Ayo: I'm sorry, readers, but I HAD to.

Lightning: Yeah! Everyone needs an occasional dose of so bad it's good!

Total: That didn't make sense.


Ayo: … Okay, on with the story, then.

2 months after the last chapter, I was flying with my new family. They were six other part-bird people. THEY LOOKED JUST LIKE THE ONES FROM MY DREAM!


Rainbow had powers, other than her wings. She could hear and see really far, was super-strong, could stay looking 16 forever, could read minds, could control people's minds, and I didn't know why but I could control fire. I was wearing a pink Areopostele shirt and a cute skirt. I had on high heels and was very good looking. Almost as good looking as…. him.

Angel: Reading minds is my thing! AYO! They took my thing!

Ayo: It's okay, Angel. *gives her a cookie the size of Total.

Fang (a/n the him in the last paragraff btw) was sooooooooo cute! He had black hair and plenty of abs. He's the love of my life but I'm too nervous to tell him. But I have mind-reading power so I know that he feels the same way.

Max: I'm out. *starts walking away, but realizes that a treadmill has appeared beneath her feet*

"Hey Fang…" I said to him shyly.

"He." He said all hotly and stuff.

Fang… … HE?

Max: HA! Fang, how do you talk 'hotly'? Please demonstrate.

"Soooo what are you doing tonight?"


I rolled my eyes. It was Max. She was the "leader" and thought that she was sooooo cool. She's a hater and wants to take Fang from me.

Max: I AM sooooo cool. I AM the leader! Who does this girl think she is?

Ayo: Jealous much?

Max: *blushing* NO! I'm just- Arg!*punches Lightning*

Lightning: *Wearing a t-shirt that says "Max's Punching Bag"* I love my job.

There are four other members of the Flock. There's Nudge, the blind boy. Iggy is an African-American girl who nevewr can stop talking. And Gazzy is Iggy's boyfriend who farts a lot. (Ew!) He's annoying but not as bad as Riley. But the one who is really like a sister ta me is Angle. She is soooo sweet and we read minds together. She has a talking dog named Ttoal but he isn't really important really lol.

Nudge: I'm not blind!

Iggy: I'm not -Wait hold on. *touches his hand* Nope! I'm not black!

Gazzy: Why am I only known for my farts?! *Eats beans in depression and farts his way up into the air and through the ceiling*

Max: Take me with you, Gazzy!

Iggy: Let me clear something up. Gazzy and I are NOT a thing.

Lightning: I think that the writer meant Gazzy and Nudge.

Nudge: *holding nose* Not if he keeps that up!

Total: NOT IMPORTANT? *goes to curl up in a corner, mumbling to himself*

"Hey sweaty." I said to Angle.

Angel: What's that supposed to mean?

Max: No, sweetie, she's talking to Angle, not Angel.

"Hey! Wanna read Max's mind?!"


In her head, Max thought, "I hope that we get rid of that Rainbow girl soon. She's movin in on mah mand and stealin' my little sister Angle from me! grr'

Angel: No, she's actually thinking, 'That is NOT what I'm thinking.'

"STHU MAX!" I shouted. She looked confused (cuz she didn't see that it was Rainbow reading her mind) and I LOL'd.

Max: Wow.

"Hey wanna go out tonight?" Fang asked me. I squealed and was all "YES!" And Max was all Grr.

Fang: You were all, 'grr'. Jealous?

Max: *blushing* NO!

"I'll fight you for him!" she said.

"Your own!"

Lightning: Giggity Giggity!

Max: *punch*

Lightning: See, that was the only reason I said that. Ooh, the pain's getting worse. I like it. It really - *Passes out*

Ayo: Max, you haven't commented on the whole 'fighting for Fang' thing, yet.

She punched me but it just hurt her fist. While she was shaking it, I punched her into a nearby mountain. She got out looking all mad and stuff. She charged at me again and I just shot fire at her.

Max: *scoffs* You wish.

The other flock members watched in awe as me and Max fought. Then a bullet shot at us. It hit Fang and I screamed "NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1"

I looked down, and Fang looked up all week and said, "Erasers."

Nudge: You know, after a week. That comment isn't very helpful.

Ayo: Lightning just let a nasty one rip!

Gazzy: *Farts into the room* Did someone rip one bigger one than me, The Fart Man?

Iggy: The Fart Man?

Gazzy: Yeah, a lot happened while I was gone.

Lightning: *Comes to consiousness, rubbing his head* Ugh, what'd I miss? *Gazzy farts in his face, and he passes out again*

Ayo: … Bye!