It seems that some people can't see outside the box to well. Last chapter when I said 'regarding my story so far, you don't know the whole truth yet…look underneath the underneath' I really meant it. Whoever said the fight was over between Kakashi and Naruto? I didn't, if you remember Kakashi was waiting for the dust to clear.

Also, whoever said you knew the whole story of Naruto's two-and-a-half year training trip. True Jiraiya told a very detailed story to Tsunade, but he wasn't there the whole time! He got second hand stories and Intel from other sources, i.e. his spy network, and Naruto himself. Could people be lying, or not telling the whole truth, or twisting stories around…hell ya they could!

Now that that's cleared up please enjoy the new chapter and all that it comes with!

Shock of the Lightning

Results of Training

Kakashi didn't have to wait long for the dust to clear as Naruto was just flipping up from the impact and landing on his feet from his downed positioned on the ground.

Dusting himself off Naruto inspected the damage. Besides his sour ribs, he knew he was perfectly fine, but that's not what he was looking at. No he was looking at the damage done to his cloak. He noticed right away that half of the bottom was burnt off and there were multiple holes in the fabric.

"That won't do…" He mumbled to himself but with his Sharingan eye activated Kakashi read his lips and knew what he said. He was rather astonished when he sensed chakra being pushed into the cloak and it seemingly repairing itself. He wondered how he was doing it when he noticed a slight glow from the inside of the cloak and saw just a glimpse of a seal, or maybe that was multiple seals seeing how fast it was repairing.

In two seconds flat the article of clothing was back to new. Naruto nodded to himself and lifted his gaze to Kakashi's.

"Well, you're sure fast on the draw when it comes to jutsu, aren't you Kakashi?" Naruto asked rhetorically.

Said man was about to make a comment but was interrupted when Naruto kept going. "Looks like I'll have to go all out now… prepare yourself." Naruto's voice went from mono tone to downright deadly dangerous after the slight pause and then the warning.

Making two different seals Naruto held his hands in the ram seal for a good four seconds while his body seemed to dry itself of all the water.

"Katon: Atsusa." (Heat) Naruto's body steamed for a few seconds until his body was completely dry again.

"I'll admit that you've gotten better Naruto, definitely low Jounin in skills, maybe mid Jounin, but you're no match for me, let alone strong enough to keep that promise you made earlier." Kakashi stated matter of factly but cringed at the end realizing his choice of wording was very bad.

"You… you dare say that… anything but that… I refuse to let them get away with what they did Hatake!" Naruto whispered venomously but his words echoed out to everyone around to hear.

Shaking from head to toe, Naruto slowly lifted his head from the ground, showing a calm face that betrayed every emotion of anger and hate he felt on the inside.

"You do not question my ability to avenge my family Hatake…" His voice was venomous and with every word he spoke his chakra would rise slightly higher until it peaked out at low level Sannin.

"Ever!" Naruto calmly replied out as he let his chakra explode out from his body, but this wasn't just chakra, but nature chakra.

To be more specific, it was his lightning nature chakra.

The others couldn't believe what they were seeing in front of them. The second Naruto's chakra reached its peak; everyone in the clearing felt a foreboding feeling, Kakashi felt it the most and he immediately jumped backwards.

It was a good thing that he did to, as the second he leapt from the ground lightning crackled around Naruto's arms and spread over his body until it encompassed him in a field of electricity. When he let his chakra explode the lightning that was mixed in went with it and spread around him for a good ten feet.

Everyone, even the elite Jounin, Hokage, and Sannin couldn't believe what they were seeing. Such a high control of one's element was unheard of. The ground where the lightning was touching was leaving scorch marks and slight cracks and indents every where it touched. When it finally resided Naruto was left completely unharmed. They could still see small sparks shooting around his finger tips every now and then but to have such control was phenomenal.

After watching the display of elemental manipulation Kakashi gulped loudly and absentmindedly wondered what he had gotten himself into.

Staring the man down, Naruto couldn't help but glare for what this man said.

'He'll pay…' Kept repeating over and over in his head before his mantra just stopped abruptly and the entire area around them for a good half mile was perfectly silent.

"Fight Hatake!" Naruto calmly voiced before he shot forward at mid Jounin level speed and reached him within seconds.

Kakashi tensed getting ready for the volley of attacks to come and quickly re-slid into his respective stance seeing Naruto in his humming bird style. The second he was within ten feet Naruto sped up to a speed even he wasn't expecting and thus caught him off guard.

Covering the last few feet at low Sannin level speed Naruto got right up to Kakashi's guard and slapped his hands away from his hastily put up defense to nail a hard right fist to the gut sending the man skidding back.

He didn't end it there though and kept attacking with even more ferocity.

Charging forward Naruto thrust his left hand forward only to get it caught and catch a left fist of his own. Both stood struggling for domination over the other in pure strength and with a slight step back and push forward Naruto came out on top while Kakashi stumbled back.

