Shut up Hidan



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-chapter 1-

He opened his mouth, another protest-complaint on tip of his breath when a sharp look silenced him on the spot.

"What? Why are looking at m..."

"shut up Hidan." the treasurer of the Akatsuki's command was as sharp and cold as his demeanor. Any other being that valued their life would head such a warning. Hidan however…

"Who the hell do you think you are telling me off. I'm your partner not your damn servant. Geeze, how the fuck do you get off barking at me for noth…AHH! FUCK!!!" Kakuzu charged into the unsuspecting jashinist with alarming speed toppling them both to the ground. "WHAT THE FUCK KAKU… GET THE F.. KAK…GET OFF!" Violet eyes widened in confusion as his counterpart took his neck into a vice grip. It wasn't until the snake like tendrils from Kakuzu's arm extended hovering dangerously close to his face that he knew what his partner intended to do. "Kakuzu! Knock it off alright! I'll fuckin shut up just, geeze man don't stitch my lips come on not the face dammit!"

Dark green eyes narrowed." If I hear another complaint from you I'll stitch more then just your mouth shut…" His low voice deepened with age promised large amounts of pain and suffering .

Hidan suppressed a shudder of anticipation. His partner was nothing like the people he'd known before. None of them could control Hidan the way this…'man' could. He figured it was because of his experience or whatever, but even with that Hidan had his immortality. Death threats were nothing but entertainment, but somehow they became more to the jashinist when it came to Kakuzu. Hidan wanted the other's attention and perhaps respect. As he laid there on the ground looking up at the other hearing the aggravated sigh of the older man and the tentacles retract, He realized that this was the only reason he caved in letting the other dominate their partnership; That, and because he really didn't want his mouth sewn shut. "Damn man you get so pissy at the drop of a dime." Hidan sat up as the other stood his face in a small pout as he looked up at the older man. Kakuzu tuned and continued on the dirt path not sparing him a second glance. "Oy, wait up!" Hidan yelled scrambling to his feet. The other turned his head slightly as they walked giving another ominous glare forcing Hidan into a silent submission.

With a weary sigh, Hidan and Kakuzu walked for what seemed like days to Hidan. He managed to stay quiet this long but he had his limits. "Dude, we've been going non stop for like ever. Can't we take a break at an inn or something? Cause I sure as fuck don't wanna stay out in the damn forest again with those dark clouds headed over and the damn mosquitoes. I almost got eaten alive last time and I an't getting sick out here in that damn rain when it gets here. Ah fuck! It's starting now, fuckin great. Jashin damn it all. He must be pissed at me for not doing more rituals. Fuckin crap, man now my hair is gonna get wet and frizzed. Isn't there a house or something around here we can take over or something? Damn it my feet are getting soaked. Fuck! They're already sore from all this damn walking. Dammit if we don't get a break soon…"


Kakuzu sat and and made him self comfortable against a large tree. After a moment of contemplation he looked up at the now bound and gagged Hidan hanging upside down from a branch not too far away," Is this more suitable for you? Since you've been on your feet so long, and there's no inn in their right mind that would house us, I figured this would be the best and cheapest alternative…" Kakuzu received a string of muffled cursed and allot of squirming for a reply. "I though so…"


Despite Kakuzu's logic there was a shabby inn located in a remote almost hidden village that was more then happy to house them. The village it's self was small with maybe a general population of about thirty residents, and Hidan, after 2 hours of hanging from a tree, for once kept his mouth shut and didn't complain about the quality of the inn. Standing out side, he waited for his partner to finish the arrangements, biting his lip in agitation. While he was grateful and even a little surprised at his partner's generosity, the 'keep quiet or I'll gut you' threat was wreaking his nerves. Hidan NEEDED to talk. It was just a Hidan thing. Just as quiet loathing and articulate financial planning were Kakuzu, Loud complaining and obnoxious behavior WERE Hidan. Asking Hidan to stay quiet was like asking Kakuzu for a billion yen in exchange for an IOU (and unless you had a virgin daughter with a rare bloodline limit or a rare antique ornate statue from rural Japan, it an't happening.) Kakuzu was the hardcore business man just as Hidan was the overly righteous sadistic saint of jashin. It wasn't fair that he had to shut up because a certain SOMEBODY had to be a damn control freak. Hidan snorted and turned away from the door in a huff. His shit money hungry greedy bastard of a partner was definitively that. Control freak was an understatement. If Kakuzu didn't have control over the situation he got pissy, BIG time. "Damn money loving heathen…"

"And here I thought you'd be in a good mood…" Hidan mentally jumped out of his skin.

