Chapter1: Trouble Sleeping

I snuggled into Edward's chest inhaling his heady scent. Mmmm. Pure bliss.

"I freaking love to the end of the Earth," Edward muttered as he kissed my hair.

Woah. Wait a minute let be back up…

I was a wake. Nothing else new. 6x8/y=z Ugh. I hastily gave up on my summer math packet and walked out on to the back terrace, letting the midnight rain of Forks fall on me. The full moon gave everything a white, washed out look, combined with the rain everything appeared to glow. I looked up at the full moon; its glowing white shape stared back into my eyes. In an instant I saw one of my last memories of Phoenix; the blood, the blood on me, the blood on walls, the blood on…

At that tears began to fall down my face. That's one of the reasons I love Forks, that with the constant downpour no one can notice if you're crying. I pulled out my ipod and jammed the earbuds into my ears.

I'm having trouble sleeping
You're jumping in my bed
Twisting in my head
Leave me

I'm having trouble breathing
You're sitting on my chest
I sure could use the rest
Leave me

It's you
Why's it always you
and never me?
I've never dared to let
my feelings free
Why's it always you
and never me?
I've never cared
too much about honesty

I'm having trouble sleeping
I'm thinking of what you said
About the tears been shed
Leave me

Then about half way through the song a voice came, "Bella?"

It was Edward Cullen, adopted son of our next door neighbor, Dr. Cullen. He was sighting a top the hedge separating our yards. His bronze hair was disheveled, his black combat boots covered in wet grass, and his green eyes were surrounded by the same purple-ish bruises mine were, from lack of sleep. We both new each other since my Aunt Esme was kinda sweet on Dr. Cullen (as he was her) we'd been lumped together every-so-often when they had joint parties.

"What are you doing out here?" he demanded, eyes fierce. Edward had always intimidated me , he had reputation in school as a "bad kid". We had both just finished 8th grade and in a few hours we'd both be starting high school. The story was on the last day of school he went after a student with a pen. The kid had to have surgery on his eye to repair the damage Edward had done. So Edward was starting Forks High with a fresh string of detentions. Edward had only been in town for two years. His adoptive brother Emmett was a year older than us and had no memories of his parents, they'd died in a random bear attack. I had been in my Aunt Esme's custody for three years.

"Couldn't sleep," I replied curtly.

"Ha, me neither," he said as he slipped down from the hedge into my side of it," you mind if sit with you?"

"Ummm, no I guess," I said. Why the [insert your choice of cuss word here] does he want to sit with me?

"Why are you here?" I asked

" 'Mr. Sophomore' is up there with Ms. Hale," he said, nodding up to a window on their house where the lights were still on.

"You mean there…." I left it off. Boy, this was awkward.

"The question is not "They're screwing each other?" but for how long have they been at it?" Edward asked with a grimace.

"Oh God, when did they-" I began but he interrupted.

"Since the last night of school, Carlisle likes to work the graveyard shift as well as the day," he explained.

"That's why I've been going out here at night," he concluded solemnly

"Do you not sleep every night?" I asked him.

"Nearly every night," he admitted, not normally pale complexion seemed to grow ashen.

"Insomnia?" I asked.

"Sure, like that," Edward said, "you?"

"Along those lines," I replied.

"Simply can't wait for school tomorrow," I began with a grin, " 'Oh Bella! Help me choose an outfit to look good in, for Jasper." I joked in a high falsetto, mimicking my cousin Alice.

Edward grinned crookedly, "Ed, you gotta tell me what Evenson likes in guy! Man, you're he next door neighbor, you should know this kinda stuff!" he said mimicking his friend Jasper Hale. OK, so let me explain, my cousin Alice and Edward's best friend, Jasper have liked each other since 5th grade but haven't had the guts to ask each other out.

Both started to laugh hysterically. "Do you know how ridiculously pathetic they are?" he questioned.

"Yup, all summer long Jasper this, Jazzy that," I replied without missing a beat.

Edward gestured to my ipod, "What are you listening to?"

I handed him the small mp3 player and he looked quizzically at the screen. He raised an eyebrow.

"Trouble Sleeping?" he said," Ironic much?"

"Leave it," I said, trying to not let his teasing get to me.

"It's a good song," he recovered, "don't get me wrong. I'm just saying." After a few more minutes of conversation the light in Emmett's room went off.

"I gotta go," Edward began as jumped up and began to climb the hedge," See you tomorrow."

"Oh, Edward?" I called just before his head disappeared over the bush.


"Why did you attack that kid?"

"One day I'll tell you. See you here tomorrow, same time?" he said as he sailed over the hedge.

"Sure!" I called and hoped he heard me.

A/N: So? What did ya think? In the next chapter I'll jump forward in time but give you a time line. Oh and Esme's maiden name was Evenson, so hers and her daughter Alice's last names are Evenson.