Going with the backwards movement, Kakashi used it to jump back and create some distance while doing some seals.

"Katon: Hosenka no jutsu." (Phoenix fire balls) Effectively shooting out multiple fire balls about the diameter of two feet in Naruto's direction.

Not stopping his charge any, Naruto weaved in and out of the deadly fire balls with grace and accuracy leaving them to pass by at least a foot each time while doing his own seals.

Kakashi saw this with his Sharingan eye but couldn't tell what jutsu he was using as his cloak was blocking his view of the hand seals.

Getting in range of Kakashi, Naruto brought his hands out of his cloak and thrust them forward only for Kakashi's eyes to widen and for him to use replacement at the last second.

Seeing that Naruto's hands were covered in chakra of lightning manipulation, his eyes widened and he used a quick replacement and just in time. As the second that Naruto's hand touched the log the thing was covered in electricity and was blasted apart by the high intensity of lightning traveling through it.

"Futon: Renkudan." (Drilling Air Bullet) Kakashi let out a ball of compressed air to fly at Naruto's back only for him to twist around in a split second with his hands yet again hidden by his cloak.

Thrusting his hand forward Naruto let out what looked like a ball of electricity.

"Raikyu." (Lightning Ball) The ball collided with the compressed air and seemed to struggle with it before both of them blew up sending out high winds with static electricity mixed in around the environment.

The ones watching were shocked to see a lightning attack come to a standstill with a wind attack, as wind was more powerful then lightning in the elemental circle. The wind attack should have easily taken out the lightning one. It just showed how strong these lightning attacks Naruto was using really were.

A few seconds later the wind settled down showing both opponents unharmed on the opposite side of the field from each other. Both had sweat on their bodies and looked ready to go at it again any second. They were both covered in debris and dirt, and both had what would later be bruises and cuts.

Looking at each other they both knew that this fight had turned into a stand still as every attack they threw at each other, they would just block or counter.

It was time to bring out the big guns.

And that is exactly what Naruto did. Raising his right arm Naruto grabbed the handle of his sword that until now had been untouched. Grabbing the hilt he waited for Kakashi to make a move.

Kakashi tensed at this. He could clearly remember the words of warning from Jiraiya saying that Naruto was absolutely deadly with that thing. Reaching into his kunai pouch, he fingered a scroll before grabbing a hand full of shuriken and two kunai.

Throwing the shuriken as fast as he could, Kakashi wasn't surprised when they were deflected out of the air like mere playthings from the sword Naruto now held in his hands.

The sword was a piece of art if Tenten and Hayate had ever seen one. The thing was flawless in style and design and if they were to guess it would be perfectly balanced. It was a Katana that was just slightly longer than a normal one with a shinning silver blade with a tint of blue mixed in to the edge.

Kakashi may not have been surprised that they were deflected, but he was surprised when the shuriken came hurtling back at him even faster then he threw them.

Quickly dodging two of them and deflecting the other three into the tree lines while he threw up both of his kunai in a blocking move when Naruto appeared in front of him with a vertical slash aimed to kill.

Seeing his initial strike blocked Naruto pulled back and swung wide at his mid section only for that to be blocked and pushed to the side.

Going with the push Naruto twisted his body around as fast as he could and sent another mid section strike but this time form the other side.

Kakashi wasn't expecting the next strike to be so fast after the first one and hastily pushed up a defense only for him to be rocketed sideways by the sheer power and strength put into the strike.

Tumbling three times before he managed to right himself he quickly jumped to the side to avoid the incoming bullets of rock coming at him from Naruto dragging his sword through the ground and launching them at him with a vertical upward swing.

Seeing his rock barrage dodged Naruto sprinted forward with a thrust that was dodged and had to block a stab with the lower part of his blade.

Letting the kunai slide over his blade until it reached the middle, he pushed back throwing one of Kakashi's arms up while he brought the other down to prepare for his next strike of the sword.

Not disappointing him Naruto jumped forward pushing his entire body weight into his sword.

Kakashi managed to block it but buckled under the pressure he was under. Pushing chakra into his arm muscles he gave an almightily push and threw Naruto straight up.

Naruto took this in stride and twisted his body into a ball while extending his sword down to Kakashi's shoulders effectively slicing his Jounin jacket neck guard in half and leaving a small cut in his skin.

Wincing in pain at the sharp blade he looked up only to see Naruto land on the under part of a tree branch with his legs bent.

Pushing off the tree with as much force as he could muster, Naruto rocketed down to the ground with his blade ready only for Kakashi to leap away and leave him to crash into the ground causing it to shake violently from the impact.

Kakashi could only gap at the power and skill Naruto had with a sword. He wasn't the only one though. Both Tenten and Hayate thought of themselves as great swordsmen, but they were realizing that their skills with the blade were very inadequate when compared with Naruto's.

