Chapter 1

A boy of eleven years old sat on a train heading for school. He sat and stared out the window at the people running for the train as it blew it's whistle for the last boarding call. A couple minutes later a knock came from the compartment door and a red hair boy stuck his head in.

"All the other compartments are full, can I sit here?"

The boy shrugged and looked back out the window. He felt the train start to move and for a couple of minutes they sat in silence. Then it seemed that the red head couldn't deal with the silence anymore and decided to introduce himself.

"By the way, my name is Ron. Ron Weasley."

The boy looked up and debated giving his name. If he did give his name, which name did he give? He had two names. The one which he grew up with, which was the one he was given at birth. Or the one that every one knew. He didn't like to get close to anyone, so he gave a variant of his birth name.

"Everyone calls me Theo." Theo answered.

"Is that your full name? Mine is Ronald Billius Weasley." Ron said.

Theo sighed. This was the part that he didn't want to get into. "My name is Melanthios Kleon. I prefer not to give my surname as it gets rather confusing from there."

Ron nodded and stared at a fat rat that was sitting on his lap staring at Theo in a weird un-ratlike way. It was kinda creepy so Theo looked out the window for the rest of the trip.

At last, after the long train ride and a hellish boat ride, here they were standing in a huge great hall waiting to be sorted. The strict lady that introduced herself as Professor McGonagall stood beside a stool and read from a list of names. Theo wondered which name they were going to call. Either way, he figured he would have a lot of explaining to do. His eyes searched the professors. He wondered which ones would give him trouble. Both of his names would cause reactions, both good and bad. He blanched when he came to the end where a tall, dark haired man was sitting. He looked just like the pictures his aunt showed him. He didn't know he was a professor here. That was going to cause problems. He turned his attention back to the Professor calling the names. She was coming up on the P's.

Dumbledore eagerly sat forward on his seat as Minerva came to the P's. This was the year Harry Potter came to school. As he watched, Minerva got a frown on her face. She looked up and searched the students left and then looked back down at the paper.

"Potter,.......Melanthios?" She said.

Dumbledore jumped. He didn't understand. The Potters didn't have anymore children or relatives. He watched as a tall, skinny dark haired boy stepped forward. He heard a choked sound and looked to his right to see his potions master choking on his tea. It was understandable. The boy was almost an exact replica of him. Except for the greasy hair, eye's, and nose. The boy could be his son. Could he?

Theo heard his name and blinked. That was.....unexpected. He guessed James Potter adopted him legally, so he would have his last name. But at least he wouldn't have to go by the horrid name, Harry. Really, who would name their child something so common. Melanthios, dark flower. It suited him. Really. His mother had been expecting a girl. So his birth came as a surprise. Since girls were all named after flowers in her family, she named him Melanthios, which in Greek, literally means dark flower. A sort of memento of his real father. Kleon was also Greek, which meant Glory, fame, and good repute. A way to balance out his first name. Traditionally, he was supposed to have his fathers name as his middle name, but that would kind of give him away. Even though the whole world knew him as Harry Potter, the immediate family knew him as Theo.

Theo stepped forward and sat on the stool. The school was looking at him like he grew a third head. The hat was set on his head and the lights went out. He suddenly heard a voice in his ear. Only his practice of not being startled kept him from jumping.

Sooooo, Mr. Potter. Your not really a Potter are you? My, my, my. The wizardly world is going to be in for it with you. They have no idea what they are getting themselves into. I see it all in your head. The thirst for knowledge. Wanted to prove yourself. Wanted to prove your not your father. Either of them. Good vs. Evil. There is a war raging in you. Your mother did what she did to protect you from evil, but the world will view you as evil if they really knew you, wouldn't they? Don't worry I'm not allowed to tell. And yes, that is him, the one you are thinking about. Your right, you will have a hard time proving yourself to him. But remember this, things are not always what they seem. Like you, everyone has a mask they wear. To protect themselves, and their loved ones. You need to learn this, and to do that there is only one place for you. Somewhere, where you will learn who you are, and who you are meant to be.. and that place is..........Slytherin.

A roar went up in the Great Hall. Both good and bad. Before he could pull the hat off his head, he heard the voice one more time in his ear...

Remember, sometimes there is no good and evil. Things are what you make of them. Remember who you are....what you are, and prove others wrong.

He handed the hat back to the professor and walked over to his new table and sat next to a blond haired boy. He didn't' look at anyone, just stared at his empty plate, fully aware of the stared of the others in the hall.

