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Vayden- 'Karma is a professional wrestler'

Absconder- A 'Runaway', 'Fugitive'.

Rosalie POV.

"Enter my beautiful buttercup." I heard Aro call from the other side of the door.

Alice and Bella had nominated me to be our spokeswoman for tonight. We were in need of a night out, but only Aro could grant us that luxury. I was always the spokeswoman when it came to matters like this, thanks to my…persuasive nature.

I entered the room and strode over to tall backed chair I knew Aro was sat in. The chair was in front of the fire and this was where he liked to sit on the nights when he wanted peace and quiet to work out the finer points of his next mission.

"What can I do for you my Rose?" he asked lazily as he tore his gaze from the crystal glass of blood he was nursing in his hands and looked up at me. His milky eyes locked on my face unwaveringly.

"Alice, Bella and I would like the evening off to go out to town for a few hours." I told him simply while remaining placid. I had learnt long ago when I first met Aro that bursts of emotion such as fury or even pleading only excited him and made him want more. He thrived off of negative feelings only to elevate his own mood.

"Why do you want to go out? Haven't I furnished your home with everything you might need?" he asked gently enough, but I heard the daring tone beneath it.

"Of course. Our home is perfect, but we would like and evening out of the house." I replied while willing him into complying.

"Go ahead then." Aro sighed while waving a hand at me dismissively. I smiled and thanked him while wanting to jump for joy within. I couldn't let Aro see just how happy I was by the news. He would surely change his mind or announce something to bring me back down.

I walked away and went for the door while wondering what I would wear tonight. "Ohh Rosalie, one more thing…" I snapped my mouth shut to suppress a growl. I knew it was too good to be true. We'd have to follow his rules and be home within 45 minutes and 13 seconds again maybe or we could only go to clubs or bars that started with a particular letter. He'd given us these conditions before for his own amusement.

"Yes Aro." I answered calmly with only a few milliseconds of hesitation.

"Demitri will follow you." he said. I could hear the smile in his voice and wanted so badly to slap it from his face. "That is all, you may go." he added. I was dismissed.

I left Aro's wing of the castle and carried onto the far side. Bella, Alice and I were housed in one of the turrets and had been there since Aro found us all those years ago. I scowled as I marched back to the girls, feeling another kick of loneliness at the life I now led. Whatever we did had rules and regulations. We couldn't do anything unless Aro had given his permission first which was doubly frustrating.

I had been 18 when Aro found me. It had been years since I had been brought here and I had seen the change in him. He was a wolf in sheep's clothing and everyone that worked for him knew it.

Alice had been sent to an asylum before we were found. Her visions were considered the work of the devil and so she was packed away, to be forgotten. Luckily for her parents, they had other children to dote upon, so they could afford to forget about one. Alice had long ago shown me a picture of her from when she had long hair. When she was sent to the asylum, her hair was cut in an attempt to drive the devil out, but when the visions continued, they dosed her up with medication instead to keep her lulled. Aro found Alice when he went scouting for new recruits. He knew that some people admitted into asylums did have real gifts and his point was proved when he found Alice. He soon got her into his clutches, bit her and fled the scene after draining a few doctors.

Bella lived with her mother who was flighty and desperate to get rid of her. She found her opportunity to flee when she met younger man and so, she left Bella without looking back.

Bella was strong, but it wasn't long before she found trouble and was attacked by a nomad vampire named James. Unknowingly to Bella, Aro had been watching her for a while, knowing that there was something different about her and he had been right.

She had a physical shield that kept people at an arms length and then the mental block which also kept people out from her mind at all times. Bella was a complicated one, but after training from Aro, she was an expert at lying, being evasive and keeping the upper hand.

Finally, with me, my parents had set me up with a man a little older than me to date. As usual, things went well before they got worse. Aro was the one to find me after the attack and changed me by pure chance. He told me that had I been stronger and had my blood been warmer and more plentiful, he would have drained me. I was weak though when he found me and after recognizing my beauty, he changed me. He thought he might use my beauty to win others of our kind to join his allegiance. All I would have to do was look pretty and it would be like drawing bees to honey he said. I smirked at the thought. When Aro found out that I did have a talent, that I was tenacious by nature and could now make things go my way, he was ecstatic. He had his little collection of pretty's once I joined. I hated Aro, I had wanted to die, but when I met the girls, I found it easier as the time went on.