When the dust cleared from the impact zone, the people watching stared open mouthed at the crater caused and the fissure in the ground. The crater was five feet wide and a foot deep with Naruto calmly standing in the middle of it. His sword was facing the ground with the point centimeters from where the fissure started. The fissure itself was a hair big where it started at Naruto's blade, but expanded ten feet out and grew to be a foot wide and about six feet deep.

Tightening his grip on the hilt of his sword Naruto brought the sword horizontal to his body with his arm out stretched like he was handing the sword to someone.

When he lifted his left arm, the others could see small sparks of electricity forming in his hand. He slowly extended two of his digits out, the pointer and middle finger and placed them on the metal closest to the hilt.

Slowly running his fingers across the blade, Naruto watched as the blade took on a slight blue hue to it and vibrated comfortably in his hand as if the blade itself missed the contact of the electricity now flowing through it.

Bringing his hand down Naruto looked Kakashi over to see him watching the blade with caution while backing away slightly before his back was to a tree.

Turning the sword so its point was facing Kakashi, he slid into the humming bird stance, but this time it was reversed with his right arm in the back and the left arm forward. His left hand had the tip of the sword resting on his thumb ready to be used at any moment with the bladed side pointed towards the sky.

With no warning what so ever, Naruto blasted forward.

There was no other way to describe it as one second Naruto was crouching in his clan's style and the next there was a dust cloud behind him.

Throughout the clearing everyone heard a loud cling and an enormously loud groaning of a tree before they saw Kakashi role away from the tree that he had been standing in front of and then saw half of a tree fall behind him and the other half fall the other way.

The only ones that could actually follow Naruto's movements when he shot forward were Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Kakashi because of his Sharingan eye.

The others were shocked to see that it was actually Naruto that caused the tree to be split from the point of his sword impacting and going though the tree to split all the way to the top.

They didn't get to admire it for long though, seeing as Naruto made some one handed seals under his cloak.

Turning in Kakashi's direction he stepped forward and seemed to blur to where Kakashi was standing leaving after images in his wake from his swords glow of electricity showing him raising it above him and bringing it down.

Kakashi was working over time trying to keep up with Naruto's speed and technique with a sword. The weird thing was that the lightning was interfering with his Sharingan eye ability to predict his opponent's movements. It was still working but it was sending off electricity that was leaving a trail itself making it hard to distinguish between where it would be and where it was at the moment in time.

But luckily for him he was able to keep up with him otherwise he would have been dead by now and that shunshin (High Speed Movement) would have gotten him. But luckily he was able to block in time but had to immediately lower one of his kunai to his chest to block the next swing.

Blocking his twelfth sword slash, Kakashi jumped backward. When he sailed backwards he noticed Naruto wasn't following him, but counted himself lucky.

That is until he landed and brought up his kunai in a defense position and noticed something that is almost impossible happen.

Both of his kunai were cracked in several places and missing chunks of metal on the edges. He gapped at them in shock because kunai where made to be the hardest metal possible. To crack them wasn't unheard of but to do it from sword slashes was unreal.

Focusing past his kunai to the person responsible he saw him standing calmly waiting for him to make a move.

Shaking his head he dropped the now useless kunai and slipped his hand into his kunai pouch taking a scroll out and swiping some blood on the thing while it unrolled.

In a puff of smoke a Kodachi appeared; his old Anbu short sword to be more precise. Taking a hold of the weapon before it fell to the ground he got in to a defensive position.

Seeing his opponent with a proper weapon again Naruto shot forward, but this time at high Jounin level speed.

Blow after blow was exchanged while the rest in the tree lines watched on in fascination at the deadly battle. The old genin could only watch on in shock at Narutos display of power and a little bit of intimidation at his ruthless fighting style.

They didn't know it but the Jounin were thinking along the same lines as them. Jiraiya and Tsunade were watching the exchange of blows with interest and calculating eyes. They both had no idea that Naruto had improved this much over the two and a half years, and to say they were proud would be an understatement. The only bad thing was his way of thinking when it came to his now dead family. It reminded them a lot of Sasuke wanting to kill Itachi way too much for their liking.

Twisting his sword after a parry, Naruto brought his blade under that of Kakashi's shorter one and thrust forward. Him using a short sword was one of the smartest things he could do, as it allowed him to maneuver the blade quicker so he could block Naruto's lightning fast attacks.

That all stopped though when Naruto got under his guard and thrust forward. He had no option but to go backwards and that left his sword arm to be completely open to attack.

Instead of losing his arm, he let the weapon drop to the ground only for it to be hit with Naruto's sword as it was dropping and go twirling in the air imbedding itself up to the hilt in a tree.