"Jashin almighty, what the fu…"

"If you start again I'm taking back my money and we're leaving." Kakuzu strode by with out another word leaving Hidan in mid-rant. Clenching his jaw he bit back the heated remarks on the edge of his tongue and followed suit.


The room despite the outer appearance of the inn and ware and tear on the villages other buildings wasn't half bad and Hidan released a pent up sigh of relief. Thoughts of roaches, mice and other horrible images vanished as he took in the comfortable shabby sheik room. The medium sized room had two small dressers, a desk and even a little bookshelf which totally surprised Hidan; That and the fact that the room only had ONE full-sized bed. "Uh Kakuzu…"

"It was cheaper." The other said walking in and taking a seat by the desk. Pulling out a stack of papers from his cloak and a small calculator, Kakuzu began to work out the Akatsuki funds.

Hidan frowned walking over plunking down on the bed. "How the hell do you manage to hide all that paper work?" He asked, his shoes making a soft thud on the floor as he slipped them off.

"Ancient Chinese secret…" Kakuzu muttered the slight grin under his mask completely hidden. Hidan huffed.

"Bullshit. I've seen you without your cloak and you don't have any bags so how the hell do you do it?" Kakuzu stopped punching in numbers at that last statement and slowly turned his head gaze piercing toward his partner. "You have..?"

Hidan looked a little alarmed at his partner's sudden attentiveness. "Yea. Once before. By accident…"

Kakuzu's eyes narrowed and with a soft 'hmm' he returned his attention back to his work. Hidan's lower lip jutted into a pout as he folded his arms behind his head resting against the headboard. His partner could be so damn weird at times. Why had he been concerned about what Hidan saw? Honestly over all Kakuzu had been acting funny in general. The facts that they were in an inn and Hidan had dibbs on the bed were major red flags. Kakuzu was either A. going senile, B. In a really good mood, or C. was up to something. Hidan was kinda hoping for B since A would mean he'd have to take care of an old man no nursing home was gonna deal with, and C…

Hidan narrowed his eyes with a frown. C was just damn right scary. When king of shogi started planning shit, Hidan would shut the hell up and lay low. Kinda like what he was doing now…

Hidan released another sigh closing his eyes, brows furrowed. It looked like he was actually thinking something through and didn't go unnoticed by his partner. A small growl erupted from Hidan's lips as the other chuckled lightly. "What the hell are you laughing at???"

"Be careful Hidan. You might hurt yourself in a way that I can't repair…"

"Shut the hell up heathen! Who the hell are you to say such a thing to me you godless bastard!" Hidan was livid. The pent up energy he couldn't rant out erupted all at once stopping all rational thought. "You and your bullshit money, I was fuckin quiet all this damn time and now you're calling me stupid? FUCK YOU JASHIN DAMN IT! I'm sick of your shit! Fuckin control freak, I swear to Jashin when this shits over with I'm gonna sacrifice ever damn one of your hearts and nail your ass to a barn and use you blood to write a new Bible that YOU fuckin' ruined and wouldn't replace cause you're a cheap greedy son of a bitch bastURK!" Kakuzu's death grip on Hidan's neck silenced the enraged Jashinist. Hidan squirmed to get free, hands digging at the fingers embedded in his neck. He clenched is teeth and saliva tricked down his chin, foaming at the mouth in rage.

After five minutes of struggling Hidan gave up, dropping his hands to his sides, glaring at his partner still sitting across the room. Instead of the angry look he expected on his partners face Hidan was shocked yet again by the look of morbid fascination in Kakuzu's eyes.

'C' apparently was the final out come. Hidan gradually calmed down, subconsciously gulping as the prospect finally sunk in. "What the fuck are you after? I knew this was too good to be true…" The words were hoarse against the grip still on his neck.

Kakuzu's eye's lit up in surprise. "Oh? So that's what you were thinking about. Interesting…" The older Nin continued to analyze Hidan. His eye's seemed to reflect the different possibilities that passed his mind as they raked over Hidan's form.

