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Summary: After the Valley of the End battle between Sasuke and Naruto, Naruto starts thinking his life through and what he comes up with is rather startling. With these new realizations he sets out to make his own way in the world whether that's with Konoha or otherwise. Two and a half years later he comes back with Jiraiya of the Sannin a completely new guy. The village and his friends that he left behind don't know what to think of the new Naruto, but one thing is for sure… He's a lot more powerful than when he left. But with power comes maturity, and with maturity truths are revealed. With truths comes betrayal and with betrayal comes the real world. Through all the hardships he faces one thing is for certain, Naruto will never give up on his friends and loved ones no matter how distant they may fall apart.

Shock of the Lightning


"Sasuke!" That was the shout of a boy in his early thirteen's that was standing on a log across from said boy. He was dressed in a blindingly bright orange jump suit that just screamed kill me to any one that saw it. It didn't help any that his occupation was being a ninja and he relied on stealth. He had blood red eyes with black slits in them and wild blond hair.

The said boy across from the first was standing staring at the first. His name was Uchiha Sasuke and his eyes were red with three tomes in each eye. He had on black pants and a white shirt also standing on a log not but twenty feet away from the other boy.

Both boys had small cuts on each other and some dirt littering their clothes.

"Sasuke, I'll bring you back no matter what, even if I have to break every bone in your body!"

Sasuke just looked at him and snarled slightly. "Naruto…I won't go back… I can't go back, not anymore, and definitely not with you!" He never broke eye contact with the other boy now known as Naruto when he spoke.

Naruto was taken aback by that statement but he took it the wrong way and he was just about to yell at the other boy when he spoke up again silencing him.

"Why… why would you go so far for me Naruto? Why are you willing to risk your own life to save mine?" He asked just above a whisper.

Naruto actually recoiled at the statement but let his fierce eyes soften somewhat. "Sasuke." The other boy looked back up to him and made eye contact again. "I… you, you're the first person I've ever had a real bond with besides the old man." He told honestly.

"You're my best and only friend in the village Sasuke."

Sasuke's eyes widened slightly but he nodded in understanding. "I see... you're my best friend to." With that he stood up from his sitting position he took on his log and reached into his pocket.

Naruto tensed getting ready for another attack but smiled when he saw what he brought out of his pocket. Sasuke grabbed his metal forehead protector and tied it on around his forehead and secured it tightly like Naruto had his. Both had a symbol of a leaf on it representing they were both Konoha ninja.

"But you're too late Naruto; I can't go back, especially if it's with you."

"What do you mean?" Naruto asked confused.

Looking up Naruto saw something he didn't see much from the stoic Uchiha friend of his. He was smiling but not one of his cocky smiles that he always got, but a real smile.

"It's because I know how the village would react if you brought me back half dead and beaten." He stated matter of factly.

Naruto was confused for a second before realization dawned on him. Sasuke continued seeing the look of understanding. "If you brought me back half dead the village would do one of two things that I can't allow to happen to you. One would be execution and the other is to be exiled. Neither of which you can afford."

Naruto grimaced as what he said was true no matter how much he didn't want it to be. "I'm there precious last Uchiha, the last of my bloodline in Konoha. If I were to be hurt by the 'demon boy' as they like to call you." Naruto's eyes widen hearing this.

Sasuke saw this and smiled sadly. "You really think I didn't notice all the hate you got in the village, I don't know why they hate you but that doesn't really matter. The point is, if you come back with me half dead you will suffer gravely for hurting their 'precious Uchiha' in some way. That is the reason I'm going to win here. I can't afford to lose, not this time, for both of our health I'll win!"

Naruto stood there rooted to his spot as what Sasuke said washed over him. He had to admit, no matter how much it hurt, that he was right. He couldn't bring him back now. Not like this.

"I understand… but…" He couldn't even think properly right now, the facts were getting to him too much.

Sasuke saw this. "Naruto." Said boy looked up from his hands making eye contact one more time. "Let's finish this right here, right now, our strongest attacks against each other." He said with a small smile.

