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"What happened?" asked the nurse.

"She hurt her ankle pretty badly," I said looking at Harlow. She didn't look to well. I could imagine how bad her ankle hurt by the look on her face.

"Oh!" said the nurse as she opened the doors.

"Harlow!" said Carlisle. "What happened?"

"Alice….spider…..beast……" she whispered. Then she was limp.

"Edward?" he asked as I laid her onto the cot.

"Look at her ankle, Carlisle," I said. "A spider beast got a hold of it. How bad is it?"

"Pretty bad," he said examining the ankle. "What was she saying about Alice?"

"They got Alice too," I said watching his face. It became horror stricken.

"You mean….." he trailed off.

"Yes, she's one of them now," I implied simply. Poor Alice. She hadn't been herself for three days. If we didn't do something to save her now, she'd be a beast forever.

"Well," sighed Carlisle, "Her ankle is bad, but it'll be fine as soon as I remove the venom."

He took out a empty syringe and slipped it into her ankle. As he pulled up on the plunger, dark, dark red blood started to come out. Blood and the spider beast's venom.

"What are we going to do?" I asked. "We can't just leave Alice with them. She's our sister and Jasper's other half."

"We'll have to bite her again," he told me, switching to a new, empty syringe.

"But won't that make her start all over as a new vampire?" I asked.

"Not if we do it by tomorrow," he answered.

"And if we fail?" I wondered, already knowing the answer.

"She's gone forever," he gravely stated.

He finished draining the poison. He put the syringe into a bag and then the bag in a plastic box. I understood what he was going to do with the contaminated blood. Carlisle could not resist research. He wrapped Harlow's ankle in gauze then waited.

"Where did she see this clan of spider beasts?" he asked me.

"Down by the dock," I answered. Jasper came through the door.

"Carlisle, how do we get Alice back?" he urgently asked.

"We have to bite her by tomorrow," he replied looking at Jasper with curiosity, "Or else she's gone forever."

"Well," Jasper said, looking from Carlisle to me, "Don't wait up."

He turned to leave but I was already at the door, blocking his path.

"Edward," he said looking at me, "Let me go. I don't want to have to force my way through you."

"You're going to wait for us," I told him. "You may love her but she's Emmet's, Rosalie's, and my sister. And she's Carlisle and Esme's daughter. Those beasts took her from all of us, not just you. We all want revenge. Not just you. You will wait for us, even if I have to be the one who restrains you."

He stepped down.

"How's Harlow?" he asked turning his attention to Carlisle.

"She's going to be fine," he replied, watching her. "Two syringes of blood and poison. She got lucky. Any later and she would've been gone."

"Our thanks to Emmet then," Jasper said.

"Emmet?" Carlisle raised an eyebrow.

"Yeah," said Edward. "He kicked her in the ankle, don't ask, and it had her in tears. So she looked at her ankle and we discovered how bad it was."

"He kicked her ankle?" asked Carlisle, worry suddenly flashed across his face.

"Yep. Felt like a bitch too."

The voice startled us all. Harlow was awake.

"Harlow," Carlisle hurried, "what does your ankle feel like right now?"

"Feels like someone put hot coals in it," she replied, flinching. "It feels worse than when Jack took a bite out of me."

She laughed.

"Jasper, get Emmet," said Carlisle.

Jasper left.

"Why do you need Emmet?" I asked him.

"Because he might have just sealed her death."



Sealed her death? Lovely. Jasper returned with Emmet and Rosalie.

"Emmet," asked Carlisle, "How hard did you kick Harlow?"

"Eh," he shrugged, "About this hard."

He kicked me. It wasn't that hard.

"Well?" Carlisle asked me.

"It wasn't hard at all," I said, "It was actually pretty soft for Emmet."

"Then I don't understand it," said Carlisle, shaking his head. "Her leg should be healed by now."

"Well," said Harlow, shrugging, "I don't really need to walk, I can just fly everywhere."

Jasper and I were probably the only ones who were not shocked at this statement.

"Why did you say 'fly'?" asked Carlisle.

Harlow sighed. A slight movement caught my eye. I saw her wings extending.

"Holy……" stated Emmet, pulling Rosalie closer.

Her wings were finally fully extended. She stretched them.

"Emmet," she said, "I thought you knew already. You too Rosalie."

"Yeah," said Rosalie. "But it's different from seeing it firsthand."

"Oh," said Jasper, "you haven't seen anything first hand yet."

"Wait until you see her actually fly," I said.

"Well," Carlisle stated, "This explains everything. I'll be back."

He left the room quickly. It was quiet for a for a few moments. Emmet was the first to break the silence.

"You can actually fly?" he asked. "That's awesome!"

"Yeah," she said, "I'll show you when Carlisle says I'm free to go."

"How did you keep it covered up all this time?" asked Rosalie.

"Easy," Harlow grinned. "I'm a good liar."

Carlisle walked back into the room. He was carrying another syringe. When Harlow caught sight of this, she shuddered.

"Afraid of needles?" I asked, an eyebrow rose.

"Nope," she said. "Old memories."

"This will hurt a little bit," said Carlisle as he slipped it into her ankle, "but it will heal your ankle."

"I've had worse," Harlow said.

"Ok," said Carlisle, "You're good to go. Just take it easy."

"Awesome," she said as she got up. "I believe I have a show to perform."


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