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There's a boy in my class. Jared.

To say he's the reason that I exist is a stretch. But he's more than obviously the reason I wake up in the morning. And then the reason I go to sleep at night, so that I can wake up for him again in the morning. Then repeat. And so the cycle has continued since pre-school.

That's when I met him, right there under the jungle gym on the first day of school. See, we were both very small runts compared to the other kids, as a result we both ran to seek sanctuary beneath the spiderweb infested steps. One look in his charming hazel eyes and I melted.

'Want some play-dough?' He asked politely, always the perfect gentlemen.

I could only nod. Never before had a boy asked me such a divine question. I swear, the sun shone down through the cracks above us and created a special pattern across him on purpose. Just to emphasize how meant for me he truly was.

It was like God was telling me, 'Here! Kim! This is him! This is the guy your meant to be with! Have fun!'

And the rest was up to me -a 5 year old. Thanks alot, God.

He pulled from inside his holey pockets a big wad of poop colored dough -the consequence of mixing different colors- and slapped it in my right hand before smiling humongously. His two pearly white teeth glistened.

I still have that play-doh in a drawer in my bedroom...

Perhaps things would have been different if we hadn't been discovered that day.

And if every other girl in the tiny preschool hadn't been just as aware of his sparkling hazel eyes and messy black hair as I was.

Maybe we would've made funny shapes with our crap colored play-dough and laughed and been merry and become good friends in no time. That seemed likely when he smiled at me. But just as soon another voice became known, calling for him. He faltered, glancing back before giving me an apologetic sigh.

That was the very last time he looked at me. It's been 12 years.

Turns out Breanne Olser was the rat that called him away. Along with Toni Martil and Chris Mackenzy, two other popular 4 year old's. One minute he had been hiding away self-consciously under the jungle gym with me, the next he was the most sought after child on the playground.

He left, and I stayed. And that's where we're still at today.

Of course, now that's just a metaphor. I didn't actually stay under that wretched creation for the rest of my life.

Now I cower beneath my books and my homework, while he drives around town acting like the big shot he is.

Same concept, our playground has just gotten a bit bigger, that's all.

I suddenly became aware of a pair of green eyes watching me.

"Care to share?" Jennifer was bent forward, back hunched, her head leaning on the back of the bus seat in front of us while she stared at me.

No, nosey, I don't care to share. In fact, it's none of your business. Back off.


I looked out at the road that was passing by so quickly. Soon I'd be trudging through the doors of Quileute High School, just as I do everyday. I'd make my way reluctantly to English, where I would attempt to sleep but never actually succeed. Then to Algebra II where I would overwork my already swollen brain. World History comes third, also an important subject, forcing me to indulge in an overwhelming amount of thought processing which usually leaves my brain fried by lunch. Not that that matters too much, I only rarely need to focus during lunch.

It's after lunch that all those tired brain cells need to work double time.

Only after that immense torture, would going to school payoff.

When I walk into Spanish II and finally receive my reward.

Just four periods. Not too bad.

Of course, that's if he plans on coming to school today. Those chances are always fifty-fifty. Sometimes he prefers to skip, usually with the slut of his choice, and sometimes he gets sent to the office the whole period because he comes in late for more than three days in a row.

I silently mouthed a prayer he wouldn't be late today if he bothered to come. This would be his third tardy. He wouldn't be able to stay if he came anyway.

I'm not a stalker, seriously. No kidding. I'm just observant. Yes, I'm just very very observant.

Whereas Jared is the opposite.

He doesn't even know I exist.

"Not that he'd care." I muttered aloud.

Jennifer hadn't stopped staring at me, and now pain shot through her serene expression. Right before anger registered.

"Thinking about him?" She asked venomously.

I sighed.

Jennifer has this thing against Jared. More specifically, she hates him. Not once have I ever contributed to this undeserving hatred. All I ever do is speak up for him, and talk about his many good attributes. Which only fuels her hatred further.

And even though I've never ever said how much it hurts to love him and only be ignored and rejected in return. Jennifer knows everything. And therefore, hates him.

Truly, that's what friends are for, though.

"What else would I be thinking about?"

My voice sounds funny. Depressed, I suppose. I wonder if she can hear it.

Hmm, I wonder how long it's been that way?

So hopeless.

I've basically been hopeless my entire life. Ever since that day on the playground at least.

Actually that's not true. I still had hope then.

It wasn't till a few weeks later that my hope really dispersed.

It had only been a while since that fateful play-dough run in and I had been attempting to gain courage since. I was preparing myself as I strolled up to him casually, readying the words in my head. I'd start with a very chill entrance, 'Whatcha got there, Jared? Some play-dough?', seeing as he was never without play-dough for one single day up until the second grade.

That wouldve been a great conversation starter had I been able to deliver my line.

But no, that was the day I realized the difference between popular, and me.

And that hideous comparison still hasn't changed.

I was immediately pounced on when I had begun my mission to his desk, I hadn't even taken four steps.

'Go away.' Breanne said in a surprisingly cold voice for a toddler.

'Your weird.' Sonya Perks added.

'Nobody likes you.' Tilly Perks chimed, playing with Jared's play-dough at his desk.

I started crying before I knew what hit me. I had been just a little thing, and for a child the word weird was somewhat of a curse word, so that had stung brutally. What's worse? Jared didn't even look up to see the exchange. He didn't care one bit. That was the first time I realized I'd become invisible to him. So quickly, so easily, in just a matter of weeks, he'd forgotten that I existed at all.


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