Chapter 8

The Great Hall was filled. Theo could hear the chatter all the way from the other end of the hall. Madam Pomfrey had finally let him go. It was the end of the year feast and everyone would be going home first thing in the morning. He took a deep breath and opened the doors. Everyone went silent as he made his way to the Slytherin table. He sat down next to Draco and they patted him on his back.

He looked at his goblet of water and grinned. He pointed it at his cup from under the table and whispered a little spell he had found in his father's library.


He watched as his water turned blood red. He took a sip and had to keep from moaning. Water to blood was a spell he had been looking for all year. He just knew it existed. It just had to.

Dumbledore stood up and the Hall fell silent.

"Another year has come and passed. I look forward to seeing all of you next year. Now, for the points. As you can see Gryffindor and Slytherin are tied for first place. I have some last minute points to award. To a Ms. Granger, for putting rivalry aside to help a fellow student that was not in her own house, I award fifty points." The Gryffindors cheered and the Slytherins looked at him in disgust. He ignored them and continued. "To a Mr. Malfoy, for following his gut instinct and for seeking help when help was needed, I award fifty points." The Hall went wild, they were tied again. Everyone was thinking the same thing. What the hell was crazy old man up to. "And finally, to a Mr. Potter, for out smarting the most cunning and slyest man since Salazar Slytherin himself, I award fifty points. Mr. Potter, you are a true Slytherin. Be proud of it."

The roar from all the tables was so deafening, Theo had to cover his sensitive ears. Everyone was wondering who was the most cunning man since one of the founders of the school and how Theo out smarted him. Also why their Gryffindor Headmaster told a Slytherin to be proud of who he was. Theo stared at the Headmaster. It seemed that an old dog could learn new tricks. Dumbledore was finally figuring out that his prejudiced was pushing the Slytherins away and decided to shape up. All thanks to a Melanthios Potter. The son of a Gryffindor muggleborn and a Slytherin half blood born vampire.

The hall decorations changed to green and silver and the chatter started to die down. And Theo realized something. He was happy. He was going to be living with his father over the summer. His father even said that the Headmaster was adding a spare room in his quarters over the summer so if he wanted he could stay with him during the school year. Yes, things were looking up for him. He had friends, a family, and a place to belong.

He hoped next year was just as good.

There last chapter. I hope you like it. I'm working on a couple other fics right now, but I hope to get back to this and right a sequel.