Ok I've recently read several stories of Prowl and Jazz that involved Megatron's desk. I'm not sure if they were all in response to a challenge or not. But they were all fun to read. So, I thought I'd do one of my own for the hell of it! I hope you like it.

Set in 2007 movieverse, before the war. Megatron is Lord Protector and Optimus Prime is High Commander. For this fic, Prowl and Jazz are younglings about the equivalent of six year olds.

Author's notes: Cybertronian time references for the story

Astrosecond - .25 of a second

Klick – one minute

Deca-cycle – one week

Orn – one month

Vorn – one year

Little Rascals

Prowl sat in his corner as usual intently reading the datapad. He read whenever he could and often asked his teacher for more material to read. And when he wasn't reading he was often playing with Jazz, the other orphaned youngling living on the base.

Jazz finally found Prowl and decided to sneak up on his friend, something he's done numerous times. Jazz was good at not being noticed, really good. There were countless times he gave his caretakers fits when sneaking up on them or hiding from them. And when he wasn't being quiet, he was being loud playing music, singing or just talking.

Both little mechs were the same age, six vorns, and highly intelligent. Yet both were complete opposites. Prowl was calm and quiet. Jazz was outgoing and boisterous. The two were the best of friends the majority of the time. And the times their personalities clashed the fights were vicious and usually involved some heavily armed mech, usually, Optimus or Ironhide, to pry them about.

Today, Jazz was feeling mischievous while Prowl wanted to really read the new material his teacher gave me.

"Got it!" Jazz cheered triumphantly after he snatched the datapad from Prowl's hands.

"Jazz! Give it back!"

"Catch me if you can…Prowlie!" Jazz teased running off.

"I told you to never call me that!"

Jazz ran. Prowl gave chase. And just like that, the two younglings were on a terror through the base!

First room hit was the recreation room. Many mechs and femmes were there relaxing, drinking talking or just enjoying each others friendly company. Then the two younglings raced in and disturbed that peace.

Jazz climbed up on a table with Prowl hot on his aft. The pair jumped from table to table – Jazz laughing and Prowl screaming for his datapad back. Energon was spilled. High grade went flying. The mature mechs or femmes were stunned at first before they tried to grab a youngling.

Only younglings were quickly and extremely agile. Jazz made a break for the exit with his prize in hand. Prowl did the same not losing one step in his pursuit of Jazz. Nor was he gaining. Both were roughly the same size and always ran neck and neck when they raced each other for fun.

"Jazz! Stop and give it to me, please!"

"What's the matter? Giving up already?"


Jazz laughed running into an open door. Prowl tried to cut the turn a bit tighter than usual in hopes of gaining on Jazz. Only it back fired and he fell, skidding across the floor. The force of his impact with a supply cabinet caused the door to pop open and most of the supplies to fall out.

"GET THE FRAG OUT OF MY MED BAY!" Ratchet screamed as the supplies rained down on Prowl.

The young mech was quick to scramble out on his hands and knees knowing full well one didn't want to ever experience the full wrath of Ratchet the Hatchet. When Prowl got to his feet the CMO was standing in his doorway yelling out into the hall.


"Ah, come on Ratch, it wasn't all his fault," Jazz smiled up at the medical bot from behind.

"I should have known!" Ratchet said, whirling around to face Jazz. "Where there's one the other isn't far behind! Come here you little pit spawn!" Ratchet growled bending down to grab Jazz.

Jazz shot through Ratchet's legs causing the mech to lose his balance and fall. The two young mechs gasped in shock at the loud crash and heavy thud of Ratchet hitting the floor.

"RUN!" Jazz shouted, grabbing Prowl's hand and started running.

Prowl didn't need to be told twice. Together they ran stride for stride. Weaving around the matures mechs for femmes in the halls. Sliding around corners. Neither of them paying attention to where they were running. The need to flee for self preservation motivated them to just run and blinded them of all else.

Eventually, Prowl came to his senses and started to slow down. Jazz not wanting his friend to be left behind did the same.