I opened the large wooden door at the ground floor of our turret. I entered the sparse room before closing the door behind me. The walls were stone-faced and bare and the ground was covered with wood panelling for some sort of warmth, even though, as vampires, we didn't really need it. I made my way up the spiral staircase. The next level up, there was a door on the right which took us to the main level of the castle where we mixed with others occasionally and relaxed. Higher up the stairs, to the third level of the turret, was what I considered home.

The stairs spiralled up high enough that it reached into a corner of the turret. This was the highest point that the staircase went to. Beyond the door in front of me, was the comfort I sought whenever I was away from it.

The door creaked open as I pushed it and closed with a bang. "Rose? I've got our clothes laid out ready, come on!" I heard Alice shout from above.

"Be right there!" I called back as I kicked off my shoes. Our turret was circular, and everything was made to measure thanks to Aro and his wealth.

Upon entering the door, you came into the living room. On the far side of the room was the kitchen and dinning room on a raised platform. Both area's were open plan and spacious. To the right, was a large office for us to do our work in and a bathroom. To the left was a small scale spiral staircase which took you up to the next level. Two massive stone poles kept the upper level from falling down as it was designed as a sort of balcony. From the living room, you could look up and see someone walking along the landing which was lined with a wooden banister. Along this landing, there were three doors. My room, Bella's and finally Alice's.

I went up stairs and to my room. I passed my bed and closet and went straight for the bathroom. I showered quickly before wrapping up in towels and getting ready.

Alice had chosen my outfit. Skin tight black leggings, a pair of heeled black boots and a top that Alice must have mistaken as a dress. I dressed in the clothes, knowing that it would be foolish to defy the little sprite. I soon got my hair sorted, my war paint on and relaxed back down stairs, waiting for Alice and Bella to finish even though I'd traipsed in after them.

"Rosalie?" I heard Alice snap as I heard a pair of heels clicking along the landing upstairs.

"Down here!" I called while waving at her from the comfy sofa I was sat on.

"Ohh, hey. Good job with Aro, you did well with him." Alice praised me before tapping her head. As if I'd forget that she'd have seen the whole thing happen in her mind once Aro had made up his mind.

"What do you want?" I asked as I twirled a stand of my hair between my fingers.

"Come up here so I can see you." Alice ordered as she leant her forearms on the banister.

"Are you going to throw your hair down for me Rapunzel? Because I'm not climbing those stairs again." I grinned as Alice stood up to her full, 4ft and a few fractions, height and glared down at me.

She pouted at me before softening her face and shrugging. "Sit there then, you must look good, I chose your outfit…we'll be down in a few minutes." she announced before dancing off, back to Bella.

Alice and Bella soon came down stairs as Alice had declared and then, we waited. Alice was dressed in a tight black mini dress which puffed out at the bottom. She wore a pair of boot styled heels and some silver jewellery. Bella was clad in skin tight jeans, heels, and a band tee. Bella must have bargained for one item of her choice and chosen the top. I was sure that Alice wouldn't have let out in that ragged looking thing otherwise.

"Where is that asshole..?" Bella snapped impatiently after a few minutes of waiting.

Alice sighed heavily and stood up before scowling her pixie face up and sneering. "3, 2, 1...Ding dong, the prick is here…" Sure enough, the doorbell rang just as Alice finished her little rant. Bella and I followed Alice to the door and out of it.

"Come on, move it…" Demitri snapped as he stalked back down the stairs.

I bit my tongue and followed. There were so many insults that I wanted to throw at him, but I couldn't choose one so I remained silent. When we reached the garage, Alice, Bella and I slipped into the back seat wordlessly while Demitri revved the car to goad us.

We were soon flying down the road. All three of us knew that Demitri was speeding in order to seem intimidating, but each of us also knew that he would slow down as to not risk getting a speeding ticket or even get one tiny scratch on the car. If he did any of those, he'd be in the dog house, or out of a job, depending on Aro's mood.

Demitri barked for directions to where we wanted to go as soon as we made it into the heart of town. I snapped the directions right back at him before burning a scowl at him through the little rear view mirror.

Thankfully, our ordeal was soon over and we were roughly told to get out. We did as we were told and quickly made our way to the front of the line at one of the newest clubs in town. No words were exchanged, there were no second looks or queries as the bouncers let us in. The crowd outside in the queue moaned and protested, but there was nothing they could say to stop us being let into the club. There were quite a few benefits when you worked for the Volturi.

"I'm going to the bar, what do you want?" Bella asked as she pulled a $10 out.

"Anything pink…" Alice replied before slipping away through the crowd for a table.

