I wiped my eyes as he gave me one last hug. "Don't cry, Bella." He whispered softly. "We'll see each other again someday."

I tried to hold back the sob that was rising in my throat, making it impossible to speak. My voice came out strangled with all the emotion. "N-no we w-won't! I'm n-never gonna see you again!" my voice rose to a wail at the end. I threw my arms around him like I was trying to anchor him there, so that he could never leave me. They tightened when I heard his new parents calling for him.

"Bella, I have to go now. Come on, let me go." He said when I protested. He held my face securely in his hands and looked me straight in the eyes. "I will see you again," he promised.

I bit my lip and held out my pinky finger. "Promise?"

He linked his pinky with mine. "I promise," he said.

I watched him as he turned and left with his new family. The tears I tried to hold back finally spilled over the edge and gushed down my face. "Good-bye, Edward."