When his food arrived, he took a couple bites of the meat, but it was too cooked. He would have to find someway to get the food that he needed. It had been about a week and a half since he had what he needed. If he didn't get any soon, all hell would break loose. Maybe his aunt would help him. She wasn't' really that bad. He remembered a year ago when she sat him down and explained what he was and more importantly who he was.

Harry came home from the park and another day of running from Dudley. He had been steadily improving over the years. He walked in the door to see his aunt sitting on the couch holding what looked like a letter. It looked like it had been read many times, and was colored with age. It was also not written on any paper that he had seen. It looked like what people used in the medieval ages. He closed the door when a voice rang out.

"Theo, come in here please. I need to talk to you."

Theo walked into the living room and sat across from his aunt. She had always been sorta nice to him when alone. Something he was thankful for. He didn't know how he would handle it if his only relative didn't like him.

"Don't worry your not in trouble. But I have to discuss something with you. Theo....this is so hard. Have you ever wondered why you can do things Dudley can't? You know your a wizard, but your so much more than that. Or why you don't look like your father? Or why people call you Harry? just read this. Your mother brought it to me before she had to go in hiding. You were with her, but you looked nothing like you do now."

She handed him the parchment and he looked at it.

Dear Petunia,

If you are reading this, then the worst has happened and Harry (Theo), has been thrusted into your care. I know you hate all things from my world, but please don't let this change your view of your nephew. If something ever happened to you, I would treat your son like my own. Remember Tunia, the times we used to have when we were younger? I would do tricks for you. After my first year, you were so excited for me to tell you everything and you even read all my books. I don't know what happened but a friend of mine said that you were jealous and wanted into the school too. I'm soooo sorry. If I had know that you felt that way, I would have never gone. You were once my best friend. My sister. That means more than magic any day. I wish we could have had more time together. Maybe we could have mended things. We'll never know. But, now you have a chance to get to know your nephew. My son. Tunia, he is just like me, but more. James Potter is not his father. Yes, James knows. We married for protection. Theo's father....Merlin, I love him soooo much. He doesn't know about Theo. I would tell him, but who he works for.....what he does....who he is.....what he is.....Tunia he is a vampire. I knew this about him for a long time. And I never cared, but he turned to a very bad man. The man that killed our parents. The man that wants to hurt Theo. I can never be with a person who works for a man like that. I keep thinking that there is more to the story, but....I just can't risk it.

Anyway, the reason for this letter is no one knows who Theo's father is. There is a glamor on him, but since I cast it, it will fade about 24 hours after I die. The world knows him as Harry James Potter. But his name is Melanthios Kleon Snape. James legally adopted him. So his last name is Potter, but should anyone get a hold of his birth certificate, it will tell the truth of who his real father is. He will be a vampire. He already shows signs. He has a liking for blood. He doesn't need it yet. Not till his tenth birthday. But he will be attracted to anything red. He will like his meats rare. His strength and speed will steadily get better as he nears his tenth birthday. On his birthday, there will be no noticeably difference, but after about a week, he will need blood. Whether it be human or animal, he will need it weekly. If he has a little each day, he won't need as much. Once he turns 25 he stops aging. He will be able to use his vampire powers to glamor himself after that if he doesn't want anyone else to know. Only another vampire can see through them. Wizards can't detect Vampire glamors or take them off. If he waits too long for blood he will go into a blood lust. It usually takes about 2-3 weeks. He will attack the first thing with blood that he sees. His eye's will turn red till he comes out of it. When he drinks or is in need of blood his eyes will darken to almost black. I think that is from his father who has black eyes.

I love you, Tunia. He is a sweet child and will do anything to please you. Please treat him like your own. Protect him, love him. Show him what a good person I know you really are. Remember the good times, not the bad.

Love always, your sister,

Lily Anne Evans Potter

Theo looked up at his aunt through his tears asking if it was real. She nodded and for the first time took him into her arms and held him. She explained that when he had shown up, she had been prepared to hate him. After about a month, he was sitting on the kitchen floor when she had cut her finger and Theo had watched mesmerized as blood welled up in the wound. Later that night she had pulled out the letter and read it. She then prepared Theo for the next month when his birthday would be and told him that he could hunt in the woods, but she would get him pig's blood from the local farmer.

Theo broke out of his thoughts as the blond nudged him. They were leaving. He got up and followed the students to the common room. The Prefect said that boys were on the left and girls on the right and off the first years went.

Theo walked over to the bed that had his trunk in front of it and rifled through his trunk for his pajamas.

