Matsuri let out screams of excitement. Her heart raced like a horse and the way her stomach felt was just unbelievable. She couldn't believe Gaara was doing this with her—perhaps she had driven him insane like he said to her earlier.

Matsuri had her eyes closed and held on tightly to Gaara's throat, probably choking the poor thing. She didn't care at the moment though. This rush that she was feeling was unlike anything she's felt before and she loved it . . . but feared it. Being some 50 feet in the air could do that to a person.

Matsuri never thought Gaara would think of sand surfing as a way to celebrate their 1st anniversary.

"Are you alright Matsuri?" asked Gaara glancing a little to his left trying to see Matsuri's face as she clung to his back tightly and laid her head near his shoulder.

"I guess," she said with her eyes closed still.

"If you want I can take you back down," he said concerned for her wellbeing.

"What?!" gasped Matsuri finally opening her eyes and looking at the redhead. "Don't you dare! I may be scared, but I am having the time of my life!!"

Gaara let out a soft chuckle hearing her say that. He was glad she was having this much fun. She deserved it for all the times she has tried to be a good wife to him. It was the least he could do to relieve the stress from being the Kazekage's wife.

"Here we go," said Gaara as he began to slide down closer to the ground and village below with his sand at his feet.

He got much pleasure just hearing Matsuri's squeal slowly reach the highest pitch he ever heard from her. It made his laugh slightly, but hurt for it was right in his ear. Matsuri was so silly though that it made him forget all his troubles . . . it was one of the reasons he enjoyed being married to her . . . and as a matter of fact it was the reason why her name escaped his lips.

His first and only student, Matsuri, always seemed a little silly to him—even though she didn't mean it. Whenever he was stressed about something he would just reflect on her and what she had done to make herself look like a fool. She was so cute when she did that no matter how much it frustrated her. Perhaps that was one of the reasons why he liked her so much . . . with her . . . he could just relax and maybe get a laugh out of it.

Gaara never would have thought that he'd be drawn in to her because of her disasterness, but he couldn't help it. It was just . . . she was the other piece to him. He needed her like she needed him.

Gaara had picked the right companion for life. No she probably couldn't defend him as well as he could defend her, but he would still let her try if she wanted to. He used to believe he was better off alone, but being with her made him realize the privilege of being a couple. It made him . . . happy.

He wondered if he was her other half though and made her happy as much as she made him. Perhaps she didn't for he barely showed any emotion whatsoever, even to his own siblings. That was one of the reasons why he was doing this so he could show her he cared.

All Matsuri could think of at the moment was the way her stomach felt. It flipped and did loopty loops just like Gaara as he surfed above and around Suna with his sand jutsu. She often wondered how Gaara could do this with just a flick of his finger. It scared her very much yes, but she was having the time of her life.

There was a big smile on her face as she forced herself to open her eyes and see what Gaara was seeing. She just didn't want him to see everything by himself. Once she managed to keep her eyes from shutting she couldn't help but smile and breath in excitement with Gaara . . . well he didn't seem as excited or thrilled as her, but she understood completely fine 'cause he's been doing this for years and this . . . well it was her first time.

She felt slightly proud of herself for keeping her eyes open, but once he decided to dive straight down again and lift upwards to the sky she couldn't help her natural reflexes as she closed her eyes and squeezed tightly around his neck. Once she had done that though she felt Gaara's hand come to her arm and grasp it saying still quite calm—

"A little tight Matsuri."

"Sorry," she said letting loose just slightly. "I can't help it!"

"I understand," he said now slowly and more carefully descending towards the ground.

Once they were completely on the ground Gaara just stood there waiting for her to let go . . . but she didn't. He didn't even think she knew she was now on solid ground. He turned his head to look at her thinking that just by his movement she'd come to her senses and realize where they were . . . but she didn't.

"Matsuri," said Gaara.

"What?!" she gasped squeezing around his neck tighter. "What is it?!"

"Where . . . on the ground," said Gaara through a slight choke.

"Ground?" said Matsuri popping her eyes open and seeing where they were. "Oh we are."

"Yes, can you let go?" asked Gaara feeling her still holding her grip around his neck.

"Oh," she said letting go and stepping back with a blush. "Sorry."

Gaara just smiled seeing Matsuri in this kind of state. Just looking at her cheeks turn the lightest shade of pink and later red was strangely cute to him now. Perhaps it was because he had now spent a year with her and had been growing closer to her. He knew it was the same with her though . . . he wasn't alone in this feeling.

"Did you—have fun?" he asked placing his hands to his side.

"Mhm," said Matsuri her blush darkening and now she couldn't look at him.

"Would you like me to escort you home?" he asked holding out his elbow to her.

Matsuri looked at him and just smiled. She couldn't believe this was the Gaara she had married. It seemed like she had gone a whole year without seeing him—the real him, if this was him. How could she have missed him? . . . probably avoiding him all those months or at least trying to.

Still . . . Matsuri was glad that they were growing closer together. She guessed spending this much time together would do this. Like a dating couple would before they were married. It

"Okay," she said with a sweet smile as she took his arm and let him escort her home.

As they walked down the streets people started looking at them strange never before seeing the number 1 couple like this. They didn't care though it was as if they first started acting like a couple . . . in truth that wasn't so. They had already been acting like a couple before, but now they were showing affection towards one another.

"Do you have any Kage duties to do on your anniversary?" asked Matsuri.

"Not that I know of," said Gaara tilting his head slightly at her question. "And what about you Matsuri-san . . . do you have any Kage wife duties to do on your anniversary?"

