This is about Rocket's adventure (kinda) to find an anniversary present for Tia.

Disclaimer: SADLY I don't own Galactik Football.

"Hmm it's mine and Tia's anniversary soon, what shall I get her?" Rocket mused. "I know flowers!

Rocket rushed to his mum's flower shop. "For that kinda flower you need to cut the stems at an angle" he informed the man.

"Shut up" the man replied.

"Rocket what are you doing?" Rocket turned to see Tia entering the flower shop.

"He's buying you flowers am I right, young man?" Keira (I dunno how to spell it soz) entered adjusting her wig. "Umm yes mum" Rocket said.

"Oh how romantic! Is this part of my anniversary gift?" Tia gushed. Part of!? Alarm bells rang in Rockets head. "Yeah part of..." Rocket trailed off then fled. Tia looked at Keira.

"Get out" Keira snarled.

To be continued :O what will Rocket get Tia!? Will he get Tia anything at all? Will I stop writing crappy fanfics who knows! Find out next time in chapter 2! (there's the 3rd question answered.)