Hidan twitched and grew nervous as the silence stretched a full ten minutes. He knew he didn't have to fear for his life but Kakuzu promised to do so many things to him along their travels; Things that involved lots of pain. Horrible, agonizing pain… Hidan bit his lip as past conversations flowed into his thoughts. Fear and apprehension leaked their way into his being and he had to fight off the shutter that threatened to break free. Was that what this was about? Was Kakuzu planning on going through with his threats?

The other seemed to sense some of Hidan's internal turmoil. His eye's narrowed as he unexpectedly released Hidan from his death grip, arm recoiling back into its place, and continued to study the other now coughing up small amounts of blood. Clutching his throat Hidan glared at the other gritting his teeth. The older of the two leaned back sideways into his chair; arm draped loosely behind it's back, his hand resting on a crossed knee. Kakuzu reminded Hidan of some twisted psychiatrist about to ask him 'how are you feeling about all of this?' Hidan blinked at Kakuzu and started laughing, coughing up blood in between breaths. "You find something amusing?"

"I just… Oh man.. Ahah *cough* uhn… Just *cough* forget it…" Hidan managed to say between laughs and coughing. "Look seriously, if you don't stop it with these damn random attacks I'm seriously going to sacrifice your damn ass to Jash…"

"The only thing you're going to do is shut up and be great full I'm being nice for a change." Kakuzu barked cutting Hidan off. The other looked at him dubiously.

"Nice??? You call hanging me to a tree and breaking my neck of the 10th time being nice???" He looked at his partner in disbelief subconsciously rubbing his now bruised throat.

"I didn't hear it snap, and I let go. Besides, the agreement was that you'd stop your damn complaining and let me work in peace for a night indoors." Hidan huffed and turned away.

"You started it by calling me stupid."

"Did I now? I don't recall those words leaving my mouth…"

"Just… Fuck you!" Hidan leaned forward unsheathing his weapon tossing it off to the side, the loud noise seeming to echo in the now silent room. With a scowl Hidan tossed his cloak in the general direction of his weapon and yanked the covers up disappearing underneath. Curling slightly on his side he closed his eyes brows still set in a scowl. Kakuzu's such a pain in the ass; Always acting like he's better then every one else. "Dumb fuck…" Hidan muttered softly. His scowl turned into an all out sneer when he heard a light chuckle from his partner.

Kakuzu watched the other squirm under the covers a moment before going back to work. Leader had been right apparently. Toying with Hidan's petty ego was far more effective in controlling him then threats. Not to mention much more entertaining as well…Kakuzu sighed lightly as a few figures didn't seem to match up as they should have. So simple minded Hidan is; No challenge at all…

After six hours of working out figures Kakuzu set down his calculator and looked out the shabby window. They arrived at the inn around dusk and now it must have been some time around two or three in the morning. Leaning back in his chair Kakuzu removed his mask and head piece absently hanging them on the edge of his chair. Folding his arms behind his head he closed his eyes and relaxed in the pure silence that blanketed the room. It was so rare now a day that everything was this quiet and stable. More time went by as he lost himself in the complete silence the world gifted him. He was oblivious to Hidan's light stirring.

Hidan slowly sat up stifling a yawn and giving a slight stretch. He marveled at how well he slept as he blinked himself awake. He opened his mouth, a question about a possible breakfast on the edge of his lips, but the scene in front of his eyes kept it from escaping. Sitting stiller then death, Hidan gazed at his sleeping partner in slight awe. It was the first time he'd seen him with out his head piece and imaginary images he'd come up with during their travels, all ugly, old, hideous, vanished leaving the real thing in their place. Hidan remembered to breathe as he blinked in semi-shock at how young the other looked. If it wasn't for the large stitches from his forbidden jutsu on the sides of his face he'd be able to rival Hidan's own looks, for as boyishly sexy Hidan felt he was Kakuzu was more of a mature hansom type.

Looking away for a moment Hidan mulled all of this over pouting slightly at his final conclusion. Hidan prided his beauty not just out of ego but because it made it super easy to acquire virgins for his lord. The fact that this old bastard could rival him any way in THAT department made Hidan hate the miser even more. Looking back at his partner he turned over then notion of Kakuzu being interested in anything other then money. Hidan smirked, his eyes however more soft then they usually were. I bet his too self conscious about those stitches to think he could rival my hotness. Not that he'd care any way but… Hidan's brows furrowed. Why is his mask off now? Why the hell is he so relaxed? Leaning back and folding his arms behind his head against the pillow Hidan continued to watch his resting partner with half lidded eyes.

