OK so I'm changing things up a bit in this story, Edward and Bella are going to be in eight grade instead of seniors or juniors, or what ever, Oh! And I'm doing Williamstown instead of Forks, It's just another small town in New Jersey, not that much to do but it's sometimes sunny, and I like that. Rose is also not going to be in my story, instead Cat is going to take her place, my best friends name is Cat, and she always reminded me of rose, just less bitchy.

well I hope you like it

"Bella! Wake up!" Cat called, bringing me out of my peaceful sleep, this is how I usually wake up, from Cat yelling at me. Oh, I didn't introduce my self, I'm Bella Swan, nice to meet you. Today's a bad day for me though, I might be crankier than usual.

Today is my first day as an eighth grader at Williamstown Middle School, and let me tell you, I am completely and underly nervous, at least it's Friday. If you're wondering why Cat is here, well that's simple, she's my best friend, has been since first grade, and this is our tradition, every year on the first day of school we get ready together at my house, then my mom drives me to school, simple right? Wrong.

"Wena!(her nickname) Leave me alone, go to school on your own, go see Emmett or something, you don't need me." I yelled, holding on to my pillow for dear life. Oh, and Emmett's the boy she likes, our best friend.

"Bella!" She yelled still pulling me, "That's it, I'm getting Hal." Hals my older brother he's going off to college today, I love him, but it's only community so I'm not sad, he's sleeping home on weekends, and my friends can use his room, so extra sleepovers!

"OK, OK I'm up, I don't feel like getting jumped on." I mumbled slowly climbing out of bed,

We both got dressed quickly, me in black jeans with a blue hoodie, it was my brothers friends but I still loved it, I stole it when I was in sixth. Wena was another story, she had dark blue skinny jeans with a black long sleeved tight shirt. She never wore name brands but, she always looked amazing with her long brown hair and tall frame.

"Bellaaaa," Cat whined,"we always wear black on the first day of school, you can wear that tomorrow now get your skinny ass into the halter we bought this weekend or else." She stated with authority evident in her tone of voice.

I did as she said, only because the shirt was comfortable, and it was going to be sunny, so I would just get some sun on my shoulders. Now that that's done it's make up time.

Cat and I always go to an extrema for eye makeup on the first day, but we never wear cover up, Black and yellow is my thing, while she wears black and purple. We don't know why, but ever since 4th grade we did this, put on the music real loud and put on black eyeliner on top and bottom, then yellow, or purple eyeshadow, and glitter on the corner, and top it off with mascara. I usually do this to her, and myself, I know how to put makeup on, it's just I don't really wear it if its not a special occasion.

We were in the middle of Tech N9ne, Caribou Lou, when my mom told us my brother was taking us to school. "OK" We screamed back.

We climbed into the convertible slowly, knowing we were probably going to fall, oh did I mention me and Cat were the biggest idiots eve. My brother came out a minuet later swinging his keys.

"Hey bubba." I said once he got in.

"Hey Bells, you excited" He asked cranking the radio up all the way.

"Yeah kinda, but still nervous." I said fumbling with my hands.

"Don't be, eighth grade kicks ass!" He said hitting the celling making me and Cat laugh.

"Hey you wanna put the roof down, for one more jam session on the way to school, I'm not gonna be able to drive you anymore" Jam sessions were always fun, it usually happened when me my brother and Emmett were in the car, we put the hood down blasted the music and sang our hearts out.

"Yea!" Cat screamed, me coming in late.

"OK" He said letting the roof slide steadily back.

"Oh, am I picking up Emmett?" He asked, debating which way to go.

"Yea" We replied. I saw the twinkle in Cat's eye when Emmett's name was mentioned.

I really don't get them two, Emmett is in love with Cat, has been since I can remember him moving her, and same with her, but neither of them will make a move, and I'm tired of waiting. I will get them together this year, if it is the last thing I do. I was brought out of my mini trance when Emmett got into the car.

"Hey guys! You ready for eighth grade?" Emmett asked hoping in the car. I started cracking up when I saw what he was wearing, it was a black polo with light jeans, he adopted are tradition when we met him in 6th grade. And when Emmett joins something, he joins it throughly, he even wore black cammo lines under his eyes, instead of makeup.

