Disclaimer - I do not own bleach nor the song Soldier A that inspired this series of drabbles

A/N - my best friend told me that I should do a series of drabbles as a writing exercise and I decided to focus on the much unloved, no name characters, henceforth known as Soldier A. These drabbles are Soldier A's thoughts on their captain and I'm going to do one for each squad, plus a few extras of my own chosing. Hope you enjoy, feel free to review.

Squad One

It was nearing dusk when Soldier A paused to think about the newly formed Thirteen Court Guard Squads. He was a member of the prestigious Squad One which was led by none other than Head Captain Yamamoto. The old captain's powers were legendary and Soldier A was proud beyond description to serve under such a powerful leader.

As the sun sank low beyond the horizon Soldier A continued on his way, determined to always carry out his duties perfectly and to never do anything to disgrace the honor of Squad One.

"The honor of Squad One is my top priority."