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"Kiba-kun!" Aiko poked the sleeping boy beside her, obviously enjoying herself.

"Errgg," The young boy stirred in his sleep.

Hehe, he's so cute, Aiko thought as she stared at the beast boy and his puppy, Akamaru. Aiko wasn't sure when she exactly started liking Kiba but she knew that she wanted to take care of him with her love as much as she can. Everyday, Aiko sat next to Kiba at the Konoha Ninja Academy and watched him as he always fell asleep.

"Kiba-kun," Aiko repeated as she sunk her finger into Kiba's soft cheek.

"Will you stop....annoying, grrr," Kiba growled as he turned his face the other way. Aiko couldn't help but giggle.

"Kiba-kun," Aiko insisted a third time as she nudged the sleeping Kiba with her elbow. Suddenly, the boy raised his head and gave Aiko a death glare, "Every damn day...stop bothering me." As Kiba woke up, Aiko brightened and took something out of her bag.

"I made some with my sister yesterday, want some?" Aiko offered a cookie shape of the village's leaf symbol. "I even sprinkled it with green, see?" Aiko grinned as she looked at the cookie.

"Ooh, Kiba's wife is at it again!" a voice was heard from behind, and Kiba snapped his head around to face the person who insulted him. Of course, everyone knew that Aiko had affection for Kiba.

"Shut up," Kiba responded. Aiko just smiled at the comment as Kiba put his head down once more. Once again, Aiko dug into her bright green bag, pulled out a napkin, and placed the cookie on top, next to her beloved Kiba.

"Good morning, Kiba-kun," Aiko smiled as she sat down next to Kiba, like she did everyday.

"Every single day...You are one annoying girl."

"Hehe," Aiko just gave a warm smile and scooted closer to Kiba. "Did you know, Kiba-kun..." Aiko rested her head on his shoulder and blushed, "I like you very much."

"Eck..." Kiba pushed the girl away from him in disgust. "Go away."

"Want a cookie?" Aiko offered, like she did everyday. Kiba just sighed and put his head down, facing the other way.

"Why are girls so annoying?"

"Yaayy, lunch break!" Everyone ran outside to enjoy their free time of the day.

"Alright!" Like everyone else, Kiba also was excited as he ran out to play with his other classmates. It was a long day and Kiba was excited to get out and play. Akamaru barked as he ran along aside him, feeling his master's joy. Lost in the excitement, Kiba tripped.

"Kiba-kun! Are you alright?" Aiko hurriedly rushed to Kiba as he stared at the ground in embarrassment.

"Ooh, Kiba's wife to the rescue," everyone teased. Ignoring the comments, Aiko tried to help Kiba stand but he pushed her away, refusing to accept her help.

"Get away," Kiba growled. "I don't need your help! Don't you have other things to do then bother me?" Kiba looked at her and glared.

"B-but, Kiba-kun, you have a scratch on your cheek." Aiko insisted worriedly. Aiko raised her hand to his face, "Let me-"

Kiba smacked her hand away. "I tell you everyday to just leave me along. What are you stupid? Don't you understand what I tell you every single day? Look, I don't even like you. You're not even my friend. So just get away from me!" Kiba finally exploded and directed his rage at Aiko. Aiko was shocked.

"I...I didn't realize..." Aiko slowly lowered her hand as tears welled in her eyes.

"Well now you know, so get out of my sight," Kiba turned around and walked away as tears streamed down Aiko's face.

Am I really that annoying? I am such a nuisance...Kiba-kun is probably right. I always bother him when he's sleeping... I am really inconsiderate, Aiko sulked as she slowly walked back inside the Academy building, and back to her classroom. As she walked in, something caught her eye in a nearby trashcan. There, a crumbled green sprinkled cookie sat, trashed and broken to pieces.

"Good morning."

"Good morning."

The next day went by as usual. Students arrived at the ninja academy awaiting the lesson of the day. A normal day, of no importance.

"...Kiba, where's your wife?"

"Huh?" Kiba raised his head as he looked around. It was a morning ritual for Aiko to come and bother him for the rest of the day. She was usually early and always cheerful... Now, it felt odd without her presence. But now, Kiba felt peace and he once again rested his head in his arms.

"...I don't see Aiko-chan anywhere," Another student commented.

"Isn't she usually early?"

"Yeah, and she always gave me a cookie. They are always really good..."

"Kiba...don't you think you were a little harsh on her yesterday...?"

"Hell no. She's a total pain." Kiba raised his head a second time and looked around. It was true...Aiko was no where to be found. Had he been too harsh on her? No, it had finally earned him peace. It was necessary. She was an annoying girl with nothing to do but bother him for pure enjoyment.

"Alright everyone, class has begun," Iruka-sensei walked into the room, ready and prepared to teach his lesson, as always. Iruka quickly scanned the room. "Hm...It seems Aiko is not here today...that's quite odd, even for her to be sick..."

Iruka went on with his lesson for a good boring hour. Although Aiko was absent, Kiba was restless and could not fall asleep. As he switched into different positions in his folded arms, the sliding door was slammed open, causing the whole class to jump at the sudden sound. All heads turned as they saw Aiko slowly enter the room.

"Aiko, you're late."

"...Sorry, sensei, I overslept." Aiko pulled off a smile as she faced the class to reach her seat.

Oh god, now she's gonna sit over here, Kiba rolled his eyes as he saw Aiko slowly walk up the steps, toward his row. "Tch, didn't I tell you-" Kiba was cut off as Aiko continued to walk up the steps and pass Kiba, without even making eye contact. Kiba was stunned. What had just happened? She was supposed to...

"Hey, hey, Aiko just ignored Kiba!" a whisper was heard behind Kiba.

"I know what this is called. My parents talk about it sometimes. It's... divorce."

Aiko listlessly continued to walk up the steps until she reached the top row and slid into a seat. This is probably best. It's what Kiba-kun wants...and I guess its best for me too.

What's going on? Kiba didn't believe what had just happened. She's supposed to... Kiba whipped around to look at Aiko. She just stared listlessly toward Iruka-sensei. Kiba stared at her to get her attention but she didn't even glance at him. Kiba turned back around, confused.

From then on, Aiko never took a single glance at Kiba again. Kiba told himself it was much better this way, and it was what he always wanted...but now, he always sat alone. Aiko formed new friends that she played and laughed with. She's supposed to laugh like that with me. Now, Aiko shared her cookies with her new friends. She's supposed to offer those cookies to me. Kiba watched as she joked and studied with other classmates. She's supposed to practice lessons with me. She's supposed to look at me when she smiles like that. A few students blamed Kiba for letting this happen but Kiba arrogantly responded that he could now, peacefully sleep. But truthfully, after that day, Kiba could get so much as a minute of sleep in class. She's supposed to always be by my side... I'm supposed to not care. I'm not supposed to like her.

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