Jumping back without a weapon he knew he was almost out of options to turn this thing around. He could see sweat on Naruto's forehead and he was panting slightly, but he himself was in far worse condition. Ever since Naruto drew that sword of his, he's been on the defensive ninety percent of the time.

When Jiraiya said he was deadly with the weapon and there was no one better he's seen, he wasn't lying. He had his doubts as mastering the sword is rather hard, but Naruto more than proved he was capable of using one with deadly efficiency and accuracy.

Finally coming to his only option he could think about to turn this fight in his favor, he pulled out the rest of his shuriken that he noticed were only eight of them. Letting them fly at his opponent he jumped high into the air while going backwards also.

Naruto saw all of this with ease and with the same ease as before sent the shuriken back at Kakashi, only for said man to let out a ball of fire at him.

"Katon: Gokakyu no jutsu." (Grand Fire Ball) Naruto instantly knew something was different when he noticed the fire ball was much smaller than normal,

The fire ball hit the shuriken and redirected them enough for them to be harmless to anyone, while the ball of fire itself continued towards Naruto.

Seeing the incoming ball of fire he twirled his sword in his hand until it was nothing more than a blur in front of him. When the fire impacted it just swooshed around him harmlessly and went out.

Now that the fire was out Naruto could see and hear the purpose of the ball of fire. It was nothing more than a distraction to block his view and to redirect the shuriken to be harmless. It goes without saying that it worked perfectly as now he was staring at a hunched over Kakashi.

That wasn't the bad thing though, no the bad thing was that he was holding his right wrist with his left hand while his right hand had lightning crackling in his open palm that was facing the ground creating a circle of lightning around him. The attack was imitating a chirping noise, but with a thousand bird.

"So it's going to be like that?" Naruto asked while narrowing his eyes.

Shrugging to cause his cloak to move off his shoulder blades slightly Naruto twirled his blade once in a blur of motion in front of him, letting any blood that was on it to fly off, he raised his right arm with the sword and deposited the blade in its sheath with expert precision. With an audible cling the blade disappeared behind his cloak, with only the hilt still being visible after another shrug of his shoulders to put his cloak completely back on.

Only when the cloak moved to completely cover his front side did he move and in a blur of motion hidden by his cloak, he did ten hand seals and crouched down into the same position as Kakashi was in with the cloak now showing his front completely.

With a flash of blue lightning that illuminated everything around him, Naruto's own palm was covered in lightning exactly like Kakashi's was.

Said man looked on in astonishment as he saw a very similar, if not the exact same jutsu as he was holding made by someone else. He created this jutsu; no one else should know how to do this unless he taught them himself and he knew he never taught Naruto this one. It must have been a clan jutsu.

Sensing the chakra coming from Naruto's attack he knew his wouldn't be strong enough to last against it, so he pumped some more chakra into it while molding it in a different way around his hand and inside his body. The effect was easily seen and heard. The lightning turned from a whitish color to a dark blue like Naruto's was, and the thousands of birds chirping stopped and turned into a small humming and hissing like Naruto's was putting out.

Watching each other like hawks waiting for their prey to make a move they stared each other in the eye until the wind decided to pick up at that exact moment in time and they both shot forward at high blurring speed.

To the others watching they knew this would be the final strike they made and would be the deciding factor of the fight. To see two lightning attacks of such high caliber go against each other was a treat in itself, but to see two S-rank jutsu go against each other was amazing.

Meeting in the middle they both threw there right arms forward as they were dragging them behind them before, the two attacks meet head on while their respective person yelled out the attack.

"Raikiri!" (Lightning Blade) Kakashi yelled over the attack.

"Gekido Sando Ken!" (Raging Thunder Blade) Naruto yelled out equally as loud.

With a resounding boom they connected causing a shock wave to go through the clearing and then the sound of thunder was heard miles away.

Sparks and stray lightning flew everywhere in twenty feet of Naruto and Kakashi who were leaning into their attacks putting everything they had into them with the lightning dancing around and in-between them. It was a rather amazing sight to see, if it wasn't such a deadly attack going on.

Setting his foot hard into the ground Naruto pushed forward with everything he had in the attack effectively making Kakashi slide back an inch before he pushed just as hard keeping it at a standstill.

Seeing nothing was going to happen but there attacks canceling each other out, Naruto did something that surprised everyone there.

Thrusting his left arm out to the side, electricity quickly formed a familiar palm of lightning.

Seeing his tactic Kakashi did the same thing as Naruto just did not even a half second later.

With two newly created S-rank jutsu's ready to use, they both thrust there attacks at each other trying to win the struggle that until now was a stalemate.

With an equally large shockwave as the first one the two attacks collided head on, while the sound of thunder could be heard from miles away.

Struggling to overpower the other, both Naruto and Kakashi pushed all they could to get the advantage but after no ground was made for three seconds Naruto redirected his attack slightly.