Damn he looks pretty good when he's not all pissy n' shit… Oh Jashin-sama let me stop thinking that shit before… Adverting his gaze down to his neither regions, even through the cover and the layers of clothing he wore, evidence of his thoughts accompanied by the alleged 'morning wood' were just visible enough to raise a brow. And raise a brow Kakuzu did as his slightly turned head studied his younger partner. Hidan frowned in irritation, sigh leaving his lips. Looking back up his eyes widened for a split second in shock before he relaxed trying to keep his cool. "Mornin sleeping beauty. I'm totally rested if you want the bed." Hidan wondered if the 'sleeping beauty' bit made him a little obvious. Using 'bed' in the same sentence probably didn't help either. As if he'd act on it. Seriously, he'd rather kill then fuck anything…

Kakuzu watched the other for a moment before quirking a brow and grinning slightly. "And what if I want what's in the bed instead?"

Hidan sat up sputtering. No fucking way! "What the f…"

"I'll take the bed Hidan." Kakuzu said with a slight chuckle, rising from his chair. "If you go off to do any of your rituals don't get caught or we'll have to leave town early." He warned walking over to the bed. Hidan swallowed a bit forcefully as he watched his partner walk toward him almost predatory. Hidan opened his mouth but nothing came out. Holy shit! Did he just flirt with me??? Stopping in front of his gaping partner Kakuzu looked down at him and on his hip brow quirked. "Well?"

Hidan flew off the bed grabbing his scythe and cloak in one fluid motion then dashed out the room slamming the door behind him. Smiling slightly at his new found way he could mentally torture his partner Kakuzu settled under the covers taking note in the back of his mind Hidan's familiar sent before drifting off again.

Hidan knew he was making a fool of himself by running out like that but he really didn't care at the moment. Kakuzu was totally acting different then usual and it was scaring the shit out of the Jashinist. He even suggested that I do a ritual! What the hell is he on? He never gives me the 'ok' to do one, just bitches about how long it takes and how useless it is…

Hidan's foot steps slowed down as he made it out of the inn and further into the small run down town. Looking around he took note of how simple everything looked. The place seemed trapped in the past. There wasn't an once of technology any where in sight. Ah, A town still yet virgin of my lord Jashin. Perfect! The high priest grinned to himself. Scouting around, walking in the shadows of shabby buildings, he searched for his victim. Heading farther out in to the fields he came across a young girl dress in a light bluish green dress, dark brown hair messy from hard work, hunched over with a hoe preparing soil for growth. He smirked from the blanket of shadow a near by shed gave him. Waiting uncharacteristically patient, he watched her male companion, her father he presumed, say something then head back to a house a few yards back from the field. Hidan leaned against the shed calmly watching the retreating figure.

Deciding the man was far enough; Hidan put on his most disarming smile and slowly approached the lone female still raking through stubborn weeds. She appeared to be angry about something as she muttered 'stupid uncle' under her breath. Well, I was half right… "Oy, that man didn't leave you here to do all this work yourself did he?" Hidan called out to the girl approaching her in slow steady steps, his predatory notion hidden under an angelic smile.

The girl straitened and looked at Hidan in shock before blushing and turning away nervously. "Uh yea. I have to do most of the work because of his back condition…" She said softly dusting a little dirt off her dress in a vain attempt to look more presentable in front of the stranger. Finally mustering up enough courage to look back at the robed man she gasped at how close he'd gotten since she turned away. Looking up at his taller frame meeting his sympathetic eyes she blinked blush staining her pale cheeks even more.

"Back condition? He looked fine to me." Hidan replied in mock disbelief. Tilting his head he gave the girl a look over causing her to redden even more. "I can't believe a beautiful girl like you is working her self to death for a lazy old man. He's not even THAT old." Hidan frowned eye's still holding their fake sympathy making his face look even more alluring.