"Yo dude." My brother and Emmett slammed fist while we hugged him. Emmett's different from other guys, hes never tried to hit on us, or just try to get in our pants,(you'd be surprised how bad our grade is) he's just been a friend, well he flirts with Cat, but that's it.

"Yo, this kid Jasper just moved in next door to me, hes mad chill, he just moved here from Texas, I invited him to sit at our lunch table is that OK, I already asked Edward and Alice." He asked looking mainly at me, hm, I wonder why.

"Sure." I said, slightly confused.

Oh, where are my manners. Edward, and Alice there are other best friends, but don't get a ride with us, cause well they usually just take the bus together.

"Hey, you guys I forgot to tell you,you know how my mom will basically agree to anything?" They nodded there heads yes, "Well, I'm having a party, and well my mom said about 10 people can sleep over but I was thinking the normal five." I said with a smile.

"Cool, all nighter!" They said in unison. With that we pulled up to school and stepped out of the car.

"Bye Bubba, be good in collage OK?" I said kissing his cheek.

"Only if you be bad here, keep my rep up, and tell Mrs. Jordan I said Hi, and that next weekend I'll be over her house to visit."

"OK, bye bubba." I said laughing walking away

"See yah next weekend Bells." He called out the window.

"Edward!" I yelled running up to him, and giving him a hug, me and Edward were the closest out of the everyone, even if him and Alice were going out.

"Hey Bells" He said twirling me around before sitting me lightly on the ground. "Lets see your lovely first day ensemble" He said with a chuckle. He pulled back and looked me up and down, then started laughing when he got to my eyes. "You should put that yellow shit on more often, your eyes look prettier." He said still laughing.

"Oh, and, you look much better." I said looking him down, he had on a black button down shirt with Grey khakis. He had the same stripe as Emmett did under his eye, I had to laugh once again.

"Bella!" I heard from behind me, I turned around just in time to catch the little pixie, she was wearing a short black skirt with one of Edwards giant shirts on her, she looked quite cute. On her eyes were all pink and green eye liner, she looked quiet silly.

"Hey guys the first bell just rung" Emmett called to us. We all got into a line of five people with our pinky's intertwined, it was Cat, Emmett, Me, Edward, then Alice, we took up the whole hallway and everyone move out of our way, together nothing could beat us, lol.

"Edward, lets go to homeroom." I said dragging him away, I laughed as Alice pouted but headed off with Cat and Emmett to their homeroom.

"This school years gonna kick ass!" Edward said, as the teacher arranged seats, she seamed cool, an she let us pick who we wanted to sit next to, and of course, I picked Edward.

"Yeah tru that." I said back.

"OK, class my name is Mrs. Jordan, I will be your homeroom and your English teacher, I'm not a hard teacher and I like to have fun, so how about for today we'll discuss each others summer." Mrs. Jordan said, oh so this was the favorite teacher my brother talked so much about, she seemed cool already.

I saw a lot of people I knew from last year already, well I knew almost everyone anyway. There was Mike, Jessica, Lauren, Eric, Tyler, Embry, Jake, Quil, Sam, Samantha, Angela, Cody, and Joe, the other people I saw before but I couldn't remember there names.

Jessica was in the middle of telling us about her summer when I felt a piece of paper slide in between my legs, I just rolled me eyes and grabbed it knowing it was from Edward.

Edward use to be a player before Alice moved to Williamstown from Forks, he was even my first kiss/ makeout, but that was all curiosity on my part, Edward use to always try to find ways to turn me on, or to get into my pants, but it never worked. So in general, I was use to his teasing, if he was to grab my ass I wouldn't even say anything.

I unfolded the note and read what it said, then quickly scribbled a reply,(bold Bella, Italicized Edward)

Hey this is kinda boring I don't feel like listening to Jessica's made up story on how she spent the summer in Florida.

I know what you mean Edward, I know.

So party tonight at your house?

Yeah, how'd you know?

Just a lucky guess

Just then the first bell rang and Mrs. Jordan announced we could have a break, since we were in here for two periods. Edward got up and stretched motioning with his arm for me to get up as well, I sighed but complied.

"So your Hal Swans famous sister." Mrs. Jordan indicated coming to stand in front of me.

