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Kiba didn't have a chance to react. Here was the girl he loved kissing him... with her warm lips on his, Kiba couldn't help but blush. This meant she liked him back right? Was she accepting his love? What was it? Aiko broke away from the kiss abruptly and stood up.

"Well, we should head back to the village now," Aiko said walking back into the forest. Kiba just stared at her as she walked away utterly confused.

Is she just playing with me? What the heck! Why did she do something so confusing!?

As Aiko walked into the forest, she blushed violently. She tasted cookie crumbs on her lips. What did I just do? That was so...my body just acted on his own. I just...felt like kissing him. Oh god! Oh no, oh no! How will I face him again. I bet he saw how embarrassed I was when I escaped. "Akamaru, what should I do?" Aiko asked staring at the dog guarding the still unconscious ninjas. Akamaru just gave a reassuring bark, but Aiko was still confused. She put her hand to her chest to try and calm her thumping heart while taking deep breaths. Aiko heard Kiba walk back into the woods and quickly pretended to observe the ninjas they had taken out earlier that day. One began to stir and Aiko punched him rather violently in the face, knocking him out again.

"So...we should get going," Kiba suggested as he pulled the straps of his backpack. He had put his shirt back on. Aiko stood up and nodded.

"How should we carry them?"



The walk back to Konoha was very silent. When they had started the mission they had been so talkative...and now, they were at a loss of words. The two missing-nins were tied to Akamaru's back, their arms and legs dragging on the floor. Aiko was slightly worried but Kiba insisted it gave Akamaru a well needed work out. Akamaru led the way to Konoha while Kiba and Aiko walked behind him, keeping close watch of the thieves. As Kiba walked beside Aiko he couldn't help but glance at her every so often. He was so confused. She had kissed him hadn't she? Didn't that mean....? Kiba wasn't so sure.

I have to confront her...again. I have to clear this up, this is way too awkward...Kiba glanced again at Aiko. She seemed slightly dazed as she slowly walked by his side. ...I still love Aiko...I still do, as much as I did almost two years ago... "Aiko, I love you." Surprised, Aiko turned her head toward him before he embraced her in a hug. He had longed to hold her like this for so many years. "Aiko, I still love! I still do. No matter how I think about it, I'm crazy in love with you as the day my confession was rejected." As Kiba's arms wrapped tighter Aiko's shoulders, she registered what had just happened. Here was Kiba's second confession. He still loved her, and he had for a long time... Kiba closed his eyes taking in Aiko's presence...Suddenly, pain was on his right cheek. He flashed his eyes open to realize that Aiko had punched up. Shocked, Kiba flew and landed a few feet away on the dirty path. "Wha--?" Akamaru barked as he turned around to see the action.

"You jerk! After what you did to me, you think you can just say you love me!? Huh!?" Aiko had suddenly switched personalities. Aiko walked toward the fallen Kiba and stared at the beast boy smugly, who lay on the ground in utter disbelief. This was not Aiko. "Do you know what I did every morning in that academy? What I did for you? And everyday, you rejected me. EVERYDAY. I only rejected you once! That's absolutely nothing in comparison. I cared for you!" Tears streamed down her face as she screamed her objections. "You think I can just accept you back whenever you feel like it?" She then became quiet. "I cared for you..." Kiba stared at Aiko. Had she gone bipolar? The sudden switch of personality stunned him in place. Other than Aiko trying to stifle her crying, it was silent. No birds or insects were heard in the large forest. As Aiko began to wipe her face with her hand, Kiba noticed the blood running down her arm. He quickly stood up.

"Aiko!" Kiba grabbed her wrist and undid the bandages wrapped her hand. Its still cut up...the same as before. The wounds has just reopened! Didn't she say... "You said you had your own jar of medical cream! You even showed it to me, so why..." Aiko snatched her throbbing hand away from Kiba.

"...I-it...was empty," Aiko looked away. "You needed it more than I did." Kiba was shocked. The girl who had just punched him in the face still cared for him...and always had. Even though she had exploded in anger, she continued to take care of him as she did so long ago. Kiba caught Aiko in another hug.