Naruto looked at him and didn't understand why he still wanted to fight, but then realized he wanted to end it with a bang and see who really could end up on top. Smiling his own little smile he replied in kind. "Hai (yes) let's finish it."

With that both jumped off their respective logs backwards about thirty feet each landing on the water using chakra to stay on top of it. They both looked up and saw they were about one hundred feet away from each other. They both nodded and started their attacks.

Naruto put his hands in a ram seal and started to gather his chakra around him. Slowly a red chakra started to come up from his stomach area. This red substance started to bubble over and slowly cover his body in the red chakra substance. After a few seconds the chakra was covering his entire body from head to toe. The substance slowly started to form a shape around his body that eventually turned into a fox with one tail. His hair turned wilder, his blood red eyes seemed to get even redder, and his finger nails turned into claws. Naruto grunted as the process was over and slowly bent his knees because his body wanted to go on all fours but he refused to fight like an animal. So he settled to fight with his knees slightly bent.

After that was done Naruto held out his right hand and slowly small wisps of blue chakra started to form in his palm. This was his normal chakra and every second the chakra kept getting bigger and bigger until it was a flurry of blue chakra in his hand. Then the red chakra surrounding his body started to bubble and pop around the blue in his hand and the blue chakra slowly took the form of a ball. This all happened in a couple of seconds. If one looked closely at the ball of chakra they would see a solid outline with an inside of thousands of moving partials of chakra that made the ball shine brightly in his hand and hum lightly.

After the nod for each other to start, Sasuke also went through a small transformation. The seal on his neck pulsed and slowly started to spread across his body showing flame like tattoos moving across his body. In no time at all the seal covered his entire body and it started to change. The black markings started to expand slowly and cover his entire body. The first thing to visibly happen was his hair growing longer to about middle back and turning purple instead of the normal black it was. His finger nails turned into claws, and he developed a cross on his nose. Then he grunted as he bent over slightly and two purple bat like wings protruded out of his back.

After his transformation was complete he formed four hand seals as fast as he could and gripped his right wrist with his left hand tightly. He pointed his hand downward and cupped it like he was holding a big ball. A spark went off in his hand and it slowly started to expand getting larger and larger. The small spark turned into a lightning storm in his hand that cover his hand completely in electricity and formed a small ball of lightning. The ball of lightning was making a sound like a thousand birds chirping.

After completing their transformation and their respective jutsu's they both looked up at each other and stared in awe at the others changes. That stunned look quickly changed to one of recognition of the others power. With not but a small twitch of the lips as indicator, they both leapt at each other throwing their attacks that were in there right hands behind them.

Both jumped straight into the air propelled so fast by their new powered up bodies that is was nothing but a blur to anyone below a high Chunnin level ninja, but to them it was like they were both going in slow motion. They both stared each other in the eyes the entire way until they were right on each other.

Not but five feet away from the other boy, they both threw all there might into their right arms and thrust them forward as fast and hard as they could.

"Chidori!" (Thousand Birds) Sasuke yelled.

"Rasengan!" (Spiraling Sphere) Naruto yelled while still staring right into the others boy's eyes.

The two attacks collided with a resounding shockwave that rippled across the entire lake creating waves two feet high starting from where they met.

Both boys saw their attack hit each other and felt the shock wave but ignored it to focus on their attacks. Sasuke's lightning ball was piercing Naruto's grinding sphere. Without hesitation they both knew this was the last attack so they both poured as much chakra into their attacks as they could. Gritting their teeth they forced their attacks harder onto each other.

What happened after that was a shockwave of such magnitude that the entire water in the lake they were standing on parted in a circle around the two boys that were suspended in mid air by their jutsu's clashing. The two attacks seemed to melt together into one and form a ball of chakra that turned pure black in color and expanded around them engulfing them in the attack also.

The sphere of pitch black chakra grew to several times their size and ended just a few short seconds after it started. Inside the sphere both boys put the last of their chakra into their attacks that at this point had all but dissipated and sent their attacks at the others shoulder area. Both gritted their teeth in agony as they both hit the mark dead on.