"Nope, I'm totally free," she said with a smile.

"Good," said Gaara with a smile. "I was thinking about taking you out to dinner."

Matsuri halted with a gasp as she let go of Gaara and placed her fists on her hips saying—

"What, do you think my cooking's bad?!"

"It's not the best in the world, no," said Gaara admitting it.

"Well I try to please you you know," she said crossing her arms.

"I know," said Gaara with a shake of his head.

"You do?" said Matsuri dropping her arms to her sides.

Gaara just shook his head and said with a slight smile saying—

"Those cooking classes you attend I know about them. I don't want to belittle you or anything Matsuri that is why I always asked for seconds."

"Really?" said Matsuri not knowing she was smiling out of adoration.

"I didn't want to hurt you feelings," said Gaara. "I've heard too many husbands do that to their wives because of so."

"Well actually," said Matsuri with a slight blush. "I didn't want you to take seconds that one time. I wanted you to choke on it."

"Why?" asked Gaara not understanding.

"Because I was frustrated with you 'accidentally' picking my name for your bride," she said.

"Who said it was an accident?" said Gaara walking off with a slight smile just leaving Matsuri there dumbfounded.

"Wasn't?" she said with her mouth open trying to comprehend what he just said.

Matsuri then noticed Gaara was getting further away from her. She gasped and ran to him saying—

"Oi, wait for me!"

She caught up with him and just shook off her slight embarrassment as she wrapped her arm around his and trotted off to their home. She liked being this close to Gaara and very much enjoyed their anniversary. She never knew she would so much—she was glad Kankuro had reminded them or else this . . . them . . . would have just slipped by.

She's never had so much fun in her life. It was amazing being with Gaara. It was like a date most of the time and she had never really been on one so knew hardly what they were like, but now she had a picture and this one—with him—was perfect.

There perfect day just had to end a little too soon though. They were but a block from their home when they came.

"Kazekage-sama, Kazekage-sama!" they shouted at them as they came up to them with cameras flashing.

Gaara instantly froze seeing them all come upon them suddenly. They began asking all sorts of questions and as he looked at Matsuri she seemed to know how to handle them better than he did. She just sighed and acted like it was any normal day.

"Hhh," she sighed. "And here comes the paparazzi to steal a perfectly good day. I swear I wish they'd just die!"

"Do you want me to kill them?" asked Gaara with little emotion on his face.

"It would make me soooo much more happy," she said with a chuckle thinking Gaara was just playing around.

But once Matsuri caught Gaara raise his arm out of the corner of her eye she quickly jumped and grabbed his arm to pull it down.

"Whoa!" She gasped with wide eyes. "I didn't think you were serious!"

Gaara just looked at her. She let out another sigh as she said—

"Instead of killing them could you just make a path between them and home? I'm really tired."

Gaara just shook his head and pushed the people aside with his sand. He then took Matsuri by the hand and led them back home. Once inside they made sure to lock the door so no one would interrupt their peace.

"Ahhh, home sweet home," Matsuri said closing her eyes with a contented sigh. "Thank-you for this wonderful day."

Gaara just gave a nod to her as he crossed his arms and headed into another room. Matsuri couldn't help but smile and blush. She remembered when he was leading her upstairs and into the bedroom. She remembered the thought in the back of her mind saying—

Just because we kissed doesn't mean we can have sex!

But that was not what he was intending. He simply took her to the window and jumped out with her. Thus began their sand surfing adventure which was quite fun to Matsuri's liking. She often mentally kicked herself in the head for even thinking such things, but she couldn't help it . . . being a year with him has made her dream dreams and she wonders if the same with him.

Matsuri just sighed though and rubbed her eyes. Boy what a day. She went upstairs and got ready for bed. Once she had placed her nightgown on she headed for bed to find Gaara all ready waiting for her.

She didn't care though; she was tired and just crawled in to her side and plopped down on her side. She closed her eyes and thought she'd just go right to sleep, but she found she couldn't. She opened her eyes and shifted a little to perhaps find a more comfortable position, but couldn't. She tried once more, but found it useless . . . she didn't know why she was so restless—it was just ridiculous!

"Can't sleep huh?" came Gaara's voice.

Matsuri jumped and Gaara felt her. He turned on his side and looked at her. Matsuri feared to turn over and look at him, but she had a peace about her all of the sudden and so turned with a sigh.

"Nope," she sighed. "You either?"

"Still getting used to it," he said with a shrug. "You'd think that after all these years I can manage to sleep."

"Well maybe you're just not tired enough," said Matsuri with a smile. "That's what my mom used to say."

"Perhaps she's right," he said with a shrug as his eyes focused elsewhere beyond Matsuri in a stare.

Matsuri just smiled and soon her eyes began to become heavy. Just looking at him made her at peace. Perhaps she should start sleeping like this—towards him instead of away. It would help, but she feared some night she would just not be able to because of staring at him all night. Oh yes, her feelings had began growing stronger since he kissed her and who knows . . . the more this relationship of theirs continued they could perhaps begin acting like a married couple—like the newlyweds they were supposed to be.

Gaara glanced at Matsuri and saw she now slept. He smiled slightly as he placed a hand on the side of her smooth face.

"Sleep well Matsuri," he wished her goodnight.

He then closed his eyes and knew it was his turn to visit the land of dreams. He had to get up early in the morning and needed every ounce of it, but he wouldn't mind doing without it for a while if it was to be with her. Something he should have done long ago.

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