The girl looked away biting her lip hands now fidgeting behind her back. "Well, he did fall off the tractor when we still had one, but even I don't believe it was that bad …" She let out a small exasperated sigh blush lessening as she explained her predicament. " I have no choice thou. If I don't work I won't have a place to sleep or food to eat…"

Hidan closed his eyes and held his chin seeming to contemplate her situation. "Hmm. Welp, as far as I can see it seems like you could use some spirituality in your life!" He exclaimed looking at her with an affirmative nod. She looked back at him in wonder, her eyes questioning. Hidan laughed. "I may not look like it, but I'm actually very religious! Do they teach anything about god around here?" He silently hoped that there wasn't anything instilled that he'd have to 'unteach'. It was hard enough teaching people uninfluenced by other religion enough as it is.

She blinked in awe at his words, shocked that such a man would be so interested in something like that. "Well I… Uncle doesn't allow me to study anything besides cooking. He says I'll get funny ideas and," She looked down solemnly, "end up like my mom…"

Hidan watched the girl excitement surfacing on his face. Bingo. "Wow. No offence but your uncle is a real asshole."

She blinked looking back up at Hidan." I thought holy people weren't supposed to curse?"

Hidan laughed and bent over slightly patting her shoulder." Not in my religion babe. Tell you what, why don't we go for a walk and I tell you allll about lord Jashin-sama eh? Or, you can head back and be a good little servant to you lazy bastard uncle…" The girl looked away from Hidan's eyes rolling his words over in her mind. Her face contoured into a look of distain as she considered her second option then looking back up at him with determination she nodded to Hidan. "I'll go with you… erm…"

Hidan's eyes widened. "Oh shit! I didn't even introduce myself!" Hidan straitened mock slapping his forehead then sliding his fingers through his hair he looked at the girl with a grin. "Hidan is my regular name, but my shadow name is Mauve."

The girl's eyes widened, mind absorbing every tiny bit of information her new 'sensei' offered." Shadow name?"

"Yea, it's a name you get after you've been anointed to hide your identity. Not every one believes in lord Jashin's teachings so we have to protect ourselves as we spread his word in secret." He gestured with a thumb to the weapon on his back. "Since I'm louder about it, I have to literally defend my self at times." Hidan inwardly surged with maniacal glee at the young girl's awe and amazement.

"My name is… Nina." The girl said softly slight smile on her face.

"Nina eh? Let's go on that walk shall we? Be for your bastard uncle comes out and bitches at us." He slid his hand behind her shoulder pushing her forward into the direction of a small forest that lay yards ahead of them. Walking at her side he began to recite to words his preacher once said to him.


Kakuzu arched his back against the bed a loud crack signaling the released kink in his spine. Settling back he opened his eyes amazed at how comfortable his sleep had been. Not only was it free from nightmares but the warmth that filled his joints so use to the cold outdoors made him want to just roll over and drift off again. Gazing sleepily over at the window, he judged it to be almost noon. Cursing lightly he sat up arching his back, it sounding off for the second time, before making his way to the unfinished documents on the table.

With a yawn that tested the limits of his stitched face he sat back in his chair picking up the small calculator Hidan dubbed 'calci-kun' for reasons unknown to him. That thought made him look up at the door eyes narrowing slightly in question. He should be back by now. Hidan's rituals took a long time but Kakuzu was out for a few hours and even Hidan didn't take that long. "Hn." He muttered before going back to work. No need to worry about Hidan just about what Hidan was 'doing'. Kakuzu just hoped it wasn't something that would cause more problems and delays for them both. Then again this piece and quiet of having him gone a while was worth what ever Hidan had planned for them to out run.

Soft beeps from calci-kun and a pen scraping against paper were the only sounds audible for another sixth hour. Kakuzu had been so absorbed into his work his eye brows raised as he saw the sun about to make it's decent into the earth. He's still not back yet? What is that fool up to… As if the universe felt the need to make its powers known, it answered his silent question with the said subject opening the door and slamming it behind himself. Kakuzu's brow raised as he studied his partners state, searching out any clues to his were bouts and possible danger. He took note of Hidan's disheveled state, saw the spots of blood on his cloak, the completely satisfied triumphant grin on his face, the spotless blades on his weapon, and came up with a sensible conclusion within seconds. "I thought the idea was to kill the woman 'as' a virgin Hidan…"

"Yea well I made a last minute change of plans ok? It still worked out in the end!" He exclaimed practically skipping to the bed landing on it with a bounce. "Man Kazu it was so freakin Great! I taught her good man! She was a freakin pro after I got done with her…" Hidan smiled fondly.

