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This story has been so much fun for me to write even though there were definitely some things I would have changed. I've had this epilogue planned since the middle of the story and I finally get to write it!!!!!!!

The song Edward and Bella dance to is 'Please don't leave me' by Pink.


Bella looked at herself in the mirror and frowned. "Alice!" she moaned, "I know this is your day but I look disgusting!"

"What did I say about complaining on my wedding day?" Alice sighed.

"Oh you already had one so it doesn't count," Bella grumbled. "But seriously! Emerald and fat don't go well together!"

"Well you weren't knocked up when I chose the colors," Alice giggled, "good thing those things haven't come out yet otherwise your dress wouldn't fit anyway."

Bella smiled and went to help Alice with her hair. They were renewing their vows by actually giving some.

"Oh, hold up," Bella winced putting her hand on her stomach.

"You okay honey? Don't go into labor now please!"

"I swear it's like its his mission to lodge his foot in my spine!"

Alice giggled.

"Hey there girls," Esme said as she came in. "Alice you look so beautiful!"

"Bella my bow won't tie," Carmen said. She was the flower girl again even though she insisted that she was six and way too old.

"Alright hop up here I can't bend."

Carmen climbed up onto the chair and fixed her bow while Esme helped Alice with her veil.

"So when can I be expecting grandchildren from you missy?" Esme asked.

"After college," Alice said, "I don't really want kids right now. I mean do I really want to look like blimpy?"

"Oh I can't wait until you get pregnant so I can bust your balls as hard as you are mine."

Alice laughed and hugged her friend. It was her job to torment Bella about being pregnant and growing several sizes. She was about as excited as everyone else about the new arrivals.

"How awesome would it be if my water broke at the alter?" Bella asked. "Just totally divert attention."

"I would kill you once the babies were born."

"So when is Edward making an honest woman of you?" Esme asked.

"He isn't," Bella said, "if we get married it'll be common law."

Esme laughed and hugged her. "Let's go check on the guys, five minutes Alice. Come on Cammie."

Alice sighed and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She straightened her veil and took a deep breath. Off the shoulder was a mistake. She thought her shoulders suddenly looked too manly.

"Knock, knock pumpkin," Carlisle said, he smiled at her. "You look like a vision in white."

"I have man shoulders," she whined.

"That's what Lizzy said when we got married," Carlisle chuckled, "of course it wasn't a beautiful ceremony or anything."




Bella laid her head on Edward's shoulder and sighed as Jasper and Alice shared their first dance.

"They look happy."

"Yeah, they really do. How do you feel?" He asked.

"They're getting ready," Bella sighed. Edward put his hand on her stomach and rubbed it lightly. "Can we do this?"

"Oh yeah, no problem," he shrugged. "I just can't wait to meet them. I'm so excited!"

"Hey there parents," Carlisle chuckled, sitting with them. "Bella how are you feeling?"

"Good. Any day now. Gah I can't believe I'm having two boys! Why boys?!"

"Let's just hope they aren't identical," Carlisle chuckled, "otherwise you won't be able to tell them apart."

"No, let's hope they didn't inherit everything from their father," she said, giving Edward a pointed look.

Carlisle got up for the father daughter dance and Bella stayed put. Charlie hadn't been able to make it to Chicago for the wedding and even if he had, Bella wouldn't have danced anyway. Edward had claimed one of the two dances she was giving out. The other was reserved for the groom.

Edward looked up when he heard a rumble. "Oh no, it's raining."

"Alice is gonna be pissed," Bella giggled. "Ow! Stop that," she growled at her belly. Edward knelt down before her and put his hands on her stomach.

"Hey you two," he murmured, "stop harassing your mommy."

Bella smiled and stroked his hair lightly. He tilted his head up and her hand slid to his cheek. They smiled at each other. In his soft green eyes she saw everything they were going to be together. She saw the shock on his face from when she told him she was pregnant as well as the confidence and courage to be a good father. Nobody was going to be a better father then Edward Cullen and she was sure of that.

"You're my world," he whispered, "all three of you."

"We're going to have a great life. You put all of my bitchiness into paralysis and I love you for it."

"Like I want a boring girlfriend," he snorted, "your bitchiness is my constant companion. One day I'll get you to change your mind about marrying me."

"I told you," Bella said as he stood. "I don't want to get married. Things go wrong when people like me get married."

"Beautiful, smart, funny, eccentric girls?"

"Unstable bitchy girls."

"Well," Edward sighed, "would this unstable bitchy girl like to dance?"

"Me? Dance? Surely you're crazy."

Edward laughed and kissed her. "I'm dating you aren't I?"


"Alright we have a song requested by the maid of honor for her boyfriend," the D.J said. Edward started laughing when he heard the beginning of the song.