"Did we lose him?" Jazz asked.

"I calculate a seventy-six point three percent chance that we lost him," Prowl said, looking around to see they were near the command center's main doors.

"I'm ok with that number. Wait, where are you going?"

"I just want to look."

"The only way you'll get a look in is through the window," Jazz said following Prowl.

"Right, access codes are keyed in to open the door," Prowl frowned.

Jazz observed how sad his friend was. It was rare that Prowl ever wanted anything for himself. He was always helpful to others. Especially when Jazz needed help with his homework, which wasn't often.

"I know, stand on my shoulders," Jazz smiled. "Then you should be able to see."

"Are you sure?"

Jazz got into position with his back against the door, set down the datapad and his toy ball, and clasped his hands together.

"Go for it, Prowl," he smiled.

With a quick nod, Prowl put one foot in Jazz's hands and grabbed onto his friend's shoulders.

"On three…one…two…three," Prowl said and then pushed off the ground with his other foot at the same time Jazz helped to lift Prowl up.

Prowl was just able to grab the window seal to steady himself enough to get his feet onto Jazz's shoulders.

"What's it look like?" Jazz asked, grunting.

"Wow! It's indescribable! You've got to see it for yourself!"

"Ok…let me after you're done then."

"Oh frag! Hide's coming!" Prowl yelped losing his grip.

The young mech lost his balance and fell to the ground. Jazz fell with him attempting to keep his hold on Prowl. Both mechs were a bit dazed and didn't have time to flee when the door beeped and opened up.

"You two know better! This is a restricted area," Ironhide growled at them lifting them both to their feet.

"I'm sorry, it was my idea," Prowl said.

"But I helped," Jazz quickly added.

"It's ok. I'm not mad at ya. I know you're both smart little mechs who will never do it again, right?"

"Yes, sir," they both said to Hide.

"Now hurry up and get out of here. Optimus and Megatron are due back any klick now. And you know how Megatron does not tolerate younglings near the command center."

Jazz nodded swallowing hard. Oh yeah, he knew after getting caught playing spy in the area. He didn't mean to. The vent just happened to lead straight into Megatron's office. And having spent way too much time in the vent and not knowing how to get back the way he came, Jazz had no choice but to exit the vent.

"And stop giving Ratchet processor aches," Ironhide smiled. "When his processor aches, he makes sure the rest of ours do."

Both Prowl and Jazz laughed nervously. Figures the old bot would inform the command center about them since he couldn't catch them.

"By the way, slick move getting away from him. Not an easy task. Optimus will be impressed after he reads the report. Now get going."

With that the huge mech disappeared back into the command center. Both Prowl and Jazz did feel a sense of pride when he commented about how impressed Optimus Prime would be. They both saw themselves being officers under his command one day. Out of all their differences, that was one goal the both shared and both strived to achieve.

Suddenly, Prowl saw his datapad on the floor and his earlier task came fore. Only Jazz was quicker to retrieve the datapad and his ball before moving ahead of Prowl.

"Jazz, can I have it please?" Prowl asked nicely.

"Let me see…I'll th…"

Prowl tackled Jazz to the floor. He knew asking Jazz wasn't going to get anything. He also knew how Jazz liked to talk when teasing him! Three hands were on the datapad pulling it back and forth. Jazz had to let go of his toy in order to keep his hold on the datapad, which at this point he wasn't going to easily give up! And while they were wrestling about on the floor, the ball got hit and started rolling away…fast.

"Oh no!" Jazz yelped.

"Ha! I got it!" Prowl cheered triumphantly with the datapad in his hand.

"No…no…no!" Jazz exclaimed scampering to his feet and chasing after his ball.

Only he couldn't get to in time before it disappeared into the darkness past an opened office door. There he stood, shoulders slouched and wept.

"Jazz, what's wrong?" Prowl asked, arriving at his friend's side.

"My ball..." he choked and sobbed. "It's in Megatron's office. He'll dismantle me if I go in there again."

