Hot Shot's girl: Hi guys this is my second Naruto fanfic. I say that 'cause I am currently still working on the first one. I won't release it till later. I got this story from thinking of my first one and so just HAD to write. I thought it'd be fun to do and so far . . . it is :) I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoy writing it. I just loooove this couple and so wrote a story just for them. Enjoy and be nice, if you don't like the story don't read it. Chow, until next chp ;D

This seemed like just another ordinary Suna to the Kazekage, but little did he know this day would cause him so much problems. It was time for the monthly meeting between him and his advisers about the village. He dressed up and went just like he would any other month. The things they discussed were normal and contrary. He saw no threat to anything they spoke about.

He never thought this 'subject' would come up. At first it started as a joke that Kankuro started, but now it seemed like it was a serios subject that needed to be taken care of. The Kazekage never thought this dilemma would come up in his life . . . he never thought that his advisers would ever force him to get married.

It started three years ago. At first it was just between Kankuro and Gaara, but soon it began to spread to even his sister Temari who lived all the way in Konoha with her husband and children. Kankuro had just had his first child. His siblings were there for him in this happy moment.

"Oh, she's precious," said Temari with a smile as she looked at the little one in her father's arms.

"Yeah, she's somethin'," said Kankuro with a smile holding her so tenderly like she was so frail and could break any second.

"What's her name?" asked Temari.

"I've decided to name her Kairai," said Kankuro.

"You can't be kiddin' me," said Temari narrowing her eyes. "You named your daughter 'puppet'?"

"And what's wrong with that?" asked Kanuro looking at his older sister.

"Nothing I guess, but when she hits her teen years she's going to hate you," she said with a chuckle.

"Puppets are the only other things I care deeply about. When I am away I want to look at them and be reminded of her . . . Kairai," he said with the kindest smile looking back down at his baby girl.

"Well . . . if that's what you say," said Temari with a sigh and shrug. "How's your wife?"

"She' well," said Kanuro. "Still recovering for being 10 hours in labour with her."

"Eh, that's not that bad," said Temari with a shrug. "I was in 17 hours with my eldest . . . I've always wanted a girl."

At that Temari extended her index finger to place in her little hand. Once the child felt it she quickly grasp it. Temari smiled looking at her first niece. She was glad Kankuro decided to get married and have children. She wanted many nieces and nephews.

"Maybe you'll get one," said Kankuro with a grin. "Maybe after your fifth son, hee, hee."

"Shut up!" said Temari smacking him in the back of the head. "I only have two and that's as much as I'm having."

"What happened to that daughter Tem?" asked Kankuro keeping his grin.

"Maybe when the little one graduates from the academy," said Temari with a shrug.

The two's eyes then turned to the silent one who was also in the room with them. Kankuro shifted his daughter in his arms and looked at his little brother. He then placed another smile on his face and titled his head back as he said--

"What about you eh Gaara? When are you gonna settle down?"

"What is the point?" he asked in a low husky voice, his brow seemed to furl a bit at the question.

Temari and Kankuro never expected him to answer with a question and both looked at each other for the answer. They couldn't really think of a reason for him, or an answer. It even made them think about why they did and they couldn't really find an answer except that they just wanted to. It wasn't really logical, just bent on feelings.

"Well," said Temari with a sigh as she looked down at her feet. "Being married and with a family makes you much more happy."

"How so?" asked Gaara.

"Eh," was all Temari could say.

Why did he have to ask such hard and pointless questions? And such ones as to where they didn't even know. Temari looked at Kankuro and edged him with her eyes to talk to him. The look on Kankuro suggested that he didn't really want to say anything to his Kazekage brother, but he consented and did so as he turned to him.

"Well Gaara," said Kankuro with an uneasy smile. "Let's just put it this way. When you have a family you become less selfish and focus more on others instead of yourself."

"That's what being Kazekage is for," said Gaara looking at them with such dull eyes.

"True, but Suna isn't that much like real family," said Kankuro. "Real family is . . . is . . . this," he said looking at his daughter with such kind and affectionate eyes. "Holding a child in your arms--your child is just . . . it's just somethin' else."

"Aye, what Kankuro said," said Temari shaking her head. "That's what really counts."

"So what you're saying is that you two just want me to get married and have children?" asked Gaara.