"Anything with alcohol in it." I said before following the little one's path.

Bella POV.

As I made my way through the bodies to the bar, I smirked. Years of being victimised in the power mad coven had made me bitter, at times. I also knew that my shield gift was very useful in the situation I was about to stir up. I was often praised by Aro for being so good at lying and for having the perfect poker face, even though, I could see the fear behind his eyes. He was scared of me lying to him and him not realising it until it was too late. That was clear to see.

My shield also meant that I could keep things to myself. There were no mind games that worked on me, no tricks that could make me slip up. Aro had even gone and hooked me up to a lie detector once, for the fun of it. I had lied through my teeth the whole time, but the lie detector caught nothing. That was why I was always the one to talk and lay out the generous laws and regulations to new covens. I would come across as trustworthy and honest. Rosalie would be the one to negotiate, to barter thanks to her will-bending quality and make sure that Aro got the best from victimising smaller covens.

I got to the bar and perched myself on a barstool before catching the eye of a hot young bartender.

"What can I get you beautiful?" he asked as he leant way over the bar.

The music wasn't that loud, but this guy was flirting. I smiled at the poor guy pityingly, but I was sure he took it in another way. The little guy thought I was flirting back, bless him. If only he knew I had teeth sharper than the blade of a knife and could slice through him faster than he could bat an eye.

"I'd like something pink, something strong and for me…" I bit my bottom lip for effect. "I'll have whatever you make me…" I declared before sitting back and watching the guy do his job.

"Got a drink for me Isabella?" Demitri's creepy voice sent shivers through my spine as he grumbled at my ear.

"Fuck off Demitri." I answered him shortly while keeping my back to him.

I felt a sharp pain in my upper arm as he grasped it in a tight hold. "Don't talk to me like that-" he hissed in my ear.

"Now, now… Demitri…" I cut him off and turned to look at him. He didn't let go of my arm, but slackened his hold a little. I could see he was mad. His eyes were dark and menacing, his face in a deep scowl. "You remember what happened last time when Aro twigged as to how our home got smashed up, don't you?" I goaded him, teased him. It took all my energy to keep cool as I spoke to him. I remembered the night when I had been too shocked, too overwhelmed and caught off guard to get my shield up fast enough and it was his entire fault.

I continued, "I'm surprised he let you out. Aren't you usually with the little kids Demitri? Hmmm? Drinking warm blood and reading sunshine and lollipops stories?" I asked as my eyes bore into his black as thunder scowl. I laughed in his face as he let go of my arm sharply and stalked away.

He would keep an eye on us and treat us like shit for the rest of the night, but at least I got something out of it. The asshole had been taken down a peg or two for now.

"Here you go, something pink, something strong, and something from me…" the barman's joyful voice sang behind me.

I turned with a picture perfect smile on my face and thanked him. I held the $10 note out just in front of my chest while crooking my finger for him to come closer. He leant over and I met him in the middle. I made sure to let my breath tickle his ear and my lips just brush his skin while I spoke.

"Thank you for the drinks. Hey, how old are you? Twenty?" I asked as I reached out to play with the collar of his shirt.

"I'm um…twenty two…" he replied back.

"Hmmm…you're over twenty. I'm twenty, my friend Alice, she's twenty and you know who else is twenty? My friend Rose, she's twenty…" I said quickly, making sure he heard every repeated word.

"That's…ughh…" I sucked his earlobe into my mouth quickly just for the fun of it before sitting back and handing him he $10. I loved that I knew how close this sucker was to a bite and he was clueless. "Wow…" he finished before taking my money and tilling in the drinks I had.

He glanced over at me as the till opened. I looked him up and down before licking my lips slowly and looking away. I hoped my hustle had worked seeing as I'd put so much time and bother into it. I had enough money, Aro paid extremely well, but I always loved the challenge of swindling money from half-wits.

"Here you go, see you later…" the barman said huskily as he handed me over $10 of change. Sucker. He'd fallen for my trick. I'd repeated the number twenty enough times for him to be confused and think of the $10 I had given him as a $20.

"Thanks, see you…" I threw him a wink before collecting our drinks and carefully making my way back to the girls. I threw my shield up a little as I walked so no one could bump into me and make me spill the drinks.

I sat on one of the chairs between Alice and Rose and handed them their respective drinks.

"Demitri was close to smacking you. You're lucky he didn't Bella…" Alice chastised me as she sipped her pink drink.

