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Chapter 1: Banishment

The music was pounding, it was deafening. You couldn't see because the pulsing lights blinded you as they swept dizzily across the dance floor. And the floor was hot and crowded with bodies as they moved with the beat of the sound. Each one was pressed against the other in a primal mating dance, enjoying the thrall and heat of each other.

Inuyasha was one of them, moving in time with them. He was dancing with a women he didn't even know, whose face he hadn't even seen, and he didn't care.

The sweet weightlessness of the beers he had consumed along with his three shots was rushing through his veins. His long black hair, pulled back, was swishing from side to side as he moved. Her body was pressed closed to his as she moved her hips suggestively.

There was nothing more exciting, more fun, than dancing every night with his thing-of-the-moment with alcohol pumping through him making it all seem so much more.

The girl moved her hips a certain way and he knew what that night held for him.

"You can't beat me, Naraku, so just give up!" Inuyasha shouted out his car window to his best friend.

Naraku smiled in that creepy, dark way of his and said, "Not a chance." Inuyasha smiled happily at the challenge as the people around their hot cars started cheering.

Inuyasha winked at a girl in a pair of really hot short shorts as he revved his car suggestively.

She smiled back and licked her lips.

"Winner gets dibs." Inuyasha said upping the already hefty stakes.

Naraku checked her out and said, "Deal."

Someone, another hot girl in an even smaller outfit, held out her hands as everyone stepped back from the cars.

Inuyasha and Naraku's attention focused on her as she eyed them to make sure they were ready.

She brought her hands down and they sped off, leaving behind a trial of smoke behind them.

Inuyasha was kissing on her neck, her sweet graceful neck and she moaned his name in that sexy, throaty voice of hers.

"Damn Kikyo, your hot." Inuyasha said starting in on her buttons.

"Stop talking." She ordered as his kisses trailed lower.

He was in a different club, swallowing another shot. He smiled and slammed the glass down on the table, upside down next to all the others as the man across from him did the same.

The man's head tilted as his head spun and he fell over onto the floor.

Inuyasha threw up his hands and shouted out his victory as the crowd cheered and money was passed from hand to hand.

"Any more challengers?" Inuyasha asked as his world tilted slightly.

"I got a challange for you baby." A sweet little thing said coming up to him and sitting on his lap.

Naraku laughed as Kikyo kissed on his neck. They were free to trade women as they willed, that's what friends did after all.

"I'm up to it." Inuyasha said trailing his fingers on her hip.

Izayio stared unhappily into her son's room. The curtains had been drawn against the mid-afternoon sun as he snored gently on his large bed. There was a women sleeping next to him, he hadn't cuddled next to her which was a good thing, but she hadn't been the first women in his bed this week, which disappointed her greatly.

Inutaisho shook his head as Inuyasha rolled over making the satin sheet that had been covering his waist slip and show his nakedness to the world.

Izayio walked to the bed and poked the girls shoulder making her open her eyes groggily. Then she saw her and she shot up in bed clutching the sheet to her chest as she looked for her clothes.

A maid walked in and held them out to her.

She jumped up gratefully and grabbed them and left without putting them on.

Inuyasha hadn't moved.

Inutaisho cleared his throat but Inuyasha just shifted his head.

"Inuyasha." Izayio said and he shifted again.

Another helpful maid appeared with a handy fog horn.

"Thanks." Inutaisho said taking it.

He held it next to the bed and pressed the top releasing the dreadful earsplitting noise.

Inuyasha sat up with a yell, noticed her was naked yelled louder and pulled the sheet up, then yelled a third time as the pain in his head made itself known.

"Inuyasha." Izayio said unhappily.

"Not so loud." Inuyasha said his voice quiet and strained. It felt like there was an entire marching band in his head, playing and stomping with all their might.

"Get up." she continued not lowering her voice as the two maids went and threw open the curtains making Inuyasha holler in pain again as he buried his head in his pillow.

A third maid, Inuyasha's personal maid, apeared with a silver tray with asparin and water, but stopped when Inutaisho held up his hand. "Not yet. Son, we have to talk to you."

"Talk softer, talk later." Inuyasha said not moving his nappy black haired head from the pillow.

"No now!" Izayio said making him cry out again. "Inuyasha this is getting ridiculous." She continued. Her tone made Inuyasha lift his head and squint at her. He loved his mother greatly and would do anything for her, if she would just talk softer.

"What's rediculous?" he asked.

"This." Izayio motioned to his bed. "The late night parties, the drinking yourself stupid, the women who you don't even know! We've had enough."

Inuyasha reached his hand out weakly toward the aspirin, but his father shook his head. "No. You can have it after we're done talking. Your mother's right. You have no work ethic, no sense of responsibility. The only thing you do is go out and party each night and sleep with a women until you pass out. This has got to stop."

"I don't need a work ethic, I'm rich." Inuyasha pointed out.

"Not anymore." Izayio continued. "You are cut off."

"What?!" Inuyasha exclaimed sitting up his hangover forgotten.

