Chapter 19: Sun is Shining

And we're gonna be alright. Dry your tears and hold tight. – Axwell /\ Ingrosso, Sun is Shining

"This has worked out better than I ever dreamed." The Dark King said, closing his wing behind him. "I get the Emperor and the copy, all at once."

Kaito went to the front of the group, ready in case he needed to protect the Mermaids again.

The Emperor looked at the King. Then in an instant he had his flute transformed into a bow and fired an arrow from it. The Dark King did not have time to react; the arrow sent him flying back.

Michel-dono turned to the Mermaid Princesses. "Please sing, for the future of all of us."

Lucia clutched her microphone tighter. "We will." She looked at Seira, who nodded. The gold teardrop necklace she wore began to glow and a moment later she was in her white dress.

The observation of what was happening felt strange. Michel felt like he was detached from what was happening in more ways than just because the Emperor had presently taken over his body.

It was better than when Fuku had done the same thing to him. He and the Emperor fit together. He wasn't having his will overridden because he had simply ceded control to the Emperor, but they worked together.

This is what Fuku always wanted. Michel realized

Sometimes we don't get what we want. The Emperor replied. He still won't get what he wanted.

They watched as Seira transformed. Is that…my power she's using? Michel asked.

Yes. Would you like to ask her for it back? Michel-dono inquired.

Michel considered the question. No. I don't.

Alright. Let's stop the Dark Ones.

Michel-dono spread borrowed wings, throwing out remnants of power left over from long ago, and took to the air, carrying the King of the Dark Ones away from the Mermaids.

It took a powerful spell to destroy the Dark King last time, Michel-dono said. I hope the Mermaid Princesses being here will help. He threw the King away with enough force to send him through the wall.

Michel didn't reply, and Michel-dono summoned their flute to his hand and transformed it into a bow again.

The Dark King was back up on his feet and flying towards them, forcing Michel-dono to dodge out of the way. But the Dark King did not let up, and continued forcing Michel-dono to retreat.

Michel did not have to ask what was going on. He could feel the Emperor's frustration. It was hard to shoot at someone when you were being forced back.

The same creatures the group had seen while trying rescue Michal had reappeared, and Ojii-san and Fuku were trying to stop them attacking the Mermaid Princesses. Kaito stayed close to Lucia, in case some of the monsters got past Ojii-san and Fuku.

"We need a song that will stop the Dark King." Caren said.

"How about your new one, Seira?" Lucia asked.

"Mermaid Princesses," The familiar voice of Aqua Regina broke in. "Your wish to help stop the Dark King led me to you." She did not appear, though they could hear her voice.

Fuku blasted one of the shadow creatures away. Ojii-san destroyed another with his staff.

"There is a song that was given to the Mermaid kingdoms long ago, during the first war with the Dark Ones." Aqua Regina went on. "It has not been used since."

Michel-dono blasted the Dark King away with a orb of white power. The two of them had landed among the braces that held up the ceiling and were flying between them as needed. He drew back the bowstring, and white arrow tipped with a glowing gold aura and fired it. The Dark King dodged it, and lunged forward again.

"Sing it now." Aqua Regina said.

"We will." Lucia said, even though she didn't know what song Aqua Regina was talking about. But from the look on Seira's face, the Orange Mermaid knew it.

The seven mermaids began, "Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!"

"Just one thing doesn't change
That dream that I painted."

The monsters were increasing now, surpassing Ojii-san and Fuku's ability to handle them. Two of them hit Kaito's barrier from different sides, and he was distracted by them.

Michel-dono twisted out of the way just in time to avoid the spear of dark energy the Dark King shot at him."When I'm done with you, your people will be next." The King threatened, landing on another brace.

There were several things the Emperor thought about saying in response to that, including that he was dead and didn't have a people anymore, but he ignored it in favor of firing another light-magic saturated arrow. The Dark King's pause to gloat had slowed him down, and the arrow nicked his arm, but it didn't do any more than that, and a moment later the pair were flying through and around the braces again, looking for any point at which to launch an attack.

"How did I appear as I am now?"

When the third monster hit Katio's shield it went down. Lucia stopped singing when she saw what had happened, and her pause threw the other Mermaids off as well. Before the beast could land any damage on the Mermaids, it was caught by three pairs of hands and dragged back.

"It's you three." Lucia said, her shock evident in her voice.

Lady Bat, Alala, and Lanhua dragged the monster back.

"You had better hurry and start singing again." Lanhua said. "I think we're running out of time."

Lucia nodded, and the Mermaids began again.

"Pichi Pichi Voice Live Start!"

Michel didn't need to ask what the Emperor planned to do. He knew it when the Emperor began to bring to the front of their mind two spells. The first was a spell to destroy the power of the King. The second was a spell of sealing, to banish the Dark Ones again.

But the Emperor was distracted by the Dark King's attacks, and the pieces of the spell were starting to slip away from his thoughts. So Michel reached out and began to assemble the spell for him.

"Just one thing doesn't change
That dream I painted
How did I appear as I am now?
In my young eyes back then -
Hey, look up at it, it's such a vast night sky
So that soon, so that you understand
You will shine at your best soon so hurry
Look for the full moon.

Let's sing a song!
Together forever - Everything I can do for you right now I will
Day by day
Your destiny until now, from tomorrow, clutch your hopes to your chest
Let's sing a song!
Together forever, if I'm with you I can overcome any hardship
More and more
More and more and more I want to be closer, please stay right here
- many thanks for you!"