When the sphere finally dissipated a new island had formed where Sasuke was standing over the nearly unconscious Naruto holding his left shoulder where you could see shredded skin. At his feet Naruto's shoulder was pierces an inch deep. Falling to his knees he stared at his best friend and somehow knew he would be ok, no better than ok, he would be great.

With this feeling in mind he stood on shaky legs and limped towards the fire boarder that separated Fire country from Grass country. Just out of ear shot though he stopped and turned his head facing Naruto with a real smile on his face.

"Naruto… I don't know if you can hear me or not, but that was one hell of a fight, and only you deserve the title of my best friend and greatest rival. I know our paths will cross again and when they do… I look forward to that day brother."

He was just about to turn around when he heard a voice just above that of a whisper but he heard it none the less and looked towards the boy he considered a brother and saw him staring at him with deep blue eyes. "As do I brother… and next time I'll be stronger than you, you can count on that..." With that Naruto turned his head and stared up at the sky that was starting to rain.

Sasuke smiled again and grunted in acknowledgment that he heard him. Turning around again he headed to the sound village and away from his new found brother and Konoha.

Naruto stared at the ceiling in irritation, no that wasn't the word to describe how he felt, he felt betrayed, scorned, and hated, and all in all he felt lonely. You see he was at the one place he hated above all else, a hospital, they just brought back to many memories of when he was a kid and getting beat by the villagers and ended up in the hospital more times than not.

"I can't believe it's been two weeks and only three people have visited me!" Naruto's voice was laced in barely contained malice and hate, even though he was talking to no one in particular but himself.

He's been in the hospital for two weeks and during that time he can honestly say he has been getting angrier and angrier with himself and the others in the village. The only people to have actually came and visited him were Tsunade, Shizune, and Jiraiya.

Tsunade came in immediately when she was done with the other people that got here before him. Supposable the other people in his rescue group were injured fighting there opponents of none other than the sound four or five if you considered that bone using freak he fought briefly. After that first check up at which point he was unconscious from exhaustion she had only visited two other times. One was when he woke up and that only lasted for about ten minutes while she did many different tests to see if he was ok. The other time was also just a checkup. You see she was the only one that was willing to work on him without a threat used. And if one was used than you couldn't guarantee that the 'friendly' doctor wouldn't try to hurt the weakened 'demon' of Konoha. So she was the only one that looked at him and took care of him while in the hospital.

Then there was Shizune, Tsunade's assistant and apprentice. She only came in the first day to see if he was ok or not. After that he hasn't seen her once, actually he didn't see her at all seeing as he was unconscious at the time, the only reason he even knew was because of Tsunade telling him such.

Then there was one of his sensei's, Jiraiya of the Sannin. He was the person that trained him when his other sensei refused to do so during the month break between the Chunnin finals. The only reason he visited was to check up on him and tell him that they were leaving the village for two and a half years for a training trip. When he thought about him being his sensei though he got irritated. It is true that he learned how to summon toads in that month break but he didn't do any actual training with him. He just had him sign the summoning contract and then told him to practice it. Then when he couldn't get it by himself with any help from him, he threw him off a cliff! Why, to forcefully draw out the Kyuubi's chakra from within him with a life and death situation. It worked needless to say, but it still wasn't right of him to put his life in danger like that.

Then when they went to find Tsunade to be the new Hokage, he taught him how to do the Rasengan. One of two jutsu's that made the fourth Hokage of the village hidden in the leafs, his village, famous throughout the world. He was grateful for the jutsu, but again all he did was teach him three of the necessary steps to doing the jutsu and left him to himself. If that was the type of training he would get from him on this training trip he was contemplating if he should even go or not.

Then there's the fact that he taught him the Rasengan and the summoning for toads. Those were both jutsu's the fourth used and was known for. Contrary to popular belief he was rather smart. He just hid behind a mask of idiocy. So why would a Sannin, one of three of the strongest people to ever come out of Konoha want to train him, an orphan? And why would he be teaching all these jutsu's that only the fourth and he could use? Something didn't add up but he just couldn't figure out what it was right now.

