For the writer of the Pokemon Brittan stories, Burning Foot, you were right. All problems can be solved with the application of explosives. Nuking the Homework Dragon, and Project Dragon really KO'd them.

Tough battle coming soon, and even worse battle in the next chapter.

Warning: A lot of people will die in this chapter. If you don't like reading about mass murder, don't read parts with Heatran in it. If you like to see dead Galactic grunts, then read it, and love it.

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Red: You got it!

Chapter 7: Tag Battles

Outside of Heatran's Chamber...

A whole platoon of Galactic grunts were grouped together in one area of the room. Cherin and Mars were in front of the armed grunts, with gun in hand.

"Nowmally, we don't use such savage methods to obtain what we need," Cherin began to explain the situation, "but when our own start to get murdered, we respond with our own violent force. Heatran has lost all sense of sanity, and has become a mass murderer. As well, Heatran is now causing many eruptions that are endangering the area of a world that we wish to rule. We can not allow this destruction to occur. Heatran must fall, and we will use any means necessary to eliminate the creature."

"And I'm sure you remember your combat training," Mars looked at the rag tag group of grunts.

"Yes mam," all the grunts saluted.

"Good," Mars walked towards the entrance of Heatran's Chamber, "because Heatran is a legendary Pokemon, and you'll need all the training you need to kill it."

"Proceed in the room," Cherin ordered, and the grunts hurried inside to their doom.

Stark Mountain, 1F

We can see our favorite people and Pokemon in this mountain, walking aimlessly around the halls of the mountain, and Skyra still in her cheerleader outfit.

"(Are you going to take off that ridiculous outfit any time soon?)," Lucario stared at the cheery Medicham.

"(I feel happy in it,)" Skyra hopped along the trail, "(and I think Lucus likes me more in it.)"

"(What makes you think that?)" Lucario asked before looking at Lucus, staring gogglely-eyed at Skyra with his mouth drueling, "(Oh.)"

"What is wrong with him?" Caesar was also staring at the drueling leaf kid.

"Errrr, young love?" Alex was thinking of the most obvious answer.

"Other than Lucus's hormonic issues," Caesar looked at two more passages, "how are we going to navigate this dreaded mountain?"

"And I forgot to bring a map when we got here," Alex looked around in his bag searching for anything to help them.

"(Why didn't we buy the map from the traveling merchant outside?)" Mamoswine was now remembering the guy from outside.


Route 227

"Maps here! Get your maps here!" a man was carrying an organized bag of maps of all over the world, "I have maps of regions, towns, landmarks like Stark Mountain, and what not!" The man ends up seeing Caesar walking along the trail, "Why a fine young lad heading to Stark Mountain must have the preperations ready, and might or might not have a map."

"I'm sorry," Caesar completely ignored the entire advertisement, "I don't accept magazine subscriptions."

"Magazine subscriptions?" the man looked at Caesar with a confused look.

"Good luck with other suckers," Caesar continued along with his Pokemon, and the merchant looking confused.

End of Flashback

"(That was a random answer from Caesar,)" Tangrowth, "(ZZZZ He isn't that oblivious.)"

Caesar fell down a pit glowing with bright magma that no one can miss.

"(Well, I could be wrong. ZZZZ)" Tangrowth sighed while using Power Whip to catch his Trainer.

"Dude," Alex stared at Caesar who was calm, "How could you have missed that magma pit glowing brightly in front of us?"

"I fell in a magma pit?" Caesar looked at Alex with a confused look, and everyone in the room slapped their own face.

"Are you normal, or were you just dropped as a child?" Alex blinked at Caesar's sudden cluelessness.

"No, it is the author," Caesar answered as he broke the fourth wall, and more kupas and Kappies were killed in the rubble.

"Okay?" Lucus finally snapped out of his trance and began to look around the room.

"(Kid, you were just as clueless as our master a moment ago,)" Electivire pointed out, "(And how were you able to notice that event if you returned to normal a sec ago?)"

"I...Have no idea," Lucus admitted.

"There!" Alex found another passage heading down to the B1 floor, "That was quick to get downstairs."

"Come on!" Caesar ran towards the stairs...or the magma pit again.

"Tang." Tangrowth sighed again as he used Power Whip again to catch his Trainer again.

And let me end this scene before I say again again. Damn it! Not again! S{beep}!


Now the group of Pokemon and their suicidal Trainers, (Alex: Hey! I'm not suicidal!) and Alex jumped a hole he couldn't dream to cross, and yet again (Damn it!) Tangrowth saves the day.

"Are you crazy or something?" Caesar shouted at Alex who was now glaring at a random direction.

"Let's go find those Galactic morons, and those crea-" Alex was cut off by...

"Hault!" Two Galactic grunts stopped the group, "All non-Galactic personal must leave the area."

"We're looking for an exit," Caesar complained, "and looking to kick your asses!"

"Grrr," the male grunt growled at Caesar, "Not that Caesar kid again."

"You mean Sinoh's new Elite Four Champion?" the female grunt asked her partner.

"Yep," Caesar smerked at the two, "and I'm afraid you have to go flying."

"Not like those Team Rocket iddiots," the male grunt glared at Caesar, "Come on out, Dusknoir!"

"Go, Porygon-Z!" the female tossed her Poke Ball into the air.

Flash of light, and a bird-looking robot thingy with no neck, and a huge one-eyed dark beast that reminds me of a boxer version of the Grim Reaper.

"They're finally giving grunts Pokemon that aren't crap," Caesar chuckled a bit, "I thought you guys were in bankruptcy."

"We were," the female began, "but we had to lie about cherity on orphans."

Alex's eyes turned red. his body started to darken a bit.

"Alex," Lucus noticed Alex's change in mood, "what the heck is wrong with you?"

"Lying...about...helping...Orphans!" Alex muttered under his breathe, "I am going to send you on a one way ticket to hell!"

"What the hell is wrong with that kid," the male grunt noticed the beserk rage Alex was in.

"(He was never normal,)" Lucario whispered to Skyra and Lucus.

"Skyra, go anialate those two iddiots!" Alex shouted at the still-dressed-in-a-cheerleader's-outfit Medicham, and Skyra was startled by the volume of the yell.

"He wasn't this savage in our battle," Caesar thought for a sec, "Electivire, go on out."

"(With that loonatic,)" Electivire was pointing at Alex, who was now more demonic than ever.

"It had something to do with Alex being an orphan when we found him," Lucario whispered to Lucus.

"Let's see," the male grunt studied the two opponents, "We have a freakishly strong Electivire,...and a Medicham in a cheerleader's outfit?"

"(I told you it looked weird,)" Lucario shouted.

"(No, you didn't,)" Skyra replied.

"Awgh, she looks cute," the female sighed for the Medicham.

"You think Grimers are cute," the male grunt talked behind her back.

"But their so squishy, and purple, my favorite color," the Female replied happily.

"Skyra! Use Thunder Thunder Punch along with Electivire on Dusnoir with full force and speed!" Alex shouted in a demonic voice.

"Hey!" Caesar turned to Alex, "You can't tell my-"

"Electivire, do what I say, or you'll suffer a horrible death!" Now Alex sounded like the devil.

"(What ever you say." Skyra and electivire both quivered in fear, as they charged their Thunder Punches.

"Porygon-Z," the Female began her attack, "Use Hyper Beam!"

"Dusknoir," the other grunt began, "Use Shadow Punch!"

Porygon-Z fired a beam of orange energy quickly, as Dusknoir's fist had a demonic purple aura on it, and charged a the incoming frightened Pokemon.

"Jump!" Caesar told Electivire to jump, but Skyra was threatened by Alex not to jump.

"Dive under the attack," Alex glared at the battle completely.

"(Just don't kill me,)" Skyra preyed as she did as she was told.

Hyper Beam was evaded, but Dusknoir's Shadow Punch couldn't miss, and was aimed at Electivire.


