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* * *

Cloud burst in through the abandoned shack door. He panted like an animal; his sides were ripping with excruciating pain. Yuffie entered the make shift with unusual caution, glancing around her shoulder every five seconds wearily. Barret followed from behind her, his head hitting the solitary light bulb, humming distantly.

Vincent walked in calmly after Barret and headed straight to the metal table, placed in the center of the cramped room. He ran his hand gently over the steel surface, grimacing in metal pain.

"Was she here?" Yuffie asked carefully.

The discontinued breathing made the room all the more silent.

Vincent nodded.

"I'll kill him." Cloud claimed with deadly resolve.

"Kill who?" Barret asked curiously.

Cloud turned around to face the man behind him.


WHAT!?" Yuffie and Barret exclaimed at once.

"Hojo has Tifa."

"And why didn't we know of this?" Vincent inquired quietly.

Cloud shrugged dismissively.

"I thought I told you. Sorry."

"Leave it to a guy whose hair takes up most of his brain space to lead." Barret mumbled angrily.

Yuffie nodded in agreement, " Cloud, do us a favor and loosen your belt. I think it's cutting of your circulation of blood to your brain!" she exclaimed.

Vincent held up his hand, silencing Cloud from defending himself.

"We're are wasting time with these childish arguments. Let us focus on the task at hand. Tifa is at the hand of Hojo. We all know what he is capable of," he glanced at Cloud, "Even some of us have experienced how he is first hand."

Yuffie blinked in astonishment. Vincent noticed her stare and directed his cold, piercing glare to wash over her like cold water.

"What?" he asked irritably.

"The vampire has spoken!" Yuffie exclaimed.

"I'm not a vampire."


"Yuffie, don't irritate me righ-"


"Yes, Cloud?"

"Shut up!"

"Geeze, you guys don't all have to yell!"

* * *

"Tifa, are you awake?" Raina asked worriedly.

Tifa groaned inwardly in pain.

"No." she replied distressingly.

"Tifa, quit playing around!"

"I'm not."

"Oh, stop it!"

"Where are we, Raina?"

"We're at the burial grounds of the Andrelites."

"Tell me something, Raina."

"What is it?"

"We're going to die today, aren't we?"

"Most likely."

"Think it's gonna hurt?"

"Most definitely."

"How bad?"

"Oh, I'm thinking real bad. I mean really, really bad."

"You know what?"


"So was I." Tifa sighed.

"Go figure." Raina replied distantly.


"Tifa? Tifa? Tifa, wake up! Gosh, Tifa, quit blacking out!

* * *

"How much?"

Hojo smiled triumphantly.

"It's not for sale."

"Seriously, Hojo. How much?"

"It's not for sale."

A pen dropped to the cold stone floor, booming around the room.

"Then we'll just have to take from you, won't we?"

The man smiled menacingly and pulled out revolver. He aimed it at Hojo's head. In the dim lamplight, the beautifully furnished office was spelled like a prison.

He placed his forefinger lightly on the trigger.

"Nice doing business with you." He said.

Hojo quickly pulled the man's wrist and reversed the gun into his hand, facing the man's forehead. He quickly pulled the trigger as a piece of speeding metal slammed into flesh and bone. A red puddle formed thickly on the recipient of the bullet's head before he even hit the ground.

Hojo bent down, aimed, and another shot echoed through the quiet room. Another puddle of blood formed on the carpet, with tiny scarlet rivers descending down his head slowly.

"No, nice doing business with you."

He then pocketed the gun and left the office.

* * *

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