there discussing the club.

I heard the phone ring and Edward went to the other room to answer. He came walking back into my room with a grin on his face. "Well, why don't I let you ask him yourself?" He handed me the phone.


"Oh my God Emmett! Are you okay? I've been so worried about you! How are you feeling? Is there anything I can bring you or get you?" I could hear the tears as Rosie spoke to me.

"Slow down baby, I'm okay. I'm still a little weak but I'll be fine. Now calm down and stop crying."

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to be such a baby. I was just so worried and then suddenly I heard your voice and you sounded so good. I missed you so much"

"I missed you too beautiful." I knew I was grinning from ear to ear. It felt so good to hear from her.

We talked for a few minutes and she had to get ready for work so I promised to call her later that evening.

I handed the phone back to Edward who stood there with a crappy grin on his face. Jasper was just as silly looking as he watched me.

"What? Can't a guy have a beautiful lady be crazy about him?" I tossed my pillows at them.

I was feeling well enough to sit up on the sofa a while that evening. We were still brainstorming to try and figure out Karkoroff's intentions.

Jasper got a far off look in his eyes for a minute and then jumped up. "Oh my God there's no way! He couldn't be thinking THAT!"

Edward and I just stared at him like he was insane. We sat there anxiously waiting his explanation.