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Cagalli sighed as she looked up at the amazing castle before her, questioning once again how she had gotten herself into this mess.


"What!? Father you can't be serious!" It was a bright Sunday morning, the birds chirping and sun shinning…that is until one King Athha decided to share with his daughter some interesting news.

"Cagalli, darling, please don't shout." The peaceful King attempted to placate his temperamental child, holding his hands up in a defensive position incase she chose to strike her poor father down.

"Don't shout!? Father, you just told me that you entered me into some…some lonely hearts competition! How pathetic do you think I am?!" The fiery blonde yelled in aggravation.

"Lonely hearts? Cagalli, I love you but sometimes I wonder if you actually hear what I say." The amber eyed girl opened her mouth to respond violently but was quickly cut off. "I, like many of the other people that care deeply for your well-being, have begun to think that, perhaps, you haven't given love a proper chance."

"Father now you're just being ridiculous! Just because I've only had a few boyfriends doesn't mean that I've completely given up on love…I just think it's a waste of time." Her father gave her a skeptical look before she continued. "And just because I think that doesn't give you the right to marry me off to some stranger!"

Uzumi flinched, "Cagalli, don't you see? That's precisely what I'm trying to prevent! Your eighteenth birthday is a little over nine months away, if you haven't found a husband by then the Seirens have every right to come and claim you."

Cagalli scoffed, "Like I'd let them drag me off to the likes of Yuna!"

The King shook his head before gently grasping his only daughter's arm. "Please, Cagalli, this is serious."

Cagalli's eyes softened, "Don't worry, father, I haven't forgotten about that damn treaty. I just need a little more time, I know that if I rush into this whole marriage thing I'll end up regretting it."

Uzumi sighed, "But we're almost out of time. That's why I went ahead and entered you."

Cagalli reestablished her glare, remembering just why she had been so angry with her father in the first place. "Why are you so convinced that this guy is right for me?! Aren't fathers supposed to—!"

She was cut off when his majesty thrust a small scroll under her nose with an almost silent "Read it." followed closely after. The princess huffed before redirecting her eyes from her father to the scroll now in her hands. She slowly unwrapped it, taking a moment to admire the beautiful calligraphy before reading it's contents.

Cagalli Yula Attha

Attributes that were desired:

Female, Strong-Willed, Intelligent, Kind, Outspoken, Fierce, Emotional, Brave, Loyal, Honest, Self Aware, Protective, Helpful, Generous, Moral, Loving.

Attributes that, from your reading your profile, we feel you possess:

Female, Strong-Willed, Intelligent, Kind, Outspoken, Fierce, Emotional, Brave, Loyal, Honest, Self Aware, Protective, Helpful, Generous, Moral, Loving.

Thank you Cagalli-san for submitting your personal profile for analysis. We are pleased to inform you that you have been selected to join Athrun-san at his summer home in Zaft.

After the small explanation there was a time, a date, and a place.

"What the hell is this supposed to mean?" Cagalli said incredulously as she held up the open scroll and dangled it in front of her father's face.

Uzumi rolled his eyes and took the parchment out of his childish daughter's hands. "You've been chosen Cagalli! And would you look at that? You have all the attributes this guy is looking for!"

It was Cagalli's turn to role her eyes, "Just because I have those qualities does not mean we are going to make the perfect couple. I mean come on father, did you really expect me to agree to this? You should just stick to being king and stop with all this matchmaking nonsense." She ended her statement with an innocent pat on her dubious father's head.

King Uzumi glared. "I'm not taking no for an answer. You won't look for a husband yourself, so I'm giving you a little help."

"You call this helping—!"

"As your king I order you to do this." He ignored the blonde's glare. "Just do this for me. Please Cagalli."

Cagalli sighed, taking in the pleading stare of her father, and reluctantly nodded. "Fine."

End Flashback

So here she was, at lease seven-thousand miles away from home, abandoned by her father outside of some stranger's gigantic house. She looked to her left before shifting her traveling bag higher on her shoulder, At least it can't get any worse.

"Cagalli-chan!" Said blonde winced, I spoke too soon.

Cagalli took a deep breath before turning around to face the one and only Meer Campbell. "Meer, its…uh good to see you."

The pinkette let out a high pitched laugh, squishing her face into a pout that would have been cute if it had been on someone who was at least fifteen or so years younger. "I know, right! Anyway what are you doing here? I thought this was the residence of the notorious Athrun Zala?"

"Notorious Athrun Zala?" Wait, didn't that letter I got mention an Athrun? "So you've heard of our host?"

Meer let out another annoyingly high pitched laugh before responding, "Well of course not, silly! No ones heard of him! And believe me I tried to do research!"

Cagalli raised an eyebrow, "But then why did you—never mind. So where are we supposed to go?"

Before the wannabe-songstress could respond a tall, tan blonde stepped out of the large double doors. He gave a charming smile and addressed the two women. "If you'll follow me ladies, I'd be happy to show you to your rooms." He gave a mock bow and waggled his eyebrows in a way that made Meer giggle.

"Dearka! Stop embarrassing yourself!" A short brunette stepped out from behind the doors and was quick to chastise the newly introduced male.

"Come on Mir! I was just playing around!" Said brunette rolled her eyes before addressing the two girls.

"I'm sorry about him, he can be a bit of an idiot at times." She gave a sideways wicked grin to the dejected boy before continuing, "I'm Miriallia, but you can just call me Mir if you like. And this," She nodded to her right, "is Dearka. If you'll follow me I'd be happy to show you to your rooms."

"How come you get to show them where they're staying?"

"Because I won't get lost."

"I know this place like the back of my hand!"

"Yeah right! Wasn't it just yesterday that you were telling me how you have a theory that the staircases 'move on their own'?"

"I have a perfectly good reason for thinking that!"

Cagalli smiled at the continuous banter that issued between the brunette and blonde, thinking that they must be a couple if the way they flirt was any indication.

Three fake coughs later and Meer was finally able to grab their attention. "Um…could you…uh show us to our rooms now?"

Both Miriallia and Dearka flushed, "Oh yeah, sorry."

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