"Guys," I yelled to the crowd of people seated in the theater seats, "I got an idea!"

The crowd cheers for the great news.

"Disclaimer," I began the disclaimer, "I do not own Pokemon, or anything that ends up in the story, like Kirby, Mario, and Link. Hell, I might make this a Super Smash Brothers prequel. I mean for my other fic."

Chapter 1: Shock and More Shock

Since the crowd is no longer here, I can tell you the story of a brave Trainer gone Pokemon, and his faithful partner. They ended up going against many enemies, monsters, and their sanity.

Looking at Route 201, we can see two figures walking down the trail of short grass, and Bidoofs who are running into each other for some reason. Waiting a while, we can see a boy, and a Medicham.

The boy's name is Lucus, no not the one from the Pokemon games, this guy is way different. First off, he is a 5ft boy, with short green hair, blue eyes, had on a yellow shirt, green jacket, blue jeans, silver shoes, and grey gloves on his hands. Lucus tends to get himself in funny situations. You'll see what I mean soon. Trouble always follows him. He doesn't talk to people much, but always hangs out with his Pokemon.

His Medicham's name was Skyra, due to the fact that she likes to attack from above, and attempts to knock you into the air to land many combos on her opponents. She looked the same as any Medichams, but the Hall of Fame ribbon on her arm was odd. She was Lucus's first Pokemon. She was found as an Egg in Route 217, without any parrents. Lucus's father found the Egg, and gave to his son. The moment he looked at it, it hatched into a Meditite. She ended up jumping from shelf to shelf, and hopped on everyone's head. Thus, Skyra was her name given to her.

The ribbon you asked? Wait, who asked? Well, Lucus just came back from the Hoenn League as the champion there. After defeats in the Kanto and Sinoh Leagues, this was a nice change of pace for the boy. The 14-year-old was going to Lake Variety previously by himself, but Skyra followed him, and he agreed to take her with him.

"Why are these Bidoof's running like the end of world was tomorrow?" Lucus asked to his Medicham while walking.

"Medi-Med-Cham (It is very unusual for this kind of behavior," Skyra spoke out to Lucus.

"I'll take that as a no idea then," Lucus noted to Skyra.

After about 5 more minutes, they reach the lake. Lucus wanted to find where Mespret lives, instead of seeing its spirit. Skyra and Lucus were seated at the lake's edge, with bonocualars that made there eyes look huge on the other side.

"See anything?" Lucus asked his Medicham.

"Cham (No.)," Skyra answered back with shake of her head.

"Hmmm," Lucus noticed something on the other side of the lake, "What is that?"

"Medi (Huh?)" Skyra looked at what Lucus was looking at.

They saw a pillar of light on a shattering part of the caves walls. A cave appeared out of nowhere.

The two adventurers went to the other side of the lake, and up to the Light. Reach there destination, they saw a odd leaf growing out of the rocky floor. It was 4 ft long, and looked sharp.

"What the hell is a leaf growing in a cave?" Lucus thought.

"(Why do I think something epic that involves us going on a long adventure to save the world from a unknown threat is about to occur?)" Skyra thought sumarizing the story a bit.

"What will happen if I take this leaf," Lucus told Medicham as he plucked the leaf.

"Cham (Nothing good,)" Skyra responded.

Lucus pulled on the leaf, and it came out with ease. Nothing happen at first (Skyra: That's good) but... (Skyra: Hey!)

"AAAAAHH!" Lucus yelled when he got hit by a bolt of lightning, and was continuosly shocked by it.

"(Master)" Skyra cried for her trainer who was getting electricuted.

Everything for Lucus went dark as the fading voice of his Pokemon soon became silent.

An hour later though, Lucus woke up. Well, here's how it went.

Lucus soon felt something on his chest. It felt like a being's face, and it was wet. He got the impression that it was someone crying. He heard, "I failed to protect you, I don't deserve to have this ribbon." Sounds of something being ripped to pieces was heard. He sat up with his eyes still closed.

"Hello," Lucus called out.

"Huh?" Something called out back with a bit of surprise in her voice, "Your still alive!" Soon, he felt something hugging him hard, and stood up. Lucus openned his eyes, and looked around.

"Hmmm," Lucus didn't find anyone else accept his Medicham. "I tought someone was hear. Skyra, did you see where the person went?"

She just blinked at him confused, and looked like she was hiding something.

"I was the only one here," Skyra responed.

"Well I thought there was someone here." Lucus said not registering something important.

"I was crying on you in sadness for the past hour," SKyra answeredback, "and I also ripped up my prized ribbon."

"Awgh," Lucus said as he hugged his Pokemon, "That is sweet." After about 1,2,3 more seconds, his brain finally registered the oddity of the conversation. His eyes broke open with the sound of glass in the background shattering.

"Wait what!" Lucus shouted as he finally noticed that, "How did you talk Skyra!"

"Well," She couldn't help but grab him and take him to the lake's water, "That is not the only thing unusual here."

"What do you mean, and when did you become my height?" Lucus asked still shocked.

"Look," Skyra pointed at the water.

Looking down in the water, Lucus saw his reflection.

We change the scene to Sandgam Town normally going through its normal day. People and Pokemon were waundering the streets calmly before...


A loud yell of horor that either could be made by a person completely shocked, or a boy hit in the you know where. The people ran in a panic, and the Pokemon ran off to Route 217, and froze to death, well just Zack the Starly.

Back with Lucus...

"My ears," Skyra was twitching on the ground in pain after Lucus screamed as he never did before.

And what was wrong with Lucus? Let us see. He was now the size of a Medicham, but was covered in a leaf jacket. Grass blades covered his head, and his lower body was tied with a blue vined material. And how can we miss the Big Ass sword made of a leaf on his hand.

"What...the...hell...hapened?" Lucus looked at his reflection with horor.

"Well I think you look cute like that," Skyra said with giggles.

"Hmmm," Lucus turned to Skyra who had a blush running across her face, "Okay?" Lucus turned to the lake and saw a Mesprit, "Oh, hello Mesprit."

"Hello new hero," Mesprit responded.

"Master," Skyra walked to Lucus, "You are unusually slow today."

After a minute of Lucus's mind registering the being in front of him,

"No [BEEP]ing way!" Lucus said cursing with a not-so commonly word used much, but if his sanity was gone, what the hell.

What is next? What did Mesprit mean about "Hero"? Why did Lucus turn to a garden nome? Why did Skyra flurt with Lucus? Well, I need to update more. So you already know what to do. Read and Review.