Both Pokemon were in a power struggle to push the other back.

"(Your going down!)" Dusknoir grunted.

"(I'm too young to die!)" Electivire grunted while thinking what horrible the demon- I mean Alex would do to him if Dusknoir pushed him back.

"Now," Alex hissed.


"Dusk," Dusknoir grunted in pain after recieving a Thunder Punch to the gut by Skyra, and being flinged halfway across the room, crash into a wall, and have rocks drop on him to top it off. Did I mention he was fainted?

"S(beep)t!" the male grunt cursed after the attack, and the female was now panicing. Porygon-z couldn't move.

"Hi Jump Kick," Alex hissed again.

"Giga Impact!" Caesar cheerfully ordered knowing the result.

A leap into the air cheerleader style, and a well placed boot to the face sent Porygon-Z flying into the two grunts who were sent crashing into the wall.

"Hell hasn't come yet," Alex forewarned them.

"Huh?" both grunts were confused as their pupils shrunk as an incoming Electivire was going to smash them.

"Oh, fu-"


"AAAAAAHH!" the two grunts, and their Pokemon were sent flying into the air Team Rocket style. They had to go through many walls of stone to get outside.

"What now," Alex became more happy now, and lost the demonic features.

"What? How the? Never mind," Caesar was really questioning Alex's sanity.

"I get stuck with the loons," Lucus pouted a bit.

"(He wasn't crazy as that Adam guy that we used to see in the town many times,)" Skyra added, "(He used to swim Gyrados's and play hockey with Charzards.)"

"No one can beat Adam in craziness," Lucus admitted, "but Alex came close."

"Let's keep on going down," Caesar announced and the group kept on waundering the halls.


"Rocks, suck," Sonic complained as him and Snake were basically crawling through crevises over piles of rocks, completely ignoring the wide open path next to them.

"You know that we can take that path over their," Snake pointed out to Sonic.

"Snake," Sonic started, "You should already know that volcanos always illisusions."

Holding his erge to strangle him right here, "You iddiot, Illilusions are only in deserts!"

"No, those are after dinner," Sonic was now saying irevelant things now.

"Why you..."

"Just kidding," Sonic hopped down from the rock pile, "I wanted to mess with you."

Using all the muscles in his body, Snake refrained from slaming the hedgehog on the wall until he bled to death, and tell Master Hand that some Primids got lucky.

"AAAAHH," but life provides some bonuses.

"Get off me," a Buckulous was trying to snap Sonic's neck by kissing? him.

"" Snake just stood their hoping that the Buckulous acomplished his/hers job.

"Snake, help!" Sonic was desprate as he ran in circles at high speed.

"" Snake just stood their, taking out a cigaret, and began smoking it.

"I'm really serious, help!" Sonic was now begging for mercy from the smooching Primid.

"" Snake just stood their, reading the sports section of the newspaper that he had with him.

"Lord have mercy on me," Sonic was on the floor, rolling as the Buckulous was getting nowhere in breaking Sonic's neck by kissing? but it was enjoying it.

"" Snake decided to talk with the Curnel for a bit to discus some bets he made between the Giants and Patriots Super Bowl game, yes, bets were never settled.

"God help me!" Sonic was screaming over the moans from the Buckulous.

"All right," Snake turned to Sonic, "That is getting annoying." Snake grabbed the Buckulous off Sonic, and threw her into a magma pit.

"Finally," Sonic rubbed his fur, and cracked his neck, "What took you so long?"

"I had to finish some other business," Snake replied.

"Wait," Sonic Spin-charged another Buckulous before a repeat of the events could occurr, "Now we can continue on."

The not-so friendly duo continued on into the mountain.

In Another area of that same floor...

We can see our favorite duo of Team Shadow's grunts, Karen, and Kat. They were calmly walking along the halls with a mantal covering them. They thought they were unnoticable, until...

"Hault, Team Shadow," Jupiter, and Satern ran with some some grunts, and trapped the two girls in a corner.

"Ah, come on," Kat stomped on the ground, "How did you find us so easily?"

"The mantal wasn't the same color as the cave," one random grunt pointed out.

"Crap!" Karen looked at the mantal, "We used the wrong side of the mantal!"

"That explaines why we always get caught," Kat thought to herself.

"Now battle us to escape," Satern smerked as he sent out a Toxicrok.

"Go, Stunktank," Jupiter sent her trusty Stunktank.

"Ugh," both Team Shadow grunts sighed, "Do we have to?"

"You shall fail in defeating us," Jupiter smiled in confidence.

"But you said that last time," Kat noted, "and the time before that, and the time before that, and the time before that, and the-"

"All right, we get it!" Satern ended the endless rant, "We have said that multiple times, but we now developed a strategey to defeat you."

"Take up being a Trainer," Karen laughed, "We all know that Team Galactic just gives anyone Pokemon."

"That's not true," Jupiter shot back, "I love my Stunktank when it was a Stunky!"

"(Please help me,)" Stunktank begged.

"You see," Jupiter cheered, out of character? "Stunktank agrees with me!"

"Before anything gets more weirder," Kat pulled a Poke Ball out, "Go, Zangoose!"

"I'm with ya," Karen pulled her Poke Ball out, "Go Luvdisc!"

Flash, shaping, and a Luvdisc, and a Zangoose came out.

"ZANNN," Zangoose glared at Stunktank.

"Tank?" Stunktank was clueless on what's going on.

"Luv?" Luvdisc had hearts on her eyes when she saw the Toxicrok.

"Tox?" Toxicrok was confused on what is going on.

"Flamethrower Stunktank," Jupiter ordered, and Stunktank fired a stream of fire.

"Poison Jab," Satern ordered, and Toxicrok ran towards Luvdisc with a glowing hand.

"Dodge, and use Water Pulse on the Skunk," Kat reacted, and Zangoose sidestepped the fire, and sent a pulse of water from its mouth towards Stunktank.

"Attract," Karen hopped a little with excitement as Luvdisc tried to look sexy- I mean attractive to Toxicrok, but the best way to do it is to send hearts at Toxicrok that will cause the target to fall in love with Luvdisc, and that is what Luvdisc did.

Hearts in his eyes, Toxicrok ran towards Toxicrok to give her a hug.

"NOw I can get some easy hits in," Karen cheered, but Satern just smerked, "What the heck is wrong with you?"

"Watch," was Saterns response. Suddenly, a red string that was on Toxicrok's arm whipped out, and wrapped around Luvdisc.

"(Huh? Wha! Oh,)" Luvdisc was first confused at the purpose of the string, until a red flash of light blinded her, and the next anyone knows... but first Satern's explanation...

"From our last encounter with you, you used Attract to imoblize my Toxicrok, and got in free shots," Satern looked at another red string he held in his hand, "With the Destiny Knot, Pokemon that use Attract on another Pokemon that is holding this item, the user of the Attract attack is also imoblized by love."

"Does that explain the two making out on the ground?" karen blinked at he two rolling bodies on the ground, with moaning and kissing being heard.

"(Huh?)" Stunktank was distracted by the moment to not notice the Water Pulse heading towards him, and was slammed into a wall for that.

"Errrr, It's not suppose to let it go that far," Satern was very unconfertable at this moment.

"That's...unusual," Jupiter stared at the couple.

"That's why I never use Attract," Kat stared at the couple, "my Absol and Glaceon are hot enough to find boyfriends on their own."

"Your saying my Pokemon aren't sexy!" Karen shouted at her partner.

"Uh-oh," Satern and Jupiter knew where this was going.

"Damn straight," Kat shouted back, "Your Pokemon have to use Attract to get any boy's attention."

"We can get any boy's attention," Karen shot back," but at least me and my Pokemon aren't heartless."

"(I'm not heartless,)" Absol popped out of her Poke Ball, and Zangoose ran right over, "(What now.)"