This had an immediate effect on the stalemate as it caused Kakashi to get more ground and allow him to push aside one of Naruto's lightning covered hands and go for a stab on his body.

Naruto was expecting just this as he went with the flow and brought his other lightning covered hand to block and pushed that one away while dropping down to do a leg sweep.

Seeing this Kakashi jumped over the leg and went for a downward slice.

Rolling away while keeping his hands away from his body and the ground Naruto jumped back and then forward with a thrust.

What proceeded from there was a deadly dance of colliding lightning covered hands and dodging until someone made a mistake and the other could take advantage of it.

The rest watched on with baited breath as they all knew that with one mistake they would easily kill each other, as both of their lightning covered hands could cut through a person with ease. They knew better than trying to interfere and possibly getting in the way also, if they did that they could cause one of them to be injured or worse by distracting them.

Blocking a hit aimed for the shoulder blade, Naruto pushed it to the side, throwing his own at Kakashi.

Said man blocked it with expert handling with his own hand, and pushed it upwards.

Naruto had no option but to follow the movement leaving both of them with one hand ready to use and the other out of the way for a second. With an upper swing Naruto hit Kakashi's other hand and they struggled to overpower the other for just a second but by that time they could use their other hand again to attack.

Bringing his other hand down to his one that was struggling with Kakashi's; Naruto aimed it right at his arm.

Seeing this, Kakashi couldn't get his other hand to intercept it in time so pulled back while bringing the other one up to Naruto's side.

Seeing the other deadly hand coming and having no time to block it easily he pushed his two hands together and let one diminish slightly while the other strengthened and pushed the weaker hand away by being over powered it caused it to shoot into Kakashi's incoming hand while restoring the power to it.

This caused Naruto to be able to push Kakashi's hand away and leave him defenseless. Taking advantage of that Naruto thrust his free hand forward right at Kakashi's chest.

Tsunade, Jiraiya, and everyone else watching the fight let out a breath when they saw the deadly dance was over with Naruto holding his lightning covered hand eight inches away from Kakashi's chest.

Seeing the man doing nothing but standing rigidly, Naruto jumped back and the lightning slowly dissipated around his hands until there was nothing left.

Kakashi did the same thing seeing he lost fair and square and let his lightning covered hands dissipate returning them to normal.

The second the two attacks had completely disappeared from Kakashi's hands he winced closing his left eye containing the Sharingan and grabbing his right arm that had a two inch cut on his bicep while panting heavily.

Naruto on the other hand, just stood there panting moderately while staring at his opponent.

Both Kakashi and Naruto had multiple injuries on their respective bodies. Though Kakashi looked slightly worse for wear then Naruto did. They both had multiple bruises and small cuts on them. The only big one on Naruto was the bruising around his ribs. Kakashi on the other hand had multiple injuries. His right arm was the most noticeable one with a cut two inches long and an inch deep in his shoulder. He had small cuts all over his body from Naruto's sword making contact with skin. Then there were bruises forming on various points of his body. Over all Kakashi wouldn't be doing any serious fighting for a day or two.

Seeing that everything was finally over, the observers of the match came down to inspect the damage up close. From an above view the training field looked destroyed with multiple craters, scorch marks, and weapons imbedded around the place.

Just as they were landing on the ground from their positions in the trees, a dozen Anbu dropped into the field surrounding Kakashi and Naruto in a circle. The leader of the squadron quickly assessed the field and saw all the damage and figured it was caused by the two they were surrounding. Just when he was about to turn his eyes back to the two of them, he saw Tsunade and multiple other Jounin and Chunnin drop from a nearby tree and the Hokage quickly walking up to him.

"What's the meaning of this Neko?!" Tsunade asked dangerously.

Said Anbu captain was smart enough to know when their Hokage was angry and quickly explained before she got the wrong impression.

"We came to investigate the two bangs of thunder we heard Hokage-sama." The Anbu replied hurriedly while standing straighter.

Tsunade eyed them all, and then nodded in understanding. "Very well Neko. Stand down; the two sounds you most likely heard were Hatake and Uzumaki fighting."

Just as Neko was about to retort to her commander one of her subordinates spoke up. "The demon did that to Kakashi?" He asked with obvious venom in his voice.

Tsunade whirled on the said person and glared right into his mask that she knew hide a slightly scared face. "What did you say shark?" She questioned threatingly.

The said Anbu with the code name shark turned his head away from her and looked at Naruto that was standing to the side with his hands crossed over his chest watching calmly while the rest of the Anbu still surrounding him and Kakashi.

"The Kyuubi brat attacked Kakashi Tsunade-sama." He stated more as a fact then a question while looking directly at Naruto's emotionless face.

Tsunade bristled at what she heard. The other Jounin in the area could easily see her getting ready to send this new-be Anbu on a one way trip to the hospital, while the former genin watched on in slight confusion on why he was calling Naruto all these things.