"Is there any one that actually cares about the real me and not my fake actions I show the villagers? I know Sasuke does but come on, is that the only person?!" Naruto asked himself in anger.

Speaking of his fake actions of idiocy, only two people in the entire village full of ninja of all ranks and powers had ever figured out that he wasn't a moron and only acted that way to survive. Really, was it that hard to figure out it was all an act? One was the third Hokage, the Sandaime, god of shinobi, or his Oji-san. (Old man) These were all titles he went by. He knew right away that he created fake actions and emotions not but two days after he created them. But for some reason he never mentioned it around him or even seemed concerned that he had put up fake emotions to get by in everyday life. He supposed the third thought it was to help him cope with all the hate he got in the village.

Whenever he was by himself or with just Sasuke he would act differently, it was subtle but there was definitely a difference in the way he acted around others and when he was by himself. For one he would never smile for no reason or show a goofy grin, and he would think things through slightly more instead of just blurting out the first thing that came to mind. If he had a chose he wouldn't wear all orange, the only reason he did was the stores charged him double or more for his clothing and it added to his show of idiocy. He was slightly smarter then he let on, he was no genius by any means but he could pass his test with at least average or slightly above scores. He stopped try to be good at the academy though after the first week of the first year. The first week he was in the top markers and then he went down to the bottom of the class from then on. It wasn't his fault though seeing as the teachers gave him different tests and altered books to learn from. It was at that time around his sixth birthday that he learned people would leave him alone more if he acted slightly different then he normally would. If he acted less smart and more impulsive people tended to ignore him more and take him less serious. If people took him less serious it allowed him to get away with more small things that would have caused more trouble than it was worth.

Besides Sarutobi the only other person to figure out the fake actions was the reason he was in the hospital. He didn't blame him for putting him in there though. He was the only one who knew the real reason he left the village and it wasn't because he needed power or the fact he just couldn't take all the false praise he was getting from the stupid villagers, even though those did add some motive to leave. He wanted to be known as Sasuke and get credit for his own accomplishments, not for his last name and what his family did. Sasuke had his reasons, and it wasn't what most thought they were, in fact they were rather deeply rooted into the very foundation of Konoha and who ran the village whether it was in public or not.

He still remembered the day like it was yesterday. Naruto had just gotten out of the academy for the day and was running alone down the street laughing happily when Sasuke ran up to him and yelled for him to wait up. He really didn't know why he stopped but he did. It was a good thing he did to, as that was the start of a weird friendship that would bloom into something that later would become best friends and brothers. After stopping him, Sasuke asked something that startled him to the core. He asked why he acted the way he did around everyone else. He tried to cover it up with a nervous laugh but all he got was a pointed stare in return. After trying to avoid him by running away and that not working, he finally just told him in a voice filled with some hate and eyes that he was sure Sasuke remembered to this day.

His eyes were as cold as ice when he spoke, and his voice was no better. "To live in this… village… I have to be an idiot to survive…" He left the sentence hanging in the air and simply walked away. He remembers saying the word village with such distain that out of the corner of his eyes he saw Sasuke give a violent shiver. Since then he had always had a weird friendship with him. He knew there was a bond there though, and over the time they knew each other in the academy they slowly went from companions to friendship to best friends. This was all in secret of course as they couldn't be real friends to the public knowledge with him being the 'demon' and all and Sasuke their 'precious' last Uchiha.

Then there's his team, if you could call it that. Ever since graduating from the academy and becoming a genin of the village, everyone in the graduating class was put into a team of three new genin and one Jounin instructor. This wasn't too bad at first seeing as Sasuke, his secret best friend was in his team with another girl known as Sakura, his supposed crush that he has on her is a complete lie, just another part of his fake emotions and actions.

Who in their right mind would honestly like a girl that you can't even be around and not worry about being hit in the head for just talking to her? Honestly, whenever he even speaks to her she just says something along the lines of 'you're bugging me' and 'stop interrupting Sasuke and me.' How she thinks he could interrupt a one sided conversation between Sasuke and her was very confusion seeing as Sasuke never talked to her except for the few occasions when he told her she was alloying and to shut up. She has this huge crush on the boy even though he treats her like crap and then when he tries to talk to her she takes out her frustration on him. No he didn't like the pink haired girl one bit.

