Twilight Syndrome

The Forbidden Rumor

Chapter 1.

12.03 am

Miyuki stared at her reflection in the plate she was washing. She sighed and put the dish away. Her phone buzzed, she checked it. A text message, from her friend, Saki. Miyuki didn't feel like replying so she stuck her phone back into her pocket. Miyuki walked down the hallway to her room. She sat down on her bed. She wiped her hand over her forehead. She got back up and headed towards her closet. She picked out some clothes to sleep in. She got dressed into them. An overlarge t-shirt, and some underwear. Miyuki walked over to her dresser, she grabbed up a ponytail holder. She put it in her hair, as she walked over to the computer.

She logged into her instant messaging account. No one was online. Crrrk. Miyuki's eyed got wide. It sounded weird, like a croaking breath. She peered through the blinds next to her, it was silent outside. She looked back at the computer screen. Saki was online. Miyuki typed in " Hey".

Miyuki heard that sound again. Miyuki looked towards her closet. Miyuki's eyes widened. It was a woman, she was pure white. Her eyes were black. She was crawling towards Miyuki. She started breathing hard. The woman turned here head in a complete circle. Miyuki scooted up to the wall in the chair. She looked towards the door. She started to run towards it. The woman followed her, moving her hands to crawl. The door shut. Miyuki turned the knob, it wouldn't open. "Shit" She yelled looking back at the woman.

The woman was at her feet now. Miyuki closed her eyes. She could feel the woman's hands around her feet. Miyuki kicked the woman. The woman spun her head around and started hissing. Miyuki fell on her butt. The woman put her hands around Miyuki's neck. Miyuki tried to pull them off but she couldn't. She couldn't breathe. Suddenly the woman put her other hand on Miyuki. Tnk, Miyuki's neck was broken.