Just as Tsunade was about to yell at the fool, her eyes widened with everyone else's in the clearing at what they just saw.

Not even two second before, just after the Anbu code named shark finished talking, Naruto disappeared from his spot with a burst of speed and reappeared behind the startled Anbu who insulted him while simultaneously removing his sword from its hilt on his back and brought it about in a horizontal swing.

A second later he flicked his wrist cleaning the blood off the sword to give it a clean silver shine and re-sheathed his sword in one swift fluent movement.

The only ones to even catch the movement were those of Jounin level or above. The rest just saw Naruto appear behind the Anbu re-sheathing his sword as the body in front of him slowly tilted forward. When the body hit the ground, the head rolled silently away as if it was never even attached to begin with.

Everyone tensed but one command from their Hokage to stand down stopped them in their tracks.

"Neko, take your squad and leave. There's no reason for you to be here." Tsunade stated calmly, to calmly after seeing Naruto just behead someone.

"And the dead body maim?" She asked gesturing to her former comrade.

Tsunade looked at the dead man coldly. "Take his body to the infirmary and inform his family of his death, he broke the law and paid the price, go."

"Hai Hokage-sama." With that the Anbu in the area disappeared in moments.

Once they were all gone, Tsunade turned to Naruto and looked at him with a blank face.

Seeing her expression and knowing what she wanted he explained himself. "Like you said Hokage-sama, he broke the law and I was just fulfilling the punishment for said crime." He stated in a mono tone voice while his face was emotionless and blank.

"Wait just a second! You just killed a guy right in front of us, one of our own Konoha ninja and you say it's O.K. What the hell kind of law is that?!" Kiba yelled out looking for answers but only receiving silence in return. The other former genin were wondering the same thing.

Just when he was about to demand answers Naruto spoke up. "If you don't know the law Inuzuka, then it is none of your concern." He spoke without even looking at him but staring down Tsunade. Neither of them seemed like they would back down any time soon.

"What the hell does that mean dope?!" He yelled angrily.

"Enough Kiba! Even though Naruto should have left that for me to handle, he is right, what he did was well within his rights to do." Seeing Kiba about to protest again she spoke up again stopping him.

"He's also right about the fact if you don't know the law, then there's no reason for you to concern yourself with it. It's an S-class secret and it will stay that way until I or Naruto says otherwise."

"What do you-?" Kiba's question was cut off by Shino grabbing his shoulder and shaking his head in the negative to indicate to drop it, grumbling he did so.

"Well…" Tsunade said quietly bringing everyone attention back to her. "Now that the fights over and it's just us again, we should probably get you two healed." She stated looking at both Naruto and Kakashi and then turning to her apprentice that's been surprisingly quite the whole time.

"Sakura, you go look after Naruto's injures and I'll take care of Kakashi okay?" She asked her apprentice giving her a look that clearly said not to argue.

Seeing the look she nodded. "Hai Tsunade-shishou." (Master)

With that parting word she slowly walked over to Naruto and stopped in front of him. He only continued to stare her down as she approached slowly, and saw the look she was giving him as if she was scared of him.

She noticed right away that she was way shorter than he was. That was definitely different for her. As she used to have to look down at him but now she had to look up a good five inches to make eye contact.

Slowly going through hand seals, Sakura held her hands up a few seconds later and a soft green glow encompassed them with a soft humming sound.

Seeing her healing chakra was working perfectly well, she brought her hands to Naruto's ribs but was stopped short by a hand grabbing her wrists. She looked up into his face to see him looking down at her with a blank face.

That look sent a shiver down her spine and she gave him a questioning look. "I'm just going to heal your bruised ribs Naruto." She stated quietly.

Naruto just continued to look at her with that blank face. By that time they had attracted everyone's attention to themselves and Sakura was starting to get nervous and it showed by the sweat sliding down her face.

Finally Naruto pushed her glowing green hands down away from his body and let go of her wrists. "I'll be fine Haruno." He stated in a monotone and turned on the spot and walked silently over to a different area well aware that everyone was following his every move and action. Ignoring them he leaned against a tree and closed his eyes shutting out everything around him, or so it seemed to the others.

Jiraiya watched on sadly as did Tsunade now that she knew why he acted the way he did. The night before, Jiraiya told her that Akara used to heal his wounds when he got hurt. She was by no means as good as Sakura or herself but she knew the basics about medical chakra and how to heal. Shaking her head sadly she turned back to see Kakashi frowning and looking at Naruto in wonder while she healed him up. She knew that even without getting healed by Sakura that Naruto would be as good as new in a few hours if not a day at most.