"(Will go out with me?)" Zangoose begged.

"(Bug off, and you'll never get a girlfriend as long as you live!)" Absol just broke Zangoose's heart, spirit, and the sense to live.

"Sludge Bomb," Jupiter whisperred to Stunktank, and Stunktank fired a plefera of black globs that exploded on Zangoose.

Zangoose just slid on the ground depressed.

"The plan is working," Satern thought, "All analysis shows that this event would have occurred with the steps we took. Now, they are distracted to attack."

"Flamethrower," Jupiter ordered, and Stunktank fired a stream of fire at Zangoose, and Zangoose was still on the ground, taking the hit anyway, and stayed on the ground depressed, but now with charred fur.

"Oh yeah!" Kat stepped closer to Karen, "i'll show you heartless!"

Punch! Kick! Thud! Snap! Chop! Smack! Pow!

Kat and Karen were in a dust cloud, where punches and kicks were heard, along with ripped hair.

"" All the grunts just blinked at the moment. We have two teenage girls beating the hell out of each other, a depressed Zangoose who lost the will to fight, two Pokemon making out, and thankfully staying at that level, and a Absol who doesn't know why she is standing there.

"It's up to you Jupiter," Satern informed the obvious, "I'm imobile right now."

"Got it boss," Jupiter returned to the battle, "Fury Swipes Stunktank."

"(Please kill me,)" Stunktank muttered as he extended his claws and lunged at Zangoose.

"(Get your lazy ass off the ground, and attack!)" Absol was now shouting orders to Zangoose, "(It'll look bad if you loose without putting up a fight.)"

"(But life is so cruel,)" Zangoose answered as Stunktank was commencing the slashing with his claws, "(Without love, I am an empty shell, and will rather die than live.)"

"You B- Ow!" Kat grunted after recieving a kick to the head.

"Got y- Hey!" Karen grunted after recieving a Hay Maker to the face.

"(Stop plagerizing other peoples famous quote,)" Absol complained as she was reading a book of famous quotes that she pulled out of nowhere, "(Use Giga Drain already!)"

Zangoose laid on his back.

"(Ha!)" Toxicrok could finally send a Poison Jab on Luvdisc, and sent her flying into a wall.

"(Ow,)" Luvdisc rubbed her head, and launched a Take Down on Toxicrok.

"Finally, I can move," Satern returned to the battling duo.

"Tox," Toxicrok recieved a hard hit from Luvdisc, but...

Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!

"Ugh," Satern sighed in defeat as the Attract took in affect again, and Luvdisc and Toxicrok were making out again.

"Want some of this," Kat yelled madly as she took out a Machine Gun, and started firing it wildly at Karen.

"Come get some!" Karen pulled out a Rocket Launcher, and fired Rockets at Kat

"AAAAAHH!" Something really random occurred as Team Rocket, Jessie, James, and Meowth were fired out of the rocket launcher.

"How did we get here in the first place!" Jessie yelled as she went mock-speed to Kat.

"First we were going to eat a meal I toiled over for hours," James was screaming at the top of his lungs, "and now we are flying at high speed at that girl."

"Forgot," Meowth was now calm, "we needed more dough, and we signed a contract with a guy that called himself Smash Knight 23, and he gave us a huge check as long as we appear in a scene of a crazy story where we get seriously hurt."

"We don't remember signing up for that!" Jessie and James shouted in horor.

"" the Team Galactic grunts, Satern, Jupiter, Kat, and Karen were speechless at what was going on. The Pokemon stopped their battle, or making out, and witness Kat being a target of three morons.

"Yawn," Kat yawned as she easily sidestepped the three loosers, and the three ended up crashing into a box with explosive materials that appeared out of nowhere.


"Team Rocket is blasting off again!" not being able to say anything else due to the speed they were flying up, Team Rocket said their favorite, or mines and Pikachu's, catch phrase.

"" everyone just blinked before the chauos continued, except this time, Karen made sure she was firing Rockets.

"Giga Impact!" Jupiter shouted as Stunktank took the Red aura of the Giga Impact.

"(Move already iddiot!)" Absol shouted.

Zangoose just sighed in depression.

Stunktank came closer.

"(Fight already!)" Absol was getting frightened that her rep in the Team Shadow society was going to hit rock bottom if her partner lost this way.

Zangoose pulled a knife from nowhere and was going to stab himself.

"Stunktank came closer.

"(It's worse if you kill yourself!)" Now Absol was worried about her rep, and Zangoose.

Zangoose held the knife above his chest.

Stunktank came closer.

Absol was thinking very hard how to solve the situation, as the knife was about to be plunged, and Stunktank came closer.

"Think Absol, think," Absol was holding her head in pain, "What to do? Aha! Wait! Ugh. Ah, well, he is better than other boys."

"(I'll go out with you if you attack Stunktank, and listen to me,)" Absol anounced, and Stunktank just blinked.


"(Ow,)" Stunktank held his head after landing a Giga Impact on a rock, and the strange part is the rock didn't shattered.

Entire rock wall falls on Stunktank.

Well, I can be wrong in a fan fic, can't I? And where is Zangoose?

"(Stop hugging me, and return to kicking that Stunktank's ass,)" Absol tried to fight off Zangoose, who had her in a bear hug.

"(Right!)" Zangoose ran onto the battlefield, and had narrow slit for eyes, as he glared at Stunktank who just got out of the rubble.

"All right Stunktank?" Jupiter stared at her injured Stunktank, and felt stupid for asking the question.

"(Awgh, I didn't die,)" Stunktank shook the feeling off, "(Unless she feeds me more instead of starving me, and feeding once a week, I rather die a swift death, instead of a slow one.)"

"(Explains the scronny body,)" Absol examined the Stunktank, "(Zangoose, use Crush Claw!)"

"(Got it sweetie,)" Zangoose looked back at Absol with a whink, which made Absol vomit after he turned his back, and a shinning claw was held infront of him.

"Smokescreen!" Jupiter ordered, and Stunktank created a wall smoke.

"(To the left,)" Absol stared into the cloud of smoke, and Zangoose shifted to the left, nailing Stunktank in the darkness of the smoke.

"An Absol ordering the battle was not in my plans," Satern shrugged, "We're screwed."

"(Shadow Claw,)" Absol was on a roll, and was pondering of becoming the first Pokemon as a Trainer.

"(Hiya!)" Zangoose primally yelled as he slashed down on the Stunktank, who hoped he died, but just fainted.

"Drat!" Jupiter stomped the ground in defeat, and returned the fainted Stunktank, "We're screwed indeed."

"Okay?" Satern noticed that both Toxicrok and Luvdisc were asleep next to each other, "I think I lost."

"Huh?" Kat and Karen stopped firing at each other to notice the results of the battle, "Awsome! We won, we won, we won," Kat and Karen started a dance craze, "We told ya! We told ya! We told ya!"

"(But I did all the orders,)" Absol suddenly had a mood swing, and became depressed as Zangoose once did, "(Zangoose, hand me that knife over there.)"

"(Awgh, don't worry, eventually Karen will make Luvdisc forget Attract, and we don't have to repeat this situation over, and over, and over, and over, as I know how angry you get in these moments."

"(Okay?)" a random Slugma slid on by, and just kept on sliding.

"Seal the perimeter," Satern ordered the grunts to block off all escape for the Team Shadow grunts, "Now you have to deal with the reast of Team Galactic."

Kat and Karen smerked, "Well, you have to deal with the rest of Team Shadow."

"Huh?" Jupiter was confused before she felt a sudden pain in her back which at the same time, a laser shot was heard, and Jupiter fainted.

"Jupiter?" Satern turned to his partner, and noticed the burnt hole in the back of her uniform, "What happened?"

"Behind you," both Team Shadow grunts girls informed the confused grunts.

