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Catherine Larchmont-Price, better known as Alchemiss, barely glanced up from her newspaper as El Diablo, also known as Ricardo Ramirez, entered the room. "Ah thought you were visitin' Shadow, sugah."

The Latino shrugged, a lock of black hair falling down across his face. He made to take a seat next to her, but she quickly spun around and put her feet on the chair, still holding the newspaper. A playful smile lit up her face, and she asked, "Is she too crazy for ya?"

El Diablo returned her smile with a small smirk of his own. "Not crazy enough."

"Then Ah'm afraid your Miss Right doesn't exist, Ricardo." A small frown crossed her lips and she muttered, "Ah sure hope not, anyway."

Ricardo rested his hand on the makeshift footrest. "If someone was crazier than that woman, I'd go running." a dreamy look entered his eyes and he continued, "I might stay if they filled out that catsuit the same way. Ay caramba, it's amazing how she does that."

Alchemiss snorted and finally tossed the newspaper across the table. "Ah do not need tah hear about your little fantasies, El Diablo."

He smiled rogueishly, leaning over the chair that her feet occupied. "Jealous, piquita? You don't need to worry; this devil will never leave your shoulder."

Alchemiss raised an eyebrow, making her vibrant green eyes stand out all the more. "Is that a threat?"

"A promise."

"If ya weren't such a charmer, Ah'd be terrified."

He flashed a grin, lightly tapping her high heels with his hand. "Am I charming enough to sit next to you?"

She placed a teasingly thoughtful hand on her chin, musing. "Well, Ah don't know about that..."

"What if I said I left Shadow because I couldn't stand to be away from such a señorita linda?"

"Ah might let you sit then."

"I left Shadow because I couldn't stand to be away from such a señorita linda."

Alchemiss laughed, then drew her feet off the chair. "Well, Ah'm sorrah, Ricardo. You'll have to endure...Ah happen to have a date with Ted."

El Diablo groaned, but took the seat next to her as she turned to leave. "Man-Bot? What do you see in that hunk of metal, piquita?"

"Ah see gorgeous blue eyes, sugah." She glanced back over her shoulder, giving him a quick wink. "And Ah just bet that he has the body to match."

Ricardo gave a sly smile, idly summoning a flame with a snap of his fingers. "Why take the risk?"

Alchemiss didn't bother looking back to him as she walked away. "Because he ain't just a hound dog, unlike somebody Ah know."

El Diablo adopted a mock hurt expression and called out to her retreating back, "Your words wound me, piquita!"

He laughed quietly when she didn't turn around. In truth, it didn't bother him that much. She was one of the prettiest girls he'd ever seen, but there were plenty of others. Not to mention, he got an excellent view of her backside when she left.


This is ultra-short, but I didn't have the energy to write much more. Also, I wanted to be the first person to write in this category.

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