Ten minutes later she was done with healing Kakashi and turned her attention to the others around her. Jiraiya was leaning beside Naruto a few feet away from him. The Jounin were talking with each other in a small group with Neji left out. He was with the other former genin talking with them. They seemed frustrated and she caught tidbits of their conversation to know that they had tried to talk to Naruto but he would only give short answers and nothing more. And when they asked something he didn't want to talk about, he downright ignored them.

By the looks of things only Neji, Shino, and Lee were able to get him to answer some questions and even those were short and to the point but after a while he just stopped answering.

She frowned seeing him acting like this but she knew there was very little she could do to help him get over what has happened in his short life. She was just happy he wasn't worse than he is though.

'With all the crap that's gone wrong in his life I'm surprised he's still sane, let alone somewhat normal.' She thought sadly while looking at him with a faraway look.

Shaking her head she came back to the present and saw that everyone was in there own conversations. She noticed that Kakashi was standing over by the other Jounin still looking at Naruto with a calculating eye every now and then.

Looking at Naruto she slowly brought her thoughts fully to the present and approached him. When she started moving she absently noticed everyone in the clearing following her moves like they did Naruto's earlier but just like him, she ignored them all.

Standing in front of him she cleared her throat causing Naruto to open his eyes and lock eyes with her before pushing off the tree and standing five feet in front of her at attention.

"Hai Hokage-sama?" He asked in that annoyingly so monotone voice he's developed.

"Hayate, Hatake, come here." Tsunade commanded not breaking the eye contact she had with Naruto.

Said gentlemen were at her side in moments awaiting her orders.

"As you know, I came up with this test to asses Uzumaki Raishin Naruto on his skill level and what rank he should be bestowed. After fighting and seeing his skills in battle what is your opinion on him." Here she turned her head to Kakashi.

Seeing she wanted him to go first he did just that. "Well… you've definitely grown stronger over the past two and a half years Naruto." He stated looking at Naruto and getting no response he continued.

"I only have one question before I can fully answer you Hokage-sama." Seeing her nod in acceptance he turned in Naruto's direction and stared straight at him.

"That final attack you did… what was it exactly? It looked like a copy of my Raikiri."

Naruto looked at him for a few seconds before answering. "It may be hard for you to understand Hatake, but that attack was created even before you were born. If anything, you made a copy of it, not the other way around. It's called 'Gekido Sando Ken'. (Raging Thunder Blade) As you might have noticed they are not the same attacks, just the same power. Mine created a loud shock wave that sounded like thunder. Mine is also different as you don't need the Sharingan to use it."

Seeing he wouldn't continue Kakashi pushed. "Can you tell me why you don't need the Sharingan? My 'Raikiri' creates a vacuum effect making a person have tunnel vision, so it's required to have the Sharingan."

"My 'Gekido Sando Ken' has no such limitations. The way the electricity flows and is formed allows me to use it as I see fit, without effecting any of my abilities." Naruto told him matter of factly.

Narrowing his eyes he nodded in understanding. "I see. Well I must say that everything you showed in our fight was easily Jounin level. I think you deserve the rank. You definitely have the mind set to be a Jounin also, so no problems there. Over all I'd say promote him Hokage-sama."

Nodding in Kakashi's direction, Tsunade turned to Hayate. "And your opinion on his sword skills Hayate?" She questioned already knowing his answer, as did everyone else in the clearing.

Stepping forward he gave her a slight bow of the head in acknowledgment. "His skills with the sword are easily beyond my own. I noticed throughout the fight when you were using your sword that you used multiple styles, is this true?" He directed the question at Naruto.

Said man nodded his head in the affirmative, but didn't bother to elaborate any. Seeing this Hayate continued. "As I thought. I saw at least four different styles combined into one to make what he has. Over all I highly doubt you've used even close to your most deadly attacks with the sword, have you Naruto?"

Again all he got was silence, but this time he was stared down by said man intently, like he was searching on how much he knew. "Over all Hokage-sama, I'd say if he ever went full out with a sword, he could possibly be as good as the seven swordsmen of the mist."

The others looked at him like he was crazy, but seeing his serious look they knew he wasn't kidding about what he said on Naruto's sword skills. Turning to the one they were talking about, they saw him with an emotionless mask like before.

Nodding in thanks, Tsunade turned her full attention back to Naruto. "I can safely say that your skills are on Jounin level, if not slightly higher than that. You also have the right mind set to be a Jounin. You have no problem following the rules, taking the necessary actions when needed and knowing how to handle different situations correctly. With all this in mind, as Hokage of this village, I bestow upon you the rank of Jounin."

Taking out a scroll from her pockets, she opened it up some and pushed some chakra into it, to have a Jounin flank jacket pop out in a cloud of smoke. Putting the scroll away she lifted the vest in front of him.

"Congratulations on your new rank Uzumaki Raishin Naruto."

