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Chapter 17: Happily Ever After


But it wasn't Inuyasha who screeched it. No sooner had he opened his mouth to respond than Kikyo opened hers and yelled.

She stomped up to them and pushed Kagome.

Kagome fell back, not because Kikyo's push was powerful, but because she was numb with shock that she had interrupted her personal heaven.

"Hey!" Inuyasha cried out and all of their friends started muttering in protest but she didn't care.

"Where do you get off?" Kikyo snarled at Kagome. "You southern whore." At these words the mutterings got louder and Kagome's eyes got slightly wider. "You think you can come up here and steal my man! My Man!"

"Now wait a minute!" Inuyasha said.

"Shut up!" she told him but she didn't take her eyes off of Kagome.

"You should have just stayed down in redneck-ville where you belong! You and every other urchin that came up here with you!" Everyone with Kagome was glaring at her now and the other guests were looking at her quite surprised. "You and Inuyasha are from two different worlds! You don't belong together!"

"Hold on!" Kagome tried to inturupt but Kikyo cut her off.

"Who said you could talk? I wasn't done yet. You should be respectful when speaking to your betters." she smirked.

"Wh...." Kagome was stunned speechless.

"Better. Now look, I've been damn tolerant. I let Inuyasha go down there because his parents demanded it and I didn't have your lands demolished for a parking lot." Inuyasha's parents showed up at that moment drawn by the commotion Kikyo was making. "You should be damn grateful for that alone! But I have been very easy on you when you deserved to be homeless. Your just another peasant. Inuyasha doesn't even want you, he can't even look at you, not when he has me." And she grabbed Inuyasha's arm and wrapped herself around it.

There was silence for one moment. It seemed frozen in time. Inuyasha with his mouth hanging open in shock and about to say something. Kagome's friends looking mad as all hell and like they were about to tear Kikyo apart in their anger. Inutaisho looked ready to join them and Izayoi had raised her eyebrows so they looked like they were about to disappear in her hair. The other guests looked shocked and appalled at such outrageous behavior.

Kagome was stunned into silence. Her face held only blank shock as she stared at Kikyo with her mouth slightly agape.

Just one moment of complete silence before....

"You bitch!"

The words sounded much worse to Inuyasha because they came from Kagome's mouth. The same one he had never heard be mean to any one with.

She looked good and mad now. Her face was red and her fists were clenched firmly at her sides.

"How dare you? How dare you?!" she practically snarled. "Where do I get off? Where do youget off?! Acting all high and mighty." Her friends started nodding in agreement and Inuyasha started struggling in Kikyo's grasp.

"Like your better than us! Like you are some how greater than us! Like having money and fame makes you something higher than us!" She cried while her friends started saying, "Yeah!"

"You. Are. NOTHING!" Kagome said darkly. "You act as if you have and know everything when all you know is SHIT! You party all night and you sleep all day! You know nothing of ethics or morals or responsibility! You've never had to work for anything in your entire life! Everything you wanted has been given to you on a silver platter and no one has tried to take it away!" She glared at her and walked forward.

"Until now." she said softly then slapped Kikyo sending her backwards. Then she grabbed Inuyasha's arm and pulled him closer to her.

"Try all you want Kikyo, but you will NEVER be half the woman I am."

A loud chorus of 'Yeah!' rang out.

"And you know what," Kagome stopped yelling and looked at Kikyo like she was scum on the bottom of her shoe. "only a woman like me can make him happy."

Part of the crowd erupted in cheers and whistles. Kagome's friends and Inuyasha's parents.

Kikyo glared at her and ran forward, her perfectly manicured nials stretched out like claws.

Kagome jumped out of the way and Kikyo ran right past her through an open door onto a small balcony and over the edge.


Kikyo lifted her head and gave a cry of dismay. She had not fallen far. They were on the first story. She had just fallen into a large puddle of mud. A fresh patch of dirt Izayoi had prepared for some new flowers only that morning.

Kagome laughed as Kikyo cried out, "This dress was $300!"

"Damn, why would you buy a rag like that dress that cost that much?" Kagome asked. "I wouldn't dry my horses with that shit."

Kikyo screamed and ran off shouting at the top of her lungs.

"You know," Inuyasha said. "I should feel sorry for her but...well, I don't."

"Good." Kagome turned back to him her expression suddenly serene. "Now where were we?" She placed her hands on his shoulders.

Everybody was too busy talking to notice Inuyasha place his hands on her hips back.

"We were at the part where I tell you how much I love you back." He said.

"Oh, I like part." Kagome said smiling leaning up toward him.

"My absolute favorite." Inuyasha agreed with their lips just inches from each other.

A loud slap rang out breaking the moment.

"You pervert!" Sango screamed.

Kagome and Inuyasha laughed as Miroku touched the red spot on his cheek.

"Sango, my love, really you must forgive me. I was just removing a speck of lint from your lovely dress." he protested with an innocent smile.

"Yeah, right you pervert. Can't you think of anything else?"

Inuyasha turned back to Kagome with a smile.

She shrugged. "Might as well."

He slammed his lips against hers in a kiss more playful than passionate.

7 Years Later...

"Wow, he's so tiny." Inuyasha said holding his son's head securely yet gently against his chest.

He was wrapped in a soft blue cloth with a blue hat on his head. His eyes were closed in sleep yet he pulsed with such life.

"Sosuke Uratera Takahashi." Kagome said reaching for the child she had birthed the day before.

Inuyasha handed him over but he never took his eyes off that tiny face.

"You did great, Kagome." Inuyasha said leaning against her hospital bed.

She smiled up at him then down at her son. She felt a little empty now that the life that she had been carrying inside her for nine months was finally out, but holding him in her arms was true magic.

Inuyasha's business suit was rumpled and loose from wearing it for 24 hours but he hadn't left Kagome's side since he arrived at the hospital.

She had gone into labor at home and the call had scared him out of ten years of his life. It had been during a meeting with some very important customers. But he hadn't cared. He blew them all off and left without so much as a 'have a nice day.'

He would pay for it later but to be there while Kagome walked through the valley of the shadow of death to bring his child into the world, it was more than worth it.

"He looks just like you." Kagome said making sure his blanket was secure.

"Yeah." Inuyasha said absently, still amazed beyond belief at what his wife had done. Then his senses seemed to return. "Oh, I hope he's nothing like me. I would hate to have to send him down to your dad to get him fixed up."

Kagome laughed. "You turned out ok." she said looking up at her husbands face. She was glowing in the after math of birth then a long rest.

"I'm talking about the 17 years before that." he said quietly afraid to wake up the baby.

Kagome giggled softly then placed her child in the portable crib the hospital put the babies in.

Then she grabbed Inuyasha and kissed him.

"I'm glad you were that way. Or I never would have met you." she said when she let him go.

He played with a strand of her hair. "Yeah, I guess your right."

And, do I really need to say it, they lived happily ever after.



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