"Yes I am, you have no idea how much I heard about you, did you know you are the only teacher my brother ever liked? Oh and when he dropped me off this morning he told me to tell you he said hi, and that he was coming to see you next weekend" I said shaking her hand.

She chuckled lightly, "Hals a different kid, those other teachers didn't take the time to talk to him. You can tell him OK, and you can come along if you'd like, I'll make my famous apple pie. He was always talking about you, and how you were growing up just like him, trying to play baseball, football, everything." She said with a smile.

"Well I can't wait to experience this class, the way he talked about it I guess it's gonna be fun."

"I hope, but if you excuse me Edward, Bella, I would like to introduce myself to everyone." She said laughing

"She seems mad nice, I still can't imagine a teacher liking Hal" Edward said laughing.

"It's a wonder to me." I said shacking my head with a smile playing on my lips.

"Hey gorgeous" A sickeningly sweet voice said from behind me, wrapping their strong arms around me.

I could see Edward's hands ball up, and his knuckles turning white, that could only mean one thing, Jacob Black.

"Hey Jake" I said turning around, giving him a hug. Alice had tried to set me up with Jake when she first moved here, he's her neighbor. It didn't go to great, it's not that I didn't like him, but it was more of a friend relationship, it was like me going out with Edward.

Edward, I don't know why he hated Jake so much, I think it's just because of the way he acts, such as now, with the arm wrapping thing, that's Edward's job, and he will tell you straight out.

"So why didn't you sit near us?" He asked indicating Embry, Cody, Tyler, Sam and Quil.

"You know them and Edward don't get along." I said looking over at Edward, who was being talked away by Mrs. Jordan, he was laughing.

"So ditch him" Jake said like it was the most obvious thing ever.

"No, you know he's my best friend." I said looking up at him like he was crazy, he still had his arms around me

"Come on Bells, you know you miss the pack." Jacob said pouting, the pack was what they called them self, it was a circle of friends which I joined when I went out with Jake for the summer.

"You're right I do, but Edward is closer to me than they are, sorry, you know you're another one of my best friends, but I will not ditch him. Look, I'm having a party at my house tonight, bring everyone, don't let anyone find out, I'm doing the inviting." I whispered the last part so no one could hear.

"Fine" He huffed, walking away.

"OK, class back in your seats please, break is over." Mrs. Jordan called. She not what I thought she'd be like. I expected her a pretty straight haired young teacher, you know like back in elementary school, that everyone liked.

Nah shes her own person, standing at 5'11 standing above all the students, she was African American and had thick wavy hair that ended right on her shoulders, I recall her saying in the beginning of class she was fifty six and 'still kicking'. As far as I can tell she was trust worthy and had a great sense of humor, I think I might like class for once.

We continued are stories about the summer till the bell rang, I got up and stretched my arms, me and Edward played mercy and it left my arms sore, Jacob was approaching me, I sent Edward a pleading look and he gladly proceeded.

Edward winking at Jacob and slipping his arm around my waist, that wasn't what I had in mind, I was hoping hurrying his ass up maybe. "Edward, what did I tell you about this, people are gonna spread rumors." I scolded, this was another way Edward liked to tease me.

"Like you care what people say" Edward shot back, and he was right, I don't care.

"And what would Alice think about this?" I asked with my eyebrows risen.

He chuckled lightly,"Bells, you know just as much as I do she doesn't care, she thinks it's funny, and Alice likes the attention, so she'll like the gossip. Also, she knows you have no interest in me, and she trust us, and knows nothing out of the ordinary will happen." With every reason he added, he pulled me closer, I was practically crushed up against him at the end of his little rant.

When Edward and Alice started to go out no one thought Edward would stay fateful, except the five of us, so they used me to prove it. They would spread rumors about me and Edward hooking up behind Alice's back, which I would never do to her. But, by the time they were going out Alice and me were good friends, hell I was the one to introduce them.

"Edward," I whined, "would you stop." I pleaded, it didn't bother me, but I hated the attention and he knew it.

"Bella, why is this bothering you so much, I mean, I even stuck my tung down your throat last year, hell I was the first guy to stink his hand up your shirt." He whispered in my ear, then after looking at my mortified expression he started cracking up, I just kicked him, and kept going to my science class, Alice was in this one, and Edward was too but she'd keep him under control, hopefully.

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