"Huh? Ugh," Satern turned around, and recieved a huge Byden, those critters that start small, and one color, and grow, and change color. Well, one was at full size right now, and just smashed Satern on the back.

"Get your Pokemon out, AAAAWW!" a random male grunt shouted, before recieving a swift kick in the happy area by a regular Primid.

"Go, Ugh!" a female grunt tried to send out some Pokemon, but an Aroro bird swooped down, and slamed her into the ground.

"Com-AAAAAHH!" another grunt was lit a blaze by a Fire Primid.

"Go," yet again, another grunt tried to send help, but was frozen by a Glice.

"Get them off me!" the last grunt was mauled to a pulp by some Mites from a dark portal.

"Atleast they are still alive," Karen studied the bodies.

"Well that sucks," Kat started down a pathway, "Let's hurry and get that Magma Rock."

"Errr, right behind you," Karen ran for her partner.

"(Let's go,)" Absol wandered down the same hall as the Team Shadow grunts.

"(*Druels*)" Zangoose followed drueling.

And what about Luvdisc?

"Luv," Luvdisc yawned awake after Zangoose left and frowned, "Why is it when I use Attract, I usually end up waking with someone sleeping next to me?)"

Luvdisc waddled down the hall where everyone went down, leaving the grunts, and the Primids to do...

"^&%*(^(&))$#$, (I got Uno cards!)" a Sword Primid that just appeared pulled a deck of UNO cards and began to deal them to the others.

"%^~!%*&^##$$!, (Awsome! Let's play!)" all the Primids began to pick up the Uno cards from the ground and began their game.

Heatran's Chamber (Awsome! Destroy all Team Galactic!)

Taking their positions, Cherin and his team where preparing their attack on Heatran. Grunts held Bazucas, Machine Guns, Lasers, and many other guns.

"I want you to hit it hard, and fast," Mars began her plan, "Snipers shall stay here with ample cover, and far from the battlefield. Bazucas and Rocket Launcher grunts will stand by the Machine gunners as they provide cover fire, and the Laser users shall stay by the Shock troopers to paralyz Heatran. Did you get that?"

"Mam, yes Mam," All the grunts...shouted and Cherin slapped his head.

"You imbasols, you were not suppose to yell that-" Cherin was about to scold but felt a bad prensence behind, and the grunts grew quiet.

"Guys?" Cherin was wetting himself for a sec, "please tell me why you guys suddenly grew quiet?"

"Uh, me no know?" One grunt answered his question with a fearful tone of voice and intellegence.

"Is a Slugma behind me?" Cherin asked and his grunts just shook their heads, "A Geodude? A Macargo? A Golbat?" and the grunts shook their heads. "Is Heatran behind me?" the grunts nodded in agreement.

"Uh-oh," one grunt said as the sound of whimpers and the faint sound of someone soiling themself was heard.

Cherin turned around, and was met with the shadowy face of Heatran, with her demonic yellow eyes staring angirly at him, "Why have you come?"

"You can talk?" Cherin was now speaking with a low tone of voice.

"Yes, with Shadow Bugs, I can do anything," Heatran stepped closer to the group, "Now, what business do you have here?"

"" everyone was silent.

Heatran tapped her massive paw on the ground waiting for an answer.

"" everyone was still silent.

Heatran kept on tapping her paw.

"" still, no response from the grunts or Cherin.

Heatran was tapping her paw, but in no rush.

"We come to take the Magma Rock?" A random grunt answered, and Heatran pulled him under the Magma for a quick kill.

"Fire!" Mars yelled with Machine gun in hand, and grunts began screaming and firing.

Heatran stood their, bored. "" She stood their as bullets and bombs, which are fire based, kept on pelting her.

"Use the Lasers," Cherin ordered, and the Laser troops began firing, "and use the Shock blasters," and the Shock troopers began sending thunder blast at Heatran.

"Grrr," Heatran clenched her teeth as the beems and electricity were getting to her, "That annoys me,"

"Oh does it B[beep]ch," a Shock trooper mocked as he sent more electricity to Heatran.

"B[beep]ch! Die," Heatran yelled as she used Sunny Day, and the grunt was confused.

"My eyes!" all the Snipers in the room recieved bright blinding light through their scopes, and their eyes were being burned out of their sockets, literally, "AAAAAHH!"

"Snipers useless," Mars looked at the twitching bodies of the snipers as they were shown with blacken eyes, "What now?"

"Keep the Laser and Shock troopers alive!" Cherin shouted.

Right below them, Raichu, Clefable, and Bayleaf, who now woke up from her nap, were listening into the fight.

"(At least they are trying to fight Heatran," Raichu listened to more gun fire.

"Yeah," Clefable looked down, "but hear the screams of pain up there. It might not be enough with guns alone to take out Heatran."

"Well let's hope it is," Bayleaf stepped back from the ledge as a body of a grunt fell into the magma.

"Zap it!" Mars yelled, and the grunts began charging their guns, but Heatran began to prepare a Dragon Pulse.

"Got ya," A grunt fired at the magma creature, but it was too late, because Heatran launched the adnormally large Dragon Pulse, killing all but one Shock Trooper.

"Grrrr," Heatran was getting blasted by three laser gunners. She began glowing bright red, and released a huge Magma Storm on the poor guys.

Nothing was left of the grunts, not even ashes.

"3/4 of our squad was eliminated," Mars informed Cherin, "Should we abort the mission?"

"No," Cherin fired a laser at Heatran, "We need that Magma Rock!"

"This is for my old squad!" Allan was firing a plefera of blast at Heatran, and was hurting it badly.

"It's Allan," Bayleaf quietly cheered, "He's still al-"

"AAAAAAHH!" Allan yelled as a Stone Edge sliced him in half, tossing his corpes into the magma.

"Noooo," Bayleaf was devestated that her trainer, someone who raised her when she was young, is now gone, "Why," Bayleaf began to cry silently.

"Calm down Bayleaf," Clefable tried to stop the crying, "Our trainers are at least in a better place now."

Bayleaf kept on crying.

"AAAAHH," another grunt was crushed under a mound of earth, curtiousy of Heatran's Earth Power.

"Four grunts remaining," Mars informed Cherin before the last four grunts were hit by a Solar Beam that obliterated them, "Make that us on our own."

"I will not surrender," Cherin became very greedy. Instead of running the hell out of here via the conveintly placed exit I put for their convience, he started firing at Heatran.

"Well I'm out of here," Mars ran through the exit I put behind her, "Lucky that this exit was here."

"Die!" Cherin fired a massive barrage of blasts at Heatran, but she wasn't phased.

"By order of Darkheart, and the Subspace Army," Heatran began charging a Magma Storm, "I will not fail in protecting the Magma Rock."

Outside Heatran's Chamber

"AAAAAHH!" a blood curtling scream was heard, and Mars opened her com link.

"Comander Cheron," Mars began her report, "The entire squad, including Captain Cherin were killed. Only the injured are left in this area."

"It's a shame that we lost Cherin," Cheron began from his side of the communication, "well, get out of the area until things calm down a bit."

"Roger," Mars said as she contacted all living Galactic personal to get out of Stark Mountain.

Heatran's Chamber

Only a pile of ashes remained in the room.

"Hey, what am I doing here," the tiny little Ashes ran around pancing.

I meant the char remains of Cherin people.

After the props were checked, we can see Heatran standing victorious over the dead grunts.

"We're screwed," Raichu, Clefable, and Bayleaf all whispered.


"Errr, Kat," Karen looked at her partner, "Why haven't moved for 10 minutes?

"I...Don't know," Kat said as they stood in front of the stairs to B3.

Somewhere else on that same floor...

"Quiet," Alex spoke quietly, "Too quiet."

"You sound like hostiles are about to bombarred us," Caesar commented.

"I have that feeling," Alex began, "It's is like the moment I finish this sentence, we are going to be attacked."

