Ai Shiteru

I caught Duo picking the lock to Heero's door.

"Why are you going in, I thought you didn't want to go near him?"

"I don't but we've got a mission tomorrow."

"I'll tell him, it's not fair for you to go in."

"Whatever," he stepped aside.


"Heero?" I couldn't see, the room was pitch black.

"Omae o korosu."

"Sure. Duo says you've got a mission tomorrow." At the sound of Duo's name he dropped the gun. "I figured you wanted to shoot me."

"I'm not going."

"Nani?! You're refusing a mission?!"

"I'd make Duo uncomfortable if I went and I wouldn't be focused either. It's better if I stay."

"Sure. I'll go tell the others. Do you want me to come back so you can shoot me?"

"That's a generous offer."

"I figure I've got it coming, it's my fault you were there in the first place."

"No, don't come back."

"Thanks, I'd hate to be dead when Chang gets back."



"He's not going with you. He doesn't want to distract you."

"Heero's refusing a mission?!"

"Yeah. If you want 4 pilots you better help me fix Ryuuza."

"It's an easy mission, I'm sure we can handle it without you."

"If you don't want me along just say so Trowa."

"I don't want you to come."

"Then I won't." They left the next day and the day after that Wufei returned.


I walked down to the hanger to work on my Gundam.

"Nataku? Chang!" He was unconscious on the floor. "God Chang, trust you to get yourself killed!" I picked him up and carried him upstairs.

"What's going on?" Heero asked as I passed his room. "Wufei."

"Don't suppose I could get some help here?!" He took Wufei from me.


"No, I'm sorry. I don't mean to yell." He dropped Wufei onto the bed. I was crying.

"He'll be all right, I'll take care of it. Just sit down." I didn't sit, I went back to my room across the hall.


"Hey Kaser! We saw Nataku in the hanger, you must be happy to have Wu-man back!"

"You!" I threw him against the wall. "I swear Shinigami, if he dies I'll rip your heart out!"

"Take it easy Kaser!"

"You think I'm joking Mr. God-of-Death?!" Heero punched me from my right and I fell. The two boys looked at each other for a while.

"He has a concussion, he should be fine," he went back to his room. I went into Wufei's room.


"I can't believe I'm doin this," Duo said as he picked the lock on Heero's door. He pushed the door open and turned on the light. "Hey."


"It's not like we don't know each other."

"You haven't spoken to me…in a week."

"I don't think I've ever seen you surprised before," he sat on the bed. Heero stood up. "Nice room, clean," his eyes rested on a picture of himself. Heero knocked the picture over so Duo couldn't see it.

"What do you want?" Duo was still staring at the upended picture. "Duo?" he put a hand on Duo's shoulder. Duo stood up. "Sorry…I didn't mean to touch you."

"Never heard you apologize before either." Heero said nothing. "Anyway I just wanted to say thanks, that's the second time you stopped her from hitting me."

"How was your mission?"

"Well you know, Shinigami takes all!" Heero smiled slightly. "I'm about to do something completely crazy, try not to get any ideas," he hugged Heero.

"Duo." Duo let go. Heero kissed him and he ran away.



"Hi Kaser."

"I'm sorry I yelled earlier, I'm just a little upset about Wufei."

"Don't worry about it."

"You sound upset, what's wrong?"

"I went to thank him for stopping you."

"Oh no."

"He kissed me again."

"Duo….you need to stop."


"Not liking him is all well and good but you should tell him in a kind way, not just run every time he touches you."

"I don't have to be nice to him, he's yoai."


"That's disgusting…and wrong."

"What's so wrong about it?"

"Guys shouldn't like guys!"

"It doesn't hurt anyone, there's nothing wrong with it. Give me one good reason why guys shouldn't like guys?"

"Well…never mind."

"Think about it Duo." He left. I went back to Wufei's room. "You better get up soon Chang!" He looked strained and extremely hurt. I leaned over and kissed him. "Ai shiteru."


Another week passed. I rarely left the chair beside Wufei's bed. Heero still didn't come out of his room. Duo spent a lot of time in his room. Trowa still wouldn't speak to me and avoided Quatre. Quatre was normal.


It was nearly 1 a.m. Duo picked the lock to Heero's room.