"Aiko...stop it...You've always cared for me...and you still do. You don't have to anymore. I know I was a jerk before. But I was a kid and I was an ignorant loser." Kiba spoke into Aiko's hair. "I...want to take care of you from now on. I'll make sure you have an umbrella on a rainy day. I'll be there to pick you up when you fall. I'll always be there when you're sad and when you're happy. I'll always stick by your side like you used to stick by mine..." Kiba let go of his embrace and looked carefully at Aiko. She slowly looked up at him as a silent tear rolled down her left eye.

"I-I...don't know anymore, Kiba-kun. A part of me tells me I still love you...and another part of me tells me not to... I'm not sure...to be honest."

"Th-then, why did you kissed me!?" Kiba was appalled.

"....I'm not sure...," Aiko again lost eye contact as she looked at the ground. She was obviously confused.

"Then let me make sure." Kiba smirked and gently placed his lips on her cold ones. His kiss got back Aiko's attention. His warm lips warmed her own as he pulled her close with his strong arms wrapped around her. She felt so safe and secure... It was a short kiss and he slowly pulled back. "Uhm....Well?" Kiba couldn't help but blush by his actions.

"....." Aiko was dazed as she looked up at the flustered Kiba. Now he averted his eyes away from her as he awaited her answer. She'd never seen him this way. He was always arrogant and full of confidence. Now...he looked so cute. Just seeing him lose confidence made her regain hers. She wiped the remaining tears in her eyes and smiled. Why hadn't she realized this before? The way he acts, always full of himself and determined... He always accepted his weaknesses and at times, lose his self-confidence. She loved the way he was slightly conceited and then, switched to that nervous shy puppy look.

"I liked it." And before Kiba could react she threw her arms around his pulled him into another kiss. "I was fooling myself," she said as she broke the kiss. She pressed her forehead against his. "I've always loved you, and I still do." As Kiba heard Aiko's confession he grinned, flashing his slightly fanged teeth. He wrapped his arms around Aiko's waste and spun her around in delight. He couldn't believe it. Kiba had finally scored the girl he had dreamed of having...for years. Aiko screamed in surprise and Kiba threw her in the air and caught her in a bridal style.

"You have no idea how happy I am," Kiba couldn't stop grinning. "I knew we'd eventually be together," he added arrogantly. He had regained his self confidence.

"Hmph. Well just so you know, I'm not going to do anything for you," Aiko said as she turned her face the other way in a snobbish manner, waving her slightly bloody hand in the air.

"Like I said, you don't have to," Kiba set Aiko back down on her feet and hugged her from behind, "'Cause I'm taking care of you from now on," Aiko shivered as Kiba's hot breath tickled her neck and blushed at his husky voice.

"Take care of me...?" Aiko turned back to face Kiba in question.

"As in I'll have my own special bag of things to give to you. And I'll always be by your side...just like how you were always beside mine,"

"Hmmm..." Aiko gently broke away from Kiba's embrace and walked a few steps ahead of Kiba, her back facing him. "In a way, we kind of switched, didn't we?" Aiko turned her face to look at Kiba and grinned.

"I guess so, but you'll still care for me, right?" Kiba took a few steps to grab hold of Aiko's uninjured hand.

"No way, we switched remember? And you said I don't have to care for you anymore." Aiko raised her left hand delicately and pushed Kiba's chest rather harshly, "Go away, you're so annoying,"

"Wha--?" Kiba pouted as he tried to grasp Aiko's hand once more, but she avoided his grasp and quickly walked ahead.

"Let's go Akamaru!" Aiko petted the dog as she continued her to walk down the path.

"Woof!" Akamaru barked with agreement as he sat patiently along the path.

"Aiikkooo!" Kiba whined as he ran to catch up beside Aiko where he belonged.

I'm really happy with how it ended! I'm thinking of writing a sequel, but as a one shot. Tell me opinions on that and how it ended! Thanks, hope everyone enjoyed this story, Switched.