Some bunnies never die! I swear! I'd recently gotten a review for Little Rascals and my muse was struck by an idea. The bunny was resurrected and here it the result. More youngling action from Prowl and Jazz. I hope you like it!

To say Jazz was worried was an understatement. Prowl missed their lessons with their teacher, Arcee. Prowl never missed a lesson! Not even when he had a system upset and had purged his tanks in the middle of the classroom. Arcee had cancelled the rest of class out of pity that day. To her dismay it had only upset Prowl even more and she had to escort the crying mechlet to the medical bay.

Today, Jazz asked if she would cancel the lesson for the day so he could find his friend. She granted his request and even helped in the search, enlisting a few of her friends who were off duty to help.

Jazz went off on his own as he knew all of Prowl's favorite spots. Only, he couldn't find Prowl anywhere. Not even in his favorite reading spots where he thought Jazz couldn't find him. However that didn't deter the youngling. He was going to find his friend no matter what. And find him he did.

The visored mechlet didn't know why he felt compelled to check the old medical equipment storage room on the basement floor of the base. He just did and found Prowl hiding in a corner, trembling, and crying.

At first all Jazz did was sit beside Prowl and wrap an arm around him, allowing his friend to cling to him. Only after a long while, once Prowl seemed to quiet down with the occasional hiccup from his form did Jazz finally speak.

"Ya wanna tell me what's wrong?"

Fresh tears welled up in Prowl's optics. Looking into them, Jazz could see fear…sheer fear in his friend's optics. He'd never known Prowl to be so afraid it'd make him this upset.

"I promise I won't tell anyone," Jazz offered.

"I can't…hic…I don't want…hic…to see you get hurt."

Jazz looked confused.

"He said he'd…hic…kill me if I told anyone."

Something inside Jazz snapped. Someone had threatened his best friend!

"Ya have to tell me, Prowl. Ya can't hide forever."

"No," Prowl wept, shaking his head.

"Prowl, you're smart, you know I'm right. Besides, if some bot threatened you Optimus would want to know about it. He cares about us."

Prowl choked and sobbed, "He told me…hic…no one would believe me…hic…not even Optimus."

"I would believe ya. I'm yar best friend, right?"

Prowl nodded a hard tremor shook his small frame.

"I'm scared, Jazz," he wept and hiccupped and then started to explain why.

Jazz was scared too by the time Prowl finished his tale of accidental eavesdropping. But he wasn't going to tell Prowl that. The mechlet didn't need that extra burden right now.

"We have to tell Optimus," Jazz determined. "It's what a good Autobot would do. He would believe you. I know it in my spark."

"He's off base," Prowl sniffled, wiping his face. "But why would he believe me? I'm just youngling. I'm not family."

"Then we tell Ironhide first! He'll believe us. Then Optimus will believe 'im!"

"Can't. He's with Optimus."

"Frag. I doubt any other bots other than them would believe us."


"Us. I ain't leavin' ya alone, Prowl. We're in this together."

Prowl nodded, looking meekly at his hands and much relieved he wasn't alone. He knew Jazz was right. Optimus had to be warned.

"There is one other bot on base who would listen to us. I'm sure he'd believe us if we explained it to him. And he would know how to reach Optimus to warn him."

"Who?" Jazz asked.


Jazz instantly shrank in his frame. He hated visiting the medical bay unless they were pulling a prank. Otherwise both he and Prowl stayed clear of the cranky CMO as if he were comic rust itself. Still, Prowl was his best friend. He'd do anything for his best friend.

"Alright, we'll go together," Jazz said, taking hold of Prowl's hand. "We'll use the ventilations systems to sneak inta the medical bay like always. That way no one 'ill see us."

"Ok," Prowl mumbled.

"Hey. I'm yur friend. I ain't gonna let anythin' happen to ya."

Prowl nodded and allowed Jazz to lead the way.

Of course by this time, Arcee was in a near panic having lost Jazz and still unable to find Prowl. Ultra Magnus who was in charge of the base while Optimus was away had search patrols looking for the younglings. Despite the search teams, as planned, one spotted them or even thought to look for the mechlets in the ventilation system. Needless to say, the CMO Ratchet was startled to find the missing younglings cowering under his desk in his office.

"How the frag did you two get in here? I've been in and out of my office all morning!"