Prowl looked around. He'd only been here once when Optimus had him in his office but he recognized the kind warrior's office door. And thus confirmed that he and Jazz were standing before Megatron's office. They knew Megatron's office was off limits, forbidden, more restricted than a restricted zone!

"It's just a toy," he told his friend softly, putting his arm around Jazz's trembling shoulders. "I'm sure we can get you another one."

"You don't understand," Jazz wept, teary optics looking sorrowfully at Prowl. "My parents gave me that ball. It's all I have left of them. It helps me remember them when I'm sad and miss them."

Prowl often wondered why Jazz carried that ball everywhere but wouldn't let anyone touch it. It made him kind of sad too because he didn't have anything to remember his parents except what he felt in his spark and the few memories within his processor.

Well, he couldn't allow Jazz to continue to feel this way.

"I'll get it."

"You will?" Jazz asked optics wide as they could be.

"What are friends for?" Prowl smiled. "Here, hold my datapad. But I want it back after I retrieve your ball."

"Sure, no problem!" Jazz said excitedly, rubbing his tears away.

Prowl slowly entered the dark office. He had an idea of how an officer had their office laid out based on Optimus, Ironhide, and Ratchet's offices. So in total darkness he made his way to where the desk should be with the control panel for the lights on it.


The lights came on and a terrified Jazz came rushing in and dragged him under the huge desk.


Jazz's hand quickly clamped over Prowl's mouth and he shook his head. An astrosecond later Prowl knew why. He heard the heavy footfalls and the voices enter the office.

"That was a total waste of time, brother," Megatron growled.

"If you only showed some restraint the meeting with the High Council would have gone a lot smoother," Optimus responded calmly.

"It was more like an interrogation, not a meeting. I've never been so insulted in my entire life!"

"You brought it upon yourself, brother. I…"

"WHAT THE SLAG IS THIS TOY DOING HERE?!" Megatron bellowed, the sound of his feet moved closer to the desk and stopped.

Prowl and Jazz grabbed onto each other dear life, squeezing into a corner beneath the desk. They were so dead!

"That looks like Jazz's toy. It probably rolled in here by mistake," Optimus said. "At least he didn't violate your orders by coming in to retrieve it."

"Still, he and his little friend have no business being on this base, Optimus."

"I don't see the harm. We grew up on a base. Sentinel took us everywhere, even the command center and for rides in the shuttles."

"Brother, will you ever learn, you cannot save everyone?"

"That may be Megatron. But I can ensure the safety of those on this base, including Prowl and Jazz."

"You're such a softy. No wonder the femmes love you so much."

"You could learn to soften up a bit yourself and settle down with one too you know."

"I won't be held back by some femme or anything. And as for Jazz. He'll never see this toy again. That should teach him a harsh lesson."

Jazz gasped and started shaking and crying. Prowl reacted, not wanting his friend to be so upset. As quick as he could, Prowl climbed out and up onto the desk.

"I'll have that ball if you please!" he quickly said.

Megatron growled taking a step towards him, standing right next to the desk.

Prowl yelped, jumping back. Even though he was terrified to pit he asked for the ball again, even holding a trembling hand out.

"No. It's going to be destroyed."

"Megatron, it's only a toy!" Optimus protested.

"No, you can't!" Prowl wept, shaking uncontrollably. "It was my fault the ball rolled in here. I came into get it for Jazz. Don't punish him for my mistake."

"Megatron, I would like to point out that if you had closed your door like the rest of the officers this entire incident wouldn't have happened," Optimus calmly said, moving closer to his brother.

"The youngling is still to be punished for coming in here," Megatron said.

"Fair enough."

"NO!" Jazz shouted from under the desk. He too climbed up on the desk standing beside Prowl. He too was shaking as bad as Prowl but he wasn't going to let his friend take all the heat. "It was my fault! I took his datapad. He was trying to get it back and my ball rolled away. Since I was afraid to come in here, Prowl said he go in for me. He was only doing it for me. So the punishment should be mine."