" . . . "

"That's what I thought . . . pointless," said Gaara as he turned to leave. "Oh, by the way, congratulations on your daughter Kankuro."

"Yeah, thanks . . . I guess," said Kankuro looking at his brother sideways as he left the room.

"Well that's Gaara for ya," said Temari with a smile and a shake of the head.

"Still though . . . you and I want a sister-in-law and plenty of nieces and nephews running around," said Kankuro. "I already got two from you, but it'd be nice to get some from him."

"Come on Kankuro," said Temari circling him once. "Do you think our brother, Gaara, the Kazekage would ever settle down with anyone, must less have children? Plus just think of them . . . oh I don't know if I want those little ones to enter the world."

"Ew, you're right," said Kankuro. "But still--perhaps being married would help his temperaments to change a bit. Carrying for a someone other than everyone would be good. Not that I'm saying it's bad, but still--he just needs to lighten up."

"I seriously doubt you're gonna win this battle little brother," said Temari with a smile as she sat herself on a counter nearby.

"Eh just you wait," said Kankuro. "If I nag him enough I'm sure I'll get through."

"Or get killed," said Temari letting out a chuckle as she decided to leave the room.

"What?!" said Kankuro with a quick widen of the eyes. "He's way past that now."

"So you think," she said out of the room. "He hasn't lost his temper in a long time either."

Kankuro just stood there pondering what his sister said. He looked down at his angel wrapped all in pink. He gave off a smile before he said--

"Nah, I'm not gonna die. He wouldn't hurt a new father now would he?"

And so for three years Kankuro nagged Gaara about this subject. He'd be sure to put them as jokes so Gaara wouldn't get too frustrated with him. Though he still seemed frustrated with him.

Every time Kankuro was with his brother he'd bring it up. Gaara seemed to zone out most of the time, but whenever Kankuro was with his wife or another Suna couple they'd just smile and ask him the same question . . . 'Why aren't you married Kazekage'. Kankuro always said the others were and that if he wanted to fit in as the Kazekage he needed a wife. Gaara would simply reply saying--

"By not having a wife I can focus more on the village."

It seemed reasonable, but after a couple years of saying it Kankuro easily found come-backs. Gaara hated him for pursuing the subject, but he didn't expect any less from him seeing how he was the only sand sibling not wedded and childless. Gaara seemed to stand it just by Kankuro saying it to him, but when others did . . . especially his advisers and elders--that was another story.

Just when Gaara thought the monthly meeting was going to be like any other monthly meeting Kankuro had to open his big mouth and talk about his single life.

"Alright so now that every thing seems to be settle I ask the Kazekage what he thinks about all this," said Baki as he looked at Gaara.

"It seems fine with me," said Gaara slowlu nodding his head. "As long as the village is as it should be then I have nothing to say."

"Then what about you Kankuro?" asked Baki turning to the man dressed in black sitting next to the Kazekage.

Kankuro just inhaled as he leaned back and slouched in his chair. He looked at everyone who waited for his response. He closed his eyes and nodded his head.

"Everything's fine with me as long as Kazekage-sama's happy," he said looking at everyone.

"Well then this meeting is adjourned," said Baki.

Right after he said that everyone stood up and prepared to make their way out of the room. Before everyone was out of the room Baki turned to Kankuro and asked him--

"How's the family Kankuro."

"Great," he said with a smile. "Little Kairai is only three but she is now learning the puppet jutsu. She's good too."

"I'm glad she gets your side of the family," said Baki with a faint smile.

"Yeah," said Kankuro shuffling his feet a bit. "But I wonder what Gaara's children would be like if ever he married and had 'em."

"Gaara isn't married yet? . . . yes that's right," said Baki pondering it.

The sound of his voice like that caused a few to stop in their tracks and turn to listen to him. Baki ignored them all and looked at Gaara who still stood by his chair.

"Gaara when will you pass on your power?" Baki asked referring to children.

Gaara inwardly sighed as he closed his eyes and held back the frustration. One reason being is that it seemed to catch the council's attention.

"Well if you had children think of the shinobi they would be," said Baki with a smile thinking of the strong little ones.

"Aren't my sister and brother's children good enough shinobi for you?" he asked looking at Baki.

"Kazekage-sama," Baki said with a almost silly smile. "Your sister's children live in Konoha and your brother's daughter is but only three."