"Come on Alice, that asshole needs a little humble pie after the beatings he dished out on us…" Rosalie declared before continuing. "Being made to look after the juniors for 9months wasn't exactly the punishment I thought Aro would dish out."

I agreed with Rosalie. Demitri was given a lax punishment. It was common knowledge that neither of us three got on with him, but Aro had been afraid since we arrived that we would run off and so, he had all but shackled us with Demitri. One night after too many wind ups from other members of the coven and us, Demitri had let out the rage he held against us and was soon reprimanded and sent to baby-sit the juniors once we gave Aro the ultimate ultimatum. We wanted Demitri punished, or we would walk.

The 9months had gone by too fast and tonight was his first night back with us. Felix had done a fine job of stalking us during Demitri's absence, but Aro had promised that Demitri would be given a skeleton shift with us so we didn't have to be around him too much. I knew that the night 9months ago hit Rosalie the most. She never said a word, but I saw the utter fear in her eyes as she was hit in turn. The little fuck knew Rose had been attacked, raped, and left to die and yet he dished out the same to her as he did to Alice and myself. Neither of us would forgive him for what he did, we would only strive to make his time with us hell.

Alice POV.

Over the past few weeks, I had been making different decisions in my mind, over and over and over again to see the results in my mind. I wasn't sure what exactly would be the best move, but I knew that things had to change soon; otherwise, the result for us would be dire.

"Ladies, I think its time to bail out…" I said conversationally enough as I let the decision click in my mind. I froze and let the familiar vision come to me. I had the same vision every time I made a mental decision to leave. It was simply better than any other alternative.

"Do you think its time to bail out or do you know its time?" Bella asked calmly enough as she toyed with her drink, looking mildly curious.

"I know its time to go." I said simply. They both knew what that meant.

"Hmmm…I'm in. This life is getting old and I don't like the next mission, I really don't want a part in it." Rosalie declared seriously.

Slaughtering a few covens to remind the others of our kind around the world that the Volturi were the leaders wasn't what either of us considered fair or humane. I knew when I first heard of the mission that Bella and Rose wouldn't like it either and I was right. How did Aro expect us to slaughter our kind when we couldn't even kill mere mortals for blood?

The three of us were ridiculed for a long time about our chosen diet. We drank animal blood in stead of human. I had seen long ago that this was the path to take, the kinder one. Neither Bella, Rose, nor I saw the appeal in killing humans, but the Volturi coven did, especially Jane and Alec, the baby blood suckers.

The coming battles would be pivotal for us. We had never been in a battle against innocents before, only against those who threatened to expose our existence. I already knew from my visions that it would be a kill, or be killed scenario if we hanged around here and then refused to fight. The Volturi didn't take too lightly at the loyalty to them being devalued. Poor Chelsea believed that we were loyal to the Volturi thanks to her gift of strengthening or weakening bonds, but she had no idea that after years of practicing, Bella had managed to fool her and wean us off of her hold. Bella hadn't managed to sever the bond, it would be obvious if that happened over night, but it would be easy for her to do so when the time came.

"Then we're agreed?" Bella asked as she glanced between me and Rosalie. We both nodded in agreement. "Good, now how the fuck do we get away from Aro without being killed first?" Bella asked seriously as she sat back in her chair and looked form me to Rosalie expectantly.

Bella POV.

The moment we were back in our turret, all three of us ran to our rooms to change, before returning to the living room to plan on the floor in front of a roaring fire.

"We need to get away from here and Aro can't know…" I said as soon as we were all settled. "We'll have to act normal. If he suspects something, he'll want to read our thoughts and he hasn't don't that in a while, to us three anyway." I said.

"True enough. He hasn't read our minds since you, Rose freaked out at him for invading your privacy…that must have been a few weeks ago now…" Alice said as she played with her hair absently.

"Yeah, maybe he'll leave us alone, but what do we do if Aro touches one of us" Rosalie asked.

"We hope he won't." I muttered. "If we can keep the pretence of being loyal, planning this slaughter of the covens, he shouldn't have any reason to want to read our minds."

"If that fails, Bella, you'll just have to throw up your shield to stop Aro getting to us and we'll have to make our excuses or flee then and there." Alice pointed out. "I have another idea, but I'll need to think it over and try my best to see what happens before we start contemplating it…" Alice muttered while looking distracted by her idea.

"Okay, look, in my opinion, what we really need to do soon is plan how we actually get away from here and where the hell can we escape to. Demitri's annoying gift will be trouble." Rosalie pointed out, sounding and looking very peeved.

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