"You are banned from all of our bank accounts and all of your credit cards and assets are frozen until you show us you know how to work." Inuyasha's mouth gaped like a fish at his father's word.

"We're sending you down south." His mother said firmly. "Your going down to a farming family that agreed to take you in and teach you how to work."


"We have agreed that they are to do whatever they feel necessary to get you into shape even if that includes beating your butt until you get it."

"You can't do that! I'm an adult!"

"Not yet your not." His father said. "Your still 17, whatever your fake ID might say, and we still have legal ownership of you. And if you don't do this, you'll never touch your money again.


"Your leaving in an hour, we've already packed for you." Izayoi said. "When they say your ready to come back you can and we'll let you have your money again. But you will stay there until then."


"Good. Now get dressed. If your not on that plane on time we're sending you down there by bus. Now hurry up." his father said finally. They turned and left leaving him still gaping like a fish.

Inuyasha got off the plane gratefully. His damned parents had decided that his lessons in responsibility would start immediately and had given him a ticket to coach. He had never flown less than first class, and then only if he couldn't use his parents private jet. They didn't even have wine for coach and everyone had been jammed so close together and the stewardess had been ugly. He didn't even know there was such a thing as an ugly stewardess.

He was grinding his teeth when he left, his only suitcase in his hand. His parents had only packed one for him and he had never been more frustrated. But his mother had taken a little pity on his and stuffed it as full as she could. It made him happy that all the time he spent in the gym was well spent when he had picked it up easily.

The airport he had gotten out on was packed full of people and he was happy that it wasn't the stereotypical abandoned field where one person got off a tiny plane.

He walked into the greeting area and looked around for the promised escort.

There was a lot of people there. A young women looking at the times of arriving planes, another women with a son who was bouncing on the tips of his toes anxiously checking the crowd. He screamed in delight when he spotted someone and ran forward to hug a man who was obviously his dad.

Another girl was looking at a picture and checking the crowds. She spotted him and her face lit up with a smile. She checked the picture once more before stowing it in her back pocket and walking forward.

She was wearing a good pair of jeans, cheep, worn through at the knees showing the white threads in a way he didn't think was recreated. The color was slightly faded and peaking out from beneath them was a pair of worn cowboy boots. Her shirt was a white spaghetti strap halfway hidden by an unbuttoned blue flannel shirt. She even had the hat, tilted back so she could see better, it was a nice shade of cream with a brown leather strap wrapping it. Her belt was brown but the buckle was large and gold with some swirling design on it.

She stopped in front of him and smiled happily. "You Inuyasha?" She asked. She even had the country drawl, just like Hollywood only alot more comfortable and not so fake.

"Yeah." he said looking her over. Her skin was browned but not like from a tanning booth but from being out in the sun. Her long black hair was pulled back into one large plait down her back.

"Great. My names Kagome, nice to meet you." Nice to meet chya, was how her accent sounded.

And despite, or maybe because of, her blatant country-ness, she was beautiful and Inuyasha knew a beautiful women.

"Come on." Kagome said tilting her head toward the door. "Want me to get that for ya?" She asked pointed toward his suitcase.

"No, I got it." Inuyasha said pretty sure she couldn't lift it with her slight frame.

"A'ight." She agreed and turned and started walking.

"Allow me to be the first to welcome ya. It's great having you down here. Everyone's excited. Ya know, my family uses the tractors your family makes." she said making nice conversation.

"Do you?" Inuyasha asked wondering when his parents had bought a tractor making factory.

"Yup. Pretty darn good machinery if you ask me." Kagome continued walking across the parking lot. "Here we are." she said taking out a key and going toward the door of a large red monster.

"What is that?" Inuyasha asked.

Kagome laughed, it was a nice deep one. "It's a truck silly. She's pretty old, but daddy's got the good one. So we'll just use her." she patted the door of the large thing.

It was old, definitely. It's paint was so faded Inuyasha couldn't tell what color it was anymore. There was no backseat and only one long front seat. It was big, bulky, and dirty.

"You can throw your stuff in the back." Kagome said unlocking the door with the key.

"There is no back." Inuyasha pointed out.

"The bed of the truck." Kagome said laughing pointing to the back where the most dirt was.

"Uh..." Inuyasha said not sure he wanted his stuff there.

"Let me." Kagome said taking his suitcase and throwing it in the back as if it weighed nothing. "Come on." She got in the truck and reached over and unlocked the passenger door manually.

Inuyasha, still surprised at her strength, got into the car and looked at the torn, uncomfortable upholstery and dirty grimy floor and almost whined.

Kagome turned the monster on and it roared to life, loud and angry at having being awakened. Something weird came out of the radio and it took Inuyasha a second to realise he was listening to country for the first time.

Love is the rhythm

of two hearts beating

pounding out a rhythm

steady and true

Kagome started singing along as she pulled the large thing out of it's parking spot and starting out of the parking lot.

I'm doomed. Was all Inuyasha could think.


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