"Appropriate," he laughed. He took her hand and they went to the dance floor. "Damn your fat," he teased.

"Because of you smarty pants."

Edward kissed her and she smiled. Edward put one hand on the side of her swollen belly and she covered it with hers. The twins saved their relationship whether or not they knew it. The song that played, the story of a woman who was horrible to her boyfriend but couldn't live without him, had become their song the moment they heard it.

The song ended and Edward kissed her. "You look beautiful in that shade of green."

"Bella," Alice cried grabbing her. "I can't find my garter!"

"I left it on the vanity for you did you put it on?" Bella asked. Alice thought back for a moment.


"Don't worry I brought a spare," Bella said. They went into the back, dragging Edward with them. Bella sat down and Edward took off the backup garter.

"Oh you can't seriously want me to put it on her," Edward moaned. Both Bella and Alice nodded. Alice put her right leg up on a chair and pulled back her skirts. Edward winced and put the garter on like a wuss.

"Got it," Emmett grinned holding a camera.

"You planned this didn't you!" he accused Alice.

She grinned and nodded. "We were all in on it. Well Jasper was supposed to take the picture so I'm surprised he didn't."

"Alright fine don't be happy to see me," Emmett muttered. "Come here sis."

Alice hugged her big brother tight.

"And Bella Swan you are positively massive."

"Just be glad that Eddie finally got some," Bella laughed.

"Good man," Emmett laughed, clapping Edward on the shoulder. "Now I want to dance with the bride."

"Certainly," Alice agreed.

Emmett had been out in California doing intense training for the next Olympic games. The Cullen family, and all of Forks, was intensely proud of Emmett for his accomplishments. They also knew that he was planning on marrying Rosalie after the next games, when he can slow down for a bit.

"Is it just me or has he gotten bigger?"

"I think his thighs are as big as my head," Edward agreed. He smiled when Carmen ran up and jumped into her big brother's arms.

"Emmy!" she cried happily.

Edward and Bella went back out and sat with Esme who was bouncing her one-year-old son Ryan on her lap. The blonde boy looked over at his brother and grinned.


"Hey there kiddo."

The party was a delight. Jasper and Alice looked like they were glowing. They were dancing again, close to each other and gazing into each other's eyes. Edward looked over and Bella was resting her head on his shoulder.


"Yeah," she sighed, "do you mind if we head out?"

"No problem," Edward said. "Mom we're going to get out of here. Bye Ry-ry," he said, kissing his brother's forehead. They hugged Carlisle goodbye and Emmett. They wished well to the happy couple and went outside. Bella stood just inside the doors while Edward got the car. When he pulled up she ran out to him.

"It was great seeing Emmett again," Bella said. "I hope he sticks around for a while."

"I think he said he'd stick around for about a week. Hey maybe he'll be able to meet his nephews," Edward grinned, touching her stomach as they came to a stop at a red light.

"Lord it's coming down," Bella sighed. She took a deep breath. "They never sleep!"

"It only seems that way love," Edward laughed. He turned up the radio it was the usual. The police were in a high speed chase, the tickets for the Green Day concert were sold out and more rain was on the horizon.

"Boring as usual," Bella sighed. "I'm gonna turn it."

"Have a ball," Edward said, pushing on the gas as the light turned. He heard familiar lyrics.

Please, please don't leave me

He heard sirens and brakes screech nearby then he was jolted forward. As the car spun he couldn't help but think of the strange irony. There was a jarring crash and his head met the wheel with enough force to knock him out.


"Why are we always having problems?" Edward asked as he followed Bella into their kitchen. "Nothing I do is good enough for you!"

"I'm fucked up and you know it. So just go okay! Leave me like I know you want to!"

"It would be much better than fighting with you over everything! You're such a chore Bella!"

She ran off and slammed the bedroom door. He sighed and fell onto the sofa. They were fighting over something he couldn't even remember. Something so trivial. Oh, yeah, he had proposed to her. That's what they were fighting over. Or at least what started it. Now they were just yelling at each other. They were yelling horrible things at each other. She was insisting that he was a selfish egotistical jack off and he made a point to let her know that she was a complicated bitch who needed to get off the rag.

He laid on the sofa and sighed. Were they doomed to this? He needed a sign that they were going to be okay. That they were meant to be together. He thought proposing was the next logical step but she didn't want to get married. She said she wasn't afraid of commitment as they were in an exclusive relationship and had been since high school. Maybe that was it. They hadn't really dated anyone but each other.

Bella came out. Her face was blotchy and wet. He looked up at her. He stood to leave when she stopped him.

"Edward...please don't leave me."

"How do I even know that you want me to stay?! All we do is fight anymore. You don't want to get married. How do I know we still have a future?"

"I don't want to get married but I don't want to be without you."

"I just need some sort of sign that we're meant to be together."

