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In this chapter I mention the potentials having slightly enhanced hearing. Not as good as the slayers hearing but better than a normal humans. I don't know if this is an actual true fact but I put it in there because in my mind I like having the potentials with at least SOME abilities.

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That Figures

Buffy unlocked her door and led the four potentials inside. "Um, you guys can sleep in the living room. It's right over there," she told the pointing to the room on their left.

The four girls looked over there and headed into the room. "Teah, we know. We technically live here in the future," Vi told her, plopping herself down on the couch. The others followed suit, only Kennedy sat in the armchair instead of on the couch.

"Oh yeah," Buffy replied awkwardly. "Um, I'm going to go tell mom I'm having a sleepover. Sort've," she said as amn after thought and heading upstairs.

They waited until she was out of earshot before talking. "Mom? I didn't know se had a mom," ROna said.

"She obviously has a mom Rona. Maybe she just moved or something," Molly replied.

"Or maybe," Kennedy said mimicking molly's voice, "she's dead." Kennedy dropped the accent and continued on. I mean we do live on a hellmouth. Maybe a vamp got her or something."

Vi looked toward the stairs and used her slightly enhanced hearing to listen upstairs. "Guys, shh. I think she's coming back. Plus she might've already heard you guys. Slayer hearing, rememeber?"

The other girls shut up and looked at Buffy as she descended the stairs in a pair of pyjamas. She had four sets of pyjamas in her arms. "Here are somepyjamas you can wear. If they don't fit, I'm sorry but thats all I've got," she told them setting the clothes on the coffe table. "The bathroom is," she stopped abruptly, "You already know where it is, don't you?" The girls nodded and each grabbed a set of pyjamas from the pile, making their way to the bathroom. When they got back downstairs Buffy was setting up pillows and blankets on the floor, as well as the couch for herself. They helped her set the places up before settling in for bed. Talking could wait for tomorrow.


Giles, Willow and Oz were already in the library when the 5 girls got there the next morning. So was Angel who had babysat Spike the whole night to make sure he didn't get out of his cage.

Giles looked up from a book entitled Vicis eo : Est is possible?, and greeted the girls before returning to the worn book.

"So Giles, when is this meeting starting? You know, when the people sit down and talk about important matters such as 'Why in the hell are there people from the future in our present?'" Buffy asked him, taking his book out of his hand and slamming on the table.

Giles looked up alarmed. "Uh, we are waiting for the others to come to start it. I mean, we can't have that meeting without the future Buffy and Spike present. Xander and Cordelia still have yet to arrive as well," he told her, taking his book back. "Now if you'll excuse me I'm attempting to find out how this has happend in the first place."

Buffy looked at him apoligetically and walked over to a sleeping Angel as Xander and Cordelia ran through the door hand in hand. "We're here, we're here. Are we late for the scooby meeting?" Xander asked out of breath.

Willow looked up at them and shook her head. "We're still two members short."

"Oh. I just canceled early morning cheer practice to come to this meeting and now I find out that it's gonna start late. I'm out of here," Cordelia told them, turning around and walking right back through the double doors.

Xander stared after her before turning back to the gang. "I'll brief her later."


Buffy woke up and looked around. She was in Spikes crypt. Why am I in Spikes crypt? she thought, looking around. Then the events of the night flashed before her eyes and she sat straight up. She looked over at the still sleeping Spike and gently shook him awake. "Spike," she called. "Spike wake up."

He groaned and opened his eyes to find Buffy towering over him. "Hey, luv," he said sitting up.

"Spike, what time is it?" Buffy asked him. She hadn't yet discovered how to find out what time of day it is with her newfound vampire ablities.

"Uh," he concentrated for a second, "around dusk."

"DUSK?" She jumped up and grabbed her jeans, cringing when the motion upset her almost healed ribs (vampire healing). She threw them on and grabbed her shoes. "We told them we would be there in the morning for a scooby meeting!"

He got off the sarcophagus and put his shoes on. That was all he had to put on because he was already wearing his black shirt and jeans after giving Buffy his sweater last night. "Okay we'll go. But we have to wait a few minutes for the sun to fully set. Otherwise we'll both be dust in the wind."

She nodded and sat back down on the sarcophagus, fidgeting nervously. "What if their mad at us? What if-" she stopped abruptly as a figure started materializing in front of them. She jumped up and took a fighting stance, wincing slightly at the pain in her ribs. Spike did as she did and they both stared at the spot of disruption. When they saw who it was however, they both froze.

"Hey, guys," the figure said.