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Betrayal prt II: Fall Into Sleep

By mrfan25

Crack. The beautiful sound of a fly boy's arm snapping in half as he sent a burst of energy around himself, then erecting it into a force field as the routine training exercise continued. Inflamed by his hatred and his will to stop the pain. Nothing the white coats did would get rid of the last happy thing he remembered, no matter what the white coats threw at him. 'I will return to you, stronger and better able to kill. I promise, once I have enough power, I will destroy the flock and make you mine Leslie. I have been created to do thus mentioned, with out flaw.' He thought to himself once again, manipulating the energy, short circuiting all the flyboys.

"Experiment A227298. You have three hours rest." said a white coat as practice ended. He quickly fell into sleep once he was back into his dog crate. He would need every once of strength he had to put his plan into action.

Chapter 1

Leslie P.O.V.

An unfamiliar presence entered my mind while I slept. Giving me soothing thoughts and kept repeating a vow to protect me. I felt at ease with this presence. Don't think that I like having Angel pop into my mind when ever she pleased, but this presence felt familiar to me.

I sat up. My head started spinning as black dots swam across my eyes. I started to fall backwards when I felt someone catch me. One thing you don't want to do is think that you can fly perfectly fine after having a few beers. I must have flown into a couple of trees and a semi-tanker. I was covered with scratches. I sat up slowly to avoid the spinning sensation to no avail as I started up chucking into the bushes.

"Leslie are you okay? You were totally like flying not in a straight line and you were like flymphfhhh---." Nudge started saying before Iggy put his hand over her mouth, shutting her up. "I really don't feel well. Could you guys leave me alone?" I croaked. "Are you going to stay put and not go fly off to a bar again?" Iggy asked. "Yes." I replied before I continued hurling into the bushes. Iggy and Nudge left probably telling Max that they had a drunken bird kid on their hands that is suffering a bad hangover. I heard soft wing beats coming over to were I was. Iggy sat down.

AN: Sorry it's short but I am tired and I am still recovering from the accident and carrying the last pieces of remains that could determine if I pass or fail a couple of classes this year. (I severely detest school and its fourth floor. It is hard to go up to flights of stairs carrying an 70 pound backpack and then hopping down them on one leg before falling down the other flight on my bandaged leg and then dragging my self over to the elevator. ((Don't ask me why the elevator only goes up three floors but not the fourth because I have no clue besides that my school that I go to is cheap.)))