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Beyond All Reason – 'This September'

Edward POV.

"Pfft…I can do that…" Emmett boasted as he sneered at the television. He had been watching a young man walking over hot coals for a few seconds and was already imagining how he would best the human.

"Emmett…that guy is human, you're a vampire." I explained slowly. I had given up on trying to work his mind at times. It was almost impossible to understand his logic at times like these.

"Whatever human lover…" Emmett muttered under his breath before he aimed the remote at the TV and switched it to the next station.

Jacob was fast asleep in one of the bedrooms which linked in with our penthouse suite at the grand hotel. He had showered and gone straight to bed as soon as we arrived here and he hadn't even surfaced to eat yet, which showed just how tired he was.

Carlisle had already arranged a flight for Jacob to go home for the next afternoon and so now, all Jake had to do was wait.

Jasper was on the other side of the room, bent over a pile of books. He was reading up on the history of Italy, again, while I tried my best to read my book. Emmett's loud thoughts were a little hard to ignore, but I wouldn't let him get to me. After decades of living together as a family and being around others, I liked to think that I could tune in and out what I wanted to hear.

The time went by and I began to wonder what was taking Carlisle so long. He had gone to see the Volturi, but I hadn't thought that he would have been gone this long. I let myself listen in on Jake in the next room and I then realised he was talking to his father on the phone by now. I tuned back out and let myself get lost in my book once more, hoping the time would go by faster.

Darkness had crept in when I picked up the tenor of Carlisle's thoughts. I listened in and realised that he was reciting poems in his mind, one after the other. He was hiding something from me and doing a good job. I knew I would just confront him when he reached the room, so I remained silent while Emmett and Jacob arm wrestled at the table.

I glanced out the window and realised it was night time. The day had passed us by and Carlisle had been missing from us for almost the whole of it.

"Carlisle's on the way and he's not in a very good mood Emmett…" Jasper said pointedly as he played solitaire by himself beside the arm wrestlers.

"Okay, I win." Emmett declared as he let go of Jake's hand and stood up.

"No way! It was a draw…" Jake disagreed as he too stood up before stifling a yawn.

"You can have a rematch later, just kiss and make up for now, Carlisle's coming down the hall." Jasper urged. I watched Emmett frown and glare at Jasper before agreeing affably with Jacob that it had been a tie. It was obviously an agreement forced by Jasper.

Carlisle entered the room a few moments later with a face as dark as thunder. I knew not to even bother asking him what was on his mind. Neither of us had hardly ever seen Carlisle in a bad mood, but when we did, we knew to leave him alone to work things out in his mind.

"We'll be heading out soon…" Jasper said casually, although even I picked up on his hesitance.

"Have fun." Carlisle said calmly as he walked toward his room. "Emmett, behave." He added without turning around before he disappeared.

Later that night, Emmett, Jasper, Jake and I headed to a club not too far from the hotel.

"Ready for tonight, Jake?" Emmett asked excitedly as he turned in his seat. "Jacob…" Emmett practically growled his name under his breath before turning back around and sulking in the passenger seat behind me.

"What?" I asked before I rolled my eyes. I tried to hear Jacob's thoughts, but I only got flashes of trees, other wolves and disturbingly, of other naked men who had obviously just transformed. I could tell he was fast asleep before having to bother reading Jasper or Emmett's minds.

"He's been travelling a while. I could tell he was tired and didn't really want to go tonight…" Jasper informed us before the car lapsed into silence.

Once we arrived at the club, I parked around the corner while Jasper jarred Jacob awake. "Jake…do you want to come with us or stay here and sleep?" he asked slowly and clearly while continuing to shake one of Jake's shoulders.

"Stnnnmmseep" Jacob slurred before his head tipped and he began to snore.

"That's what I thought, let's go!" Emmett called from a few feet away. I could hear him, he was over Jacob's absence, he just wanted to get in there and soak up the atmosphere.

Jasper POV.

I quickly reeled once we stepped inside the club. "Wow…damn it…" I took a deep breath that I didn't need while I collected myself.

"I read your mind and I can read theirs…" Edward sighed in a sympathetic, yet regretful tone as he slapped a hand to my shoulder.

"Say no more." I laughed. "It really doesn't get any easier with time does it?" I asked, while referring to trying our best to ignore what our 'gifts' picked up. In my case, I was bombarded with mostly lust, along with a jumble of emotions which dipped and spiked erratically. I was going to have enough trouble keeping myself in control, letting my guard down would only make it more of a challenge.

"I think its getting worse…take me back to the days of courting and chaperones any day…" Edward replied wistfully before he laughed it off. He and I followed Emmett's bulking form to the bar soon after we'd got to grips with the emotions and thoughts about us.