With Kaito putting his barrier back up and the Winged Ones helping Ojii-san and Fuku hold off the monsters, the Mermaid Princesses were free to sing.

At the end of the first verse, Lucia noticed something.

"Out song isn't affecting the Dark King." She said. It was true; to all appearances the Dark King was still holding his own and Emperor was starting to struggle.

"We're singing this wrong." Noel said, and the other Princesses turned to look at her. She went on, "We're singing to try and stop the Dark King because that's usually how we use our song. But it isn't working. I think we're singing wrong. We can't sing to stop the Dark King, but we can sing to help the Emperor increase his power."

Coco smiled, and Seira nodded. Lucia clutched her microphone tighter. "Let's keep going." The Pink Princess said.

"Wondrous chance meetings
As long as they keep happening
We have ever more precious things
All those days full of chance mischief
Now I can laugh and love them
That's right, I always yearned for the wide ocean
Now I'm no longer alone
Everyone is full of smiles
Because this is where I am."

The Emperor was trying to get to a point where he could pin down the Dark King and cast a spell, but it wasn't working well. He had done this once before and clearly the Dark King had learned from it.

He was trying to bring to mind the spells he had used before, but dodging the Dark King's attacks and returning with his own was causing the spells to slip out of his mind. It wasn't just the words, it was the mechanism; how he would use his power to achieve his goal. The words were simple enough. But Michel stopped the spells from escaping and started sliding the pieces into the proper order.

Michel-dono's feelings of exultation at that fact were short lived when the Dark King fired another blast of dark magic at him. He returned fire with the bow, shooting another arrow that cut through the darkness.

But it did not stop the King.

The sounds of a Mermaid's song drifted up to him, and as he drew the bow back again he could feel the magic in the song gathering with his own.

Thank you, Mermaid Princesses! He thought, and felt his copy agree with him. He drew the bowstring back and fired.

It hit the Dark King and knocked him back through several of the support braces, breaking them apart. The Emperor lunged forward, the last of the memories and power he would need for the first spell coming to the forefront of the mind he was currently sharing. "Fiat Lux!"

And the dark magic the King was using to shield himself was broken into pieces.

Lanhua batted another monster back. "How many of these things are there?" she asked, her wings dropping. It was not that far into the fight and she was already tired. It seemed as though the Dark Ones had unlimited resources when it came to this assault on the world.

"I don't know." Lady Bat said, dropping down next to her. "But we have to keep going."

Overhead they heard the Emperor call out the first spell, and the magic in it burst forth like a supernova.

"Let's sing a song
Tonight, rather than the moon, it's me that will shine now
Day by day
Those passionate looks and cheers shine upon my streaming sweat
Let's sing a song
Tonight I want to believe there are never ending burning thoughts
More and more
More and more and more I want to scream this song, this dream will
never end."

All of the Mermaid's microphones were glowing, and Seira's was glowing the strongest. A brilliant burst of light appeared overhead, and they heard the Dark King's cry of rage. The darkness that had surrounded them, illuminated only a little by Kaito and Ojii-san's power, retreated, and the monsters suddenly shied away. Without their King's power to protect them, they could not stand in the light.

The Emperor came to a landing and picked the Dark King up. "I'll give you a choice. You can take your people and leave this planet, and swear never to return, or I'll seal you behind that gate again."

The Dark King laughed grimly. "Do you think that will stop me?"

"I think you'd be surprised what I've learned in my time as a ghost." Michel-dono said, his voice flat. He shook the dark creature. "Tell me what your answer is."

In his mind he could feel his younger self sliding the last pieces of the spell in place.

"I'll leave." The Dark King replied, and Michel-dono was taken aback. He looked at the King suspiciously, and then set the creature down.

"Be gone then. And never return."

The Dark King bowed low. "As you wish, Eminence." He said, but there was a trace of mirth in his voice.

Michel-dono looked at him for a long moment, then turned away. "You have one hour."

The last lines of the Mermaid's song drifted up from below.

"Let's sing a song!
Repeat and repeat."

Michel-dono spread four wings and took to the air, intending to join those who were below, but as he did, a spear of black energy hit him in the back and sent him plunging to the floor. Fuku and Ojii-san's cries at his sudden reappearance sounded like they came from farther away then they did.

He impacted hard enough that his control of his copy's body was jarred free, and he hit the ground hard enough to that for a moment he lost consciousness.

"Let's sing a song!
Repeat and repeat."

But Michel had not, and when the Emperor's presence in his brain diminished, his mind came to the forefront again. He ached from the impact but rolled onto his back in time to see the Dark King plunging toward him feet first, ready to crush him.

There was no name for the Emperor's second spell, and he didn't need the name. He had been holding in his mind, waiting for the moment when the Emperor would need it. Now he turned and cast it instead. It started as a tiny orb of light, that after a moment spread out in rings of white energy repeating and growing further and further away from the tiny ball that had started the process.

The Dark King was caught in one of the rings, and the monsters who had not retreated after the first spell were caught as well. The rings multiplied, spreading farther and farther, even outside of the dimension they were in, back to the original seal that had closed the Dark Ones off in the first place. That was where he needed it to stop, and Michel felt with surety that all of the Dark Ones would be behind the seal when he finished the spell.

"This is the song for you."

Michel closed his hand over the ball of light, and then it vanished and so did the Dark Ones. He felt the seal, whole again, close.

It was finally over.

"Dream Shower…Pitch! Would you like an encore?"

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