"Duo? What are you doing here?" Duo turned on the light.

"We need to talk."

"I won't kiss you again, ever."

"That's what we need to talk about. Heero, I'm not yoai."

"I know…"

"But I used to be."


"I used to like guys and people didn't like it so I convinced myself that it was wrong and I stopped liking guys."

"Then why…"

"I'm sorry I've been such a jerk about this, I just don't know what to do sometimes. This whole thing is making me question what's right and Kaser said there was nothing wrong with yoai so I started thinking and she's right. So…I thought maybe you could help me."

"But I thought you didn't want me to like you?"

"Part of me doesn't but most of me does."


"Mind if I join you?"

"No." Duo climbed into the bed next to Heero.


Wufei awoke late the next night, it took him a while to realize where he was.

"Onna?" She was asleep in the chair, there were tears rolling down her cheeks. "Don't be so weak." She shivered slightly. He wiped away her tears and picked her up.

"Wufei," she mumbled.

"I'm here Kaser." He walked across the hall and set her in her own bed. "You'll be more comfortable here," he started to walk away when her hand slipped into his. "Onna?" She's still asleep.


I was surprised to find myself in a bed when I awoke, I tried to get up but something held me down. I opened my eyes.

"Wufei?" I felt his arms tighten around me. "I missed you so much."

"Weak Onna." I looked away. "Onna?"

"You could have been killed you know."

"Nataku is strong."

"You told me the mission wasn't dangerous."

"I didn't want you to worry."

"You lied to me."

"I'm sorry Onna, I didn't mean to hurt you."

"Don't do it again."

"Ai shiteru Kaser." I snuggled up against him, he held me tighter.

"Ai shiteru Wufei."


"I wonder where Kaser is, she usually joins us for breakfast?"

"Wufei woke up last night."

"I saw him take her to her own room."

"You were awake last night?![1]"

"Yes Duo."

"Ah gee…look at the time, I gotta go polish Deathscythe!"


"Yeah Heero?"

"Maybe later I'll join you, I have some adjustments for Wing."

"Yeah, sure," he left. Quatre smiled slightly.

"It's good to see you're still friends," he looked at Trowa. Trowa stood and left.

"Why don't you just talk to him?"

"That's easier said than done."

"Hn," he left.

"Kinda quiet here on your own isn't it?"

"Kaser! I didn't expect to see you for a while."

"It's a trick I learned from Chang, showing up when you're least expected to frighten the poor citizens of Bumblyburg.[2]" He gave me an odd look. "It's a TV. show I watched when I was really little."

"Sounds like something Duo would say."

"Well, I'm a little like duo, guess that's why Heero trusts me. I bet I'm a little like Trowa too, want to talk?"


"You know Quatre he does care…try going on a suicide mission. I bet he'll be in the chair by the bed?" Quatre smiled slightly then stopped. "He's behind me isn't he?" Quatre nodded. I turned around. "Hey Trowa, still hate me?"

"Stop poking your nose where it doesn't belong."

"Sure!" I leaned next to Quatre. "So…are you going to kiss him or should I?" I whispered. Quatre blushed.

"You go ahead."

"Okay but it's you're loss," I kissed Trowa on the cheek. "I would know." I left. Quatre stood up but Trowa pushed him back down.


"Do you have feelings for me?"

"Trowa I told you it was a mistake."


"Is Catherine well?"

"Yes or no?" he put his hand under Quatre's chin so that he looked up.

"Yes," he looked down. Trowa slapped him. Quatre didn't move.

"No way Clown Boy[3]!" I grabbed Trowa's shirt and dragged him outside. "You've got a lot of nerve! He knows you don't give a damn about him but he still had the guts to say yes and you hit him?!" He punched me. "You really don't want to play that game with me, I'll win." He tried to punch me again, I dodged and we began fighting.

"We shouldn't be fighting!" I stopped but Trowa punched me in the stomach. I fell to the ground. Trowa advanced. "Stop it Trowa!" Quatre punched Trowa. "Are you all right?"

"I'm fine but…you hit Trowa?"

"Quatre?" Trowa said, wiping blood off his lip[4]. "You hit me?" Quatre looked down, mumbled an apology and ran back into the house.