"#%$#$^*&^%#!!&(Alex! Let's kick some a[beep]!)", the Primids posponed their UNO game, and turned their attention to Alex.

"What," Caesar looked at the purple freaks in horor.

"(the)," Mamoswine continued.

"(hell)" Tangrowth continued.

"(Are those,)" Electivire ended the broken sentence sequence.

"Remember those creatures that Alex mentioned," Lucus statered, "Well, those are our target."

A regular Primid tried to get Alex, but a flash of light enveloped Alex, and the Primid was launched away, and Alex returned to his fighter form.

"Dude," Caesar looked at Alex, "How the hell did you do that?"

"Ummm, comes with the job?" Alex responded.

"(Got it)" Lucario informed as he used Force Palm on a Shada before it began its cutting rampage.

"Take this," Lucus charged at a Gyk with his Leaf Blade, but he ended up missing, and the Gyk got some free hits on Lucus with his scyves, "Ow, ow, ow, ow."

"(Got ya master,)" Skyra planted a Hi Jump Kick on the Gyk, but it resisted, god, these guys were a pain to kill in the Subspace Emissary. Oh, did I mention that the two were getting slashed by the scythe combo.

"No, no," Alex explained, "Your suppose to hit them in the head to kill them," Alex fired a missle at the Gyk, and it fell appart.

"Okay," Caesar thought as a oncoming Roter was about to slam them into the ground, "Electivire, use Thunder Punch, Mamoswine, use Ice Beam, tangrowth, use Power Whip."

"Electivire!" Electivire cried as his hand recieved the electric power up, and he slamed his fist on the Rotar, knocking it out.

A Fire Primid was coming close to the Champion, but Mamoswine stopped it cold with Ice Beam, killing it in the process.

"Ha," Alex crossed swords with a Sword Primid, and they were trying to push each other back. Well,, it wasn't necessary, as Tangrowth whipped the Primid hard, that Alex crush it under so much force due to the little resistance it was forcing on Alex.

"Only a few more," Caesar looked around, spotting a Aroro, those bird, or chicken thing, "Use Fire Bunch Electivire!"

"Vire!" Electivire yelled as he slammed the bird into the wall, killing it in a firey mess.

"(Take this)" Lucario yelled as he fired a Aura Sphere at the Rob Sentry about to strike Lucus from behind.

"Cham!" Skyra launched a Fire and Thunder Punch combo on a Jeepers, killing it instantly.

"Die freak," Lucus concentrated as he grabbed a Byden, at medium, and threw it into the magma pit nearby.

"Done!" Alex declared as he used a light based strike, which involved a stream of light coming form above, and crushing two Samari's.

"That was easy," Caesar glouted, "They didn't put up much of a fight."

"Well, they have an elite core waiting to tear us to pieces.," Alex anounced and Caesar stayed quiet, "but I don't think they are here, since they usually gaurd their home base."

"I don't want to know why they have hideouts," Caesar began walking down a hall, "Let's go."

"Righty," everyone declared as they followed suit.


"Great," Snake slapped his head, "we're stuck."

"How was I suppose to know that this piece of s[beep] of celing was going to colaps," Sonic sined that Snake always judged him so criticaly.

Exactly as you thought, the two were trapped in a room, with all paths blocked by rocks.

"Help me remove these rocks," Snake ordered as he put a C4 charge on the rocks.

"Hey," Sonic zoomed passed Snake, swiping the C4 away from Snake, "No one tells me what to do."

"" Snake just smiled as he pressed a button on a little remote.


"You...son...of...a...b-" Sonic muttered as he fainted before finishing his curse.

"That quieted him for a moment," Snake began setting C4 charges on the rocks.


"Ummm, Kat," Karen was now confused, "we still haven't moved for over half an hour?"

"I...have no idea what's wrong with us," Kat looked down, "Let's go down no-"

"," from up the hall, Caesar spotted the duo of girls near the stairs.

"Who are you?" Kat asked confused, "I don't remember a [beep], a garden nome, a ugly Mamoth, a disgusting cat monster, a ugly vine thingy, a metal dog, and a hidous Medicham being a threat to Team Shadow."

"Hey!" Everyone except Alex yelled, including Caesar because Kat said the most racist thing you can think of.

"Kat," Karen looked worried, "I think you shouldn't have offended them."

"Why whimp," Kat looked are nervous partner.

"Because it wasn't in our script," Karen pulled out a piece of paper with the lines for this show, "and they are sending their most deadly attacks at us."

"Huh, AAAAAHH!" Kat turned to see the incoming Giga Impact, Aura Sphere, a Vine Whip, a Hi Jump Kick, a Power Whip, an Ice Beam, and just for the hell of it, Alex fired a missile at Kat.

"Oh, well," Karen looked at her partner trying in vain to out run the attacks, "I'm going to need a new partner."

After some close calls from being killed in various ways...

"What...the...[beep]...were...[beep]...doing...[beep]" Kat panted as she stood near a wall to catch her breathe.

"Good," Alex heard all the beeps, "Someone is still alive."

Everyone just looked at Alex in confusion.

"your a crazy kid you know that," Kat was the first to speak.

"I...didn't catch that," Alex took off his mask.

"[B-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-p]" Kat cursed loudly with the note being held down.

"Dear Arceus," Lucus gasped, "Someone died."

"How are you guys reading the text that are meant for the readers," Caesar stared at both Alex and Lucus, "Your breaking the fourth wall like that."

"(I wonder if he knows he broke the wall as well,)" Lucario thought.

"Well," Karen stared at the group, and pulled out a Poke Ball, "Since we were told in our sleep to beat a kid with a mask, and some odd grass Pokemon, you are going to fight-" Karen and Kat were preparing a modo.

"No, no, no, no, no, no," Caesar stopped the girls, "I heard one from those iddiots of Team Rocket, and I whooped them easily, and they were the only one that had modos."

"Okay," Kat pulled out a Poke Ball, "Come on out Glaceon!"

"Go Luvdisc," Karen threw her Poke Ball out.

Kat's Poke Ball exploded, and a bluish or whitish cat came out of it.

Karen's Poke Ball just fell on the ground, openning up, revealing that nothing was in the ball

Everyone just blinked at the confused Shadow member, "But, where is," as Karen spoke, she felt a tugging on her leg, and she looked down to see her Luvdisc, "That's right, I forgot to return you after the fight from before."

"" Alex said nothing, and looked at his Pokemon, "Lucario?"

"(I shall fight,)" Lucario bowed at Alex's feet.

"(That was corny,)" Skyra turned to look at Caesar's Pokemon.

"(Corny!)" Electivire, Tangrowth, and Mamoswine all responded.

"(Fine)" Lucario stepped forward.

"Come on Tangrowth," Caesar tugged on his viney friend, "Let's make this a quick battle."

"(zzzzz, Yay,)" Tangrowth hopped, and walked forward.

"(Tangrowth is still young,)" Electivire was conversating with Lucus and SKyra, and Mamoswine took a short nap.

"Water Pulse," Karen started the battle with her Luvdisc sending a compressed pulse of water at Lucario.

"Bite on that ven thingy!" Kat ordered her Glaceon, and the ice cat lunged at the vine Pokemon, who looked happy for some reason.

Caesar turned to Alex, and Alex knew what to do, "Lucario, jump that Water Pulse, and send an Aura Sphere at that freeky cat."

"Errrr," Lucario leaped the blast, and Luvdisc frowned, and then a ball of blue light appeared on Lucario's hands.

"(Ca may ha may ha!)" Lucario fired the Aura Sphere, referencing something from Dragon Ball Z, what, I wanted to put some references in this story.

"(You've watched too much TV,)" Skyra yelled out.

"Glac," Glaceon took the hit in the back, and fell right in front of Tangrowth. Tangrowth stared at the ice cat for a moment.

