My first Sisters Grimm fan fic. I hope that it's different than other ones that you've read. anyway, ON WITH THE STORY

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41. Candles

This had to be worst morning of my life. I felt my face grow hot as I got angrier. "PUCK!" I was breathing heavily keeping a hold on my suddenly heavy wobbly head. Daphne was of course, giggling like someone told a good joke. I was furious. I screamed again. "Puck!" I started heading towards the door but the biggest pain in the butt that I had ever had the misfortune of meeting was leaning against the door frame holding his sides and snickering.

"What do you want dirt face?" if I wasn't so mad that might've hurt. I felt my face grow redder. "I want you to fix this toad-spawn!" He burst out laughing. "I told you this was coming Grimm. I just didn't tell you when." I really should've expected this. Last year after the time tear incident Puck warned me. And I was too naïve to assume that he would be nice enough to not glue a basketball to my head on my birthday. I sighed. I should've expected as much from him. "Puck as soon as I get this thing off, you are dead. Not even Granny will be able to save you." He laughed again I turned away to run into the bathroom, slamming it behind me.

I jumped into the shower as soon as it was warm and started working on my hair. Surprisingly, the glue kind of melted off and I was able to dislodge the ball after ten minutes of shampoo scrubbing. I suppose that this must've been Puck's way of being nice to me on my birthday. But there was no way he was going to be forgiven. Not on his everafter life. After the last of the glue dissolved and I calmed down a little, I got dressed and walked out to find Daphne and Red holding dolls and giggling about something. I set the basketball on the floor and walked over to them. "Hi Sabrina." Daphne and Red grinned cheekily at me and started giggling again. My face grew hot again when I realized that Daphne must've told red about this mornings "fun". I shot a glare at the both of them and heard Granny Relda calling. "Lieblings! Time for Breakfast!" Two blurs flew past me and down the stairs, and Red walked past me as if there was no reason to hurry. I walked down the stairs was tackled as soon as my foot hit the floor.

"Happy Birthday 'Brina!" I caught my breath as Uncle Jake released me from his death grip. "Thanks Uncle Jake." He nearly dragged me to the table and sat me in front of a giant multicolored cake. Puck and Daphne were sitting next to each other with Uncle Jake between her and Red leaving me the seat next to Puck. "Just my luck." I muttered under my breath. I forced a smiled and Granny came out of the kitchen with candles and some matches. "Happy Birthday Sabrina!" I smiled genuinely at her. "Thanks Granny." She put thirteen candles in rag-tag positions around the cake and lit them.

While everyone was singing happy birthday, Puck decided to take it upon himself to turn into a gorilla and drown out everyone's singing with various grunts howls and growls. Granny Uncle Jake and Red decided to ignore this and continued the song to the end. Daphne, on the other hand, decided to join him.

"Happy Birthday to you!! AROOOOOOOOOOOO!! HOWOOOO!!!!!" Puck and Daphne finished off the last ear-splitting notes and everybody looked expectantly at me. "Make a wish Sabrina." Granny Relda winked at me before I went to blow out my candles. I looked at my cake and frowned. What could I wish for? "Hurry up toad-face I don't have all day." I turned to glare at Puck and he rolled his eyes at me. I turned back to the cake and blew out my candles. I wish Puck would just grow up!

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