Plot: When Buffy and Spike take the potentials on a training session at the beginning of 'Potential', a bright light carries them back in time. They suddenly find them selves in season two, pre-Angelus

Disclaimer: I don't own any characters. The only thing I own is the plot. Pretty much this whole chapter except for the last paragraph, is taken from the episode Potential.


It was dark, and cold. Rona and Vi were patrolling the cemetary, stakes clutched tightly in their hands, looking for any sign of trouble. A twig snapped in the distance and they turned around looking for the source of the sound. Finding nothing, Rona turns around and is punched in the face. Vi raises her stake at Spike, in full game face, and attempts a swing at the heart. He twists her hand easily and spins her around so her back is pressed up against his stomach. Spike lowers his mouth to her neck and Vi squeals. Pulling up, his human face slips back on. Vi whimpers, and Spike just smiles.

"Okay," he says, " These two are dead. Why?"

"'Cause the black chick always gets it first?' Rona replies coldly, getting to her feet.

"What was that Rona?" Buffy asks her from her spot on a tombstone. Kennedy and Molly are sitting near-by.

Rona sighs. "I'm dead because he's a vampire. I don't have slayer strength, slayer speed. I-It wasn't a fair fight."

"Vi. Do you think I care if it's a fair fight?" Spike asks Vi, who is still being held captive by Spike.

"No. No. No, sir," She stutters, clearly terrified. "You don't play by the rules, and I have learned a valuable lesson of some sort. Ow." She cringes in pain as Spike accidently tightens his grip on her arm.

"Okay Spike," Buffy says, obviously annoyed he had hurt the poor girl. He lets go and Vi stumbles toward the other three potentials. Buffy continues to talk to the potentials."You're right. You don't have Slayer strength, but that doesn't mean that you're not strong. You have inherited abitlites, others do not have.

"Not like you do." Molly states.

"No, not yet, but it's there. You have the potential. You have strength, speed, instinct. You just have to learn to trust yourself. Rona, what did your instincts tell you to do just then?"

She shrugs. "Block his attack, keep him off balance. Gain the advantage."

"No they didn't," Buffy says in response.

"They told me to run," she replied, annoyed.


"They told me to run," Vi answered casually, then somewhat nervously looks at Spike. "They're still sot've telling me to run."

Buffy shakes her head. "Don't fight on his terms. Your gut's telling you to run? Run. Okay? Regain the higher ground. Make the fight your own." She begins walking over to Spike. "Spike, what did you instincts tell you to do just then?"

"Hunt. Kill," he says, also beginning to walk towards Buffy.

"Come at me, full speed," she continues, turning her back on him to again talk to the potentials. "He need to kill to live. That tells you everything you need to know." Spike growls and rushes at her. She easily side-steps him, and his face bangs off a nearby tombstone, causing him to fall to the ground. She moves on top of him to prevent him from moving, aiming a stake at his heart. "Instinct. Understand his, but trust yours. You were chosen for a reason." Spike grunts from underneath Buffy, causing her to look down at him. He gulps. "A-Are you okay?" She asks with genuine concern, still on top of him.

"Fine. Couple of ribs ain't quite set right. I'm fine."

"Let me see," she says, lifting his shirt a bit.

"No," he protests, grabbing her hand. "Buffy. I'm okay. I'm gonna be okay," he says, looking into her eyes.

"That's hot," Rona says from about a metre away.

No one noticed, as the wind picked up, or as a bright light enveloped them, but when Rona finished saying this they all looked around, as the temperature had raised a bit. They were in a building. Not just any building though. The highschool. The one that blew up four years previously. Not only that, but seven pairs of eyes were looking at them.

"Oh shit." Buffy said at the same time Spike said, "Oh balls"