Neither replied in their usual manner. In fact, Ratchet grew worried as the two were clinging to each other, visibly trembling, looking absolutely terrified. Or more accurately, it appeared as if Jazz was protecting Prowl as he was the one trembling and shaking with wide optics. Rather than alerting Magnus, the CMO quickly closed his door and started scanning the younglings.

"You're safe here," he said, kneeling before them with his scanner. "I locked the door. As for why you think I'm a good candidate to protect you from whatever you're terrified off, I'm at a loss. You're usually hiding from me!"

"Well, we may be younglins but we're smart," Jazz said. "We know things. Especially Prowl here. He's really smart. An' he told me one time that there are only two mechs on this base the Optimus would listen to when they have somethin' really important to say. Somethin' that no other mechanism would believe."

"Oh really, and who might they be?"

"Ironhide….and you."

Ratchet blinked in surprise. So what Ironhide said about the two younglings was true.

"So what is it you need to tell me that have you so scared?" he asked, gently pulling both little mechs out from under his desk.

The very question made Prowl's form shake even harder. Spark rate even shot up to almost dangerously high levels.

"Shh, relax Prowl. You're going to send yourself into stasis. Perhaps Jazz can tell me?"

"Sure. I'll tell ya," Jazz said, his arm wrapping around Prowl's shoulders protectively. "Prowl was readin' this mornin' in one of his spots he likes to hide in, usually so I won't bother 'im while he's readin'. That's when he overhead two mechs talkin' about…" Jazz paused, leaned closer to Ratchet and then whispered. "They were talkin' about killin' Optimus."

"That's a serious accusation," Ratchet snapped harshly.

"It's true!" Prowl yelled through his tears. "I heard they had the trap set for Optimus at the Temple of Primus where he was meeting Alpha Trion in a few days."

"No one knew about that meeting except a select few!" Ratchet exclaimed, placing a quick communiqué to Ultra Magnus requesting his presence immediately.

"I didn't mean to hear it! It was an accident!"

"Shh, it's alright. So why are you so scared?"

Prowl choked and sobbed, "I made a noise when they were talking about dismantling Optimus. They grabbed me before I could runaway and he was about to kill me. His friend talked him out of it, saying that it could destroy their plans for killing Optimus. So he threatened to kill me if I told anyone."

"Who are they?"

"I'd never seen the one mech before. He was all purple and only had one optic. The other one…he…hic"

"Tell me who is Prowl. We will protect you from him. I promise," Ratchet insisted.

"It…it was Megatron," Prowl whispered.

Ratchet looked into the young mechs optics and saw he was speaking the truth. Not that Prowl ever lied about anything. From what Ironhide told him Prowl was honest to a fault and too smart for his own good at times. So…

The door suddenly chimed. Both Prowl and Jazz screamed, leaping into Ratchet's arms startling the CMO who barely managed to keep a hold on them. At which point it was finally all too much for Prowl's systems as the mechlet passed out. Followed by Jazz getting hysterical thinking Prowl was dead!

Ultra Magnus hearing the commotion from the other side of the door quickly drew his weapon punching in the override code to open Ratchet's door. This only made Jazz scream louder when he saw the weapon. It was too much for his systems as well and he passed out.

"Put that away!" Ratchet snapped.

"What's wrong with them?"

"They'll be ok," the CMO answered and then carried the two unconscious younglings into one of the private rooms in his medical bay.

"Ratchet?" Magnus questioned, concerned for the younglings.

"They're systems just couldn't handle the stress," he answered administering a sedative to each youngling. "They're recharge comfortably for a while. In the mean time we have a situation. Optimus needs to return to base immediately."

"He's not going to just come back for two overstressed younglings. He's on a mission."

"And we don't want to alert his brother either," Ratchet mused, rubbing his chin.


Ratchet quickly explained what Prowl and Jazz told him. It didn't take much to convince Magnus as he is well aware that Prowl and Jazz do not exaggerate or overreact to things. They're rather mature for such young mechlets.

"Prowl is absolutely terrified that Megatron is going to kill him. And Jazz is equally scared for his friend," the CMO said, pulling the thermal blanket over the younglings. Normally he'd keep them on separate berths but knew in this case they'd want to be together.

"We still need a viable excuse for Optimus to suddenly return and not arouse suspicion."

Ratchet suddenly smiled triumphantly, "I believe I have just the excuse."