Yes, I'm a little ticked off about my recent string "You're copying Wide Awake," reviews. I had never read Wide Awake until you guys mentioned this in your reviews. The reason she was under my favorite authors was friend recommend the FF and I favorite her so I could remember to read it. I happen to have a sleep disorder so that's where my idea came from. Some of one reviews was polite and I have no problem with that, but the one that was rude and ridiculously long I did have issues with. I'm not saying I'll block you and all, but I just wanted to respond to the long review I've been getting And thanks for all those little shit-ass nagging things like, "there are 3 kinds of there, their, they're" yeah, I KNOW that! I'm not stupid. And by the way I AM trying to get a Beta. Thanks for the tip, again, I know this. Stuff I've been on FF for 6 months. OK? I happen to have some of a brain upstairs. If you have a problem with a few grammatical flaws, Beta me. Yeah, I'm kinda flaming you guys but it pisses me off, alright? Another thing I'd like to point out is that I write like I speak, so me writing something like ,"He's not a dandy," Bella's train of thought, as if she were telling the story to someone. I am sorry if that's a little confusing, that's just how the words flow. And on the whole pen thing with Edward. As we all should remember Carlisle Cullen is an affluent member of the Forks community, so this can go differently if an important person is evolved.


OK, do I'd like to remind you that I'm changing pennames, to Evil Black Poppies, and this story is going to make the move with me to the name. If you would still like to read the story go ahead. I still love my amazing reviews-all of you even the flames-and I'd like to keep writing this, but if there's too much public upset I'll stop.

Virtual cookies to all,

wildmagic-twilight [soon to be Evil Black Poppies]