Perfect Moment in Time

: I don't own "Supernatural", sadly, but the boys are such a treat to play with…

A/N: My gratitude goes out to my awesome beta twinchaosblade who makes sense of my stuff, even if I don't.

A/N 2: Response to the Drabble Challenge by Enkidu07 and Onyx Moonbeam

All fellow players can be looked up on Enkidu07's profile page (the many, many names finally exceeded the drabble word count, hehe).

A/N 3: This is for IheartSam7 who encouraged me to try my hands at an 'adult version' one of these days. -smiles innocently-

Prompt: Melt


The moon shining through the slightly open window was the only source of light piercing through the darkness. Her hands were feather-light on his trembling figure as a warm breeze blew the curtains wide.

He gave a soft moan, his whole body melting into the touch, arching, craving contact; every fibre vibrating with the perfection of their blending into one.

How could he love someone so much it hurt? Her beautiful, honest smile strung a chord within him that he never knew he had – until he met her.

"I love you, Jess," Sam whispered and fell asleep in her arms.

The End