"Soooo, your name is Melanthios." A voice drawled from behind him. Theo turned around and shrugged before going back to his search. He could have sworn that he packed them.

"You don't look like a Potter. Potter's all have the same unruly hair and glasses. You don't have either."

Theo shrugged again. What did this kid know. He was supposedly the last living Potter and he wasn't old enough to actually know James. Theo found his pajamas and changed quickly, leaving a flustered blond behind. Apparently he wasn't used to being brushed off.

The next morning, Theo found himself sitting in the common room at an early six a.m. He really only needed 4-6 hours of sleep. But he couldn't sleep good last night since he hadn't had any blood for a while. He had sucked down 4 blood pops in the last two hours, but they only had taken the edge off. He was startled out of his thoughts when the door opened to emit the dark haired professor.

"What are you doing up this early, Potter?" The professor sneered. Theo inwardly grinned. He had perfected that sneer when he was about six. He used it on Dudley on occasion.

"I don't sleep much." Was all he said. He went back to staring at the fire and ignoring the professor. Who looked like he didn't take kindly to being ignored or that his death glare didn't work on a lowly first year. Especially one whose last name was Potter.

Theo was saved when students started to dribble down the stairs to the common room. When all the first years were there. The professor cleared his throat to get their attention. He glared at all of them and they fell silent. Theo had to admit he was good.

"Now, my name is Severus Snape. I am the Potions Professor and your head of house. Officially, I expect you to act like he Slytherins you are. You have a job to do here, and I expect you to do it. The students and professors here expect something of you. You are to give it to them. You are to make yourselves presentable to the rest of the school. You are to control your emotions and impulses. You will show a united front. The other houses will ridicule you, torment you, and generally make your life a living hell. Your house is your family. If you don't stick up for each other, there is no one else who will. Now, unofficially, your house is your family. So, if you need to vent, yell, or show emotion, this is where it happens. The other houses will take it as a weakness and use it against you. Emotion is not a weakness, but something that should be done in private. You are a Slytherin. Act like it. I have been known to show favoritism towards my own house. The reason is simple. If I don't, who will. If you have to take revenge, play pranks, or generally goof off, do it discreetly. If I don't see you, you didn't do it. But if I catch you, and I will, you will find yourself in my detention scrubbing my classroom from top to bottom with a toothbrush. Now, off to breakfast, your schedules will be handed out there."

At the breakfast table he sat and stared at his schedule He had three classes today, and he was starving. He could feel that his eyes were almost black. Well, a very dark green. They wouldn't turn black for a couple days if this went on. Suddenly he heard flapping wings and looked up to see dozens of owls swarming the Great Hall landing in front of students. He was surprised to see a giant black hawk land in front of him carrying a wooden box with a letter taped to the top of it. He was so surprised that he just stared at it for a moment till the stupid bird pecked his hand.

"Ow, you stupid bird. Give it here."

He took the box and was well aware that half the hall, including the teachers were staring at him. He immediately recognized the writing on the envelope and tore it off the box and opened it.

"Well whose it from and what is it?" The blond said. He had introduced himself on the way to breakfast thinking that he would get more of a reaction from Theo. He was mistaken.

"My aunt, and it is none of your business" Theo said in a way that left no room for argument.

He read the letter quickly, a smirk forming on his face that made the rest of the older students glance quickly at him and then to their head of house. Theo paid little attention to them.


I know you have to be going about crazy right now with hunger, so I talked the neighbor, Mrs. Figg, into getting me into that place. The Cauldron or something. I was able to get a box with a permanent cooling charm on it. It will open only to you once you set your password. I would use your special speech. You know what I mean. If you send the box back, once a week, I will refill it for you.

On to different news. What house are you in? How do you like it? Has anything changed since your mother was there? How are you coping? Did you make any friends?

Now, I know you must be in Slytherin. From what your mother described of the houses, it fits you to a tee. Don't worry if your not, your mother was a Gryffindor. But your father was a Slytherin.

Theo, your mother loved him very much. She would want you to believe that there was a reason for what he did. If it is possible for you to find out about him, please do. If he is good, you need him. There are things he can teach you that I can't. No matter what, he loved your mother, too. If he didn't he wouldn't have told Dumbledore that that man was after her. He asked Dumbledore to protect her. She told me this. Please, Theo. I know you think you hate him, but please find him and give him a chance to explain. Something your mother never did.


Aunt Petunia.

Theo grabbed his box and almost ran out of the Hall with everyone looking on wondering what that had been all about. Only a few people had seen a sheen in his eyes.

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