As the night went on, I could feel the drunken lust swirl, making it feel as if there was a heavy oppressive cloud of it in the room. Normally, this would be torture, but the drunks' emotions were so warped and he drunks themselves in this place were so unappealing. It was easy to deflect the emotions around me.

The time went on, as it so rightly should do and Emmett and Edward left to go check up on Jake. I remained in the club, thinking it would be easier to deal with the emotions by staying, rather than going out and coming back in again. Edward let me know he was going to give Carlisle a call, while Emmett let me know that he was going to try and spook Jake.

I left them to it and relaxed in the darkest corner of the bar, watching the humans on the dance floor and traipsing awkwardly around the place.

A movement on the far side of the room caught my eye. I had seen a guy wearing a black cloak earlier in the night and had thought nothing of it, but now, there was another one beside him. The both of them were whispering and I couldn't make out what they were saying over the sound of the music, even with my heightened sense of hearing.

Just as I was about to go and get Edward to help me work out what made the men seem so strange, I was thrown off course with an enormous feeling of fear.

I turned my head, knowing exactly who was giving off the emotion. The force of it was so hard hitting that I was sure that I could have pin pointed that woman out of a crowd of thousands, but thankfully for me, she was relatively alone. The young brunette was pressed against a pillar and was sneaking peeks at the two men every few seconds.

All I could feel was her apprehension, her terror and utter fear. I wondered why the human would be so scared, but then I realised that something horrific could have happened to her at some point, no matter how perfect she looked right now. She turned and pressed her back to the pillar and took deep breaths while her eyes scanned the crowd frantically.

Even from where I was, I caught the strange tint to the colour of her eyes. I knew then that she was a vampire and that she must be like Carlisle and us somehow, otherwise, she wouldn't have coped with being in here with all these humans.

I got up from my seat and made my way toward the young woman. I passed through the dancing crowd as swiftly as I could, while still keeping to a human pace.

Her fear seemed encompassing. It was as if fear was her aura and it was all I could see and sense. I had sensed such feelings of terror before, but not in years and years. Not since way back in the terrible years I spent in the Civil War and so now, I was determined to do something, if only to stop her fear for my own peace of mind.

The brunette ahead of me was now pressed up against the wall at the edge of the room. I had seen the black archway beside her from where I had been sitting and had formed my plan; I just hoped that there would be no interruptions.

She blinked a few times, her large amber eyes seeming to be staring off to someplace far away. I didn't think she noticed that she was biting on her plump bottom lip, drawing my attention to it. I didn't entertain the thought of what it would feel like for me to be biting on her lip, well, I did, but I quickly shoved it aside and let my eyes fall from her pretty face.

My eyes caught sight of a long, creamy looking throat and I quickly turned my head and looked away. The lust from the people in here must have been affecting me more that I had previously thought.

The sound of a woman's beautiful, musical voice in the background caught my attention for a moment. There was something about the voice which made my breath catch in my throat. I quickly expelled the pointless air I was inhaling as my shoulder bumped the beautiful vampire. The slight jar to my body got me back in action.

"Oh...sorry…" I cut the woman's apology off as I hooked my arm around her waist and took a few large strides and pulled the woman back with me, taking us into the darkness of the alcove.

I pushed her back against the wall with a little more force than I had intended, but she was a vampire, I knew she could handle it. She didn't protest and her feeling of fear dwindled a little once I brought her into the darkness with me. Obviously, I wasn't as scary as the other cloaked men.

I began to let my arm loosen from her waist and then was hit once more with a wave of anxiousness. I grew impatient and frustrated with this woman's fearful moods. I had felt these feelings for long enough before and I had no idea what could bring such terror to a vampire, but I knew that I didn't want to sense them much longer. Quickly, without much thought I clamped my hand around her throat and felt a stab of regret at my actions. In the background I could hear the faint sound of a scuffle occurring and I guessed that the anger must have been seeping into me.

"Why are you scared?" I asked quickly. I almost smiled as I felt a wave of annoyance hit me. The girl kept her face composed even as I had my hand around her throat and my body close to hers.

I tightened my grip on her throat and got a rational response for once. She actually felt scared when I did that. I kept up the pressure, wanting to see some more rational reactions from her before I would let go of her.

I watched her gasp for air and knew she was about to speak. We didn't need air for much else. "I know what you are…" She choked out with a hint of a smile on her lips. She felt some satisfaction before she tried to hit me.

My hand caught her arm before she had much chance to move. I felt her satisfaction morph to agitation as I replied coolly, "Don't bother, I'm one of you and stronger."

