Hime: Hello, Hello!

Amu: Why are you all cheery?

Hime: Well… Spring Break started, I saw Chapter 38 where you hug Ikuto and you Kyara nari into a Bride and Ikuto as a Hot-ass pirate, The Ikuto arc is really beginning to take shape, Found out the this months episode titles… I'm I missing anything?

Ikuto: What I Kyara-naried into a pirate?!

Hime: Yeah, but you looked adorable! Do you agree fan girls?

Fan girls: YEAH

Amu: Stop talking and start reading

Ikuto: Hime doesn't Shugo, before we start Hime what is this Fic take about?

Hime: Various One-shots of Amuto

Title: Because of you

Rating: K

Published on: March 1, 2009

A/N: Around Chapters 35 - 38


I'm losing everything…

My pride, my dignity, my feelings, my life…

Everything is slipping from my figure tips.

I'm falling down into my shadow, my darkness

I finally gave in into Easter

I gave them the last thing that is left, my body

My body that is now begin controlled

But I don't care… As long as no one is hurt…

They are right, Black cats do give bad luck…

I gave bad luck to everyone. Utau, Tadase and even her

But it's okay they will never get hurt

Ever again

I'll just be the puppet of Easter,

Gathering X-eggs and destroying them

So why did you come?

You're only going to be hurt by me

You say to fight it, that I'm stronger then them

I stopped long ago.

I'm weak and useless…

Yet you're here, fight me

My body is hurting all because of the tuning fork

I see you the Humpty Lock and the Dumpty Key in your hands

You started glowing

A bright and warm light radiated from you

The light burst and you're Amulet Dia

I was commanded to fight you

I did as I has said and attacked you

You deflected the attack with a bright, blinding light

The light dimed

I could see you run to me

My mind screamed for you to stop

You didn't instead you jumped up to me

You were hugging me

Your hug was filled with warmth

I saw tear streaming down your face

You said you understand what I was going through

I felt the pain and suffering disappear

I finally felt loved by someone

Minutes ago I wanted to die…

But now I want to live

And it's all because of you…

Thank you for saving me from my personal hell

It's all because of you…

Hinamori Amu

Hime: How did you like it?

Amu: You call that Amuto?

Hime: Ok it was a little Ikuto-centered, but it talked about you

Ikuto: Amu, I love you! Thanks for saving me –hugs Amu-

Hime: I loved Chapter 38, you two made me cry (For real!)

Amu: You're too emotional

Hime: But it was so cute! You both looked so Lovey Dovey

Ikuto: -sigh- R&R

Hime: Await more One-shots