'Oh my god! There he is, Edward Cullen, the perfect man...Everything about him is just -- perfect.'

Jessica Stanley's thoughts, again. I sighed as she started imagining all the things she wanted to do to me, again.

I didn't understand why she kept on torturing herself like this… Turning around to watch her I tried to puzzle it out, she caught my look and blushed as she sat down on the bus. And immediately her thoughts turned to the hotel we'd be at in a few hours, and what she wanted to happen there… I couldn't help but snicker at what she was picturing me doing to her.

The bus pulled away from the school and I turned to give Bella a kiss, Jessica's thoughts made me think of Bella in a very inappropriate way.
Behind me Jessica was convincing herself that I pretended Bella was her when we kissed.

I snickered again when her thoughts turned to exactly what she'd do with her tongue when we kissed.

Her mind began to wander, thinking about us kissing. My hands tangled in her hair, our breathing fast and ragged. Goodness, this girl was vivid! Thankfully, I was imaging Bella being the one thinking these things instead of Jessica. Her fantasies continued to us being in the shower. If she only knew that I'd probably end up killing her if we tried half the things she imagined.

She was picturing our naked bodies pressed together, warm water flowing over us… All the while I was picturing it all with her, though I replaced her with my beautiful Bella. I was actually getting hard from this.

"Oh Jessica." I moaned from her fantasy. This brought me back to the fact it was HER fantasy, not Bella's. I couldn't help but laugh.

Jessica looked my way, but I was able to keep my focus on Bella. I started telling her a joke to keep from hearing the fantasies that were practically being screamed from Jessica's head.

Finally Jessica fell asleep, though her dreams weren't much better than her thoughts; I concentrated on talking to Bella for the remainder of the trip. We soon arrived at the hotel and Jessica woke up and started plotting ways to separate me from Bella. Thankfully she kept distracting herself from coming up with a solid plan.

We got to the hotel and I saw Jessica grab her bags and get off the bus in a hurry. We all headed inside the hotel where the teachers were issuing our room numbers.

"Hell yes!" I heard Jessica think as it was announced that Bella and I would be on separate floors.

Bella and Alice started off towards their room, but not before Alice gave me a look.

"Be careful with that girl around." She thought as she left. I just grinned. Jessica approached me then.

"Hi Edward!" Jessica almost shrieked at me.

"Hello Jessica." I replied, trying to be polite.

"So it's pretty cool that our rooms are on the same floor isn't it?" Jessica continued, thinking about exactly how great that small fact was.
I was shocked by how persistent her thoughts were that I couldn't reply. Seriously, this girl had some issues.

"We're on the same floor. Did you want to get the elevator together?" I didn't have a chance to say no, because she grabbed my bag and dove into the closest elevator.

I followed because I really had no choice. She seriously thought that I wanted to be alone with her. How can this girl keep on living? She's a nutter! I thought to myself. Oh Jesus, the girl was picturing me naked and imaging there being body heat between us. If she only knew what I really was. I just looked at her oddly, and she seemed truly confused as to why.

The elevator doors opened, and I quickly grabbed my bag and raced to my room, barely remembering to keep up human pretenses. Shoving the key into the lock I rushed inside, pulling the door closed behind me. From the hallway I could hear her thinking about how even my running away from her was some admission of eternal love, that I planned this so she could see which room was mine. I was glad the doors locked automatically, because I think my key ended up with my bag over the other side of the room.

Even though I didn't need to, I decided to lie down in the hotel bed and turned on the television. I vaguely heard Jessica thinking something about rocking my world, but I didn't bother to try and decode her thoughts.

Instead I lay there thinking about having to endure dinner with her thinking those things about me. It was bad enough I'd have to force down human food, only to force it back up later. I didn't need to put up with the walking porno too.

The hotel phone rang and it was Alice asking me to please come down to dinner. It wasn't like she didn't already know my decision. I told her no anyway and hung up the phone. I figured I might as well take a shower. It had been a long day, and I'm sure it was going to be a long night.

Standing under the warm water I tried to forget all about Jessica Stanley and just enjoy this field trip spending time with Bella. I thought I heard my bedroom door open, yes, I was sure I did.

"Hello? Is someone there?" I called out, already listening to the heartbeat of whoever was in my room.

I moaned thinking it was possibly Bella because I could not hear a single thought. The bathroom door opened quietly, and I heard clothes falling to the group. I kept my eyes closed and smiled as I was letting the water run over my face. I heard the shower door open and felt a hand run over my skin. I shivered a little. As I turned to kiss her I opened my eyes and found myself staring at Jessica Stanley; NOT Bella. My face was frozen in shock.

"I thought you, I couldn't hear your though… I mean… I thought you were Bella!" I managed to get the words out.

She started moving in closer to me. "What's so special about her anyway?" she asked as she ran her hand along my thigh.

"Look Jessica, I love Bella. I'm not into you like that. You need to get out of my shower and out of my room -- NOW!" I practically screamed.

Suddenly she started to cry. Oops. I thought to myself.

"Are you crying? Why are you crying Jessica?" I asked her gently, putting my hand on her shoulder in an attempt to calm her down.

She turned underneath my hand and pressed her naked body roughly against mine. Before I could do anything she leaned in and kissed me messily, it felt so wrong. Stepping away from her I turned the water off and moved out of the shower, leaving her standing there staring at me.

"Jessica, I think you really need to leave now." I handed her a towel, and watched thankfully as she covered herself up, collected her clothes from the floor and fled from the room.

Jessica spent the rest of the time avoiding me which I didn't mind too much. She was really embarrassed. I couldn't decide whether or not to tell Bella. Alice already knew what had happened and wanted to kill Jessica. So I basically just acted as if Jessica didn't exist.

We got back to Forks and life started to go on as normal as it could be. And by normal I mean, Jessica had found a new crush. Someone else to project her silly fantasies on -- my brother, Emmett. Jessica was fantasizing about his arms being wrapped around her and I couldn't help but quietly laugh. This was going to be an interesting one. I looked at Emmett, patted him on the back, and walked away muttering to myself about the fact that her mind really was as shallow as a kiddy pool.