"Then if I have children what difference should it make?" asked Gaara. "They shall be young like them."

"They shall also grow like them," said Baki. "Besides children are a blessing, and so is a wife. Why haven't you found one yet?"

"Because it is not my concern at the moment," said Gaara.

"Then when will it be?" asked Baki.

At that moment the council members looked at Gaara and waited for his answer. His eyes met theirs and it was then he knew this had become a village concern now. He looked at Kankuro who only shrugged with a 'sorry buddy' smile. If he didn't conceal his emotions all the time he'd be screaming right about now.

"Kazekage-sama I believe what Baki-sempai says is true," said a council member. "You have worked hard to keep this village safe and now that it is there is no reason to keep watch all the time for threats."

"Just what are you saying?" asked Gaara turning to the man.

"I'm saying it is time for you to find a bride," he said.

Gaara then looked around and saw the others shaking their heads in agreement. How did this all start? Why did Kankuro have to open his big mouth? Gaara was happy just the way he was . . . right?

Gaara let out a sigh and looked at everyone harshly as he asked--

"Are you forcing me to not act like your Kazekage?"

"No, not at all," said a member. "But just to relax and take everything easier."

"Easier like to get married and have children," said Gaara with dark eyes.

"Well . . . yes," they said. "We want you to be happy."

"I am happy," he said with such non-emotion it was threatening everyone to break out in a comical laugh.

"Sure you are," said Kankuro looking at his brother sideways biting his bottom lip to keep from laughing.

Gaara just crinkled his brow in frustration as he took his seat again knowing this talk would never end less he said he was getting married.

"Kazekage-sama," said another member. "You are 20 . . . a fine age to be marrying. Why having a wife would do good for this village. It would show everyone you are a family man."

"But I am," said Gaara . . . again with such little emotion. "I have a sister and a brother and love them deeply. I also have two nephews and a niece whom I'd die for, is that not enough?"

"Yes, but it is not the same," said Kankuro.

Gaara just looked at him with a deadly glare warning him to shut his tramp less he find himself in the ground and off the council for good. Kankuro took a little step back behind Baki, but still continued the subject.

"Whadaya say Gaara-kun?" he asked with a smile.

All looked at him waiting for him to say yes, but it was all in vain.

"No," he said. "I will not change myself because you wish it."

"We are not wishing it anymore Gaara," said a council member returning to his chair. "This is a demand of the council now."

"You can't do that," said Gaara with a slight sneer.

"Yes . . . we can," they said.

Gaara looked at Baki with almost pleading eyes. Baki just shifted his weight on one foot and then sighed saying--

"They can do this."

"This is foolishness!" said Gaara slightly banging the table with his fist.

"It is an order now--Kazekage-sama," said a member.

"What do you want me to do then?!" asked Gaara looking quite angered at everyone.

"Choose your bride," they said.

"Now wait a minute," said Kankuro. "He hardly knows anyone. You can't expect him to marry someone he hardly knows."

"He'll get to know them in marriage," they said. "Now choose Kage-sama."

Gaara tangled his fingers in his hair and looked down. How did this come to this?! It was too much for him. He never thought there'd be a subject that a Kazekage couldn't handle.

"Well, well, well?" they all asked him content in not leaving 'till he chose.

Gaara began to mumble like saying a name or at least trying to. All kept a close ear on him ready to hear a name, but they couldn't understand him. He continued to mumble though for about a minute until the 'wells?' became too much for the Kazekage.

"I . . . I . . ." was all that was coming out of his mouth. "M . . . ma . . ."

"Ma--who?" they asked.

"Matsur--" he mumbled out yet again.

"What is that?" they asked.

"Matsuri!" he finally let out . . . she was the only female he could think of . . . much less knew was eligible for marriage.

"Matsuri Gaara?" asked Kankuro looking a bit confused as to why he'd pick that little grunt, but then there was no other woman he knew at the time.

"Matsuri it is then," they said shaking their heads. "Guards, escort Matsuri here will you. We shall give her the news."

"Hai," they said as they turned and left.

Gaara just cast his eyes away from the council for who knows what else they'd force him to do if he just looked at them different. All he could do was sigh. Married . . . he didn't want to get married, how could you order marriage. How--why did it come to this?