"Bastard," I got up and went inside. Trowa didn't move.



"Uh…hi Heero, how ya doin?"

"Hn," he jumped up to Wing and began making modifications. A few seconds later Duo was knocked over by something hitting him in the head.

"Hey! What are you…" he turned slightly pink as he looked at the green tank-top in his hands. "Man, no wonder you didn't wake up."

"Ai shiteru Baka," he disappeared into his Gundam.

"Nani?!" He looked startled then smiled and put his hand behind his head. "Ditto."


"Mornign Chang," I mumbled pushing myself closer to him. He kissed the top of my head.

"Are you hungary?"

"A little."

"Let's go get breakfast."

"Okay." We went downstairs ot join the other 4 boys for breakfast.

"Morning Kaser, Wufei."

"Good morning Duo, Heero. Morning Quatre."

"Good morning," he mumbled silently. We ate breakfast. Duo, Heero and Wufei finished first and went to work on their Gundams.

"You okay Quatre?" He smiled vaguely.

"I'm fine," he turned back to his plate gloomily. Trowa and I finished eating but didn't get up. Quatre finished and began collecting the dishes to washe.

"Hey Quat, I'll do the dishes today all right?" He smiled.

"Thank you Kaser."

"No problem, just smile; your gloominess is creepin me out." He went outside to work in the garden. Trowa watched him from the backdoor. "He still doesn't look happy." Trowa looked at me. "What's up?"

"It's his birthday."

"Why didn't he say anything? I had no idea."

"It's not his way."

"Well if you knew why didn't you offer to help?"

'I already got him a present."

"Really? What?"

"That's none of your business." He went upstairs. Quatre stayed in the garden till it got dark, ate dinner and went to his room.



"Trowa? Is there something I can do for you?"

"No," he shut the door and locked it.

"Trowa what are you doing?"

"Quatre I've been thinking," he took a few steps forward.

"About what?"



"And how you feel about me." Quatre stood up and tried to leave. Trowa wrapped his arms around the blonde boy, Quatre crumpled in his grasp. "Quatre?"

"What are you doing to me Trowa?"

"What do you mean?"


"Quatre look at me." Quatre didn't move. Trowa pulled him around. Quatre looked down. "Quatre." Quatre tried to push him away.

"I don't want to do this again Trowa, it hurt too much last time." Trowa hugged him.

"If you don't want me here I'll go but I'll be back tomorrow."


"When I kissed Kaser that night…she asked me who I was thinking about. I think it was you. I wasn't sure of what to do then. When you punched me all I wanted was to wrap my arms around you and kiss you."

"Does that mean you feel the same about me as I feel about you?"

"I don't know, that's what I'm hoping to find out."

"So this might not happen again?"

"No, do you want me to leave Little One?"


"Good," he kissed Quatre's cheek and pulled him back up.

"How long will you stay?"

"I'll be here when you fall asleep but I might be gone when you wake up." Quatre pushed him onto the bed and sat next to him. Trowa pulled his friend closer and gently kissed his lips.[5]


Trowa looked at the clock beside Quatre's bed.

"1 minute till midnight. Happy birthday Little One," he kissed the blonde head resting on his chest as the clock changed. 12:00. Trowa ran his fingers through the soft platinum hair. 12:01 "Ai shiteru."

[1] I couldn't think of how to insert the scene being mentioned her, let's just say it involves Duo in Heero's room while Heero is pretending to be asleep and Duo mentions something about Heero looking hot with his shirt off

[2] Yes, this was simply fun on my behalf, I amused myself by incorporating Veggie Tales into a Gundam Wing fanfics

[3] For those of you who are confused about me having left then being there again, my char has a tendancy to eavesdrop

[4] Just because Quatre never hits fights doesn't mean he can't do some damage

[5] Again I say not hentai! Just kissing, no more

Sorry for those of you who are Trowa fans, I don't have anything against him but I wanted to have this storyline for 3x4 and I couldn't picture Quatre as being a total jerk and hitting Trowa and me for almost no reason (though I'm sure most people who know me would appreciate the gesture). I hope again that it wasn't too OOC, I still have no references. Complements and Flames accepted.