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He felt so guilty…. So incredibly alone… and he knew it would show on his face if he didn't get it together. "DANG IT JIMMY!" He heard Rachel yell. "WHY WON'T YOU CALL!?" He hated making her worry. "Conan, what's wrong?" Rachel asked coming up behind him. He turned around to face her, she bent down. "What's wrong… are you ok?" She asked again. "Rachel… I need to talk to you… about something serious." He looked at her meaningfully, and then he took off his glasses. "What did you do that for?" Rachel asked entirely confused. He sat down on the couch. "I know why Jimmy hasn't been calling…" He said carefully. "What?!" She asked. "Has something happened? Is he hurt? Did he talk to you?" She seemed very worried. "Rachel… I don't really need my glasses, I use them as a disguise… don't I look and act like someone you know?" Rachel walked over to Conan; she knelt in front of him and leaned in to study his face. Conan put on Jimmy's signature face for thinking. "J-Jimmy?" She asked. She asked. "Yah… I'm Jimmy." Conan said looking down. Rachel was quiet for a second then she turned beet red. 'Oh no! I told him everything! What am I going to do?!' "And Rachel…" Conan said. "…I love you to…"

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