"Are you afraid of me?" Megatron asked, grinning.

The two mechs huddled together, nodding their heads.

"Good, you should be! Here take the blasted thing!"

Prowl timidly reached for the ball as Jazz clung to him.

"Thank you, Sir," Prowl said once he grabbed hold of the ball.

"Thank you…Sir," Jazz stammered clutching the ball to his chest after Prowl gave it to him.

"Optimus, I trust that you will be in charge of their punishment."

"You know I will, brother," Optimus smiled, winking at Prowl and Jazz.

The two little mechs were still to terrified out of their processors as they stood there on Megatron's desk to even react.

"Good, now get them off my desk before one of them has an accident and lubricates on it."

"As you wish, brother," Optimus grinned, moving over and lifting the two younglings up into his arms. He waited to talk to them once they were out in the hall and away from Megatron. "So, what were you two doing in this restricted area?"

"Running away from Ratchet," Jazz answered leaning against Prime's shoulder, optics locked on his ball.

"I'm not even going to ask, I'm sure I'll hear about it later," the big mech chuckled.

"Why is your brother so mean and you're so nice?" Prowl asked.

"That's a very good question," Prime sighed. "One I've often tried to answer myself. He wasn't always this way. I know it's hard for you to believe but he and I were little rascals just like you two, running around getting into areas where we didn't belong."

Prowl and Jazz gasped in surprised as Optimus entered his office and set them down.

"That's right. We gave Ratchet and Ironhide hell as we grew up. Even our own father said we were incorrigible! He used to punish us by making us file his datapads."

"Yuck," Jazz said, making a face.

"It makes sense to keep your datapads in order," Prowl smiled. "Makes it that much easier to find something when you need it."

"I agree with both of you," Optimus chuckled, walking over to his desk. "I hate the damn things even though I need them. There always seems to be more of them on my desk each day. Which is why I will not punish you by filing them." Optimus paused, touching something on his desk. "Ironhide, will you report to my office please?"

"Acknowledged, Prime. I'm on my way."

"I'm going to tell you both again even though I may be wasting my breath," Optimus said, taking his seat behind his desk. "But you are to stay out of the restricted areas. It is for your safety. I would never forgive myself if something to happen to either of you two younglings."

"We understand, Sir," Prowl and Jazz said.

Both little mechs hung their heads suddenly feeling really guilty for breaking the rules. They knew from overhearing the mature mechs talking that Optimus cares deeply for everyone under his command and takes things to spark if even one of them falls.

"Reporting as ordered, Prime," Ironhide said, as he entered the office. He looked down at two guilty looking mechs. "They weren't in your office doing something were they? I told them to leave the area."

"No, a toy rolled into Megatron's office."

"Oh slag, he didn't scare them did he?"

"Yes, he was terrifying!" Jazz chimed.

"Now we're being punished," Prowl added.

"That's right and I'm giving them their punishment," Optimus smiled. "So, for the next deca-cycle you'll have Prowl and Jazz to help you with weapons inventory."

"What?!" Ironhide choked out.

"I've been asking you to do it for a full orn now," Prime continued, loving the totally astonished look on his weapon's officer's face! "This way I know you won't shoot your assistants in the aft to get out of doing the inventory because I know how much you care for the younglings."

Jazz giggled, covering his mouth. Even Prowl thought it was funny and giggled too.

"Besides, I know how much you've been dying to show them all the weapons we have. You couldn't wait to show Megatron and me when we were growing up. So, I'm confident they'll be in excellent hands."

"We're intelligent too," Prowl smiled.

"And we can be very helpful," Jazz added, smirking.

"Oh good Primus! What did I do to deserve this?" Ironhide muttered, walking out the door.

"ONE DECA-CYCLE!" Optimus shouted, reminding Hide. Then Optimus looked at the two younglings and smiled. "Well, go on you little rascals."

"Yes, sir!" they saluted and then ran off calling for Ironhide.