"ZZZZ?" Tangrowth stepped forward to the downed Glaceon, and poked it with his vines.

Glaceon giggled a bit.

"(Huh?)" Luvdisc and Lucario were staring at the vine covered creature.

"ZZZ?" Tangrowth tickling the Glaceon, and it began laughing.

"When do Tangrowth's know Tickle?" both Kat and Caesar both said completely confused.

"Is Tangrowth the curious type?" Lucus asked Mamoswine, who woke up.

"(Huh, oh, yeah,)" Mamoswine answered.

"(,)" Glaceon was begging for the torment to stop.

"Throw her with Power Whip?" Caesar comanded, and Tangrowth wrapped his vines around Glaceon, and threw her at high speed at Luvdisc, who was toppled right into the wall.

"(She's cute,)" Tangrowth said with an odd tone of voice which would remind you of a four year old.

"(Okay?)" Lucario turned to the vine Pokemon.

"Rain Dance," Karen ordered, and Luvdisc began to dance. Soon, it began to rain somehow.

Alex looked up, "How the hell is it raining in a cave?"

"Who knows," Karen shrugged, "sometimes Pokemon can break the laws of physics."

"And me without my umbrella," Caesar covered his head with his arms.

"Here you go," Alex cheerfully pulled out an umberella from out of no-where.

"Thanks," Caesar said not caring where Alex got it from.

"Blizzard," Kat yelled, as Glaceon sent many ice shards, and snow flakes at the opponents.

"Dodge!" both Caesar and Alex yelled as their Pokemon followed their commands.

"(Huh,)" Lucario and Tangrowth began sliding on the ground, now noticing that the ground was frozen.

"Ha," Kat laughed, "We were planning to freeze the feild for our advantage, since we trained on frozen battle feilds."

"Great," Alex shrugged.

"Take Down," Karen ordered her Luvdisc to charge right at Tangrowth.

"Avalanch!" Kat exclaimed, and Glaceon summoned up a massive amount of snow, and hurled at the two.

"(Ugh)" Lucario and Tangrowth sighed as the attacks blasted them into a wall.

"Return," Kat shoutted, and Glaceon charged at Lucario with a glowing.

"Counter with Force Palm," Alex quickly retalated.

Lucario's palm glew with a blue aura, and Glaceon sent a fist-like blast at Lucario, Lucario blocked the attack, but was met with a fist to the face, and another fist, and another and another.

"Glaceon must like her trainer a lot for that Return to be that powerful," Caesar examined the attack, "Hmmm, where's Tangrowth?"

"Tang," Tangrowth fired a blast of sludge at Glaceon.

"That was Toxic," Kat shrugged.

"Take Down," Karen ordered, and Luvdisc flew right at Lucario.

"Defensive Dragon Pulse," Alex shouted, and Lucario was engulfed in a blue light.

"What is that?" Karen stared at the tactic that Lucario was doing, "Wait, Luvdisc-"


The Dragon Pulse erupted as Luvdisc touched it, and Luvdisc was sent into the cave wall, nearly fainting.

"Luvdisc," Karen was worried.

"What was that!" Caesar looked at the move that Lucario just did.

"Ummm, my version of Dragon Pulse," Alex responded.

"That's awsome," Caesar complemented, "Tangrowth, use Slam!"

"ZZZZ!" Tangrowth Happily grabbed Glaceon as she clutched her chest in pain from the poison, and was slamed on the ground, hard.

"Blizzard!" Kat tried to comand, but before Glaceon fired her attack, she felt more pain in her chest, "Damn poison."

"Extreme Speed to finish her off," Alex happily ordered, and Lucario ran at mock speed to slam Glaceon into the wall, and an explosion happened, yes, an explosion.

"Cough, what the hell, cough," Lucus was shocked at the sudden blast as dust covered the room.

"Quickly," Caesar yelled, "Use Power Whip on Luvdisc!"

"(It's over," Tangrowth yelled as his vines glew white, and in a whipping motion this time, slamed them right on Luvdisc, knocking it out.

"(Lights out!)" Skyra cheered, still not ditching her cheerleader costume.

"Awh, crap," Kat stomped the ground while returning Glaceon, "I guess I have to let Zangoose rip you to pieces."

"Go Gastrodon," Karen sent her Pokemon out and returned her Luvdisc at the same time, "Do what you can."

"Your not that excited," Kat turned to her partner as Lucus snuck a bomb he found in Kat's pocket.

"I have a bad feeling of loosing this battle," Karen sighed as Lucario put a firecracker that he also found in her pocket.

"(I am out here if anyone cares,)" Zangoose said standing around for orders.

"Errr, right the battle," Lucus reminded everyone of the battle.

"Oh right," everyone snapped back into reality from an imaginary place that they somehow entered.

"(Finally,)" Gastrodon sighed.

"ExtremeSpeed," Alex commanded, and Lucario went at high speed to any random enemy. Odd that these people don't tell their Pokemon who to attack. They can attack the Tr-

"GAAAHH!" Kat yelled as Lucario crashed right into her, "My Pokemon you iddiot, not me!"

"For now on," Karen looked at everyone, "Let's tell our Pokemon who to attack."

Alex and Caesar sweat dropped at the multiple times they called an attack without telling the target.

"Crush Claw on that Lucario!" Kat yelled with a big mark on her face from the Extreme Speed.

Zangoose came in with claws a glow.

"Counter with Slam for Lucario," Caesar ordered, and Tangrowth intercepted the attack, crashing right into Zangoose, and flinching him forward.

The negitive part is-

"(OWY! OWY! OWY!)" Tangrowth rolled around with a huge scratch mark on the front of him, visible even with the vines in the way.

"Can you stand," Caesar asked his somewhat young Tangrowth.

"zzzz(No,)" Tangrowth said covering his face in pain.

"That was one strong hit," Alex remarked, completely forgetting about Lucario.

"Mud Bomb!" Karen shouted, and Gastrodon fired a plefera of mud balls at Lucario, which hurt him greatly.

Lucus slapped his head, not noticing a flower growing on his head, "Come on Alex, focus on the battle."

"There is a flower on your head," Alex remarked, and handed Lucus a mirior.

"What do yo- AAAAAHH!" Lucus studied the miror, and saw the bluming flower, "What the hell!"

"Muddy Water," Karen calmly ordered, as a wave of dirty water slammed Lucario right on the ground.

"Oh, use Aura Sphere," Alex ordered as he regain his attention on the battle.

The blue ball popped right out of the water, and exploded right on Gastrodon, who when the smoke cleared, stood unphased.

"Really strong," Caesar noted, "Tangrowth, get up!"

"(My face)" Tangrowth mangaged to stand, but ran around in a circle.

"Shadow Claw," Kat grinned as the claw on Zangoose's paw began to glow with a purple aura.

"Move Tangrowth!" Caesar shouted, but the vine Pokemon kept on running in circles.


"(Ow,)" Tangrowth said weakly as Zangoose stood in front of it.

"SSS," Caesar sucked his teeth, "That's gotta hurt."

"Water Pulse on that Lucario," Kat ordered, and Zangoose charged a pulse of water that was aimed at Lucario, who was slipping on the water.

"Dodge Lucario, Dodge!" Alex begged.

When the Water Pulse should of fired...

"(Why do I feel so weak, and scratched up,)" Zangoose asked as he slumped down on the ground like Tangrowth.

"(Endeavor,)" Tangrowth weakly said, "(And my vines are beating the holy crap out of that Gastrodon.)"

"(Huh, what? OW! Stop that! It's the attack of the vines!)" Gastrodon shouted as she was beaten mercilessly, until she was tired as well.

"Dark Pulse!" Alex ordered, and Lucario was confused as he fired his dark energy wave at the thing that drenched him for most of the battle.

"Recover," Karen calmly ordered, and Gastrodon glew in a rainbow light which healled her wounds from the fight.

