TItle: The Splinching of the Wand

Author: MusicSanity08 ; ThunderChick89

Prompt: Splinched from HarryRon100

Rating: light PG13

Word Count: 100 (minus title)

Catagorey: Humor

Warnings: none

Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Ron smiled as he landed for the final time. His apparition test was passed and most importantly his boyfriend was by his side. That was what truly mattered to him. They had been together for two years and what two torturing years they were.

Molly had seen to it that the relationship couldn't be consummated until their seventeenth birthday, whichever came first.

Later that evening as Harry lay sprawled across his, no their, bed he heard Ron squeal from the bathroom.

"Ron, what's wrong?"

Ron didn't say a word, just pushed open the bathroom door.

His wand had been splinched.