Chapter 1: How I died

I was a former gang member... but that was the past, and I try to forget about it. Who am I? Well, I'm Leon, just a normal trainer such as everyone else. I won't get into much details right now... except how I died. It was really weird to me...

I was walking my prized Mightyena, around Jubilife City, named Hearts-a-Lovin'... she came from a abusive breeder... she was born only to bear puppies. "How are you feeling, Heart?" As I call her.

"Roof!" She replied, barking happily and wagging her tail. Her happy expression during into anger. She started growling and barking consistently. I wasn't completely sure why she was barking until... BAM! BAM! BAM! Three shots to the back of my head. She whined as I slowly died... she apparently never left my side because somehow I was still alive... but before was a legendary... one of my favourites to be exact... Rayquaza... I didn't know he guided the dead. I thought either Arceus or Giratina did.

"Hello Leon...," the giant green lizard said.

"Umm... what am I doing here?" I blinked.

"Well... I'm preparing you for the next life."

"What do you mean?"

"You're too young to die. So I'm going to put you into a Pokemon body."

"What?" But before I could say anything else... I was covered in a yolk-like substance.

"Come on push out!!" said someone on the other side of something... it seemed like glass... I pushed out as light flooded into my eyes... it was bright and annoying. I couldn't move for some odd reason.

"Awww!!! What a cute little Finneon!!" said a person.

"Finneon?!" I gasped... trying to swim up to the surface, but I could barely move. I gasped for air but for some odd reason I couldn't breathe ANY air... What was going on? What was happening?

"Whoa calm down little guy...," the person said. Another person entered the room... Professor Rowan!

"Ahh... what a beautiful Finneon...," he said. "Fine specimen," he said sarcastically. OK, Rowan is one of my friends, but to be sarcastic like that? I never knew he was so funny and sarcastic like that. I looked at my reflection in the tank. I was so beautiful! I didn't even know how beautiful I was supposed to be. I wondered what they were going to do with me. Train me? Let me go in the wild? Let a trainer train me? They looked kind enough to keep me.

"When will he be ready to put into the pond outside?" the person asked.

"Within a few days," he said in his normal gruff voice.

"A few days?!" I blinked... but I couldn't... I had no eyelids. Rowan looked at me and wondered why I was ejactulating so many "Finn's!"

"He sure is boisterous," the person commented.

"I agree," he chuckled. He reached his hand in the tank and I rubbed against him. I then thought about Heart... how would she live without me? Rowan then turned on the TV... so cliché in my opinion. Why does everyone watch TV? I personally hate it.

"It seems we're at the murder scene of Leon Graves... he was shot three times in the back of the head. His Mightyena appears to have stayed with him the whole time. She will possibly be adopted by someone. We don't know much else at this time," the reporter said. Rowan gasped! So did I! I couldn't believe it... how... and why? I sighed and blew some bubbles and watched them pop. I had an idea. I would blow the bubbles and slap them with my fins.

A/N: Yeah, yeah, it's short. Deal with it. :P It's kinda like a prologue. It'll get longer. BTW: Not really good at describing...