The dark wave struck, and she felt a little pain, but still was generally unphased.

"(How did he know I learned Dark Pulse?)" Lucario thought to himself.

"Thank you PokeDEx," Alex whispered as he was using Caesar's PokeDex that he ummm "borrowed" from him.

"Use Giga Drain to get some energy back," Kat spoke, and Zangoose followed by sending a flash of light at Tangrowth, and bursted out of the thing, and went towards Zangoose.

"(That's better,)" Zangoose said to himself as Tangrowth fell, and he was healed a little.

"Return," Caesar put Tangrowth back in his Poke Ball, "You did your best, and weakened them a lot.

"Aura Sphere," Alex ordered, and Lucario fired another charged blue ball, impacting the same target, and unphasing Gastrodon.

"Jump," Kat ordered, and Zangoose leaped into the air, and Caesar and Alex were confused. Lucus also looked along with the other Pokemon

"Full charged Aura Sphere!" Alex yelled, and Lucario began to charge.

From no indication to use the move, Gastrodon slammed its tail on the ground, shaking in a violent way.

"Oh, no, not again," Lucus paniced as the entire place shook.

"ARRRR," Lucario yelled as ground spikes impailed Lucario in a way, that he fell on the ground. He landed on his Aura Sphere that was in his hand, and it ended up blowing right on him, sending him flying upwards. He crashed into the celing above, and was stuck up there fainted. Suddenly, the celing fell appart, and Lucario came crashing down like a bunch of coconuts from a tree. He was seen with his head poking out of the rubble, and he was coming awake, until from out of nowhere, a coconut fell on his head, and KO'd him.

"Now how can a coconut fall from a celing of a volcano," Alex glared at the author.

IDropped it on his head.

"Grrrr," Alex growled at me, and everyone gave him wierd looks.

"Mamoswine, take some names," Caesar pointed to the battle field, and Mamoswine calmly walked on the field.

Alex walked towards Lucario, and pulled his Pokemon out of the rubble, "Skyra, take the field."

Skyra hopped right next to Mamoswine, and recieved odd looks from Kat and Karen.

"Why is your Medicham wearing a cheerleader's outfit?" both asked at the same time.

"I wonder that same thing myself," Alex responded, "Use Jump Kick on that Zangoose."

"Dodge, and counter with Giga Drain," Kat engaged her plan.

Zangoose leaped out of the attack's path, and Skyra ended up injuring her own leg, and flinched at the pain. Zangoose prepared a pulse of liquid to slam right on Skyra.

"Stop that Water Pulse with Ice Beam," Caesar pointed at Zangoose due to force of habit, and Mamoswine shot the blue beam right at Zangoose, who clenched his teeth due to the cold, but it didn't stop his attack, "Pick up Skyra quickly."

"Intercept with Muddy Water," Karen did the best she can to prevent the dodge.

The wave of brownish was summoned by Gastrodon, and she hurled it right at Mamoswine, but the speedy mamoth moved out of the way, and picked up Skyra.

"Dodge Zangoose," Kat was too late to stop this.

The muddy water kept on going towards Zangoose, and he fired his frozen Water Pulse. The Ice Pulse went through the water, and struck Gastrodon with a great amount of force that left her dazed. Her Muddy Water slammed Zangoose right into the cave wall, where some rocks and a coconut fell on his head. Both remained concious.

"Ride on Mamoswine's back until you can move your leg," Lucus shouted from the side lines.

"(Get on my back,)" Mamoswine turned his back on Skyra, and she crawled right on his back, and looked like a elephant rider.

"Take Down," Caesar had a little plan that he told to Alex, who was waiting for the right time to attack.

Mamoswine began running mock speed right into Zangoose and Gastrodon who were both near together.

"Shadow Claw," Kat planned to retaliate.

"Mud Bomb," Karen followed suit.

The mud ball barrage, and Zangoose and his purple claw were approaching the ramming mamoth.

"Hi Jump Kick!" Alex commanded as Mamoswine and Zangoose collided into each other, hurting both as Mamoswine took damage from Mud Bomb.

"(Right,)" Skyra leaped off Mamoswine's with her good leg, and leaped over the attacks, and planted a foot on Gastrodon's face, sending her sliding on the ground.

"Gastrodon," Karen noticed that the speed of the attack really knocked the wind out of Gastrodon.

Skyra was still in the air, and approaching a wall.

"Recover," Karen tried to heal her Pokemon before starting another attack.

"Use the wall as a spring board, and use Jump Kick at full power," Alex was going to end this now.

"Crush Claw," Kat ordered her somewhat strong Zangoose to land a big hit on Mamoswine, and the Pokemon took a big git from that scratch, "Shadow Claw," now the purple claw struck Mamoswine, and Caesar was thinking on what to counter.

"Hmmm," Caesar was in thought before hatching an idea, "Use Earthquake when you get struck again."

Zangoose landed another Crush Claw right on Mamoswine, but he used this to power up his Earthquake the moment he crashed landed. Mamoswine was hit hard, and fell like a meteor, but he slammed his paw right on the ground, causing a huge tremor to occur, and shake the place like crazy.

"Crap," Kat thought.

The spikes came out impailing Zangoose, and stumbling him back. He was nearly down.

Skyra jumped off the wall, and was making a kick right on the imobile Gastrodon, who was about to heal herself until...


The spikes ended impailing Gastrodon, making her to flinch from the pain.

"I'm screwed," Karen as Skyra shattered Gastrodon's shell, or cracked it, and sent it into the wall, fainting it.

"Return," Karen stated sadly as she returned her Pokemon back into her Poke Ball.

"Giga Drain on the down Mamoswine," Kat smerked as she knew Mamoswine was in pain from the claw assult.

Zangoose was about to send the green light, before his eyes opened wide open.

"Zangoose?" Kat asked her Pokemon before it fell on the ground fainted and standing triumphly behind him was a Medicham with a fist of flames, able to walk now, "Awgh, great!"

"Yeah!" Caesar cheered, "another sucker owned."

"Agree with you there," Alex said as he held his mask, "They should only have two Pokemon left."

Kat's cell vibrated when she returned her Zangoose. She answered it to be their boss, "I can see that your loosing this battle."

"Errr, I don't want to know how you keep track of us," Karen continued, "If your a dude, you have eyes everywhere, and even see us in the shower."

"Ummm, I don't have that many eyes," the cell continued, "Use the black box that I stashed in your pocket."

"This," Kat pulled a black box from her pocket, which was next the firecracker.

"Yes," the cell began, "Send your Pokemon out, and open it." The cell disconnected.

"Ran out of minutes," Kat blushed embarassed, "I never remember to turn off this thing that much."

"Can we battle now," Alex complained.

"Go!" both Kat and Karen both sent a Poke Ball into the air, and both bursted to reveal a Mismagius and Absol.

"Let's begin," Caesar was about to attack, until, "What the hell is that?"

Karen opened the box, and a bunch of Shadow Bugs came out, and engulfed Absol and Mismagius. Soon, both were in a purple aura, and had yellow eyes.

"I feel stronger," Mismagius studied herself.

"I feel angrier," Absol stated even though she looked calm.

Alex slapped his mask on his head, "We're screwed."

"Why?" Caesar turned to his partner.

"Shadow Bugs can increase the strength of anything," Alex pointed out, "we are really screwed now."

"No we're not," Caesar looked at the last two Pokemon, "This just means a more challenging battle."

"I hope it is just hard, not imposible," Alex turned his view back into the battle.

"Wait," Caesar finally registered the moment in his head, "Those Pokemon spoke."

"Yes," Alex turned to Caesar again, "Shadow Bugs can do things like that."

"Well these bugs are creepy," Caesar attacked, "Use Ancient Power on Absol."

Mamoswine pulled his rocks from the ground, and hurled them at Absol, who nimbly dodged the attack.

