Alice's POV

I'm Alice Cullen and I have two bestfriends int he whole world...Bella Swan she was born in Italy but was raised in India, and then later on in Brazil and her father is part Isarali and part spanish. She has a mixed accent of these coutnries. She moved to the United States in the seventh grade and we bacame best friends really quickly. Then there was Rosalie...She was all American just like me and was also my best friends. We came together and made up the group PUMAS. ( Perfect Unique Amazingly talented Angelic Sisters). We were a singing group. Bella was always our lead singer and we loved the way her voice sounded. Bella was fluing in from India. IT was spring break. Rosalie was sitting beside me and my cousin Edward in the back seat. He was moving in and I was so excited that he finally got to meet Bella. WHo knows maybe Bella will find herself a guy.

Bella's POV

The air plane ride was excrutiatingly boring. I wanted to get back to the States. Alice said she couldnm't wait for me to meet her cousin..this could be trouble. Finally the plane landed and when I had gotten off, my bestfriend Alice, and Rosalie tackled me to the ground.

"Aah! Okay now my ass hurts." I said laughing. They giggled.

"I missed you so much. How was the trip?" Rosalie asked.

"Ditto." Alice said her eyes gleaming.

"It was-" I started but I was rudely interrupted by someone else.

"Hi, I'm Edward Cullen." The voice said. He had the most beautiful bronze hair and most piercing green eyes, it should be criminal, he was a like a freaking greek god. But this ass of a greek god just interrupted me. I hate being interrupted I know it sounds bratty but I can't help it it pisses me off.

" should NOT have done that." Alice said,

"He's a first timer, I'll let it slide." I said holding on to my luaggage tightly, I finally relaxed. "I'm Bella." I said extending my hand.

"Nice to meet you,." He said shaking my hand. "Let me get those for you." He said, taking my bags from me.

"I'm fine."

"I insist." He said taking the bags from me. Persistant are we? I arched an eye brow.

"No really. I'm good." I said trying to grab them back. He was intently staring at me.

"your not like most girls." He said. Why cause I'm not faunining over him? I let him carry the bags and we were walking to the car,

"How so?" I asked.

"You're independent." I was shocked. Wow, impressive wait til' he finds out my father is a rich ambassador. Well we'll just see. Is he in it for the money? How much exactly did Rose and Ali tell him I wonder?