Then there's his supposed sensei, Hatake Kakashi. He would sooner call Jiraiya a sensei then that asshole. Why you might ask? That is quite simple. Hatake has been team sevens sensei for roughly six months now and he has only learned one thing from him in that entire time. How to climb a tree with only using your feet and chakra to stick to it. He learned from the others that graduated and became genin in their year that they learned how to do this exercise a week after they graduated. It took there sensei two months to teach it to them. Then after he does teach it to him, they learn nothing else from the man; well he personally didn't learn anything else that is. He knew for a fact as Sasuke told him so, that Hatake was teaching Sasuke in private. That pissed him off to no end; he was happy for his friend but still. Hatake's personal motto that he goes by is a contradiction to what he says and does.

He can still remember the exact words he used when he told them his motto. "Those who break the rules are trash, but those who leave there friends behind are worse than trash." If he truly believed in these words then he wouldn't play favorites with his students and treat his team like trash. Then there's the fact he is late every single day for two hours. In that two hours of waiting time they waste every day, they could be training or doing missions to earn some money as not all of them are financially stable like him. Sasuke had his family fortune, Kakashi had his money saved up from many missions and Sakura had her parents supporting her ass. He has to live by the money he gets from missions to get by every day. No he didn't like his team one bit.

Then there were his supposed friends or at least companions he thought he had in the village. There's all the rookie nine and then maybe team Gai, that he has gotten to know over the years. He thought they would have at least sent him something as a warming gift while he was in the hospital to say that they knew he was in there and to get well soon or something. But he hasn't even heard a peep out of them yet. Two weeks and not one single person of his supposed friends have come and seen him.

The longer he thought over these startling facts the more angry he got. He almost wished he would have gone with Sasuke but then again he wouldn't have gotten anywhere in the sound village. Not with Orochimaru fearing his influence on Sasuke and the curse seal. He knew he didn't want to stay in this village any longer either and if he tried to run he knew he would be captured within hours of his escape and executed for treason. So his only option was to leave the village with Jiraiya of the Sannin and hope he could get some descent training from the man and if not, then hopefully ditch him in some town and live somewhere far away from Konoha.

Having spent an hour thinking over possible plans for the future he turned over on his bed and feel asleep with a small smile of knowing he would be out of the village in a day's time. That day came too slowly for Naruto but he waited passionately for it to come. When his new sensei came to pick him up he said nothing to him but a small greeting and let's go already brat. As they were leaving the village gates he looked over his shoulder at the village he's lived in his entire life looking for any good byes from the people he knew. He could see no one anywhere. He wasn't surprised really and that just made his resolve to leave the village even higher than before. Walking slightly faster than before he walked past the casually paced man known as Jiraiya and hopped into the trees and ran as fast and far away as his small body would let him. Jiraiya followed right behind him yelling for him to slow down as they didn't need to rush but his pleas fell to deaf ears as Naruto ignored him and kept running into the unknown.

From her personal room in the top of the Hokage's tower, Tsunade once one of the Sannin and now the Hokage looked out the window at the specks that were Jiraiya and Naruto leaving the village in a hurry. She smiled sadly as they left her view and the village to travel around and train.

"Come back soon Naruto, the village needs you…" Although nobody heard her, the words seemed to drift into the air and out the window to be forever lost in time.

Author Notes:

Well there's the first chapter of my new story 'Shock of the Lightning.' I hope you enjoyed reading the thing and look forward to the upcoming chapters to come.

As some of you might have noticed, the beginning of the story, Sasuke and Naruto were fighting each other, was rather familiar looking. That's because I got the idea off another author's story. By no means are they the same as his, only the idea that Sasuke had rather good reasons to leave the village. After that it's completely my idea for the rest of the story… and as far as I know no one has done something like I plan to do. Since I did get the idea of Sasuke having good reasons to leave the village from another author I will give credit were it is due: Author: Self-Proclaimed KingofDDR, Story: Putting More Insight Into It.

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