Bella tossed him a stick. "I'm pregnant."

Edward stared at the stick in amazement. There it was, neon and flashing, right before his eyes. "T-that's a huge sign."

"I'm scared. Edward I'm crazy! I don't know how to be a mother, I never really saw one! I know how to be psychotic and negligent, oh and how to fight with my boyfriend or husband."

"Let's try fighting for each other instead of with each other," Edward suggested. He got up and hugged her and kissed her forehead. "I love you, no matter how crazy you are."

Edward opened his eyes slowly. He was in the hospital, that much was certain. His head felt like someone was pounding it with a hammer. He sat up with some difficulty. He remembered being in the car and that was about it. He looked around and the room was empty. Was Bella in the car with him? He couldn't remember.


Carlisle was in the waiting room and hating it. Esme had him hold the baby so that he would remain calm. Alice was sitting in her wedding dress, wearing Jasper's tuxedo jacket. Emmett was chewing on his nails and Jasper was pacing.

Carlisle was twenty years in the past when he woke up and his life was changed forever. Was Edward okay? Was Bella okay? What about the babies? His grandchildren would be born like their father and aunt. But the big question Carlisle had was simply if his son was going to wake up with his world shattered. Thinking about it, while Carlisle loved his first wife dearly, Esme was his soul mate. Bella was Edward's, even though they constantly bickered like children.


Edward stood up and wobbled. Bella had been in the car with him. He remembered looking at her through the darkness and laughing about their children. He ripped the cords off of him and left the room. He had no idea that his room was now the center of a code and his family, in the nearby waiting room, was fearing for his life. He ran through the halls looking for Bella. All he could think of was memories from his childhood.

When I woke up your mother was dead but I had you two

I should have died instead of her, Edward, you deserve a mother.

He shook his head. Bella was alive! She had to be alive! After all he had gone through in his life he couldn't lose her. He skidded to a stop as he passed the nursery and backtracked. He looked through the rows of cribs through the window but didn't see his sons. His stomach dropped down to his feet.


He turned and saw Carlisle running up to him. His father held him tight and he began to cry.

"I can't find them! Dad they died! That must be why they aren't here!"

"Don't think that yet Edward," Carlisle said firmly, "come on, we'll just ask a nurse."

He pulled one aside and asked her. Edward's heart joined his stomach in his feet when she said she didn't know of any Bella Swan. Carlisle braced Edward who was weak from running and surviving the nastiest crash in a while. Then Carlisle saw the brace on Edward's foot.

"What are you running on that for?" he asked. "Have I taught you nothing?!"

"I have to find her," Edward insisted.

"There you are Mr. Cullen," his doctor said, "come with me."

He led Edward down another hall and they turned into a room in recovery. Bella was there. She held a newborn baby boy in her arms while he suckled her nipple and the other was sleeping in his crib. Edward left Carlisle's side and went to her.

"I thought I lost you," he whispered.

"You can't get rid of me," she murmured. He kissed her, careful not to disrupt his son.

Carlisle watched the scene with tears in his eyes. His son had the happy ending he didn't. He had his twin sons and his love.

"I told her that she'll have to stay. We had to do an emergency cesarean. It was close but they're both safe. You actually got the worst of it with your head injury. Your foot, as you noticed, is sprained. You both were incredibly lucky. I mean that. To have only a few scratches and both of your newborns perfectly healthy. Looks like someone was watching over you."

"I think I have a good idea who," Carlisle murmured. Edward sat on the bed and held his other son.

The doctor left and Carlisle watched the two new parents. He felt tears roll down his cheeks. He knew the fear Edward felt and could only imagine the relief. Edward and Bella gazed lovingly at their children and at each other. They were going to be okay. He watched as the rest of the family joined them. They awed over the babies and hugged each of the parents.

Esme turned to Carlisle and wiped his tears away.

"They're going to be okay," Esme murmured. He hugged her and nodded. "Your babies are okay."

The twins he had raised from birth were happy with their perfect mates. Edward smiled at them and came over with his son. Carlisle took the baby and cradled him.

"Decided on names?" he asked thickly.

"Yeah," Edward said, smoothing his son's thin blonde hair. The other one had his mother's chocolate hair. "The brunette is named Mitchell, and this is Robert."

Carlisle began to get weepy again and hugged his son. "He would be so proud of you Edward. You're going to be a great father."

"I learned from the best," Edward said.

Carlisle kissed his forehead and hugged him again. Esme took the newborn and Alice came to hug them. His twins were grown but safe and even though he would disagree, they both thought he was the best father in the world.

"Even if you are old and lame," Edward teased.

The End

Cheesy ending, maybe. But I wanted Edward to have Carlisle's happy ending. I've had so much fun with this story and I enjoyed almost every minute of it.