"Thank you Hokage-sama." Naruto's monotone voice replied while taking the vest from her outstretched hands and sealing it inside one of his own scrolls. If one were to listen closely they would have heard the slight happy tone in his voice, but most of them didn't catch it.

Dejected at not getting a bigger response out of him, she shook her head to clear it of thought before addressing him again.

"Come by my office tomorrow afternoon so I can explain your full responsibilities then, until then your free to go." She dismissed with a happy smile in his direction.

"All right Naruto-kun, you made Jounin, your flames of youth burn most brightly, I'll have to increase my own training two fold to catch up with you!" Lee joyously shouted while clasping Naruto on the back.

"You said it Lee, who would have thought that the dead last would become so strong." Kiba grinned in Naruto's direction while walking up to him.

"Y-you did r-really well N-Naruto-kun." Hinata congratulated him shyly.

"It seems you've gotten a lot stronger since the last time we fought Naruto." Neji said stoically.

Within the next couple of minutes all the former genin and even the Jounin complimented Naruto on his skills and welcomed him back into the village happily. Through this all Naruto remained silent while the others commented on his skills and talked amongst themselves, even though he didn't answer any of them back. Finally they noticed he wasn't answering and an awkward silence grew amongst them.

Stepping forward slightly while keeping her head down and twiddling with her thumbs, Hinata breathed in slightly and looked up into Naruto's eyes.

"W-would you like to go-o get some d-dinner with me and the o-others?" She asked nervously.

The others looked between the two of them, with conflicting emotions. They all knew that Hinata had a crush on Naruto, that she's had one on him for a long time, since they were in the academy actually, and for her to ask him now, was a big step for her.

But they also all knew that Naruto was married at one point when he was away from the village for the last two and a half years. They didn't know the full details but they knew that she had been killed and that Naruto had obviously loved her very much.

Jiraiya and Tsunade were the only ones that knew the full story and they both winced when they heard the question. They knew talking about Naruto's wife was a very sore subject for him. Jiraiya confirmed this to Tsunade a lot to make the point clear to her. They knew that Naruto wouldn't react well to her question; they just hope he didn't hurt her too much.

Looking at Hinata straight in the eye, he answered with some slight force in his voice. "No."

Hinata looked down at the ground while stuttering out a reply. "O-h, w-well t-that's ok t-then N-Naruto-kun."

Kiba narrowed his eyes at Naruto while stomping up to him so there faces were only inches apart. "You don't have to be such an ass to her you know, she was only asking if you wanted to go out to eat with us and catch up." Kiba practically growled out in Naruto's face.

"Y-you d-don't have to d-defend me K-Kiba." Hinata mumbled out shyly.

Naruto just stared straight into Kiba's eyes, not the least bit intimidated by his aggression. "That's not why I said no Inuzuka."

Kiba growled at the use of his last name. "Oh then do tell, and why don't you use my first name Naruto?"

Naruto calmly took a few steps back to get some distance between them and responded in kind. "I don't use your first name because I don't want to. As for the reason I said no to Hinata's question is simple. I have no interest in spending time with her what so ever." He stated with a monotone voice avoid of emotions.

Hinata's head lowered even more, while the others in the clearing narrowed their eyes in Naruto's direction seeing him speak those hurtful words to Hinata.

"Why you-!" Kiba started but was interrupted.

"I know all about her crush on me." That statement had Hinata's head snapping up in his direction and a few heads to turn to look at him with wonder.

"I'm no fool when it comes to love. I fell in love with the most beautiful woman in the world, which I had planned on spending the rest of my life with." Naruto's soft voice traveled to each of their ears and caught their attention.

"Sadly all happy things in my life must come to an end, and she was killed in front of my eyes. I want nothing to do with another woman for the rest of my life. So her feelings for me are pointless as they will never be returned. The sooner she realizes this, the happier she'll be." Naruto finished coldly while turning around and walking away silently.

The others could only watch his retreating back with different emotions. Some were angry at him for the way he shot down Hinata, but at the same time they knew he was suffering even more than she could ever feel on the inside. He may not show it, but they could easily tell that he missed his wife greatly, and still felt pain whenever she was mentioned.

Letting him leave they turned to Hinata to see her crying with Kurenai soothing her distraught former student.

Kakashi, Jiraiya, and Tsunade each watched Naruto's retreating form with different thought on their minds. They couldn't imagine going through all he's gone through and still be sane after it all. They each caught what Naruto said, "Sadly all happy things in my life must come to an end." To know that after everything he has gone through, all of that, and probably even more than they knew about, all he's ever wanted deep down was a family to love. And when he finally gets it, it's torn away from him. They just couldn't imagine how that felt and how much that must have hurt him.

Sadly watching his form completely disappear, they turned to the others around them to see them retreating back to the village, each going their separate ways.

Nodding to the others, they too went back to Konoha; all having similar thought that surrounded the new Naruto.

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