Mismagius turned to her trainer, "Let Absol and I take out these losers on our own, please."

Karen smiled, "It's nice that you can talk, and you sound so cute, so I'll let you fight on your own."

"I can handle myself, too," Absol shouted as she sent a Thunderbolt, which ended up larger than Thunder, right at Skyra.

"All right," Kat answered as Mamoswine blocked the attack taking no damage.

"Jump Kick," Alex shouted while pointing at Mismagius, and Lucus slapped his head.

Skyra leaped right at Mismagius, but she didn't attempt to dodge. Instead, she took the hit, and wasn't phased.

"Fighting attacks don't have an effect on Ghost-types," Lucus explained to his Trainer.

"Take tis," Mismagius smerked as she slashed Skyra with a Shadow Claw, leaving a deep wound right on her chest and stomach.

"(AAAAAHH!)" everyoen covered their ears as Skyra yelled in pain from the attack which was superpowered.

"That has to hurt," Lucus uncovered and saw Skyra was still standing even though she had a deep injury.

"Ice Beam," Caesar tried to hit Absol, but she kept on dodging.

"You need more speed," Absol mocked as she sent a Flamethrower which could be mistaken for a Blast Burn, since it was so big. It was sent in such a speed that no one had time to do anything, and it singed Mamoswine badly.

"Hang on," Caesar shouted as his Pokemon was strugling to stand.

"Fire Punch," Alex shouted, and for revenge, Skyra struck Mismagius as fast as posible, "and a Thunder Punch!"

Mismagius didn't flinch at all.

"Damn," Alex muttered under his breath.

"Shadow Ball," or in this case, Shadow Meteor, as a huge ball of purple energy was sent quickly at Skyra, who was sent flying towards Mamoswine.

It also destroyed an entire wall.

"Wow," Caesar, Alex, and Lucus all remarked, "We're screwed."

"Fall!" Absol shouted as her blade glew dark, and she slashed the two Pokemon badly.

"(Hiya!)" through the pain, Skyra and Mamoswine landed a Thunder Punch, and a Take Down right on Absol, who was sent crashing into a wall.

"Let me hold them," Mismagius glew pink, and Skyra and Mamoswine also glew pink, and were levitating.

"Psychic," Caesar said worriedly, "Mismagius has them in her control."

"Perfect," Alex pouted, "We're really screwed more than before."

Mismagius sent the two floating Pokemon into a wall, and began squeezing the air out of them.

"(I can't really breathe well in the first place,)" Mamoswine muttered to Skyra.

"(Well I don't enjoy this either,)" Skyra struggled to say as her air was being squeezed out of her.

"Your going to kill them," Lucus shouted at Mismagius, and the ghost turned to him.

"We're just need to kill you and the Smash Knight over there," Mismagius pointed at Alex, but Caesar missed the statement.

"Your down and out," Absol smerked as she sent a Hyper Beam charged in 1 second.

Skyra's and Mamoswine's eyes were wide open as they saw the largest Hyper Beam, more bigger than the Pokemon center approaching closer and closer.


The entire wall that the two were stuck on was demolished as the Hyper Beam kept destroying it. Eventually, the attack ended, and the entire wall blocking the paths were destroyed. On the ground, there laid a fainted Medicham and Mamoswine, and their trainers came over to check on them.

"Mamoswine!" Caesar check for Mamoswine's breathing and heart rate, which was hard, but he managed to deduct that his Pokemon was all right.

"Skyra,' Lucus checked on the Medicham with Alex, and she was also doing all right with her breathing rate being normal, "Hopefully, they didn't break anything."

"They didn't," Mismagius floated over, "I can tell just by looking at them, but you won't be so lucky."

Lucus gulped.

Caesar pulled on Alex's shirt," What?"

"Those two are too dangerous to fight," Caesar looked the stairs, "We need to make a break for it, and lose them somewhere."

"I think your right," Alex studied the situation, "I'll distract them in the right time."

"Electivire," Caesar turned to his last Pokemon after returning Mamoswine, "I hope you can handle this after witnessing that."

"(I'm not too sure)" Electire gulped as he stepped forward.

"Lucus," Alex turned to the grass Pokemon, "We need to run."

Lucus was in relief.

"Die!" Absol sent a Flamethrower at Lucus, but he was quick enough to dodge.

"Shadow Ball," Mismagius shouted as she sent a ball of energy at Electivire, and it out sized him.

"Thunder Bunch on it!" Caesar countered.

"(Gulp,)" Electivire said as he slammed his thunder fist on the giant purple ball, and remarkably, sent it back. All the praying he did in his mind worked, and Mismagius was hit hard by the attack.

"Gotya!" Absol shouted as she began slashing Electivire with Night Slashes.

"Stop!" Lucus shouted as he sent a Vine Whip right at Absol's Legs, and tripped her.

"Fire Punch," Caesar tried to take the time to hurt the disaster Pokemon, and Electivire bashed Absol with a firey fist.

"It's over," Mismagius calmly spoke as she trapped them with Psychic.

"Crap," Caesar turned to Alex, "Did you figure a distraction yet?"

"No?" Alex said worriedly, and the two slapped their heads.

"It was nice knowing you," Lucus said to Electivire as Absol charged her finishing Hyper Beam, with extra chance of dying of the attack.

"(I thought I died when I had children, and was known as the Pokemon of a Pokemon Master)" Electivire complained, "(Why did I have to be last to battle.)"

Absol was about to fire, until...

Boom! Pop! Pop!


Mismagius and Absol turned to their trainers, to find out that their pants were on fire.

"Run," Alex whispered as he picked up Skyra and ran to the stairs.

"Behind you," everyone else said after him.

"Who put bombs in our pants?" Kat said as she shook off the char.

"But the morons were running away," Karen pointed at the running group, and Absol and Mismagius ran after them.


"Run!" Everyone running from the blood thirsty Absol and Mismagius yelled.

Kat and Karen were following along with their Pokemon.

The chase went on to a room with many halls.

"Split up!" Caesar shouted, and that's what everyone did.

"Get them!" Kat, Karen, Absol, and Mismagius shouted after the group.

They'all went to different halls, and were running around like mice.

We will stay at this intersection. We see Caesar running out of a hall, and into another. Absol comes out of another, and runs into another. Lucus, then Kat, then Alex, then Mismagiuse, (Fast forward) thenKarenthenAbsolthenElectiviretheneveryonemeetsinthesmeplaceandsplitsup. I meant to do that. It was faster this way, and would tell you that eveyone was exiting and entering halls in such a high speed, that we had to speed up the list by excluding spaces.

More running, and even people we never seen are here. Cynthia, Paul, Luigi, Pikachu, Sora, Master Hand, Ash, Crazy Hand, and Mario were also seen from the high speed for some reason. Odd, didn't these people have something to do?

After the Scoby-Doo door ting, without the doors though, the heros were cornered next to a rock pile.

"He he he," Absol grinned at the trapped people, "Easy kills."

"I don't like violence," Mismagius floated higher, "but orders are orders."

"Boss told us to kill you," Kat and Karen informed to the group.

"It was nice knowing you," Caesar turned to Alex.

"I can't fight these two," Alex stared at the approaching killers, "well, if there were the time for something helpful to happen by the smashers, it would be now," Alex thought to himself, "Did I see Mario, Luigi, Pikachu, Master Hand, and Crazy Hand?"

The killers came closer, and everyone hugged the wall.

"I die in a volcano," Lucus thought as he was now holding Skyra, "Hopefully they don't think your alive. You can live if they are dumb enough."

"Make sure to kill the Medicham," Mismagius said as she read Lucus's mind, and lucus slapped his head.

It looked like the end, but...



"AAAAAHH! Kat, Karen, Absol, and Mismagius yelled as the rock pile blew up with a intense explosion that sent them through the walls of the cave.

Next, everyone was pulled at high speed to a location far away from them.


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