Kakuzu sighed. "Right. Keep it to yourself. I don't need to hear about your sexual prowess…"

Hidan quirked a brow at the miser before muttering a 'whatever' and unhooking his weapon setting it on the floor before leaning back against the soft pillow. Closing his eyes he smiled thinking back over that days events. After telling 'Nina' about their lord Jashin and explaining everything about the rituals and sacrifice to the sheltered girl, he offered to initiate her and make her a priestess. She was so excited especially when Hidan suggested they use her uncle as part of her initiation ritual. It was the most fun Hidan had in a while. Nothing was better then sacrificing heathen then doing it with someone else. And it was so much fun chasing that heathen bastard through the woods. He didn't have any back problems then…

Hidan laughed slightly startling Kakuzu from organizing his paper work. It appeared that they both had a good day. "Usually people are relaxed after a tumble in the grass. You're even more hyper then normal."

Hidan settle down taking a minute to process the other's words. "What? Tumble in the grass? Why the fuck would I do that I don't need any damn grass stains on my clothes… "

Kakuzu rubbed the bridge of his nose. "It's a metaphor for 'sex' Hidan…"

Hidan's eyes widened in surprise. "Sex? What makes you think I had sex with anybody?" Hidan pumped his fist in the air. "What I did was better then that! I converted a virgin girl to Jashinism!!!" He bellowed triumphantly.

Kakuzu started at his partner blankly for a moment, closed his eyes with a sigh then turned back to his paper work. Hidan frowned at his partner. "What the hell is your problem? What, you wanted me to fuck her or something? If you think I'm going to start using my looks to help you get chicks or something you better fu…"

"Hidan. Shut up." Kakuzu was a little disappointed with himself for being wrong, but there was a first for everything he supposed.

"Pesh, What ever man." The priest said with a pout. "Just to help you get your heathen mind out of the gutter, a priestess has to stay a virgin and keep their body pure since they're considered married to Jashin."

Kakuzu smirked. "Oh? Is that so? And the priests as well?" Honestly he could care less about Hidan and his stupid religion, but he was curious.

"Of course." Hidan answered as though some one asked him if the sky was blue.

Kakuzu frowned. That was twice in one day he'd been wrong. "I find that hard to believe that you of all people could be a virgin."

"Why the hell is that? Is that all you fuckin think about is sex? Your even sicker and fucked up then I thought." Hidan huffed staring at his partner in disgust.

Kakuzu slowly turned to his partner disbelief on his face. "You calling 'me' sick?" Kakuzu had enough. "We're leaving. It's better that we travel at night after your 'fun'. They won't notice the body till we're long gone." He pulled on his cloak, then his mask and head piece.

"Oh come on Kakuzu. Don't be like that! They won't find the body the bastard never went into town any way plus me and Ni… Viridian buried him under the shrine we made…"

"And you don't think that will look a little suspicious to the other villagers?" Kakuzu sighed exasperated. "Never mind. My work is done and must be delivered as soon as possible. Deidara's been over spending and writing it off as clay purchases…" He ground out the last words in anger shoving the paperwork and calci-kun back into his cloak.

"Sigh. Yea, yea. I freakin told him but he insisted that…"

"You knew?" Kakuzu's words were cold and deadly. Hidan gulped.

"Look man, what was I supposed to do? Tattle on him or some shit? I'm not some little dickless kid or something…"

"You will be when I get through with you." Kakuzu chided.

Hidan hid his nervousness forcing himself to relax. Closing his eyes he fired his comeback. "Really? Gonna molest me old man? Pesh, since sex is all you ever think about. Seriously I bet you can't even get it up any more. Probably why you're all lusting after everything all of a sudden." His eyes flew open as a sudden weight landed on his body. Frozen in shock he looked up at his partner's face which was inches away from his mask making his eye even more intimidating.

Hidan tried to ignore the fact that he was pinned to the bed by what he assumed was a sex deprived old man on the verge of snapping. "Hidan…" His voice was heavy and thick with what could be anything from anger to lust. "If you continue to insult me with your petty accusations, I'm going to act on them in such a way," He leaned close whispering in Hidan's ear, "I'll have you begging me for it…"

Hidan laid there frozen in shock even after Kakuzu moved off of him and toward the door. Looking over his shoulder he watched the other's head turn slightly, fear evident in his eyes. Narrowing his eyes at the Jashinist, smirk hidden under the cover of his mask, he turned and walked out the door not waiting for the other to follow.