I held both her arm and throat against the wall now. I couldn't help but realise just how perfect she looked. In the darkness of the alcove I could still see her, but the darkness cast a different sort of look to her. The dark background seemed to make her creamy white skin stand out more and make our closeness even more noticeable to me.

I watched an array of emotions cross her face as she stood there in my clutches, unresponsive and silent. Her emotions were too flighty for me to cipher and I was soon agitated again.

"Tell me what's got you so scared…Now…Tell me…" I stepped closer to her, hoping to maybe intimidate her a little seeing as I was much taller than her.

I moved my thumb from the side of her throat and slackened my hold a little. I pushed her jaw, making her look up at me as I whispered in all honestly to her, "I can feel your fear…"

I threw back at her the full force of the fear I had felt so far. She looked at me with a murderous expression before answering back with a sharp, "What do you care?"

Things happened so fast, I had no idea what had happened until I was regaining my balance a few short feet away from the brunette. The shit eating grin she had on her face matched the smug way she felt. She had her arms crossed and she was leant back against the wall, a perfect picture of confidence. I had no idea what had sent me sprawling, but I was about to find out if my guess was correct.

I slashed my hand through the air in front of me and just as I expected, I hit some invisible shield. This vampire had a talent. I wondered why she had been so slow to use her shield before hand, but I decided to keep quiet. Now was not the time to ask her that. This woman was shutting down and obviously now had the upper hand.

"You shouldn't have done that…" I whispered. "I only wanted to help…" I added regrettably as I realised that I could no longer sense how she felt. There was no way for me to manipulate her any longer and make her talk to me.

She looked incredulous. "Yeah, it really looked like you wanted to help.

Hauling me into the dark, holding me by my throat…" she jibed as she glared at me.

I let the memories of all the fear I had felt from her tonight come back to me. The most drastic feeling of fear came from when she had been out in more sight, watching the two hooded men. I leant forward on her shield and told her as convincingly as I could "I've not sensed terror like yours in years…" I hoped she believed me, I needed her to believe me, but whether she did was another thing.

"Leave me alone…get away if you have any sense at all." The girl said almost desperately as she frowned back at me.

"Please…" I whispered pleadingly back at her. If only I could find out what had her so scared. She had ploughed up my memories of the war with her fear. The memories of all those vampires battling, reluctant, knowing they'd die if they fought or not.

From under my hands, I felt the woman's shield shrinking. I sighed in relief as I realised that she was letting it down and hopefully going to let me in. I walked to her but was promptly pushed back again when I obviously got too close. She had her shield reigned in, but not taken away. I looked back at her with what I knew was a disappointed look.

The woman walked by me, with her head down. I had to smile once she'd gone. She had enough grace and in some way, heart to show some guilt. At least she knew she'd cheated me.

I remained in the dark for a few moments, thinking over what just happened. As soon as I was ready, I stepped back out from the alcove and looked up. The two hooded figures were gone. I hoped that the men weren't after the young girl I had just accosted, but it made sense.

I cursed as I realised that I could have followed her out and could have at least helped her escape from the men.

Thankfully, the crowd parted easily as I rushed out from the club. I was hit with fresh air once I stepped outside and finally felt my mind clear and my emotions come back into check.

I rounded the building and found Edward and Emmett beside our car, where they said they would be. Edward was on the phone and Emmett was leant against the car with his arms crossed over his huge chest as he stared up at the starry sky.

I quickly looked around, trying to see if I could catch any sign of something peculiar or something that linked with the brunette vampire, but I saw nothing.

"Hey Jasper, what's got you so jumpy?" Emmett asked lazily as he stared at me. Curiosity radiated from him and I knew I'd have to explain.

"Did you see a girl leave the club a few minutes ago?" I asked.

"Jasper, we're at the side of the club, we can't see the exit…" Emmett explained hesitantly while I stopped scanning around. There was nothing to see here.

"What girl Jasper?" Edward asked seconds later. I realised he'd hung up and was now joining the conversation.

"A vampire, like us…brunette…she was scared but I don't fully understand why." I summarised as I let a few snippets of what had happened play in my mind for Edwards benefit.

"We didn't see anyone Jasper." Edward confirmed once more. "Who were those guys in the cloaks?" He asked as he opened the car door and slipped inside.

I shrugged my shoulders, feeling frustrated. I knew that we had to head back to the hotel immediately for Carlisle to help us.

"They must have been members of the Volturi…"I answered slowly as I speculated the idea. "I didn't get a look at their faces, but who else would be in cloaks? She wouldn't be afraid of humans anyway, would she?" I queried as I sat back in the car. Jacob snored loudly beside me, oblivious to everything that was going on.

"Carlisle will help us…" Edward muttered as he started the car and pulled away from the parking lot, his tires screeching.

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