A/N: I don't own anything. Instead of school work this scene popped into my head after listening to Beyonce – If I were a boy. Because let's face it, some days everyone thinks that it would be easier if you were the opposite sex. And well I love Blackwater and wanted to try my hand at it.

"I hate you." She spits out at me.

"Sure, sure." I pester back at her rolling my eyes and slumping down against the tree bark. "And don't get any ideas of jumping off the cliff I'm not jumping in after you today."

"Whatever you say oh might alpha." Leah says taking two steps closer to the edge of the cliff ignoring everything I just said.

"You know none of this would've happened if I was a born a boy." She continues to rave on slowly getting closer to the edge, "Hell I could've been a only child if I was a boy. Do you know how much easier high school would've been? Drinking, Hooking up with chicks, and sports. Or whatever it is you stupid boys do. Hell this stupid wolf crap would've been easier. At least my father would've expected it. Damn it, I could've had the easiest life, no annoying little brother to protect, I'd be able to walk around half naked like you idiotic losers without having to worry about people staring at the freakishly tall girl barely with clothes, always around a bunch of GIGANTIC guys with no shirts on! Do you know what everyone on the Rez thinks of me?" She stops and I know she's pretending to wait for an answer, and I feel her eyes boring into me, daring me to speak, instead I close my eyes and wait for her to continue I've wished for many things in my life, but a death from Leah wasn't one of them and interrupting Leah Clearwater when she's got something to say, well even I'm not that stupid.

"Not like I care, but c'mon! My mother is an elder! You'd think I'd get some respect, but no I don't get anything but whispers and stares because I'm a GIRL and fate hates me so much they decided to make me an in between, not a girl, but not a boy either!" Leah finishes taking a seat at the very edge of the cliff.

"Doesn't that make you a hermaphrodite?" I ask slyly. Opening one eye watching as her fists start to clench. It's always fun watching Leah get riled up.

"No dumbass, a hermaphrodite, is someone that has both girly parts and those stupid man parts you got dangling between your legs, which if you're not careful I'll cut off!"

"Ouch someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning."

"No someone woke up on the floor because SOMEONE decided to take up the entire bed!" She utters bitterly.

"Well I can't help the fact I am a gigantic person. And besides your bed is made for a tiny person, like you, now come here and shut up, and just watch the stupid sun set with me, like a girl would do with her boyfriend! I can guarantee you that if you were a boy this wouldn't be much fun for either of us." I chuckle as she finally decides to sits down next to me.

"I still hate you." She replies automatically, clutching my sides and staring at the clouds.

"I know, but I love you." I say into her hair as I pull her closer.

And god help me because I know I'm being self fish but I mean it. I love her more than anything, now if only she'd stop wishing she was a boy..