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Title: As the Years Go By

Rating: T

Published on: July 14 (July 15th in Japan time)

Author's POV

At the age of 10 Hinamori Amu best known as Cool&Spicy got the surprise of her life seeing three colourful eggs on her bed, all in the same pattern yet each egg had a different colour and symbol. The day was also the day she became head over heels for the King's chair of the Guardians, Hotori Tadase. She made a fool of her during assembly and confessed her love to him but she also met a perverted teen with midnight blue hair and matching eyes. Amu called her a 'neko-mimi hentai cosplay otoko' because of his perverted nature, weird cat reflex & feline feautres. Amu met three little fairies that called themselves Shugo Charas: the red chara was named Ran, the blue chara was called Miki and the green chara was Suu; each stated being one of Amu personalities.

At the age of 11 Amu joined the Guardians became friends with Kuukai Souma, Fujisaki Nadeshiko, Yuiki Yaya & Hotori Tadase –who all had a chara - and become the Joker. She discovered she could Character Change or Transform with any of her charas and as Joker must purify X-eggs & find the magical egg called the Embryo. She continued encountering the perverted cat-eared boy that was named Ikuto and became "friends". She fell more in love with her prince. Continued to help the guardians purify X-eggs & X-Charas, she learned about the company Easter who is an enemy to the guardians and is also looking for the Embryo. Hinamori Amu got her charas stolen by her home-room teacher named Nikaidou Yuu. Her friend Ikuto help her get her charas back only to find out Ikuto also worked for Easter. She got her charas back with the help of Ikuto and the guardians. Amu had her first date with Ikuto at an abandoned amusement park.

At the age of 12 Miss Cool & Spicy began 6th grade and met two new members of the guardians: Mashiro Rima & Sanjou Kairi. Amu become sad as things in her life were changing faster then she wanted, she had lost two of her good friends: Kuukai – who went to junior high – and Nadeshiko – who went and studied abroad in Europe she also met Nagihiko the twin of Nadeshiko. She got another surprise when a yellow egg appeared on her bed so suddenly. Amu grew even closer to the mysterious Ikuto as they continuously met and on one day as Amu's holiday vacation began she found the cat-eared pervert on her bed sick as can be. She let him stay but her mother found out and thus Ikuto had to leave. She found the strength stand for what was right – to save Ikuto from Easter – even if the guardian didn't trust the cat boy. Amu finally figured out the mysterious older teen boy and understood the miseries he had once faced. She received her first kiss on the cheek from Ikuto as he left in search of his father.

On spring, thirteen year old Hinamori Amu graduated elementary and began her junior year at Seiyo Chuugakkou (middle school). She stayed good friends with Mashiro Rima and found out the truth about Nagihiko. Amu feelings for Tadase have also changed as the school year went by. Amu promised Ikuto to find her true self and for this school year she joined: the soccer team, home economy, the choirs and sewing class. Amu was still the talk of the school with her amazing fashion and beautiful looks. Amu would get countless demands from boys at school whether it was a freshmen or senior but she would reject each and every boy and told them she already had someone in her heart.

At the age of fourteen she suddenly took up violin and piano. She grew closer to Tsukiyomi Utau best known as Hoshina Utau. She would spend most of her night on her balcony staring at the stars in the sky. School was going well for Amu as she had good grades and the best of friends.

At fifteen Amu began high school at Seiyo Cross Koukou (Seiyo Cross High School) she took a liking to fashion design and began sewing and making her own accessories and pieces of clothing. At school boys still asked to court Miss Hinamori Amu but as always she rejected all of them.

On Amu's sixteenth birthday her charas disappeared into her heart as she had finally found the right path to her true self. She did not become sad from the lost of her charas instead Amu took it as a sign she was close to the real her and because she knew they would all be with her in her heart.

At Seventeen Amu has grown in many ways. She finally had breast which were C cups, all her curves were at the right place, her hair grew longer and fell to mid back and she was thin but not too thin. She had the body every seventeen year old girl wanted. Amu started modeling in popular fashion magazine Popteen. One day after school Amu got the biggest surprise ever when Ikuto was there in front of the school gates. Amu ran up to him and without thinking she smacked her lips over his, many girls had hearts in their eyes as they saw the hot stranger that Amu was kissing and many of the boys were jealous that 'this guy' won Amu's heart. On that day Amu and Ikuto began dating each other. Six months after they began dating Amu introduced Ikuto to her family, her mother and sister quickly took a liking for Ikuto but her father was still hesitant of the twenty-three year old. But as the days went by Amu's father saw how much his daughter was happy with him and accepted their relationship.

On Amu's Eighteenth birthday she and Ikuto went out to an expensive restaurant and celebrated the adult Amu. On that night Amu and Ikuto lost their virginity as they made love at Ikuto's apartment. A few months later Amu moved in with Ikuto. She graduated High school and was valedictorian of her year.

At nineteen Amu became a full time model, she continued to model for Popteen and began runway shows as well.

At the age of twenty, Amu and Ikuto's relationship couldn't get better until Ikuto proposed to Amu during the Hinamori Christmas Eve party with all her family joining on this joyous day. They got married on May 15 at a small church surrounded by friends and family, they finally became Mr. and Mrs. Tsukiyomi Ikuto.

On Ikuto's twenty-fifth birthday he found out Amu was one month pregnant and eight months later on July 15, the Tsukiyomi's were blessed with a beautiful baby girl they named Himeka. Himeka had her father's midnight blue hair and her mother's honey-comb eyes.

Two years later, Himeka became a big sister to Emiko Tsukiyomi, Himeka's newborn sister. Emiko had her aunt Ami's caramel brown hair and Ikuto's sapphire eyes. Amu and Ikuto were happy to have a beautiful family. Five years after Emiko's birth, twenty-seven year old Amu was now a stay-at-home mother taking care of five year old Emiko and helping seven year old Himeka with her first grade homework. As the years rolled by Himeka & Emiko became beautiful teenagers just like their mother. Ikuto was quite over-protective when boys approached his daughters. Amu's life couldn't get any better she had all she ever wanted: a wonderful and loving husband & two beautiful girls. As the years went by Amu and Ikuto watched as both their girls grew up to become beautiful, independent, generous and caring women; as they fell in love and got married and have a family of their own.

After many, many, many years later Amu and Ikuto couldn't be happier and couldn't asked for anything more as both died a peaceful and happy way leaving only happy memories behind…

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