Author's Note: This is a simple one-shot for the Nickelodeon Original Movie, Spectacular! because I really enjoyed it. Please read, hope you like it!! Review!

Summary: A poem expressing Courtney's feelings for Nikko (post-Spectacular!)

Pairings: Nikko&Courtney

Disclaimer: I do not own Spectacular!(damn!! I really wish I could!! cuz Nikko is so HOT!!)

Falling for you

As your soft skin glows

and your green eyes shine

I feel like a cloud

floating in the sky

as I think all the things

that we've been through

I start to feel

as I've fallen for you

every time I see you walking

my heart starts running

over and over it goes again

I just can't seem to get you outta my head

I gotta stop, I really do

cuz I feel as if you knew

all these feelings I have for you

I love everything of you; your hair your eyes

even the way you speak

your voice to me is a melody

together in harmony

And I long to hear those 3 words "I love you"